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NFR Cycling is a show talking with regular people achieving their goals through hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Listen to inspiring stories of everyday folks, pushing for their dreams in sports, business, and more.

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NFR Cycling is a show talking with regular people achieving their goals through hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Listen to inspiring stories of everyday folks, pushing for their dreams in sports, business, and more.

    Demand vs. Capacity

    Demand vs. Capacity

    We’ve been working on some articles to post on the site recently. Rob recently added his draft for an article on demands versus capacity. It’s a topic that we felt needed more conversation.

    The fantasy that we can “tough it out” to a result that we’ve never achieved before is intoxicating, but it’s b******t. We have a current capacity based on our current training and experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s race day or not.

    In this episode, we talk about how to determine your current capacity and how to break down the demand of your goals. Additionally, we go over what happens if your current capacity and the demand of your goal don’t match.

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    Limar Helmets with Eric Horton

    Limar Helmets with Eric Horton

    In this episode we bring in Eric Horton from Limar to talk with us. He educates us about Limar helmets and the company. The company and the helmets are packed with tons of cycling heritage, cutting edge technology, and safety.

    Eric walks us through his history in product development at Fox, Specialized, Giro, and Limar. Before diving deeper into the Limar history and helmets, we get some good stories about chasing Mario Cipollini and riding with Giovani Lombardi.

    Eric talks us through the line up of helmets. Before the recording Limar sent us an Air Master and Ultralight to try out. Rob and I add some of our experience to the conversation. To sum it up, the helmets are great and we absolutely recommend them.

    It was a great conversation and lots of fun to go through some cycling history with Eric. Additionally, Eric talks about the direct to consumer model that Limar is using. We talk a bit about how direct to consumer is changing the industry and what that future might hold for more premium brands.

    Limar has offered NFR listeners 25% off your order at limaritalia.com with the code “NFR25” at checkout.

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    Finding Time and Staying on Track

    Finding Time and Staying on Track

    Time seems to be getting even more rare as we move into the end of the year. Both Rob and I have had more and more events creep into our lives and many of our listeners have said the same thing.

    In this episode, Rob and I talk about finding time to stay on track and highlight strategies to keep your momentum going though all the things trying to chip away at your time. With the increased stress of the times, we talk about doubling down on recovery.

    We give some tips around flexibility in your schedule and even your actual workout types.

    This is the last episode of 2020. Thanks so much to all of our listeners who have given us their time. You’re why we do this. We have a ton planned for 2021 and can’t wait to get into the new year with you all.

    Also, NFR is now on TikTok, give us a follow!

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    Riding vs Training

    Riding vs Training

    Riding and training mean different things. If you approach your training like you’re just riding, you’ll likely sabotage your goal. In this episode, we’ll explore the differences and what it means for your time on the bike. We also go over how one is not any better than the other, it comes down to whatever you want and need from the bike and cycling.


    In this episode, we break down training and give it a general definition. That will help you separate your training periods from your riding periods. The biggest issue here is that if you approach your training like you’re riding and don’t stick to your plan, you’re going to miss your goal and be frustrated with your training. Training doesn’t have the same flexibility as riding so you need to stick to your plan.


    With riding, you get to just do you. You’ve got more flexibility in your schedule and can be as spontaneous as you want. There is a downside. If you’re looking for specific gains, it will be harder to measure, track, and achieve those gains through this flexible approach.

    Which is better?

    Which is better is entirely based on you and what your goals are. Want to crush a race or event? Make a training plan and stick to it. Just want the general mental and physical benefits of being on two wheels? Go with the flexibility of riding.

    Like we mention in the podcast, both have their time and purpose and you can go back and forth through training and or riding throughout the year.

    Here at NFR, we do both at different times. You don’t have to be racing or training to be part of the NFR community, we talk a lot about that through the episode.

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    Desire, Belief, and It’s Role in Training

    Desire, Belief, and It’s Role in Training

    In this episode, we talk about the role and power of desire and belief in cycling and training. Rob and I explore how belief and believing in yourself, or not, guides your actions and those actions result in different outcomes.

    Additionally, we’re updating the format of the podcast to make episodes more focused and actionable. We’ll have an and intro of the initial of the topic so you know immediately if it’s something you’re interested in. Second, we’ll have a quick a news section to update you on Rob and I. We want to foster this community and believe that sharing about more of our personal selves helps that mission.

    After the news segment, we’ll dive into the main topic for 18 to 22 minutes. Then, we’ll conclude with a take away that will give you something actionable to deploy and play with in your training and work.

    Let us know what you think about the new format, you can send us feedback or ask questions anytime. Stay up to date with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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    Episode 10 – Listener Questions

    Episode 10 – Listener Questions

    You’ve got questions, we have your answers! In this episode we answer the questions our listeners submitted. Thank you everyone for sending these questions in. We actually had too many to answer in an hour long podcast! We’ll be doing more of these question episodes to make sure you get answers to all your cycling questions.

    For this episode, we answer questions from the 4 pillars of performance that we’ve outlined in previous episodes: Mental, Physical, Nutrition, and Equipment. We’ve found this framework super helpful in working talking about and developing performance on the bike.


    We’ll touch on motivation and how to shift your targets from competitive events to other targets in the current covid era.


    We answer questions about managing intensity in workouts and avoiding burnout. Then, we take on the feeling of going from indoor training back outdoors and why it feels like the fitness isn’t transferring over. We close out the section by talking about coming back to the bike after a big crash or injury.


    Next, we take some time to talk about your nutrition questions. A few of you asked what to eat pre-ride, post-ride, and during rides, so we talk on that. We touch on and how to get faster, better, stronger while managing weight. We also tackle the age old question on having a cocktail when training.


    Finally, we wrap up with some questions on equipment, answering questions about our favorite pieces of training gear and talk a bit about e-bikes.

    • 59 min

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