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A fortnightly podcast discussing all things comics.

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A fortnightly podcast discussing all things comics.

    Near Mint Ep. 100 - Finale

    Near Mint Ep. 100 - Finale

    This is it folks. 10 years and 100 episodes have led us to this moment. Join us as we raise a glass and celebrate the 100th and FINAL episode of the Near Mint Comic Show.  
    In our grand finale, we take a walk down memory lane and look back at the past decade in comics, in the world and in the lives of our 3 hosts. It's an amazing time capsule into a decade in which the geek would inherit the earth. 
    We started this podcast 10 years ago with the tagline "Helping comicbooks conquer the world since 2008." In our final episode we say, "mission accomplished!"
    Music in this episode by: Pearl Jam, Queen, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

    • 2 hr 26 min
    Near Mint Ep. 099 - Beginning of the End

    Near Mint Ep. 099 - Beginning of the End

    Following a year of self-imopsed exile, our heroes emerge with bittersweet news. After 8+ orbits around the sun, the time has come for the starship Near Mint Comic Show to return to base. 
    Delays aside, this rust-free episode spells penultimate with a capital ULTIMATE! And despite big announcements and major real-life developments, we manage to get to some comic talk by the 10-minute mark. Top o' the Pile features a sampler plate of We Stand on Guard by Brian K. Vaughn, Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel, and DC's Super Sons.  After that we dive in on how we've evolved as comic fans and as people since we last met.
    Joining the party is Sean Gordan Murphy, as we discuss his outspoken views on the business of comics. We tackle the latest (well ok, not so latest by the time you're hearing this) Movies and TV shows, and we set it all up for our 100th and FINAL epsiode.  
    Keep those cards and letters coming. Episode 100 will be a celebration of all things Near Mint and all things comics from the time we've been doing this show. We want to hear from fellow fans, what you've enjoyed about the show and about comics over the last decade. Send us a message (or better yet a VOICE message) at nearmintcomicshow@gmail.com, facebook.com/neatmintcomicshow, or @nmcomicshow. We know you've been listening and we want to hear from you!
    Music in this episode by: John Spencer Blues Explosion, Dolly Parton, Sly & the Family Stone, Boyz II Men 

    • 1 hr 51 min
    Near Mint Ep. 098 - History in the Making

    Near Mint Ep. 098 - History in the Making

    Continuing our march towards episode 100, Ben and Dan are back with comic talk for the ages. Dan’s Top o’ the Pile pick, March: Book One, leads us into a discussion about historical and non-fiction comics. We touch on everything from Maus, to Moving Pictures, The Nam to The Fifth Beatle and more. 

    There’s more comic talk to follow as Ben dives deeper into DC’s Rebirth with rapid-fire reviews of Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and Detective Comics. Finally we wrap things up with Can o’ Beans, with talk of the soon-to-be-scarece Mike Mignola and a tease of a Mignola-centric episode to come in the near future. 

    Episode 100 is closing in fast and we need your help to get there. Keep listening and send your comments questions and suggestions for our biggest episode ever to nearmintcomicshow@gmail.com, facebook.com/neatmintcomicshow, or @nmcomicshow. Things are about to get REAL!

    Music in this episode by: Common & John Legend, Otis Redding

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Near Mint Ep. 097 - Boston Pre-Party

    Near Mint Ep. 097 - Boston Pre-Party

    Convention season is upon us and the Near Mint Comic Show is back with an overdue and overstuffed episode telling you everything you need to know to prepare yourself. We take a look at all the guest list for the upcoming Boston Comic Con – our biggest regional show and offer up a convention primer to get you ready for whatever conventions may be coming up in your area. 

    [EDITORS NOTE]: While not mentioned in the episode, this podcast is being released on the eve of MASSive Comic Con, taking place on June 25-26 in Worcester, MA. If you’re in the area, you should definitely check that out!

    Later in the show, we take a loot at some of the “All-New, All-Different” Marvel books, which have come post-Secret-Wars and are newly available on the Marvel Unlimited app. We gauge our excitement level for books like Dr. Strange by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo, Sam Wilson: Captain America, Howling Commandos of Shield, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and many more. It’s good ol’ fashioned, 2+ hour extravaganza, packed with tons of comics talk to kick off the summer!

    Music in this episode by: Los Lobos, Boston, Jon Benjamin

    • 2 hr 18 min
    Near Mint Ep. 096 - Threebirth

    Near Mint Ep. 096 - Threebirth

    Ben, Josh and Dan are all back and there’s plenty to talk about. Movies have been seen. Comics have been read. Josh has big NEWS?? The universe will never be the same. 

    First up in Top o’ the Pile, Josh catches us up on Amazing Spider-Man, Ben has some high-brow praise for The Mighty Thor and Dan tries out the new Black Widow by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. 

    In movie news, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice gets a tepid review from Josh, while Captain America: Civil War, gets (spoilers) 3 thumbs up!

    And speaking of all-new, all-different – DC is shaking things up once again with Rebirth. Ben and Dan have read the debut issue of the massive, universe-realigning event. We give our thoughts on the new status quo and the new crop of books coming our way. 
    It’s a whole heap o’ comic talk to get you through ‘till next Wednesday. Happy listening!

    Music in this episode by: No Doubt, Public Enemy, moe. 

    • 1 hr 28 min
    Near Mint Ep. 095 - Darwynism

    Near Mint Ep. 095 - Darwynism

    Rarely will an artist’s work meet such universal praise as the recently-departed Darwyn Cooke. The creator who gave us DC: The New Frontier and the Parker books, who reinvented Catwoman and reshaped Watchmen was beloved by us an many others. The comics community was brought low this month, by the sudden announcement of his illness and subsequent death at the age of 53. 

    In this episode, we pay tribute to the life and art of Darwyn Cooke with a special episode dedicated solely to his work. If you loved Darwyn, join us in saying a heartfelt goodbye. If you didn’t know his work, listen and learn about one of the greatest talents of our generation and one of the greatest cartoonists who ever lived. 

    Music in this episode by: The Crystals, The Mavelettes, The Drifters

    • 1 hr 8 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

USAMariano ,

Great podcast - Awesome music and LOTS of comics

Ben and Josh are real pros. They go right to the point and discuss a lot about comic trends, some movies reviews.

if you are looking for a non scripted good chat between to close friends that discuss everything you like, this is the show!!

Great work guys, it's hard to wait to the next one.

Dan in Boston ,


An excellent show that is both entertaining and informative. It is good for a comic's readers and even people who aren't into comics, as the guys often talk about other pop culture topics. They don't take the subject matter too seriously, but you can tell that they care about it. I listen to it right away when a new episode comes out.

n mitch ,

Awesome Comics podcast

Great podcast, I listen to every episode. Well-spoken, good sound quality. I am not a huge comics fan, and this podcast keeps my interest still. Very accepting of every type of comic reader. Great Job!

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