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René Rodriguez takes the neuroscience and psychology behind our behaviors, simplifies it, and combines that with an acute understanding of self-awareness, emotions, storytelling, body language, and more to help each of us better deliver our ideas to others. The result is the ability to enhance our message delivery and connect with our audience whether that audience is one person in front of you, 100, or 1,000 and up. And in the process, we influence outcomes and improve our lives by having a greater impact on the world.


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René Rodriguez takes the neuroscience and psychology behind our behaviors, simplifies it, and combines that with an acute understanding of self-awareness, emotions, storytelling, body language, and more to help each of us better deliver our ideas to others. The result is the ability to enhance our message delivery and connect with our audience whether that audience is one person in front of you, 100, or 1,000 and up. And in the process, we influence outcomes and improve our lives by having a greater impact on the world.

    Uncommon Leadership with Ben Newman

    Uncommon Leadership with Ben Newman

    “If you don’t have a relationship it only goes so far, even if what you’re sharing is what they should do!”
    What separates a leader from an uncommon leader? What is it that causes one to excel above their peers and create a legacy of impact on their industry and the world at large?
    Ben Newman knows what’s behind that uncommon leadership. A highly regarded Performance Coach, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author, Ben’s clients include Fortune 500 companies around the world, business executives, sales organizations and professional athletes in the NFL, PGA, NBA, MLB, UFC and NCAA. His book, https://bennewman.net/preorder (UNCOMMON Leadership ), is a #1 Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-Seller. In addition, Ben has served the last 5 years as a Mental Conditioning Coach for the 18-time National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide football team. He’s worked with players and coaches from the last six Super Bowl Champions. In this episode, René and Ben discuss the origin of uncommon leadership and how to cultivate it in ourselves daily.
    “If WE’RE disorganized or lack accountability to ourselves, how can we expect that we’re going to be able to hold people to a certain level or standard of heightened accountability?”
    Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion, and catch René on Ben’s Podcast, The Burn soon at the link below.
    Show Resources:
    https://bennewman.net (BenNewman.net)
    https://www.bennewmancoaching.com/the-burn-podcast (The Burn Podcast)
    https://www.amazon.com/Uncommon-Leadership-Ben-Newman/dp/1954020058/ref=asc_df_1954020058/?tag=hyprod-20andlinkCode=df0andhvadid=532701074352andhvpos=andhvnetw=gandhvrand=13470401977579760952andhvpone=andhvptwo=andhvqmt=andhvdev=candhvdvcmdl=andhvlocint=andhvlocphy=9025481andhvtargid=pla-1362681196548andpsc=1 (Uncommon Leadership Book)
    https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com)
    https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com)
    https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com)
    https://AmplifyBook.com (AmplifyBook.com)

    01:10 - Welcome Ben Newman

    03:10 - What does Leadership mean?

    05:03 - Coaching Coach Saban

    06:31 - The Power of Leverage

    09:14 - What are Leaders MISSING?

    10:09 - Don’t miss René’s appearance on The Burn with Ben Newman

    13:09 - Connection multiplies impact

    16:14 - Learn to listen to what people value!

    18:14 - THIS is what Leadership is: Seeing people for who they are and REMINDING THEM who they are

    19:17 - You have to find YOUR voice

    23:48 - Connection allows honest critique and coaching

    24:43 - The biggest calling for Leadership right now?

    25:43 - The choice to be a certain person sets the trajectory for everything else

    26:10 - Get the book, Uncommon Leadership

    26:20 - Follow @continuedfight

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    The Age of Attention

    The Age of Attention

    “If I want to shift someone’s reality, I just have to shift their frame of reference.”
    René Rodriguez’s opening keynote of AMPCON 2022 live at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas is presented here as a taste for podcast listeners. In this keynote speech, René outlines the generational shift we’ve undergone that has hollowed out our connection with our supervisors/managers and leaders. Overcoming this “narrative gap” is an inherent effect of using the AMPLIFII™ formula, as René makes plain.
    Whether you were in attendance or not, this speech is a call to action for each of us to center our values and beliefs in our actions and messages to better cross that divide for your employees, clients, customers or even your family.

    Don’t miss out on next year’s AMPCON experience! Stay up to date with the latest at https://www.amplifiiconference.com/ (www.amplifiiconference.com) or experience the 2.5 day AMPLIFII™ event at any of the dates across the country. Find availability near you here: https://www.amplifiimylife.com/ (www.amplifiimylife.com)

    Show Resources:
    https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com)
    https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com)
    https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com)

    01:40 - 30 years ago most people died closed to where they worked
    02:40 - Influence without action ISN’T influence
    04:05 - Your challenge is “How do you capture attention?”
    04:50 - Without ATTENTION, your quality doesn’t matter
    07:00 - When you change the frame, you change reality
    07:20 - Be a student of your own experience
    08:55 - Pay attention to your body language
    09:55 - When we don’t feel safe, we’re not open to new information
    12:40 - René’s mother’s story
    14:40 - The WAY we do things, the WAY we pursue our dreams, MATTERS
    16:15 - Do you want “followers” or do you want to LEAD?
    17:40 - How we USED to know our boss
    18:35 - Moving apart physically changes that connection
    19:50 - The narrative gap
    21:15 - “knowing” someone online
    22:12 - Bridging the narrative gap
    22:50 - It’s not JUST about social media
    23:30 - The AMPLIFII™ formula
    27:42 - Reframing “used-car salesman”

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    Secrets of Short Form Video with Neel Dhingra

    Secrets of Short Form Video with Neel Dhingra

    “You’ve got great content, but you’re doing it wrong!”
    Have you found yourself lost trying to establish your brand on social media? Does creating short form video content like TikTok or Instagram Reels elude you? You’re in great company. René had the same issue trying to bring his message and the AMPLIFII™ formula to a broader audience. Even experts can be bewildered when stepping outside their natural habitat, but that’s what it takes to build a whole new audience.
    Neel is a content marketing expert who exploded his mortgage business by creating innovative content on social media. He also helps Mortgage and Real Estate Pros learn how they can do the same, and René has called him a friend and colleague for years. Joining the podcast for the first time today, Neel discusses his “start from scratch” overhaul of his own social presence and the formula that he has been using and teaching since then to rocket to and now past 100k followers.
    “The desire or willingness to take shortcuts is what screws you up in the end. If you take shortcuts, it might work short term, but you get exposed eventually.”
    The Age of Attention is here whether we like it or not, and to continue to have influence and impact in this new age, we’ve got to learn the game. Listen in today for strategies you can use to expand your own influence beyond your current circle!
    Show Resources:
    https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com)
    https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com)
    https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com)
    https://AmplifyBook.com (AmplifyBook.com)
    https://NeelHome.com (@NeelHome)
    The Forward Event - July 22nd in Vegas.
    use code: ReneHookUp for $100 off.
    http://www.forwardacademy.com/ (http://www.forwardacademy.com)
    01:25 - Welcome @neelhome
    02:50 - the origins of the case study
    05:20 - why did Neel start over?
    07:45 - This conversation is for EVERYONE
    08:15 - don’t give the wrong message to the wrong audience
    09:20 - Am I Known? Or not known?
    10:45 - it’s not the ability that matters, it’s the awareness
    12:20 - Your audition for strangers
    16::30 - the battle between substance and click bait
    20:00 - The reason I’m listening to this IS?
    25:00 - it’s about the fundamentals
    27:35 - The Forward Event info
    31:30 - are you continually looking to grow?
    33:30 - follow @neelhome

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    Surviving and Thriving Through Change with Ryan Grams

    Surviving and Thriving Through Change with Ryan Grams

    “It doesn’t matter the change, it matters how we respond to it and how we understand the human condition during it.”
    In the new hybrid - virtual/in person world, your desk isn’t your desk anymore, it’s your set, it’s your stage. When René first had that realization it was with the help and guidance of Ryan Grams. Our first podcast live guest joins the show to discuss his own pivot during and after the pandemic to fill the void in the new hybrid world.
    “The way to overcome disassociation is by replicating as close to possible, the in person experience.”
    And that’s just what Ryan has helped René and many others do, recreate the in person experience as closely as possible through the acronym, C.A.L.L. Camera. Audio. Lighting. Location. Listen as Ryan and René break down how they adapted to this new normal, and more broadly how flexibility and focus can help you and your business adapt to any changing circumstances.
    Show Resources:
    https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com)
    https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com)
    https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com)
    https://AmplifyBook.com (AmplifyBook.com)
    https://www.instagram.com/reel/CZreFsLFDFZ (New studio build video)
    https://callupgra.de/getting-started.pdf (CallUpgrade AMPLIFII™ Pack)
    https://CallUpgrade.com (CallUpgrade.com)
    https://instagram.com/callupgrade?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= (@callupgrade)
    https://instagram.com/neelhome?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= (@neelhome)
    https://www.forwardevent.com/ (Neel Dhingra’s Forward Event)
    02:20 - How Ryan and René met
    03:10 - No one was ready at the beginning of the pandemic
    03:54 - Who is Ryan Grams?
    06:00 - The world wasn’t ready for the changes either, most of it STILL ISN’T
    06:30 - Change is the common denominator
    07:15 - The basics of video capture, C.A.L.L.
    09:00 - It’s not JUST the camera, it’s lighting that makes the difference
    10:20 - They Hybrid/Virtual world ISN’T GOING AWAY
    11:55 - My desk is my set or stage
    13:55 - This isn’t about vanity, it’s about overcoming disassociation
    17:00 - When is a teleprompter not JUST a teleprompter
    21:10 - Eye Contact is a dance
    22:45 - Audio
    24:45 - Test Audio setting!!!!
    26:10 - If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not in the game
    28:30 - Does all this really matter?
    30:15 - René and Ryan have gone through the same changes you’re going through
    33:06 - If you have a big following… (the first fork in the road)
    35:30 - How do I speak to people that don’t know me?
    41:45 - When you understand your brand, you have the materials to build hooks
    43:55 - Ryan’s advice for maximizing your equipment
    48:00 - AmplifiiBook.com
    48:05 - MeetRene.com

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    The Most Powerful Phrase in Selling, Communication and Influence

    The Most Powerful Phrase in Selling, Communication and Influence

    We all do it. Scrolling Instagram, listening to a news program, hearing a sales pitch, picking out a podcast to listen to. We’re asking ourselves one thing.
    “It’s a basic human question, it’s not designed to be arrogant or anything. But we want to know, what does any of this stuff mean to ME?”
    When you hear someone answer this question, their message feels complete. Without it, anyone is just a talking head. René breaks down the science behind this powerful phrase and the concept of the “tie down” that it leads to so naturally. Until you’ve tied down your message, you haven’t provided value. Whether you’re a sales exec, CEO, coach, pastor or just a parent hoping to get your teen to hear something once in a while, this episode is for you!
    Show Resources:
    https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com)
    https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com)
    https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com)
    https://AmplifyBook.com (AmplifyBook.com)
    01:25 - “What that means to you is…”
    01:51 - How René learned this power phrase
    05:40 - How does this phrase fit into the “tie down”?
    06:50 - You have to show the value to THEM, because THEY won’t find it themselves
    07:25 - What it means to one person is not the same as it means to the next person
    07:45 - Tyler and Alyssa Lorenzen’s list of 20 tie down phrases
    10:22 - You’re CUEING the brain that value is about to be delivered
    11:11 - “Conceptually Selling” by Heiman and Miller - People Buy for their own reasons, not yours.
    11:50 - Sometimes “what it means” is values alignment
    12:25 - We are only valuable to people if we are helping them create value
    13:40 - Features/Benefit conversations
    15:50 - The AMPLIFII™ Opening event is a dinner because incorporating multiple senses has power
    16:35 - René’s Blackberry Holster
    18:20 - Influence doesn’t happen until you tie it down
    20:15 - The Ramble Dance
    22:00 - What matters most? Client Value
    23:05 - https://amplifybook.com/ (AmplifyBook.com)
    Twenty other tie down phrases:

    I share this story with you because
    Why this matters to you is
    I believe this matters to you because
    The point of all this is
    This is relevant to you because
    The reason I share this with you is
    Well, my point is
    I bring this to your attention because
    I invite you to consider the following
    This is applicable in your situation because
    Well, what’s in it for you is
    The reason you should care is
    This is pertinent information because
    The value to you is
    This relates to you because
    The reason this is cool is
    This is significant because
    This directly correlates to you because
    This is very fitting because
    This story is appropriate because

    • 24 min
    The Power of Hand Gestures

    The Power of Hand Gestures

    “You’re a PowerPoint slide. And anything you do is either contributing to your message or distracting from it.”
    When most of us think of hand gestures, we might have a few rude ones in mind, but studies tell us that hand gestures are crucial for both the presenter’s recall AND the audience’s accurate perception of the message being delivered. René gives us concrete examples of how to use our body and especially our hands to take our influence to the next level.
    But what about the over-expressers? René has you covered too as he outlines the concept of the Influence Zone and how staying inside of it can take you from overbearing to outstanding. Whether you’re born to hand jive or always keeping one hand in your pocket, this episode will help you break out of your shell and into the influence zone. Don’t miss it!
    Show Resources:
    https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com)
    https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com)
    https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com)
    https://amplifybook.com/ (AmplifyBook.com)
    https://www.amanet.org/articles/when-leaders-talk-with-their-hands/ (www.amanet.org/articles/when-leaders-talk-with-their-hands/)
    https://www.scienceofpeople.com/hand-gestures/ (www.scienceofpeople.com/hand-gestures/)
    02:00 - What is AMPLIFII™?
    02:40 - We begin with “the Influence Zone”
    03:40 - Holler and Beatie study
    05:15 - Anchoring messages in your fingers
    06:20 - Matching hand gestures can drive a message home
    07:45 - Hand gestures can alter perception of character
    10:25 - Personality Types
    12:30 - Information Packaging Hypothesis
    14:00 - If you’re the PowerPoint slide, are there any distractions?
    15:34 - The Influence Zone or The Box
    17:00 - Avoid international hand gesture confusion!
    17:35 - How do you START?
    18:20 - the Steeple
    19:15 - your fingers are a gun, you don’t want to point them at anyone
    20:00 - Take an acting class
    20:35 - look at their feet!
    22:08 - take it EVEN bigger!!
    22:44 - Takeaways
    24:20 - Wall Street Journal #2 Best Seller!!! Amplify Your Influence the Book

    • 25 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
47 Ratings

47 Ratings

bweis88 ,

Rene is the best of the best

Rene brings real content that can improve our lives…. Not fluff!

BCovey77 ,

One of my favorite podcasts to learn & grow

Rene not only has mastered the topics but he lives them and is able to teach them at the highest level so we can all understand and go take new actions.

hamay73 ,

Priceless knowledge!

I absolutely recommend this podcast! Rene breaks down tools and information that can be used by anyone in any field and time of life!! Every episode is full of valuable take always.

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