The Neurotic Vaccine with Andy Cowan and Dr. Scott Kopoian Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
64 Ratings

64 Ratings

JessLaur9 ,

Neurotic Vaccine(s)

I’m not a podcast guy, until now. This was recommended by a comedian friend who kept reminding to listen. I’m hooked. Soooo fun. The takes by Cowan are better than standup. To tell you to truth I felt a bit distracted by the guests. I’m still not going to listen to podcasts other than NC. I’ve got stuff to do. (Thankfully, I can listen on my phone. I had to use a friend’s phone to review this…sorry Apple. Steve Young)

Abbulacc ,

Consider me vaccinated!

From the brilliant mind that came up with Merv Griffin’s epitaph and George Costanza’s mantra for success comes this refreshing and hilarious podcast. Unlike anything else out there, give it a listen and enjoy the side effect of perhaps finally finding your sanity!

DivineButHumble ,

I love this podcast!

Wonderful. Cowan and Kopoian are a great team, with Cowan’s neurotic humor balanced by Kopoian’s scientific knowledge and experience as Cowan’s therapist. Very entertaining and informative. I especially loved the segment on Cowan’s thoughts about responding to friends’ Facebook postings and their responding/or not to his. And Stoller was a great guest. Highly recommended. Adding it to my permanent podcast rotation list.

WolfieM. ,

Andy gets funnier with every episode.

I really enjoyed the “Mr. Wonderful” episode. Andy proves to be a great interviewer as well as a self-deprecating funny man.

RichLew52 ,

Andy Cowan knows funny

Im more of a reading guy than a listening guy, but Im hooked on these characters. Andy Cowan is an Everyman nutty person, and is unafraid to take chances with his partner, guests, and obviously his audience. Hes an American treasure.

ASG308 ,

The Neurotic Vaccine

I’m not a big podcast guy but after a friend told me about This podcast, I decided to check it out. Very funny! A little Seinfeld a little Bob Newhart. I thought it was very clever and insightful. I especially enjoyed the Fred Stoler segment. Definitely an “ up and down “ look at life in today’s crazy world. Recommend it highly. Ready for another season

compainer ,

I can relate!

I stumbled on to this podcast and gave it a try. I saw that Andy and myself are the same age. Now I can laugh about my neuroses instead of becoming more neurotic!! Vey funny stuff!

Dog❤️er ,

I found myself laughing out loud!

Who knew neuroses could be this funny!? It absolutely made me want to listen to more episodes.

Saintsteve52 ,

I don’t need no doctor

After listening to this witty repartee I can now save on a therapist. Dr. K suffices as my proxy therapist while I can vicariously channel through Andy. Add to that intelligent interviews with the likes of Leno and Marilu Henner and you have a winning podcast that rises above the others.

Soylent Brown ,

So two guys walk into a therapist's office...

A couple of co-workers recommended this podcast, so I gave it a try. Wow, I felt like I was eavesdropping on two organically funny friends I already felt comfortable with, friends who understand the power of language. Andy, the writer and comedian, has a knack for finding the absurdity in minor events that most people wouldn't even notice, but for Andy, it's likely to trigger an existential event. And Scott, the therapist, is the perfect backboard to try to make some logical sense of it all. Don't be surprised if, between the clever banter and hilarious insights, you're treated to some war-weary wisdom these two have picked up in the trenches. Throw in the post-therapy comedy segments where patient and therapist maintain - yet expand - upon their dynamic, and you've got something truly unique here.