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The Mompreneur Nation podcast is where you’ll find support, encouragement & a Tribe for female entrepreneurs.

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The Mompreneur Nation podcast is where you’ll find support, encouragement & a Tribe for female entrepreneurs.

    Genetic Genealogist Shayna Landry

    Genetic Genealogist Shayna Landry

    Shayna Landry, a genetic genealogist, shares her personal journey of discovering her biological father and how it led her to found the Family Village, a nonprofit organization supporting foster families. She also discusses her involvement in a Netflix series and upcoming TV shows.
    Shayna's story highlights the power of genetic genealogy and the impact it can have on individuals and families. In this conversation, Shayna Landry shares her experience of handling overnight success and the challenges she faced in starting her business. She emphasizes the importance of having structure and a support system in place.
    Shayna also discusses the need to trust people while setting clear expectations and reading reviews before making business decisions. The conversation then shifts to the topic of taking an AncestryDNA test and the emotional preparation required for unexpected results. Finally, Shayna highlights the significance of good counseling and offers her services to those in need.

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    Entrepreneur + Author Rachel Davidson talks about being fearless

    Entrepreneur + Author Rachel Davidson talks about being fearless

    In this conversation, Megan H. Kelly interviews Rachel Davidson, author of the book 'Dangerous When a Woman Becomes Fearless.' Rachel shares her personal journey of overcoming fear and insecurity, and how she transformed from a shy and insecure teenager to a fearless adventurer.
    She discusses the inspiration behind writing her book and the incidents that served as catalysts for her new perspective on life. Rachel emphasizes the importance of facing challenges and learning from failures, as well as the need to dream bigger and set ambitious goals. She also highlights the significance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals who can provide support and encouragement.
    In this conversation, Rachel Davidson shares insights on finding your tribe, surrounding yourself with positive influences, creating a circle of friends, realizing your inner power, the importance of vision and focus, and recognizing your potential. She also discusses her upcoming book, 'Dangerous Too When Fearless Becomes Focused.'
    The conversation emphasizes the need to take action, make progress, and start from ground zero if necessary.
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    Dream big and push through failures to achieve success.
    Embrace resilience and tap into your unique strengths.
    Find balance between work and family.
    Renew your mind and visualize your goals to manifest them in reality. Surround yourself with ambitious and supportive individuals who have what you want.
    Build a tribe of friends who are focused on personal and professional growth.
    Believe in yourself and your capabilities to achieve success.
    Take action and create a plan to reach your goals.
    Utilize the resources and opportunities available in today's world.
    Never give up on your dreams and continue to work hard.

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    Talk Show Host Kevinnie Dreher on imposter syndrome & overcoming insecurites #eauxkev

    Talk Show Host Kevinnie Dreher on imposter syndrome & overcoming insecurites #eauxkev

    In this conversation, Kevinnie Dreher and Megan H. Kelly discuss their meeting and instant connection, the creation and growth of Wine Wives, Kevinnie's unexpected journey to hosting a talk show, and the challenges of imposter syndrome.
    They also explore the importance of taking up space and the power of self-talk and affirmations. The conversation explores the importance of positive parental influence, speaking life and building confidence in children, dealing with negative comments and building resilience, overcoming insecurities and embracing confidence, taking up space and embracing opportunities, maintaining accessibility and connection, appreciating virtual friendships and communication, setting goals and reevaluating career priorities, saying yes to opportunities and personal growth, balancing multiple roles and responsibilities, creating a fulfilling and balanced life, organizing self-development retreats for women, navigating interracial relationships, and raising biracial children while embracing diversity.
    In this conversation, Kevinnie Dreher and Megan H. Kelly discuss various topics related to self-acceptance, challenging stereotypes, planning for the future, leaving a positive impact, and even the idea of a living funeral. They emphasize the importance of embracing one's physical appearance and not letting societal standards define self-worth.
    They also share personal experiences of being judged based on their appearance and how they handle such situations. The conversation concludes with a discussion about leaving a legacy and the idea of a living funeral as a way to celebrate and affirm one's life while still alive.
    #mompreneur #businessowners #mompreneurlife #parenting #impostersyndrome #insecurity #businessowner 

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    Decluttering, Organizing & Living Chaos-FREE with Martha Carol Stewart

    Decluttering, Organizing & Living Chaos-FREE with Martha Carol Stewart

    Connect with Martha at Chaos Organizing: www.chaosorganizing.com/
    Follow on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok
    Martha Carol Stewart, owner of Chaos Organizing, shares her journey of becoming a professional organizer and offers valuable insights into creating order and decluttering. She emphasizes the importance of functionality and simplicity in organizing, especially for busy moms.
    Martha also discusses the significance of experiences over material possessions and provides practical tips for organizing children's toys. She introduces the Chaos Method, a five-step process for organizing any space.
    Overall, Martha encourages embracing imperfection and finding peace in a functional and organized home. In this conversation, Martha Carol Stewart discusses the emotional attachment to possessions and the process of letting go of sentimental items. She shares her approach to storing sentimental items and the importance of prioritizing what's truly important. Martha also talks about the process of writing her book and organizing by season. She emphasizes the value of creating memories with travel ornaments and offers tips for organizing children's school papers. Additionally, Martha provides insights on starting a business from scratch and the importance of networking and building relationships. She concludes by discussing the use of sentimental china and crystal.
    Embrace imperfection and focus on functionality in organizing.
    Prioritize experiences over material possessions.
    Involve children in the organizing process and teach them to problem solve.
    Use the Chaos Method (Categorize, Helpful or Hurtful, Action, Organize, Simplify) for effective organizing.
    Labeling is key to maintaining an organized space. It's important to evaluate the emotional attachment to possessions and determine if they are truly helpful or hurtful.
    Letting go of sentimental items can be challenging, but storing them in a meaningful way or passing them on to others can help preserve the memories.
    Prioritizing what's truly important and letting go of unnecessary clutter can create a more organized and enjoyable living space.
    Starting a business requires research, financial planning, and putting yourself out there to build relationships and promote your products or services.

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    Praying over our kids with Ps. Marla Stroup

    Praying over our kids with Ps. Marla Stroup

    I'm so excited for you to listen to this podcast with Pastor Marla Stroup of Healing Place Church. We're talking about prayer over, and with, our kids. It's one of the greatest things we can do as Moms and motherly figures. 
    Maybe it's something that is new to you. No worries. We've put together the M&M Starter Prayer Guide for Moms. (click this link)
    Full disclaimer: The name of the prayer guide has literally nothing to do with its effectiveness but rather, my insatiable need to be cheesy and do the absolute MOST with everything. I felt that was important to clarify. ;-)
    Seriously though, the power of prayer is so epic. It's a game changer for your life. It's super important that we model a prayer life with our kids. The best way to do that is by praying with them. I won't preach the whole podcast here. Go on and listen. I promise you'll be glad you did and you'll want to steal my friend, Marla, but you can't. ;-) 
    In this episode, Megan H. Kelly interviews Pastor Marla Stroup about parenting and motherhood. They discuss various topics, including parenting styles, discipline, building relationships with children, maintaining emotional control, learning from mistakes, seeking guidance and support, managing technology and social media, and navigating divorce and co-parenting.
    Marla emphasizes the importance of prayer, finding role models, and creating a supportive village. The conversation highlights the challenges and joys of motherhood and provides practical advice for raising children in today's world. In this conversation, Marla Stroup and Megan H. Kelly discuss the importance of teaching kids to spend time with Jesus and knowing the truth at a young age.
    They also address the challenges of parenting with fear and how to overcome it by trusting in God. They emphasize the need to live a life void of fear and make faith-based decisions. The conversation highlights the importance of practicing faith and taking thoughts captive to overcome fear.
    They also share practical tips for praying with kids and the significance of consistency in prayer and parenting. The conversation concludes with a prayer for moms, reminding them of God's love and provision.

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    Trademarks. Brand law. Compliance. A stay-out-of-jail chat with Atty.Kailey Jacomet.

    Trademarks. Brand law. Compliance. A stay-out-of-jail chat with Atty.Kailey Jacomet.

    If you're in love with your business name and/or logo, put a ring on it. Attorney Kailey Jacomet can show you how to trademark you intellectual property. It's important.
    Get in touch with Kailey Jacomet:
    In this conversation, Megan H. Kelly interviews Kailey Jacomet, a mompreneur and attorney. They discuss Kailey's background, her experience with hybrid homeschooling, and her journey into entrepreneurship.
    Kailey shares her decision to start a virtual law practice and the challenges she faced in the early months. She also emphasizes the importance of building strategic relationships in business.
    In this conversation, Kailey Jacomet and Megan H. Kelly discuss the importance of online connections, legal protection for websites, data privacy laws, contracts in business relationships, trademark registration, and the first steps for starting a business.
    They also explore the differences between LLC and sole proprietorship and the tax advantages of forming an LLC.
    00:00Introduction and Background
    01:24Hybrid Homeschooling
    08:28Transitioning to Entrepreneurship
    20:09Meeting Online and Building Connections
    21:09The Power of Online Friendships
    21:59The Importance of Legal Protection for Websites
    23:43Understanding Data Privacy Laws
    25:22The Consequences of Non-Compliance with GDPR
    26:44The Importance of Contracts in Business Relationships
    28:13Using Contract Templates for Business Needs
    29:33The Importance of Trademark Registration
    32:15The Risks of Not Registering a Trademark
    34:13First Steps for Starting a Business
    35:21Choosing Between LLC and Sole Proprietorship
    38:55The Benefits of Forming an LLC
    41:20Tax Advantages of an LLC


    • 45 min

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