The Not Old - Better Show Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
2.3K Ratings

2.3K Ratings

Carol G. Scott ,

Ravishing podcast

I love this podcast, even if it's not related to love, I fall in love with this podcast every time I listen to it.

Ann M. Diaz ,

Precious podcast

I will always listen to this podcast I love his podcasts I have to listen to his precious voice

Su J. McGill ,

All-time favorite

Very nice collection I like it Thanks for the new episode.

Gay R. Todd ,

Simply elegant

As I listen to the episodes every day, I left a review. Listening to these podcast gives a lot of peace.

Rosemary M. Perez ,

Attractive podcast

Those who love listening to podcasts with full time will understand the value of this podcast. Useful podcasts.

Brenda E. Eastman ,

Impactful podcast

Thanks, best podcast ever. Because now listening to podcasts I can feel something deep. This podcast is made for the benefit of everyone.

Julia D. Bish ,

My fast Review!

Listening to the podcast at 10:00 pm and trying to understand the podcast very well. Like finding so much happiness in this podcasts.

Alice R. Dickerson ,

New episode is good

I used to listen to the podcast as a hobby. Now I can feel this podcast very deepl.

Angela A. Daughtrey ,

Royal podcast

Year 2023 is almost over. Hope to hear more good episodes in new year. I'm with this podcast.

Ellen T. Ugalde ,

Really beautiful podcast

I'm a podcast lover, I understand podcasts I can feel this podcast it's amazing 🤩