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Dr. Glenn Vo and Dr. Vinh Nguyen are the original "Odd Couple" of Dentistry - they are neither partners in practice or in bed. Just the dynamic duo behind one of the most entertaining Dental Podcasts in the World. Let's face it. Being a Dental Professional is hard. Heck, life in general is hard. Leave reality for a moment and join us in this podcast whirlwind of interesting guests, funny jokes, and thought provoking banter.

The Nifty Thrifty Dentists Dr. Glenn Vo and Dr. Vinh Nguyen

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Dr. Glenn Vo and Dr. Vinh Nguyen are the original "Odd Couple" of Dentistry - they are neither partners in practice or in bed. Just the dynamic duo behind one of the most entertaining Dental Podcasts in the World. Let's face it. Being a Dental Professional is hard. Heck, life in general is hard. Leave reality for a moment and join us in this podcast whirlwind of interesting guests, funny jokes, and thought provoking banter.

    Episode 97: Episode 97- Dentistry Live Summit

    Episode 97: Episode 97- Dentistry Live Summit

    Dr. Glenn Vo and Dr. Chris Hoffpauir are joining their Facebook groups, as well as many others to create the ultimate dental summit. They initially met through social media and realized how valuable it is to have support and answers to questions. While it’s great to build those relationships online, there is still something special about being face to face. They have chosen to create an event to network with other groups and bring a fresh perspective to dentistry. By keeping the attendees to only 500, there is an opportunity to build real relationships and experiences together.
    Alyssa Keefer, Dr. Eric Roman, and many more speakers were selected specifically to teach not only the doctors but your team as well. All of the speakers can be found on www.dentistrylivesummit.com
    Dr. Jared Van Ittersum will be speaking about practice growth, Dr. Robert Pick will speak on practice culture. Dr. Joe Maio, Dr. Janice Doan, and Dr. Josh Cochran are also sharing their knowledge and experience to benefit their peers. Want to know how to find and train up associates? There’s a course for that! Elijah Desmond and Dr. Anissa Holmes, Dr. Nathan Ho bring everything from tech talks to marketing. Sandy Lee, Heather Kirby, and Carlos Rodriguez show up big for your hygiene team too. Kenzie Broxson will be talking about insurance and Dr. Grace Yum Zimmerman will represent multiple practice owners.
    The event will be June 26-27 at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. Friday night there will be a Whitening Ball, and Saturday will be Carlos Rodriguez. And don’t forget about all of the Facebook groups representing at their booth. But of course, there’s a Nifty Deal! 12 hours of CE for the doctor is $400, team members are $250. Team deal to come!

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    Episode 96: Episode 96: Dr. Anissa Holmes- Delivering Wow Marketing

    Episode 96: Episode 96: Dr. Anissa Holmes- Delivering Wow Marketing

    Dr. Anissa Holmes is the brains behind Delivering Wow. They are now releasing the Delivering Wow marketing content. It began from a difficulty for her own office to come up with ideas and campaigns to help keep content fresh. They have spent the past year developing copy and content in addition to specialty campaigns for 12 different high value services. Each one includes images, social media content, and even blog posts. There are also share funnels for each one.
    Why was it important to try it in her own practice first? She realizes that if her own office was having the issue, they weren’t the only ones. Google is expensive because Google realizes that people are typing in to find things, so they charge a premium to advertise to those looking for specifics. Social media uses some of the same concepts from old school marketing, just updated to the current climate. The point is to get people talking about your practice. Consistency will be the key. Just copy the image, paste you applied information, and post your campaign. The campaign is about an idea and is aimed to get patients involved and sometimes your team as well.
    If your worried about getting stuck, there is an active community to share ideas and help you with your campaigns. Project Smile is a great campaign that gives away your own skills in dentistry to someone in need. The campaign only costs about $100. Engagement upwards of 5000 people have been noted, and it is the kind of campaign people will talk about and share. People submit their stories and photos about why they should be the recipient of Project Smile. It is a great way to make a direct impact in their community.
    The marketing campaigns are usually $297/ month. Nifty deal is $197/ month the first month. Go to https://www.deliveringwowmarketing.com/monthlymarketing paying yearly will save you about $1500. Use the code: niftythrifty
    The Delivering Wow Summit is March 12-14th 2020 in New Orleans. The VIP day before is specifically for doctor leadership. Excellent speakers on everything for your team and docs, a Whitening Ball set in Mardi Gras World, and great opportunities for personal growth. Go to https://www.deliveringwowsummit.com/ and enter code: Nifty Thrifty for $100 off

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    Episode 95: Episode 95: Dr. Michael Sernick and Jordan Sernick- Channel D

    Episode 95: Episode 95: Dr. Michael Sernick and Jordan Sernick- Channel D

    Channel D

    Dr. Michael Sernick and Jordan Sernick are the masterminds behind Channel D.

    Dr. Sernick loved crown and bridge work and could gain the skills, but needed to gain the patients. Most of the courses on case acceptance were focused on sales, and he didn’t feel like patients build trust and want to accept treatment if they feel they are being given an “upsell”.

    In Australia, he was legally not allowed to advertise his practice beyond a sign, so he was forced to think within the confines of his office. He wanted to engage the patient and educate them simply before they are seen. At that point, the patient has a better understanding and can recognize issues in their own mouth. Preparing the patient improves the chance of getting a yes.

    Humor and creativity is a big part of the Channel D videos. It engages the patient, makes them laugh, and helps the information to stick. A customized product allows your office culture to be represented, bring a level of familiarity, and show that you invest in your practice. Other programs are out there that can be very clinical and hard to understand.

    What kind of impact did you find when you initially released Channel D in Australia? They initially tried different ideas and developments in offices in Australia, and because Dr. Sernick had a good doctor following, the product quickly caught on.

    After using the product in our office, we find that people are more easily engaged in conversation, and feel more comfortable and engaged. When they mention the videos, instead of just saying thank you, use it as an opportunity about conversations. Asking what video they liked or were interested in can raise questions for patients as well as their families. Patients who are more educated will also tell their friends and become a great referral source.

    Currently, they have over 120 videos that are both educational and informative. New videos are created every 2 weeks and are often based on suggestions or needs of the offices they serve. This means your videos don’t remain stagnant. By staying on top of changes and procedures in dentistry, they can make videos to be on the leading edge of what patients are looking for.

    The videos do not have sound because it is intrusive. The idea is not to enforce viewing, it’s to catch their attention. Education is through the short clips that hold their attention. Older people enjoy them as well as younger patients because they are fun. The playlists can be changed, but the idea is to broadly educate on aspects of dentistry that may be affecting the patient or people they know, but may not be the primary reason for their visit.

    The Nifty Deal: Channel D Media Stick is usually $140 and fully customized videos for free along with 2 months of free service. Additionally, the regular price is $190 per month, but they are offering 20% off the first 6 months. That makes the cost about $150/month. Use code nifty19

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    Episode 94: Episode 94: Jonathan Karren- Mango Voice

    Episode 94: Episode 94: Jonathan Karren- Mango Voice

    Jonathan Karren is with Mango Voice. After some rough spots, in which they were very upfront, they opened more data centers and built more redundancy to prevent service interruption. When there are issues, they are members of the group and work to resolve the issues for customers.

    What is the connection with Modento? They have developed screen pops that bring up the patient’s immediate information on their account. By collaborating as the best in their respective fields, they can work harder for you.

    You get the typical VoIP features, and they also have Mango Plus for in-office chat, two-way texting, and many other features. One particular new feature is the ability to text directly from your business number. SMS notifications can do an automated text message before pushing it to voicemail. The message can even be customized to include a link to online or third party scheduling such as LocalMed.

    Call recording is important as well as using multiple numbers to track marketing campaigns. It’s included with your basic service. The standard package includes one phone number per telephone in your office. Additional lines can be purchased for $5.99/ month local or $9.99 toll-free. This is generally less than half the cost. While they do not have data mining and such, the number of calls, specific line reviews, as well as the call recording and analytics on the number of calls, answered. That feature alone can save people several hundred dollars per month.

    Changing to VoIP increases productivity. The SMS feature alone could bring one patient in that would be worth more than the “savings” you see. The difference between a landline and VoIP reliability is so negligible that the additional features far outweigh what small difference you may experience.

    Upcoming features will allow you to text and call from the app but show that it is coming from your business line. They also have the ability to call from the website or use the phones from any internet connection.

    The Nifty Deal

    Free month of service or 3 months of free Mango Plus https://mangovoice.com/upgrade/

    Free phones with annual payments

    Free mobile apps

    Free Hipaa eFax

    Free Integrations https://mangovoice.com/nifty/

    No contract until the end of the month for Black Friday!

    To get this deal:

    Message Jonathan Karren

    Contact Mango and Mention Nifty Thrifty


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    Episode 93: Episode 93: Drew Dickinson- Modento

    Episode 93: Episode 93: Drew Dickinson- Modento

    Drew Dangerman is the co-owner of Modento. It’s a permutation of the words “modern dentistry”. As someone who worked in dentistry for over 15 years, she recognized where a lot of pain points in a dental office. She partnered with her husband to tackle some of these problems, and Modento was born.
    Modento is designed to deal with the minutiae of patient interaction. The ability to accept insurance over the app and other simple tools to make your office life easier. The app is cloud-based and simple to interact with from anywhere. It is easy to act enmasse for things such as messaging or searching for patients.
    Everything is added live with your dental software, so your current patient and treatment list is always accurate.
    Voicemail drop is an effective way to leave a postop message or other care calls to your patients. A prerecorded message saved to a file can drop directly to their voicemail after a single phone ring. A simple generic but applicable message is a great time saver that connects to the patient.
    Online paperwork is another wonderful option. All of the forms for your office can be submitted through the app and is imported directly into your patient management software. Treatment plans and paperless statements are another great option. They can receive it via the app, which is HIPPA compliant. The app is not required for the patient, but there are a lot of useful functions.
    Sending a statement or payment request to patients can be done through the app as well. Searches based on amount due, aging report, etc. can be filtered in the app. A payment request can be sent covering some or all of the balance, and the outstanding insurance information is easy to find. The system will automatically attach the last statement if you are using open dental, otherwise you can save each statement to a file from other software and load the file from there, keeping you paperless.
    Over 95% of the payments are collected, and many are done same day. In addition, they receive reward points for paying same day. A quick button for posting to ledger will import it directly into open dental.
    Eaglesoft will integrate as well, but not as extensively as Open dental. They can read the information in Dentrix and are working to be writable with the program in the next few weeks.
    Demos are available, and there are two trainings set for your team. The first is to introduce them to the capabilities, the second is to answer questions and dive in to specifics.
    Online reviews, recall reminders and other great features can integrate with other platforms such as LocalMed and Mango Voice.

    The Deal:
    $ 50 off per month
    Regular price $ 299/month
    Nifty Price: $ 249
    Even if they raise their prices, you will get $ 50 off your package as long as you are a customer.

    To get this deal:
    Message Karol Jasik or Drew Danger

    Click here - https://modento.typeform.com/to/ERK4Nx?fbclid=IwAR3WZ1bDz4b0Ri0N73S7capXIL-zfuAARyILbIP2eCW9oF8mWK3clg8-B2k

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    Episode 92: Episode 92: Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz- Kettenbach

    Episode 92: Episode 92: Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz- Kettenbach

    Dr. Jose-Luis Ramirez is the founder and director of the Los Angeles Institute of clinical dentistry. 

    Tonight we are discussing using porcelain veneers to treat severe wear cases. Treating these patients is not only aesthetic, but it is also treating pain, headaches, and other secondary issues.  

    Cutting a tooth for a crown weakens the tooth structure and will not prolong the life of the tooth because the patient is still grinding. 

    While veneers are not the only way, it does help to bring a positive aesthetic that plays out in their lives. There is a lack of guidance from anterior teeth and can help improve the mechanics of the bite. 

    Zircona crowns force margins below the gum. Occlusion is a mechanical system.  

    The 3 golden rules: 1. All our teeth need to hit at the same time with the mandible centered. People do not always realize they shift. 

    Anteriorand canine guidance is imperative. 
    Overjet is necessary. The jaw needs to open and close without rubbing. 

    Getting the bite seems to be one of the most difficult parts. While there are different approaches, the principles are the same.  

    You would not build a house without a design and engineer, but we immediately start cutting in the mouth. To address this, we need good quality photos and casts. Futar is a great product for a quick set. Alginate will not work because you need to pour the cast multiple times. Silginat is hydrophilic and works well in the mouth. Calibration and wax-ups can help us guide best practices.  

    Once wax-ups are done and the plan is in place, you begin prepping with minimal structure loss by using a supragingival approach. This is a case where digital is not the best approach. A scanner is amazingly accurate, it is the printing process that has error because it cannot currently reproduce the margins with the level of accuracy you can get with impressions. You risk sacrificing tooth structure to improve your scan.  

    Why is being minimally invasive important? When we do a regular crown, we cut as much as 75% of the tooth structure. The risk of coming in contact with the pulp risks the chance of a root canal. It is also better for periodontal health and is ultimately faster. He feels that the science behind the method supports the approach and is ultimately healthier for the patient. Every time you go below the gum, there is inflammation.  

    Dr.Ruiz is still practicing dentistry and used the techniques he teaches in his courses every day.  This strategy will change and simplify the way you do dentistry.  

    The Nifty Deal: Buy 5 boxes of Futar bite registration for only $150 

    Silginat and Panacil are 30% off 

    This deal expires 11/16/2019 


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