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Podcast by The Monique Marvez Show

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5.0 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

i hate loud mufflers ,

What is KFI doing?

I drive for a living and I always looked forward listening to Monique. I do not listen to Brian Suits on Saturday, who wants to listen to a bunch of military stuff for three hours BORING!!! I only listen to his show on Sunday. KFI 640 why would you take Monique off? Who made that decision? Not a very good one! Bring back Monique and also what’s with the sports now don’t we have enough channels on AM radio for people to listen to that.. another thing I hate to listen to SPORTS whoever did this new channel lineup you’re not thinking with a Yiddish a cup.

Sandisplan ,


MoniQue Marvez is missed now but noT gone, buT in fact she has just begun!! I may not reach out to her but I listeneD to her every weekend, till KFI made the biggesT mistakE in the world or for the world!! Not that I don’t like Bryan Suits, but noT on Saturday night btw 8-10, when you need relief from politics and Weekend’s money shows! Monique Marvez was just the trick and now she’s gone!! WaH WaH WaH, I’m shocked at this decision and I bet they will regret it!! So please send KFI a message to help her come bacK!!!!!!!
After all, we still can hear her and she will be much better not censored and I’m sure she will be just as funny, real and awesome person and comedian!! But the extra ears on KFI did help her exposure and some people just don’t use podcast!! So, pleAse do something for her like I am noW!! I love you girl and know that this Sandi girl thanks you for all your insight and loVe we all feel from you!! Xoxox can’t wait to one day met you!!

Evy013 ,

Monique Saturday night show😍

Monique is a boost of energy, compassion and care which was coming out along with her favorite and well interpreted music! I recently discovered her show and it became the ritual on Saturday nights! She was such an inspiration to me and to all of us! The boost of positivity and mental energy! Can’t say enough about this talented and gifted woman💕😍🌺🌸🙏😀💝

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