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Provocative Conversations & Inspiration with musicians, artists, innovators, love-makers, & world-shakers to Enlighten, Elevate, Educate, & Entertain on truth, love, creativity, consciousness, music, sexuality, spirituality, confidence, joy, & life-mastery. Ignite your own creative genius with the spark from these thoughts, travels & stories…& live music, too. NakedVibes.com

    Billy Yates – Hit Songwriter – Music & Conversation – Ep026

    Billy Yates – Hit Songwriter – Music & Conversation – Ep026

    Hit Songwriter, Producer & Performing Artist, Billy Yates “does his rockin’ on the stage”!

    The healing power of music is Billy Yates' ministry & with songs recorded by George Jones, George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Sara Evans & more, plus two concurrent shows in Branson, he stays busy evangelizin’.

    I had the privilege of connecting with Billy for a conversation & impromptu guerrilla style video shoot between his shows - the powerhouse Raiding the Country Vault concert & the more intimate Hit Songwriters in the Round. It was awesome to sit with him while he performed some of his hit songs in the theater setting before the crowd arrived. He shares his insights regarding our human vulnerabilities & how songs provide a vehicle to alleviate loneliness & suffering as well as lifting us into joy.

    Be sure to catch the moment when, during the Raiding the Country Vault concert, I knew I had to have him on The Naked Vibes Show!


    Enjoy the show on NAKED VIBES TV:


    SHOW NOTES (times are for audio):

    4:33 - Billy Yates talks about moving to Nashville to pursue his dream of being a singer, finding great songwriters to mentor him, & recording his first song that was eventually recorded by George Jones.

    5:03 - LIVE ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE: Billy Yates plays the intro to “I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair”, recorded by George Jones. The song won a CMA Event of the Year.

    5:57 - “I do my rockin’ on the stage” is one of my favorite lines from this song. The song became an anthem, not only for Jones, but for many of his older fans who intended to keep livin’ large! George Foreman was a huge fan & appeared in a video for the song.

    6:38 - Julia Cameron talks about, in The Artist’s Way, the importance of starting anything you desire to do at any age. It’s never too late!

    7:18 - Billy Yates’ show is about to start at his theater, where we’re recording, so there’s a lot of activity in the room. He talks about the evolution of becoming a songwriter in Nashville by singing on song demoes for other writers. They encouraged him on the value of his gift for phrasing. He had to learn the craft to tap into his skill for writing lyrics & melodies.

    9:04 - Frank Dycus & Dean Dillon were instrumental in Billy’s development as a songwriter. He’s written & recorded many songs with them & says he most enjoys the friendships & feels like it’s therapeutic to collaborate, putting a puzzle together with others & having fun in the process.

    10:09 - Billy talks about the inception of the creative process as a gift from God. He’s dreamed complete songs - when he wakes up & records them, he knows it’s coming from something beyond him.

    11:11 - Music is healing. We don’t think about how important it is to our lives. Songs help us to feel less alone, uplift us when we’re down, & often teach us to see ourselves.

    11:45 - Billy Yates likes writing from a first person perspective because it helps the listener connect with the artist. He knew his song “Choices” had to be recorded by someone who could really own it & allow themselves to be very vulnerable in performing it. George Jones made it a hit.

    12:34 - All human beings have the same experiences - pain, joy, hardship, love - even though they may come in different shades. This is how even the solo writing experience becomes collaborative with the recording artist, making it their own by bringing their personal experiences & emotions to it.

    13:23 - “Choices” was written Billy Yates with Mike Curtis, a great piano player & melody writer. He was coming to Billy’s house to write & Billy didn’t have a piano. Billy told him, “We’ve got three chords & the truth; that’s all we’ve got today!” Though they didn’t have George Jones in mind when writing the song, they eventually approached him with it because Billy felt like it was a song that offered heal

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    Dale Baker – Drummer, Singer/Songwriter – Music & Conversation – Ep025

    Dale Baker – Drummer, Singer/Songwriter – Music & Conversation – Ep025

    Drummer Dale Baker shares insights from recording & performing with platinum artists Sixpence None The Richer to his new solo venture as singer/songwriter with The Maudlin Fee.

    Dale performed with my sister, Kelly Brown, & me in Frankly Scarlet prior to his time with Sixpence. So we've got some good stories & laughs for you in this episode! We cover a range from secret crushes - to falling short as human beings - to Dale's dealings with church pastors rockin' six-pack abs. Yeah.

    Dale goes deep & shares much about his spiritual journey, his questions & reckoning with ideas around sexual "sin", & the benefits of being a masculine man with soft edges.

    Dale is an artist, a dedicated musician, & an all-around beautiful guy. I can't wait for you to hear his new music as The Maudlin Fee in this episode. You're gonna dig it.


    2:52 - Dale talks about songwriting as a new creative venue & realizing the difficulty of being the “front person” in a band. Stretching his creative muscles to learn to play guitar, write, & sing has brought the joy back into music for him.

    5:27 - I’ve realized how physical it is to be the drummer in a band as I learn to play them myself!

    Successful entertainers work hard to make it look easy.

    7:30 - Dale talks about what made him finally get the nerve to do his own project. He shares the urgency brought on by the loss of loved ones, realizing the brevity of time & life.

    10:25 - Julia Cameron & The Artist’s Way - discussion of the ways all creative people get shut down by others. It’s never too late to start learning new ways of expressing yourself.

    11:47 - Dale talks about the challenge of starting The Maudlin Fee to push through his shyness. He’s getting more & more comfortable with failing in order to get better.

    13:02 - I’m always experimenting - combining rock music with meditation because it’s my background, even though it’s not the norm. If I’m feeling it, other people probably are, too.

    15:23 - Affirmation is nice, but Dale’s goal is more about joy & the excitement of being alive.

    16:31 - Songs that didn’t exist prior to writing. We’re making a difference as we create. From his work with Frankly Scarlet, Sixpence None The Richer, & now The Maudlin Fee, Dale is adding to the creative history of our world. As artists, we all create this rich landscape.

    17:41 - Experiencing a friend doing new things, you get to know them in a new way.

    18:18 - SONG: Lily of Valley

    22:42 - Dale shares the story behind the song & how he can tie the percussion directly to his time playing in Frankly Scarlet with my sister, Kelly, & me. He describes the influence of Jonatha Brooke & talks about his perception of the 16th note pattern “train beat”.

    25:06 - Energy of collaboration. Other artists & friends have also had a direct impact on his solo project.  The drummer who recorded "Lily of the Valley" with him was a big influence, pulling him into the world of percussion when he was at the University of North Texas. Dale taught me a lot about playing percussion as well. We’re all more tied to one another than we even realize.

    27:54 - Importance of having a great drummer behind you as a front person. Dale has had the experience now, so we laugh about the fact that even he doesn’t always know what to say to another drummer to make it work when it’s not jiving!

    30:40 - Dale brought Richard Rohr to my attention & a video on his website about the healing power of rhythm. It turned out that Rohr was highlighting Christine Stevens, my trainer as a Remo Drums HealthRhythms facilitator. Christine said, “Music is the language of diplomacy of the future.” Remo has researched the effects of drumming on the body, as well as its ability to dissipate tension between people.

    32:56 - Rohr & men’s initiation rights.

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    Personal Development a Soft Skill? Hardly – Tune Your Vibes – Ep024

    Personal Development a Soft Skill? Hardly – Tune Your Vibes – Ep024

    The Myth of Soft Skills - Personal Development is for Ninjas!

    I'm serving up some serious mojo in this episode for increasing your ability to solve problems, to feel less frenzied, have more energy & be more fulfilled. Musical soundtrack courtesy of owls, crows, tree frogs, sweetly singing birds & various buzzing things.

    1:09 - Personal development referred to as Soft Skills or Soft Services is funny, because the great spiritual leaders of the world are ninjas! Jesus, Ghandi, Deepak Chopra, Mother Teresa, & many more.

    2:25 - Look at personal development from a perspective of necessity.

    2:57 - I’m creating new meditations while sitting by the river, surrounded by the sounds of nature. Getting into the rhythm & natural flow of nature is a life skill, a business skill, & a plan for longevity & well-being.

    Wanna know when you can wrap your ears around the new meditations?

    Sign up to stay in the know . You'll also get a free "Instant Ignition" eBook to help you tap into your most powerful creative energy.

    4:09 - A client who has been in many types of leadership & personal development training is learning, through our coaching , to lead from an inner level. We have to learn to lead ourselves first.

    5:14 - We tend to see accomplished spiritual leaders as different from ourselves. We’re all spiritual people. We tend to keep our spiritual lives as a separate thing from our business lives & out of our sex lives. A whole, integrated Self is a more fulfilled Self.

    6:40 - Nature has its own rhythm. Being still long enough to become a part of it feeds your creativity, energy, & productivity. Are you taking the time you need to fill your cup? Spending the time in natural settings allows you to experience the magic of life. You’ll find that you solve problems more easily by making this a practice for yourself.

    9:50 - Einstein integrated play time into his schedule as a part of creating wholeness in his work & life. He understood the role of play in genius.

    11:11 - You can’t operate & thrive at your highest level without connecting body, mind, spirit. Don’t be afraid of the spiritual part of this. You have to plug into a power source that’s greater than your own mind in order to draw new energy & ideas.

    12:19 - Challenge: Make it a regular practice to spend at least an hour allowing yourself to get into the natural rhythm & flow of nature in order to develop your greatest skills.

    12:59 - Tree Frog - The sounds of nature are the music for this podcast episode. The visual aspect of the surrounding creatures are like the moving sheet music of a symphony.

    14:26 - Exercise for coming into greater levels of strength, creativity, & productivity. It’s a prescription for being less busy & more productive at the same time.

    15:24 - The beautiful, mysterious call of the owl.

    16:14 - High performers want to do all they can to increase overall levels of excellence. Prayer allows us to reach for higher levels to connect to the truth of who we are & all we can be. It’s the way to plug into the highest Source of strength & energy. If you don’t believe in God, spend time in nature & express yourself, so you can connect  to your psyche on deeper levels & tap into this rich source for personal development.

    19:12 - Meditation, the other side of prayer, is listening.

    20:17 - Become a spiritual ninja! We’re here for a short time, so why not experience all we can at the highest levels we can?

    • Rhythmic Movement Meditations - Music is scientifically proven to provide health benefits in every area of life. Use these tools to help you connect with your highest state of excellence & primal essence, so you can shift your energy for greater clarity, courage, focus, & vitality. A potent combination of your sexual energy combined with your spiritual energy. GET THESE POWERFUL MOVEMENT MEDITATIONS NOW! & experience it for

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    Dean Lindsay – Singer-Songwriter, Business Thought Leader – Music & Conversation – Ep023

    Dean Lindsay – Singer-Songwriter, Business Thought Leader – Music & Conversation – Ep023

    Dean Lindsay dares you to ask, "What's possible?" He's a multi-talented business thought leader, drawing from his background in performance & songwriting in order to be helpful to others.

    Dean has performed for audiences all over the world as a vocalist for Up With People. He's authored three business books and has much to share on the ways we can all make a difference in our own lives and in the world. Infusing music into his presentations for corporate and teen organizations alike is just one of the ways he intends to rock your world.


    2:56 - Story of Dean’s return to music after a few years away from the craft.

    3:41 - Rock music is meditation for those of us who come from that background.

    4:39 - Dean’s journey through meditation courses with The Art of Living. The breathing exercises he learned helped him reduce stress when he most needed it. As a thought leader and performer, breath exercises are essential for staying centered.

    9:16 - SONG: “Long Breath In”

    15:00 - Remo Drums HealthRhythms® - a drumming protocol backed by scientific evidence for reducing stress, releasing cancer-fighting cells into the bloodstream & promoting overall health & wellness. My trainer in this protocol is a long-time friend & colleague of Dean's. Christine Stevens was instrumental in putting Dean in front of audiences all over the world as a solo vocalist in Up With People. Dean talks about how he pushed through the fear that was holding him back prior to this experience.

    17:46 - Musical training & performing has helped Dean in business applications, as a thought leader, & with the understanding of people & how to be most helpful & compassionate. He talks about Love as an essential attribute in life & business & the misconception that it's a frufru concept. It promotes curiosity & growth. It manifests in respect & willingness.

    20:41 - Big Phat Goals is being embraced by, not only corporate groups, but also teen organizations. The audio version of the book contains the song, “Long Breath In”.

    22:23 - It’s never too late & there is never a wrong time to connect with music & creativity. Dean talks about the importance of reconnecting to this energy in his own life & the meaning of being a "whole person".

    27:32 - Building a business presentation uses essentially the same tools as writing a song.  It’s all “stating your case”.

    28:00 - Dean’s message comes from a spiritual place. It’s not a religious message, but it carries a message of encouragement & progress.

    Self-talk is powerful & Dean endeavors to teach people how to transform the way they see & talk to themselves.

    30:22 - Instead of moving from “negative” to “positive” thinking, Dean explains that the next best step can be to move from “negative” to “possible”. It may be a very small step that progresses you into the positive. Dare to be all you’re made to be.

    33:26 - Walking with no headphones, no buddies, no other distractions leads to greater clarity & broader perspectives. It's an essential tool for creativity.

    34:45 - Dean is no longer looking to write "good" songs, but to write "helpful" songs. We can use music to create better health for ourselves & better lives. Music is a very intimate medium of communication & can reach places in people like nothing else can.

    37:13 - Songs or other manifestations of creativity can often become the “friend” to another person in their darkest moment. Once you release your creation into the world, it becomes its own entity with a life of its own.

    39:38 - Dean shares the story of performing his song, “Can’t Fight The Devil On Your Own”, at the House of Blues, which led to a songwriting connection with the group, The Relatives. The son of the group’s founder explained that his father always wr...

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    Faith – The Life Renewing Energy of Easter – Tune Your Vibes – Ep022

    Faith – The Life Renewing Energy of Easter – Tune Your Vibes – Ep022

    The Difference Between Belief And Faith

    Have you ever had what you might call a spiritual crisis? Or what’s sometimes called a dark night of the soul?

    I have. And what I’ve learned through those circumstances is that there is a real difference between belief and faith.

    I grew up with belief in a loving God. I had loving parents & extended family, so that belief came easily. But then more life happened – experiences in the larger world – out from under the shelter of my immediate family – experiences that challenged my beliefs.

    I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but at some point I noticed the voices & ideas of religious leaders that spoke of a God I had never heard of – one who was mainly concerned with who He would allow into Heaven & who He would keep out. And these leaders clearly believed they had a direct line to that information. Over time, the voices got louder & louder.

    This caused a spiritual crisis for me. The thoughts & ideas I encountered were so incongruent with my own that I began searching for new ways to express my spiritual self. I felt like the word “Christian” had been hijacked & was no longer a fitting description.

    This was one of the driving influences for writing my novel, Heaven. It’s irreverent because I felt an irreverence to the brand of Christianity I was encountering. The novel is about the nature of God as seen through the eyes of an exotic dancer. People have asked me, "Why a stripper?" Because the lead character, Eve, is stripping off the brand. That brand of Christianity that I felt like I was experiencing and that I still see so prevalent in our culture.

    There's a quote that's been attributed to Ghandi. I don't know if he actually said it or not. "I like your Christ, but I don't like your Christians." It's not my intent to lump every Christian into the same category, because we all have different thoughts and ideas. This isn't so much a categorization of people as it is a description of a brand of religious thought.

    Interestingly, as I studied other religions & scientific thought, my beliefs changed & broadened to encompass, not less God, but more of God – a much larger God capable of embracing all people, everywhere, engaged in every type of sacred thought.

    Did I feel a sense of fear that I was losing my “belief”? Yes, I did. But the payoff was that I grew - as a spiritual being having a human experience.

    6:36 - SONG: "Heaven" - written & performed by Kimberly Cain, from the soundtrack to the novel (available only as a bonus included in the book. Get it here: Heaven, the novel & cd or on ITunes as a single.

    I’ve come to see belief as a function of the mind - & the circumstances that inform the mind change over time, so it stands to reason that extremely painful experiences can challenge our beliefs. Cultural shifts & new discoveries in science, history, medicine, psychology, & so on, can also bring new perspectives on our long-held beliefs. Unless we want to hold so rigidly to beliefs that no longer serve us & actually prevent us from growing & living up to our potential, we may have to experience some pain with these shifts.

    If belief is a function of the mind…faith is a function of the spirit. It doesn’t rely on circumstances or knowledge, from the intellect. Don’t worry – we don’t have to throw out the mind & get weird about “blind faith” being a danger here. I’m talking about the higher principle of Love at work – as an energy that is pervasive, regardless of what anyone believes or understands at any point in time.

    I learned, when writing Heaven, that there is an inherent mystery in the Divine, that cannot be captured & put on paper or into speech. It cannot be apprehended by any person & explained in human terms. It can only be experienced. And this experience leaves a knowing.

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    Jamey Perrenot – Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter – Music & Conversation – Ep021

    Jamey Perrenot – Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter – Music & Conversation – Ep021

    Guitarist, songwriter, & producer, Jamey Perrenot, shares adventures of his christening into rock superstardom while touring Argentina with Guardian,

    to his experience in the studio with a female WWE champion, to the spiritual works that have most deepened his faith.

    He shares some sweet moments playing acoustic guitar live from his Nashville studio in this episode, along with some rockin' songs written for upcoming films. As you'll hear, we had too much fun, so I'll just have to invite Jamey back for another round.


    3:23 - Jamey talks about how he makes his songwriting collaborators comfortable in the sometimes uncomfortable moments of getting started on a project. Great tip for applying to relationships in any area, both personal and business!

    7:23 - Challenging communication requires us to become fully present in order to come to resolutions.

    8:05 - Writing songs for movies adds a new level of collaborative effort. Jamey talks about the process of creating music for pictures.

    9:57 - SONG: Excerpt from “Help Me” performed by Kat Perkins (from The Voice). Producers/Songwriters, Jamey Perrenot & Sean Gasaway.

    11:16 - Stories about Jamey’s experiences playing guitar and touring with LeAnn Rimes.

    13:20 - Bands and collaborative partnerships can be like a marriage, sharing intimate parts of ourselves with one another and allowing our vulnerability to open the door to creativity.

    13:45 - Guys who know how to hang well with women. Why do some men know how to do it while others create sexual friction (and not in a good way)?

    16:15 - Jamey’s experience working with WWE superstar, Mickie James. She’s a cool chick who wrestles and sings and…FYI…she can throw a grown man down!

    18:14 - Jamey works with a lot of women as a producer in the studio and as a touring musician. The current climate of sexual harassment accusations that have been coming out regularly in the news affects men as well as women. He talks about the way it’s affected him.  #MeToo

    20:42 - Intentions make all the difference in the way we, as men and women, interact with one another. We have to use compassion and discretion in allowing people to be themselves, in addition to being strong enough to draw clear boundaries when necessary.

    26:45 - Jamey hasn’t personally witnessed abuse. I wonder if it could be that the presence of an upstanding guy prevents other guys with ill intentions from acting on them.

    29:33 - We need men to be men. The interplay of the masculine and feminine is creative energy and it’s very powerful. We all need the freedom to express ourselves, but in order for that to occur, we must create an environment of trust. Men who create an environment of genuine safety get to experience the best and most playful feminine energy because women know they are respected and loved.

    32:17 - LIVE ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE - Jamey plays the intro to “Almost Home”, recorded by Guardian

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    33:55 - Jamey talks about the experience of playing acoustic versus electric guitar

    35:30 - Story of Jamey’s induction into the Christian metal band, Guardian, when they toured Argentina and played for a crowd of 80,000 fans in Buenos Aires.

    38:35 - SONG: “Firefly” - Written and recorded by Lost Days of Summer - Jamey Perrenot and Jamie Rowe (lead singer, Guardian). Get it on ITunes.

    42:50 - The inspiration behind “Firefly”. Many songs “coincidentally” turn out to have a meaning that was never intended when the writing began.

    44:00 - Influences of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, and The I Am Discourses open up creative spiritual thinking and eventually deepen our faith in more tra..

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Breath of Fresh Air

I love The Naked Vibe! The openness and sincerity of heart and mind is refreshing! The professional yet down to earth approach to some of our most human characteristics is exactly what is needed in this postmodern era. I never miss an opportunity to GET NAKED!

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Great for background insight :)

Not usually a podcast person but I listened to this while working on some chores at home and it was easy to tune in and out of when I could. I love the relaxed and detailed manner that Kim goes about it. Production quality is also top notch!

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Love the soft skills are really hard to develop podcast and how Kim describes nature’s critical role in the process❤️

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