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Dr. Glenn Vo and Dr. Vinh Nguyen are the original "Odd Couple" of Dentistry - they are neither partners in practice or in bed. Just the dynamic duo behind one of the most entertaining Dental Podcasts in the World. Let's face it. Being a Dental Professional is hard. Heck, life in general is hard. Leave reality for a moment and join us in this podcast whirlwind of interesting guests, funny jokes, and thought provoking banter.

The Nifty Thrifty Dentists Dr. Glenn Vo and Dr. Vinh Nguyen

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Dr. Glenn Vo and Dr. Vinh Nguyen are the original "Odd Couple" of Dentistry - they are neither partners in practice or in bed. Just the dynamic duo behind one of the most entertaining Dental Podcasts in the World. Let's face it. Being a Dental Professional is hard. Heck, life in general is hard. Leave reality for a moment and join us in this podcast whirlwind of interesting guests, funny jokes, and thought provoking banter.

    Episode 120: Aaron Bone- MVP Mailhouse

    Episode 120: Aaron Bone- MVP Mailhouse

    Aaron Boone is CEO of MVP Mailhouse. How are you doing and how is the business doing? It has been a change helping with homeschooling and getting time with family while still trying to get work done. From a business standpoint, they are feeling the effects because they only cater to dentists, and they are all at a standstill as well. As a leader in direct mail for dentists, what are some action steps we should be focusing on right now? What about the kinds of information that will be important to share with our patients going forward? We can’t have a victim mentality. We are all in this together, and well will get through it together. The psyche of leaders will need to be a victor mentality. Think of what you can do to get ahead each day just a little bit. Be a glass half full person, and take the time to get your mindset right. It’s a great time to learn to be a leader. It’s a great time to coach your team on how to respond to the marketing you produce.

    Reach out to your patients to check on them just because as well as check in with their staff. It’s not what you give, it’s that you are thinking of them to bring value to your patients. Make sure someone is answering the phones because people are still calling. Everyone is having a shared experience, so let them know you are thinking of them.

    How do we reach people who are scared going forward? Everyone is speculating, so it’s a bit of a best guess. Your message usually needs to resonate with the moms in the family. Think about what you would find important to know about your office.

    MVP can mark a heat map of where your patients currently are. They are also reviewing calls for people who have mailed with them before to evaluate the calls to provide even more improvement.

    Your message needs to be more personal than ever. Fewer stock photos and more personal and review based provide reassurance and set you apart as authentic. Start working on your marketing now while you have time.

    MVP just launched a design lab that compares every mailer for effectiveness from a design aspect. This takes some of the guesswork out of finding what will be effective from an analytical standpoint. We find that the most successful mailings have multiple messages. People may not realize you do multiple procedures if they get a single focus mailing.

    For existing customers, you have time to sync up your results with an audit so you know what your most effective campaigns. Information in your system may not accurately track where you get new patients.

    What advice do you have to share as we navigate this challenge? Going back to what was said earlier, the mentality of being a victor instead of a victor will help you personally as well as your family and community. Keep working hard because you will come out stronger.

    Now is not the time to sell, now is the time to give. MVP is offering a free logo makeover for the first 10 people to respond, whether you are a customer or not. In addition, they are providing a free heat map to let you see where your marketing can be focused.

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    Episode 119: Mike Buckner- Weave

    Episode 119: Mike Buckner- Weave

    Mike Buckner from Weave says they are adjusting to working from home for the last 3 weeks. It has been a big shift for him to go from traveling frequently to being at home. This situation will change normal going forward, and it can be a great time of innovation.

    We expect to see a lot of technology moving to touchless processes. Just like 9/11 changed the way we fly, COVID-19 will change how we deal with sanitation. Online forms and more frequent sanitation options will become much more the norm.

    What are some of the things Weave has done to innovate? We provide both phone and business tools such as texting or online communication. One innovation is the mobile waiting room where the patient texts on arrival and fills out the form online. Prescreens with an automated text link can help screen patients when you reopen. Paperless forms will be the norm to lower risk. Online pay or having the patient handle their own card will prevent a lot of germ transfer as well. Using Apple Pay or Android Pay is actually more secure than carrying a credit card.

    Streamlining your processes for better patient workflow is crucial to being more efficient. Using Weave to forward calls means you can call from home as well as receive office calls to continue booking. They also have rolled out a teledentistry option for a virtual consult which has an insurance code.

    If you are a current Weave customer, check the COVID toolbox that gives instructions on some of the options you can do.

    If you are not a current customer, text “NIFTY” to 385-293-3939 for more information.

    They also have free CE available on their website. https://www.getweave.com/free-ce/

    If you are using Weave already, you can advertise to your patients how the service helps to keep them safe.

    What kind of advice would you give to everyone right now? First, the sun will shine again, so hold on to hope. There will be good that comes out of this. It’s a chance for us to rebuild relationships with friends and family. We will probably not have a chance to take this time again, so double down and make it count.

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    Episode 118: Xana Winans- Golden Proportions Marketing

    Episode 118: Xana Winans- Golden Proportions Marketing

    Xana Winans is the owner of Golden Proportions Marketing. She is both a speaker, business owner, and spouse of a dentist. She says she’s a Boy Scout in hiding and well-prepped for this pandemic. Golden Proportions started 20 years ago to be a company solely for dentists. They cover everything from marketing and branding to call tracking.

    If we are open, we need to let patients know we are there. Before the last recession, they were focused much more on cosmetics, but they saw dentists change strategies to reflect the needs. She feels that we will revert back to bread and butter dentistry again.

    What is the message we need to be sending right now? How about the rest of the year? Focus on communication and connection. Social Media will be your best connection point for patients to relate and humanize the shared experience. Focus going forward will be on the kinds of safety protocols and assurance that they are being protected.

    Show videos with a personal statement from the doctor with behind the scenes use of sterilization. Anything digital will be useful to prevent contamination. Our offices should provide peace of mind with things like online forms and online bill pay.

    Having certain days for more at-risk patients can give peace of mind to patients that need to be more concerned. Texting a patient when your appointment is ready so they do not have exposure to other patients will also help your patients feel confident.

    What are some business tips you can give to those people who are worried? Think objectively and remember that you still have your skills and abilities to help you rebuild. Maintaining good relationships with your patients will keep your practice strong.

    What about using suction to lower particulates? Do whatever you need to.

    Air purifiers may be a requirement in each op going forward.

    Asking for reviews specifically geared towards how the office made them feel safe. You will have lots of questions or objections in disguise. Talk through these questions with your team and prepare answers ahead of time. In addition, add an infection control page to your website to provide information to patients about your protocols. Add a chat function to your website to answer patient concerns. Use marketing aimed at dental emergencies because chances are that many of the local offices are closed.

    Going forward having a high-risk booking block shows insight and a focus on patient care.

    Don’t cut off all marketing because you lose brand awareness, ignore SEO, or mark yourself as closed. This is a great time to launch your business forward with good marketing. Your community is looking for those businesses that are helping.

    Golden Proportions is offering free consults for saving money and preparing to reopen strong. Go to www.goldenproportions.com to find updates on resources specifically to COVID-19. Nothing will last forever, so use this downtime to improve your systems and processes.

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    Episode 117: Barb Stackhouse- More to Life/ Profit First

    Episode 117: Barb Stackhouse- More to Life/ Profit First

    Barb Stackhouse of More to Life/ Profit First is a hygienist who went into dental education and consulting. She was introduced to the book “Profit First” and began to use the concepts with her clients.

    What is “Profit First”? This is additional profit, not the owner’s pay. There is a difference because you are both deliver the service and own the business. You are doing two roles, but you typically are only paying yourself for one of the jobs.

    The premise is to use multiple bank accounts for specific uses. Categories include your primary intake account, profit, owner’s pay, taxes, and operating expenses. It’s similar to an envelope system, just digital. It simplifies the process and adds clarity to what funds you have where.

    What size emergency reserves should you keep? Do you have overhead insurance and what kinds of things does it cover? It is typically a 90 wait and what does it cover? What would you need to cover in that time? Make sure you have separate savings for yourself personally and one for the business. Both need a minimum of 3 months of expenses. There are places where you can earn a bit more interest such as a money market account, but the initial amount should be liquid for immediate access.

    How do we figure out the percentages to use? It is a very individual thing. If you are tempted, you can even put accounts at other banks so it requires more effort. Starting with 1% of profit is a good beginning amount to build your account.

    Tips for handling the current stress. Get enough sleep and be cautious of what you are viewing to keep a positive attitude.

    When you return to work, it’s okay to adjust your template, but you need to stick to it to be profitable and well structured.

    Once you open, set aside a small percentage of your profit to begin building your reserves. Once you have one quarter’s worth saved, you can begin to take half the overage as a profit payment and the other half stays to continue building. You will be amazed at how quickly it grows.

    The idea is that the less money you see in the account the less likely you are to spend. The operating expenses account looking leaner will reinforce the behavior to spend what you need.

    On a personal level, what does this look like? If you have a goal to pay something off early, set up an account. If you feel you’re overspending in a particular category, make an account so you know when it’s gone you can’t spend any more.

    A dentist contacted her recently after being worried about her practice loan, rent, and concern about having to let go of her staff. People are very scared and worried about their situation to the point of desperation.

    While we have had a number of years with great growth, we knew that a setback was coming. Now is the time to prepare yourself going forward.

    Action steps: You can be profitable no matter how much or how little you have coming in. It is about a mindset shift. Start your savings account and start paying yourself. Take some time for self-reflection and know your value. Dentists tend to think linearly, so apply the steps in order and you will find success.

    How do we get ahold of you? www.moretolife.dental and find a link to both her webinar and the first few chapters of “Profit First”. Make sure to let her know you heard about her from this interview.

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    Episode 116: Evan Lazarus- Simple Impact Media

    Episode 116: Evan Lazarus- Simple Impact Media

    Evan Lazarus of Simple Impact Media is seeing the impact of COVID-19 on the dental industry. In talking with an oral surgeon who is a client, he mentioned the doctor knows he will get the virus, but it is a matter of when. When the rest of the industry comes to terms with that, we can get back to work. If your office is still open, people need to know that you are there. People are already inundated by emails, so that is not an effective means to send your message. The focus of your message should be informing people of your safety measures as well as making a personal connection with your patients. Pick up the phone and make it personal.

    One of his clients is UPenn Dental School. He placed a banner at the top of their website. It is an easy way to educate your customers about what constitutes an emergency, post limited practice hours, etc. Do not mark your business as closed, even with the temporary close option because it means your phone will not ring at all.

    Look to more nontechnology and human relationships in order to come back thriving. You have an opportunity to be a leader in your community and provide value. Your marketing plan can be as a person who is available to help. Whether it’s a FB Live to your community, using your network of people to help answer questions, or just to be a calm and friendly community member, you can still impact your community. People like to help people they like, and you can be one of those people.

    There are two types of business owners in this situation. One is scared and shuts everything off, the other is working to build their business and opportunities to come back even better. Whatever you do and share, humanize it. Many places are not doing anything to change, so people are looking for answers.

    You may want to consider focusing on children in your practice because parents will not let their children’s care fall off like they may their own. Getting kids into the practice gets the family in the practice.

    Sometimes it takes a terrible situation for leaders to arise, so take your opportunity.

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    Episode 115: Tim Twigg- Bent Ericksen Associates

    Episode 115: Tim Twigg- Bent Ericksen Associates

    Tim Twigg is the co-owner of Bent Ericksen HR. We are focusing on HR amid Covid-19 closures. The new HR6210 bill was signed. It starts on April 1st and ends on December 31st. There is a 30-day grace period from March 18th-April 18th. It applies to companies with less than 100 people. They will initially focus on compliance. Being able to qualify as an employee is a rather stringent process.

    For employee sick leave, if they qualify for one type, it is paid at 100% up to a max of $511/ day. If they qualify for another type, it is at 2/3 of their regular pay, up to $200/ day. A person gets up to 80 hours of sick pay if they are full-time employees, otherwise, it is prorated based on hours. For family leave it is a maximum of 12 weeks for full-time employees. The first two weeks are unpaid.

    Employers with less than 25 employees, there is an exemption that says you may not be required to rehire them. There is no double-dipping with sick leave or unemployment benefits. If you provide insurance, you have to continue providing that benefit. You will be reimbursed for fees paid on your taxes.

    Make sure to document everything such as closures that require family leave.

    Now is a great time to audit everything from charts and treatment plans to expired items of paperwork.

    If you have a higher wage worker, you can temporarily reduce pay that reflects the work they are actually performing.

    What can we do if we have an immunocompromised employee that refuses to come back to work? You can do an unpaid leave, or take it as a voluntary resignation, but check your environment to make sure you are in compliance with CDC standards.

    If you are running a skeleton crew, you can do reduced hours or no hours and furloughed employees. If you are doing a true layoff, you will pay a final paycheck or pay as they take on hours. You will need paperwork stating the termination. Check your state guidelines on rehiring to know if the level of their benefits must be reinstated.

    To be eligible for sick leave after April 1st. they are not eligible if the business is closed or they are receiving no hours. They are eligible if they are receiving hours and the business is open. If terminated after April 1st, they are eligible from April 1st until the termination date.

    In regards to the CARES act, there are $10,000 grants in conjunction with an SBA loan. It is designed to help you until the loan comes through. The two types of loans are economic disaster loans and a paycheck protection program. Parts of these loans can be forgiven if it is necessary to keep open your operation or that you are using the proceeds to maintain payroll. Loan amounts can be 2.5 times the amount of your monthly payroll. Loan forgiveness is reduced if you cut your staff or hours by more than 25%. You have until June 30th to evaluate which will be more beneficial and bring your team back.

    Keep excellent records and be thorough if you’re taking advantage of grants or tax credits. On reopening, start working on emergency cash reserves to prepare for emergencies in the future. It is also a time to clarify your policies

    What can we do if we try to rehire and they try to stay in unemployment? There is no mandate to the states that they pay the $600 extra to everyone. They may opt to restructure their formula.

    If someone rejects a job, how does unemployment know? It is about answering truthfully. If you offer and they reject, you do have a right to report them to unemployment.

    If we start working with you now, will you be able to help navigate this? Yes, that is what they do for dental offices every day.

    Who pays for all of this? The government pays for leave and additional unemployment. You have always paid for unemployment.

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