The Neurotic Vaccine with Andy Cowan and Dr. Scott Kopoian Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

D. E.E. ,

This guy needs help!

It’s fun to work through Neurosis with a relatable friend and that’s Andy. He speaks for all of us with his insightful questions and self deprecating humor. Definitely on my Podcast “much listen” list now.

kris from the block ,

Such a hoot!!

I love this! Andy Cowan is hilarious

GrittyFilms ,

Observational Gems

This podcast demands your attention. Enlightening, revealing, smartly funny and memorably expressed life lessons via actual therapy on a comedy veteran from his therapist co-host. And so much more. Bravo.

trident 6x ,

Andy is wonderful

Andy and the doctor are a perfect match. Their rhythm is so natural and soothing.Andy never ages.

RR Comedy ,

The Neurotic Vaccine-A Cognitive Comedy Classic

"Even big-time comedy writers need therapy. And thank God Andy Cowan is willing to allow us the fun of being entertained by his search for answers, answers to questions his neurotic and artistic self seems to be screaming out for on every episode of this most unique podcast. I for one hope he never finds those answers, because quite frankly, I’d like more and more of these hysterical episodes to continue. So for all of our sakes, Mr. Cowan, we hope you don’t find too much success with your therapist. After all, we love being entertained by all the “stuff” that truly bothers you. And as for your therapist, keep up the good work, but not too good, if you know what I mean."

Argentfemme ,


Not only because it was funny, I enjoyed listening because of what a great relationship Andy has with his therapist! There’s real rapport between both of them that makes the whole dialogue smooth and makes one to keep listening.

BigWeirdGuy ,

Andy is funny and smart…

As he drives us through his uniquely neurotic world, pointing out the stuff that makes him—and us—a little crazier. The best news is he also has a heart of gold.

Doc DM 55#55 ,

The Andy Show—Insightful…AND Funny

Very funny banter between Andy Cowan and Dr. K as they discuss the many mysteries and vagaries of life, especially with Andy‘s take from a “showbiz” prism. Great guests are along for the ride, and despite the laughs, Andy and Dr. K do explore some very thought-provoking and puzzling concepts that many of us encounter throughout our lives. FIVE STARS at least…maybe more if I can figure out how to post them.
Doc DM 55#55

onwiththesho ,

Great interviews!

These are some great interviews with people from different areas of comedy. Funny and fun to listen to.

RickBrentwood ,

Neurotic Vaccine - Absolutely EPIC!

Andy hits it “out of the ballpark” with his insightful and engaging kibitzing with Dr. Kopoian along with a variety of Hollywood guests. The session with Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers of “Leave it to Beaver” fame was particularly interesting as you got to hear the back-story of the very popular show along with Andy’s comedic reflection on the scene antics as well as the performers. Enjoy Andy’s rapid-fire levity as he explores his adventures of life on Kopoian's couch!