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The pursuit of God doesn't stop when a believer gets saved. There is so much more to discover about a living and active God who is with us and in us. If you have ever thought to yourself, "There has got to be more than this!" you are in the right place. Welcome to The More of God - a safe place to explore The More.

The More of God April Harrison

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The pursuit of God doesn't stop when a believer gets saved. There is so much more to discover about a living and active God who is with us and in us. If you have ever thought to yourself, "There has got to be more than this!" you are in the right place. Welcome to The More of God - a safe place to explore The More.

    The What?!: Leah Hartman

    The What?!: Leah Hartman

    Certain Pentecostal worship expressions have caused a cringe in my own heart over the years, so I knew they were a must for the podcast this month! But who could I ask? I found out the answer to that question the day Leah Hartman showed up to church with her shofar. On this week’s podcast, Leah shares with an endearing openness about some of the less understood things of worship and faith, including flags, shofars and dancing before the Lord. Leah speaks with a great understanding, sense of humor and passion for God that is infectious to all who listen.


    • 26 min
    The What!?: Bill Vanderbush

    The What!?: Bill Vanderbush

    Episode 18: Divine healing, indoor rain, feathers, gold dust, Superman costumes – Bill Vanderbush has seen it all! In this episode, Bill shares stories of how stepping into The More has invited the inexplicable, and how he has learned to find joy and wonder in the mysterious ways of God.
    Bill Vanderbush has been a Pastor for 25 years. Bill grew up on the mission field, traveling all over the world and seeing thousands impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bill and his wife, Traci, currently travel, speaking in conferences and churches around the world, as well as serving at Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration, Florida, where Bill is a Pastor. Their ministry invites people into a spontaneous, Holy Spirit-led, team ministry training experience that will forever transform the way you see and do life. Bill also worked with New York Times Bestselling Author, Ted Dekker. They co-authored a book and study course called “The Forgotten Way of Yeshua. The Path to Power and Peace in This Life”. Bill’s consuming passion is to introduce people to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, Who saves, heals, and sets us free. He enjoys empowering others to invade the impossible. Bill and Traci currently live in Celebration, Florida. They have two grown children, Britain and Sara. For more information on Bill’s ministry, please visit his website at billvanderbush.com 

    • 37 min
    Intro: The What?!

    Intro: The What?!

    April slowly tiptoed into a Pentecostal church around 10 years ago and found it wasn’t as crazy as she thought (most of the time!) She is passionate about helping those who want the more of God push past fear or confusion and step into the deeper things of the Holy Spirit. People often have confusion about what it means to be Pentecostal and what that looks like in practice. April shares from her current (but ever-growing) understanding. This month’s series is all about the “weird’ things people have either seen or heard that Pentecostals do.

    • 10 min
    The Voice: Dave Ford and Alice Remedios

    The Voice: Dave Ford and Alice Remedios

    Over their years of life with God, Dave Ford and Alice Remedios have cultivated hearing  God’s voice. In this podcast, we discuss our passion for helping others to learn to hear His voice for themselves and others. It is incredibly exciting and humbling being used by God to speak  a word of encouragement to someone else. We share stories of things we have learned about the goodness of God while having front row seats to the way He loves others.

    • 30 min
    The Voice: Michael Wenzel

    The Voice: Michael Wenzel

    Pastor Michael Wenzel was raised in church and discipled in ministry from a very young age. While this was a great blessing, he later realized it had unknowingly become a crutch. Michael shares about a time when human teachers disappeared and he became fully aware of his inability to hear God’s voice for himself. As Michael pressed in during this painful time, God was faithful to teach him personally. Michael encourages us that God wants to speak to all of his kids and gives some tips to hearing the voice of God.

    • 24 min
    The Voice: Susan Duchesneau

    The Voice: Susan Duchesneau

    Susan Duchesneau was raised in church but it wasn’t until she was 35 when she really learned that God still speaks today. While this was exciting to Susan, she still believed it all was tied to her perfect performance. It wasn’t until 14 years later that she realized God loved her completely based solely on Jesus’ perfect performance, not her own. Soon after, she heard the story of a couple halfway across the world whom God was using miraculously to rescue women and children just because they continued to say “Yes” to God’s voice. Susan dreamed God would use her like that. God immediately accepted her invitation and gave her a role in this very story (and it all started with something as simple as a purse!) Susan shares how saying “Yes” to God is an exciting adventure and encourages us that God has tailor-made assignments for each and every person.

    • 40 min

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Love the stories!

I enjoy hearing real life stories of how the Holy Spirit intervenes in people’s lives. Looking forward to hearing more!

Kailbill ,

Awesome podcast

I love that April is simply asking questions and the Holy Spirit is speaking through those who she is interviewing. It’s incredible to see life being spoken through these individuals! Keep it up, April!

jcphotography ,

So needed!

Love hearing about ordinary people have discovered extraordinary experiences in God. Can't wait for more.

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