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Examining the pursuit of excellence. Interviews with folks you wouldn't normally hear. More details at nikhawks.com

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Examining the pursuit of excellence. Interviews with folks you wouldn't normally hear. More details at nikhawks.com

    Ep 76: Dr. Anne Andrews & Brain Chemistry

    Ep 76: Dr. Anne Andrews & Brain Chemistry

    Principle Investigator at the Anne Andrews Research Group at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
    Professor of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences
    Psychiatry is the study and treatment of mental illness, emotional disturbance, and abnormal behavior
    Leads research on anxiety & depression
    Trying to understand how neurotransmitters are used in chemical communication by coming up with new sensors to measure what’s going on.
    [Eavesdropping on Neurochemical Signaling in Vivo]
    Focus on serotonin system & how serotonin transporters influence behavior.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Ep 75: Shannon Jay, Abalone Diver & Cat Rescuer

    Ep 75: Shannon Jay, Abalone Diver & Cat Rescuer

    From abalone hunter to national park service law enforcement to viral video cat rescuing star, Shannon Jay is the kind of guy you just love to sit down and listen to.  A fantastic story teller, he is one of my favorite people to catch up with.
    In the podcast he talks about hunting giant red abalone on the Lost Coast, what he learned in 31 years of law enforcement (and some of the most important things he teaches) and his world famous (literally) cat rescuing stories from the burn zones of 3 major wildfires.
    Shannon Jay is a gem of a human, enjoy the show!
    The Ab King, Eric Stockwell: https://www.northcoastjournal.com/NewsBlog/archives/2018/11/12/just-fishing-with-great-whites-no-big-video
    Blink, by Malcom Gladwell.
    The Carr Fire Tornado
    The rescue of Mama Cat with Douglas Thron
    Kimberly Freeman at lostcatfinder.com

    • 1 hr 38 min
    Ep 74: Stanford Graham, A Fast Runner

    Ep 74: Stanford Graham, A Fast Runner

    Stan Graham sticks out in any crowd.  At 6'5" with a shock of white hair, he's a physical presence.
    He can also move that mass pretty quickly.  In October of 2019 he's aiming for a world record for the 50 and over crowd.
    We talked about running a bit in the show, but went more deeply into his beliefs, how he got into running, and why he started Elements meals.
    A rad human with a story worth sharing.  Enjoy!

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    Ep 73: Scott Mann, Green Beret turned Storyteller

    Ep 73: Scott Mann, Green Beret turned Storyteller

    Scott Mann shares his journey from revenge-driven Green Beret "putting scalps on the barn" in Afghanistan to creative storyteller helping guide other veterans through the process of transitioning from the military to civilian life.
    Scott takes us through his career including why he turned down a military command opportunity 3 times:  "I joined to be a Green Beret, not a Colonel".
    He tells us about his journey out of the military, how despite all his planning and outside stability he still started to flame out.  
    Scott walks us through how Bo Eason, a former NFL player turned actor, helped guide him through to his next journey.
    Scott is a powerful speaker and a good human; I would have been stoked to have had his leadership when I was in the military.
    More on Scott at:

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    Ep 72: Currents of the Earth

    Ep 72: Currents of the Earth

    Been working on this piece of writing for a while, thought I'd share one of the first drafts with you.  As you'll hear, this comes from my experiences riding earth energy, would love to get your feedback on it.  Rock on!
    For more info go to nikhawks.com

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    Ep 71: Eric Bostrom, Motorcycles & Health

    Ep 71: Eric Bostrom, Motorcycles & Health

    After a chance meeting while coaching young athletes I stayed in touch with Eric Bostrom for two reasons. First, he had a clean energy. I know that sounds pretty damn woo-woo, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve just learned to trust my gut more when it comes to meeting people.

    Eric was soft spoken but from the moment I met him there was an obvious intensity to him.

    That leads to the second reason: He was a champion motorcycle racer. You don't get to be a champion by being unfocused, and God knows I love the folks who can dial in focus to the white hot intensity of a thousand burning suns.

    Getting on a motorcycle (for me) represents the fastest way to transition from the normal humdrum of life into an experience that puts you at mortal peril. One minute you’re straddling an inert piece of metal and plastic in front of your house, the next you’re in traffic, whipping along at speeds humans just weren’t meant to attain, surrounded by heavy and fast beasts that basically don’t notice or care whether you exist.

    Bloody dangerous, and open to anyone crazy enough to swing a leg over and twist the throttle.

    Racing motorcycles is a few steps further, and something I’ve always thought far too dangerous for me.

    Eric is one of those guys who raced at a bunch of levels, who chased victory hard for years because that’s how he paid the bills, and who squeaked through the injury cycle of professional motorsports and out the other side with a combination of skill and luck.

    On that far side of competition he created a solution for the neck and back pain that had come from the crashing, dings, and dents that are a part of hurtling through space with basically no protection.
    At the end of the show we talk about the Backmate, which we use at the Paleo Treats office. Not only does the thing work and provide relief, it stands as a shining example of how to ROCK a Kickstarter campaign.

    You’ll notice some common themes with Eric and Brian Enos. Competition forces you to get better. The more skilled you become, the better you are at listening to your environment. You don’t need to try harder to go faster, you need to think better.

    Enjoy the convo, and for all the show notes & links, sign up at the Deep Diver level at nikhawks.com



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4.8 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

J. Kix ,

Where did you go Nik?

Love the show but just found it and it seems to have stopped in 10/19.

Ty1974 ,


Nik, Love the show brotha. I’ve been listening since day one. You’re shows stimulates my brain and makes me think outside the box. Cheers, Tyler Rainey

Mark Tatham ,

A great view on life

I was walking around the block laughing my head off and people were looking at me funny. Nik doesn’t hold back on any sacred cows he tells it like he sees it and I just love his straight up pitch. A thoroughly enjoyable use of time.

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