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René Rodriguez takes the neuroscience and psychology behind our behaviors, simplifies it, and combines that with an acute understanding of self-awareness, emotions, storytelling, body language, and more to help each of us better deliver our ideas to others. The result is the ability to enhance our message delivery and connect with our audience whether that audience is one person in front of you, 100, or 1,000 and up. And in the process, we influence outcomes and improve our lives by having a greater impact on the world.


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René Rodriguez takes the neuroscience and psychology behind our behaviors, simplifies it, and combines that with an acute understanding of self-awareness, emotions, storytelling, body language, and more to help each of us better deliver our ideas to others. The result is the ability to enhance our message delivery and connect with our audience whether that audience is one person in front of you, 100, or 1,000 and up. And in the process, we influence outcomes and improve our lives by having a greater impact on the world.

    The Power of Hand Gestures

    The Power of Hand Gestures

    “You’re a PowerPoint slide. And anything you do is either contributing to your message or distracting from it.”
    When most of us think of hand gestures, we might have a few rude ones in mind, but studies tell us that hand gestures are crucial for both the presenter’s recall AND the audience’s accurate perception of the message being delivered. René gives us concrete examples of how to use our body and especially our hands to take our influence to the next level.
    But what about the over-expressers? René has you covered too as he outlines the concept of the Influence Zone and how staying inside of it can take you from overbearing to outstanding. Whether you’re born to hand jive or always keeping one hand in your pocket, this episode will help you break out of your shell and into the influence zone. Don’t miss it!
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    https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com)
    https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com)
    https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com)
    https://amplifybook.com/ (AmplifyBook.com)
    https://www.amanet.org/articles/when-leaders-talk-with-their-hands/ (www.amanet.org/articles/when-leaders-talk-with-their-hands/)
    https://www.scienceofpeople.com/hand-gestures/ (www.scienceofpeople.com/hand-gestures/)
    02:00 - What is AMPLIFII™?
    02:40 - We begin with “the Influence Zone”
    03:40 - Holler and Beatie study
    05:15 - Anchoring messages in your fingers
    06:20 - Matching hand gestures can drive a message home
    07:45 - Hand gestures can alter perception of character
    10:25 - Personality Types
    12:30 - Information Packaging Hypothesis
    14:00 - If you’re the PowerPoint slide, are there any distractions?
    15:34 - The Influence Zone or The Box
    17:00 - Avoid international hand gesture confusion!
    17:35 - How do you START?
    18:20 - the Steeple
    19:15 - your fingers are a gun, you don’t want to point them at anyone
    20:00 - Take an acting class
    20:35 - look at their feet!
    22:08 - take it EVEN bigger!!
    22:44 - Takeaways
    24:20 - Wall Street Journal #2 Best Seller!!! Amplify Your Influence the Book

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    Questioning Questions

    Questioning Questions

    Every question asked and answered is an opportunity to understand each other better and fundamentally move your relationship, your organization, your project or family forward. How much thought do you put into the questions you ask the receptionist at your office each day, or the doorman of your building? Probably not very much.
    “How’s it going?” “How are you doing?” Do you even seriously want to know the answer to those questions? When someone poses such a question to you, don’t you feel OBLIGATED to answer it?
    “You’ve got to be intentional with questions, they can guide you Into some really interesting places.”
    How do YOUR questions stand up? True leadership is about capitalizing on those opportunities presented with every question as opposed to being a victim of circumstance and habit who is just treading water verbally. In this episode, Rene breaks down the power of questions and how every leader should be using them to better themselves and their teams. Don’t miss it!
    Show Resources:
    https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com)
    https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com)
    https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com)
    01:38 - Questions are a critical component
    01:52 - Most people think ‘externally’
    02:20 - A question might make someone remember what they believe
    03:25 - If I want to understand a company’s culture, I walk in, close my eyes and listen
    04:20 - Most people don’t put much thought into the questions they ask
    05:50 - The Art of Conversation - Episode 07
    07:15 - Sometimes questions asked will tell you how you’re doing
    08:24 - We feel an overwhelming OBLIGATION to answer questions that are asked of us
    10:40 - Is the question self-serving? Or is it to YOUR benefit?
    11:00 - Book - QBQ - The Question behind the Question
    11:20 - What is it that they’re ACTUALLY trying to get at?
    12:05 - Questions without much thought are often EMOTIONALLY based
    13:30 - “If you’re going to attack me, attack me with more detail, please?”
    14:55 - The person asking the question is LEADING the conversation
    15:55 - Direction doesn’t mean CONTROL
    18:00 - Learn how to clarify
    19:00 - Learn to give rich answers to dumb questions
    22:45 - AmplifyBook.com

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    Learn to Express vs Impress

    Learn to Express vs Impress

    ‘The end goal is we want to be impressive, but we can’t approach the work with the goal of being impressive.’
    Ever find yourself in conversation thinking of the next best thing to say, instead of being present and actually listening to the other party? You were trying to impress, rather than express, and it’s much easier to fall into than you might think. Whether your ‘audience’ is one person in a conversation or 1000 plus in a keynote speech, the moment you are trying to impress, as opposed to expressing your beliefs and ideas, you’ve already lost.
    ‘You can learn the techniques, but if you can’t tap into an authentic delivery style, one that is uniquely yours and that comes from a place that’s believable, what good is it?’
    The very core of AMPLIFII™ is summed up in Rene’s direction to let your heart speak in sequence and that’s exactly what this episode is about. A message that’s all polish and no passion is hollow, but we can’t bring our beliefs and ideas to bear on our delivery if we’re unclear on what those beliefs and ideas even are. In this episode, Rene will walk you through his own process for dealing with the stress of speaking that helps him ensure he speaks from his heart as opposed to ‘showing off’ for an audience.
    Show Resources:
    https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com)
    https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com)
    https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com)
    01:33 - Jim Rohn
    02:40 - What does it mean to express vs impress?
    03:19 - Don’t you want to be impressive?
    04:17 - How Rene uses his ‘mantra’ before speaking
    04:54 - What is ‘expression’?
    05:12 - What is ‘impression’?
    06:00 - What does Rene mean by ‘the heart’?
    06:45 - You have to be a philosopher
    09:30 - If you can’t deliver it authentically, what good is it?
    11:15 - You’ve got to write!
    12:27 - The moment you stop trying to impress is the moment you become most impressive
    13:03 - Athletes reserve ‘thinking’ for practice. They ‘express’ in the game
    13:30 - ‘If you can name it you can tame it’
    14:40 - What Rene does before a talk - Climbing the mountain
    18:55 - What are the benefits of this type of exercise?
    20:44 - But what if we DON’T explore these things?
    22:03 - The importance of routines
    23:19 - AmplifyBook.com

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    How to Find Your Purpose

    How to Find Your Purpose

    “When you realize it’s bigger than US, you’ll withstand the adversity, the setbacks.”
    To be an effective leader, you must first ensure that your own motivation remains high, through problems and crisis as well as high times and celebration. This demands a true and honest understanding of both what sparks you (what forces you to immediate action) and your purpose (what will sustain you through those times of hardship). This episode will help you expose BOTH.
    2 out of 3 employees are rethinking their purpose based on the events of the last two years.
    While large organizations can benefit exponentially from wrestling with these questions, even solo entrepreneurs, parents, coaches or junior employees need to have a jump-start motivation tool AND a long-term aim for your work in the world in order to realize your possibilities and reach your ultimate goals.
    Show Resources:
    https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com)
    https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com)
    https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com)
    01:50 - If you haven’t asked the question yet, you will at some point
    02:15 - “Tuesdays with Morrie”
    02:55 - “Spark” vs. “Purpose”
    04:25 - “If you’re not motivated, what pisses you off?”
    05:05 - Connection to something bigger than us
    06:08 - We have to know that our work MATTERS
    06:22 - UNDERSTANDING how our work affects others
    06:55 - Purpose is something you can choose
    07:40 - How to get to “purpose”? Look at who you are
    09:50 - Your “lighthouse” or your “foghorn”
    13:00 - The connection of past and current is where the strongest purpose is found
    15:35 - The benefits to increasing connection among your employees
    17:10 - When you are acting outside your values
    19:00 - Learn to tell your story and AMPLIFII™ your impact exponentially
    20:15 - AMPLIFY YOUR INFLUENCE Book Bulk Orders available!

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    The Power of Framing with Tyler Lorenzen

    The Power of Framing with Tyler Lorenzen

    Tyler Lorenzen is an entrepreneur, former quarterback for UCONN, Super Bowl winner with Drew Brees, and Now the CEO of Puris Proteins which was just named the #1 Most Innovative company in the world alongside Tesla. He’s also a dear friend of Rene’s and an expert user of the AMPLIFII™ methodology.
    “My perspective was someone’s gotta do it, why not me?” - Tyler Lorenzen on his childhood assertion that he’d play pro football.
    Tyler joins us to talk about his athletic career, his company’s mission and the experiences he’s had that continue to highlight the power of framing for leaders at any level. Tyler has a powerful story of overcoming low expectations, putting in the work to achieve his dreams and spreading a message that offers hope for sustainability and healthier lifestyles for his fellow man.
    Don’t miss this fantastic interview, and find more about Puris and Tyler’s work here: https://puris.com/ (https://puris.com)
    Show Resources:
    https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com)
    https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com)
    https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com)
    01:32 - What is “framing” to Tyler?
    04:10 - Influence can be positive, or negative, and negative influence is the most powerful, in a bad way
    05:00 - Influence is going to happen regardless
    06:25 - Leadership = getting people to do and think similarly, and go for the same goal.
    10:06 - You have to celebrate bad news
    14:45 - Michael Jordan and Tim Grover
    17:22 - High Growth companies grow in “dog years”
    19:11 - “My passion, was football.”
    22:49 - The balance of novelty and strict process
    23:13 - “Once you have filet mignon, you’ll never eat roast beef. Super Bowl or bust.” - Sean Payton
    29:00 - “Pitch Anything” - How Rene and Tyler met
    31:07 - “I wanna take framing to the next level”
    35:44 - Using past successes to establish a frame
    37:45 - Use a story to deliver me a message, don’t waste my time telling me a story
    44:30- “What does your dad mean to you?”
    48:45- what it means to truly believe the mind is limitless
    49:37- the founding of the Lorenzen family business
    52:49- Tyler’s Tiedowns
    55:35- It’s a buyer’s process, not a seller’s process
    01:01:30 - The Puris lifestyle
    01:07:11 - Using framing to secure company funding
    01:09:36 - What advice do you give someone going through AMPLIFII™ for the first time

    • 1 hr 15 min
    Defining “Your Lane” in Business

    Defining “Your Lane” in Business

    Everyone knows you’re supposed to “stay in your lane” as an entrepreneur, but just what the heck is my “lane” anyway? How do you define that “sweet spot” for yourself, and how do you help ensure you remain in it?
    “You have to earn your way into expertise. Poor advice from people who haven’t earned it yet leads to bad results for people.”
    In this episode, Rene highlights the reasons we often stray from our own expertise and genius. As well as how he calibrates his own “lane” as a coach and consultant. Define who you are and what you do, then become great at it.
    When you tell the world who you are, your customers will be happier and you’ll be more fulfilled.
    Show Resources:
    https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com)
    https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com)
    https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com)
    01:20 - Learning to stay in “your lane”
    03:00 - Let’s get “real”, or let’s not play
    07:18 - When you leave your lane, you’re less comfortable
    08:45 - This isn’t about LIMITING people, but finding their GENIUS
    10:15 - Hair Salon story
    13:35 - What Lanes are you playing in that you SHOULDN’T be?
    14:00 - ELF - Easy, Lucrative and Fun
    15:14 - What brings you JOY?
    17:15 - Picking a lane makes you more MEMORABLE
    18:30 - Being out of your lane, and unaware is tragic
    19:30 - Feedback is so central
    21:20 - How does this relate to Ethos?
    22:00 - What makes you UNIQUE?
    23:20 - You may CHOOSE WRONG! That’s okay
    24:50 - AmplifiiBook.com

    • 26 min

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4.9 out of 5
38 Ratings

38 Ratings

bweis88 ,

Rene is the best of the best

Rene brings real content that can improve our lives…. Not fluff!

BCovey77 ,

One of my favorite podcasts to learn & grow

Rene not only has mastered the topics but he lives them and is able to teach them at the highest level so we can all understand and go take new actions.

hamay73 ,

Priceless knowledge!

I absolutely recommend this podcast! Rene breaks down tools and information that can be used by anyone in any field and time of life!! Every episode is full of valuable take always.

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