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Join Jeff Bernier each month as he shares insights and real-world strategies to help you gain the confidence and freedom to live a life of personal significance.

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Join Jeff Bernier each month as he shares insights and real-world strategies to help you gain the confidence and freedom to live a life of personal significance.

    Finding Purpose Beyond Financial Success with Paul Ollinger

    Finding Purpose Beyond Financial Success with Paul Ollinger

    In this episode of Money & Meaning, host Jeff Bernier interviews Paul Ollinger, a former Facebook employee turned stand-up comedian and podcast host of Crazy Money. They discuss Paul's journey from the corporate world to comedy, exploring the themes of finding purpose and meaning beyond financial success. The episode offers valuable insights for mid-to-late career executives planning their next steps and navigating life's transitions.
    Topics covered:
    Transitioning from a corporate career to pursuing personal passions
    Challenges and realizations in leaving a high-stress job for stand-up comedy
    Impact of Facebook's rapid growth on Paul's career decisions
    Finding purpose and fulfillment beyond financial success
    Emotional and psychological challenges of retirement
    Advice for planning life after a corporate career
    Dangers of constant comparison in affluent communities
    Importance of meditation, presence, and personal growth
    Useful Links:
    Jeff Bernier on LinkedIn
    Paul Ollinger on LinkedIn
    Crazy Money Podcast
    Tandem Growth Financial Advisors

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    Navigating Longevity and Place Planning for a Fulfilling Second Half 📌 with Guest Ryan Frederick

    Navigating Longevity and Place Planning for a Fulfilling Second Half 📌 with Guest Ryan Frederick

    Join Host Jeff Bernier and Guest Ryan Frederick, founder of the Here movement, as they delve into the importance of place planning and healthy longevity. From personal journeys to proactive wealth management, this episode offers insights into living a fulfilling second half of life.
    Here is a movement to reshape how we live by helping people better understand the importance of place and by creating tools and frameworks for individuals to make more informed decisions about where to call home. 
    According to Ryan, Where You Live Matters. Where you live is much more than a physical place. It is one of the most important decisions you make. It shapes your purpose, relationships, health, financial wellbeing and more.
    Topics Covered:
    Introduction to holistic wealth management
    Ryan's journey from Silicon Valley to thought leader in healthy longevity
    Aligning spirituality and purpose in life
    Balancing present enjoyment with future preparation
    The impact of place on well-being and aging
    Recommendations for a balanced approach to planning
    Ryan's book, "Right Place, Right Time," and resources on here.life
    The evolving role of place planning in wealth management
    Are you in the right place for a long, health and financially secure life? Take Ryan's free assessment.
    Ryan's book: Right Place, Right Time: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Home for the Second Half of Life
    Interested in learning more about holistic wealth management? Check out TandemGrowth Financial Advisors.

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    In the Zone 🧘‍♂️ Harnessing Flow in Financial Advising with Dr. Jordan Hutchison

    In the Zone 🧘‍♂️ Harnessing Flow in Financial Advising with Dr. Jordan Hutchison

    In this enlightening episode of The Money & Meaning Show, host Jeff Bernier teams up with Dr. Jordan Hutchison, a leading figure in wealth management and psychology, to explore the concept of flow in financial advising. Dr. Hutchison, who serves as Vice President of Technology and Operations at RFG Advisory and is an adjunct professor for Kaplan's College for Financial Planning, shares how integrating behavioral finance and positive psychology can amplify personal fulfillment through financial clarity.
    What is "Flow"? What benefits can it provide for advisors and clients?

    Dr. Hutchison explains the concept of flow as a state of deep absorption in activities that are intrinsically motivating and enjoyable. Examples from various fields such as music, sports, and crafts like knitting demonstrate how flow can enhance productivity and satisfaction across different activities.
    Dr. Hutchison describes how "flow" can lead to an increase in productivity, creativity, and well-being.

    What is Technology's Role in Financial Advising? Will AI replace human advisors?

    Dr. Hutchison discusses integrating technology to optimize financial advisors' work environments, enabling them to spend more time on meaningful client interactions.
    He emphasizes the importance of the human element in financial advising, asserting the irreplaceable nature of personal connections despite advances in AI and automation.

    How Can Incorporating Behavioral Science into Designing Tech Solutions Improve the Experience?

    The application of behavioral science principles in designing technology solutions to create environments that foster productivity and satisfaction is highlighted.

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    Mapping Joy 🗺️ A Conversation on Travel, Career, and Embracing Life with Guest Rachael Levine

    Mapping Joy 🗺️ A Conversation on Travel, Career, and Embracing Life with Guest Rachael Levine

    Host Jeff Bernier and guest Rachael Levine, partner at Peltoma Capital Partners and creator of "Tripping Millennial," delve into the enriching power of experiences over material wealth.
    In this episode, you'll discover:
    Rachel's journey from seeking financial stability to embracing a life filled with travel and personal growth 🌐
    The impact of an "adult gap year" on personal growth and happiness (Rachael's took her to over 36 countries!) 😊
    How Rachael says we can experience the world more deeply through sabbaticals, remote work experiences, and long term travel opportunities 🌍 acquiring experiences > acquiring things
    A debate on the F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement and the potential pitfalls of the movement 🔥
    Tips for balancing career, passion projects, and adventure 🌟
    ➡️➡️ Click here to view full video! ⬅️⬅️
    We'd love to hear your ideas on topics you'd like covered in future episodes! Please feel free to email: moneyandmeaning@tandemgrowth.com.
    Find out more about Rachael Levine 👇 https://www.peltomacapital.com/team/rachael-levine
    Tripping Millenial 🗺️ https://www.trippingmillennial.com/ https://www.instagram.com/trippingmillennial/
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    Love, Trust, and Money 💑 Strategies for Financial Harmony with guests Doug and Heather Boneparth

    Love, Trust, and Money 💑 Strategies for Financial Harmony with guests Doug and Heather Boneparth

    Host Jeff Bernier welcomes guests Doug and Heather Boneparth to this episode!
    Doug and Heather delve into the key elements of fostering a healthy financial relationship between partners:
    🤝 Connection: Start by initiating conversations about your money beliefs and behaviors, using resources like therapist-guided questionnaires to guide the discussion.
    🗣️ Communication: Schedule dedicated times for distraction-free discussions, ensuring both partners have the space to express their thoughts and feelings about finances without interruptions.
    ➕ Contribution: Recognize and honor each other's contributions to the relationship, going beyond financial aspects to include personal contributions and household responsibilities.
    🛠️ Collaboration: Establish transparency by understanding where money is coming from and going, utilizing tools like net worth tables and budgeting spreadsheets to facilitate productive conversations about financial decisions.
    ⏰ Consistency: Commit to regular check-ins, ideally on a quarterly basis, to review changes in net worth, spending habits, and overall financial goals, fostering long-term financial health and relationship strength.
    ----more----Check out Doug and Heather's book 📙 https://bonefidewealth.com/millennial-money-fix/
    Check out Jeff's book 📗 https://www.jeffbernierauthor.com/
    Interested in knowing more about TandemGrowth Financial Advisors? 🪴https://www.tandemgrowth.com/

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    Investment Insights 🗣️ A Conversation with Ben Felix, Co-Host the Rational Reminder Podcast

    Investment Insights 🗣️ A Conversation with Ben Felix, Co-Host the Rational Reminder Podcast

    Join host Jeff Bernier, President of TandemGrowth Financial Advisors, and guest Ben Felix, Portfolio Manager and Head of Research at PWL Capital, for an enlightening episode of The Money & Meaning Show.
    Ben Felix shares insights from renowned experts in academia and the financial industry, shedding light on the consensus that owning the market portfolio through low-cost index funds is an excellent starting point for most investors. The conversation also explores the nuances of differentiating from the market—a point of contention among experts.
    Furthermore, they discuss Professor Scott Cederberg whose research focuses on the long-horizon performance of a range of asset classes and investment types and what the implications may be for retail investors, challenging conventional wisdom that stocks always outperform in the long run and advocating for global diversification.
    Ben Felix shares insights from interviews with retirement experts, highlighting the importance of embracing uncertainty as investors. Jeff and Ben highlight the role of financial advisors in helping clients navigate uncertainty, creating portfolios aligned with their goals, and providing reassurance during market downturns. The discussion underscores that the art of financial planning and advisory services and how it complements the scientific analysis of asset allocation, as clients' trust and the ability to stick with a chosen strategy are crucial factors in long-term success.
    #Investing #EvidenceBasedInvesting #LongTermInvesting

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5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

blakesterb ,

Sound advice in every episode

So much good advice and wisdom from a money manager who truly cares about his clients and their well being. Jeff has a way of making financial waters easy to navigate.

Timoleonv ,

Highly recommended

Every episode teaches me something. Jeff Bernier is a wise and articulate host. Highly recommended. I’m looking forward to the release of his book.

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