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Welcome to the Official Isagenix Podcast!

    Leading and Succeeding from the Heart | DelRae Messer | David T.S. Wood

    Leading and Succeeding from the Heart | DelRae Messer | David T.S. Wood

    Servant leadership is all about focusing on others with no expectations of return. Leading with your heart isn't easy, but when you focus on lifting up others, you inevitably lift yourself in the process! In this episode of My Extra Mile, David T. S. Wood interviews servant leader, DelRae Messer, about identifying leadership styles and nurturing the vision in others.
    If you want to identify your leadership style, learn how to build a reliable team, and nurture your path along the way, this episode is a must-hear!
    You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...  
    Servant leadership and how to lead from your heart Becoming a leader in every area of your life Questions to ask to identify your leadership style The evolution of leadership Inspiring others and nurturing yourself Letting go of comparing yourself to others Focusing on why you're doing something Practicing gratitude and appreciating where you are  
    Servant leadership & collaboration  
    Leading with your heart and your desire to impact others is the definition of servant leadership. Being a leader isn't based on your authority or experience; it's based on leaving people better than you found them. By collaborating with other people, your leadership style will continuously evolve.
    Have you ever considered that you have the opportunity to lead in every area of your life? In your home, family, finances, relationship, and even personal challenges, you can lead with positivity and tackle any problem with confidence. Becoming a better human will help you achieve your goals and help you build them surrounded by supportive people.
    Questions to ask to become an impactful leader  
    If you don't think you're a leader, ask yourself why? What is your reasoning for thinking you're not doing enough? Is your thought process focused on success, status, or achievement?
    What is your definition of a leader? What character traits, core values, and respect do the leaders in your life have? When you learn how to define leadership accurately, you will start to write your own story about leadership.
    Watching other people succeed and helping other people become leaders can empower you and help you feel better about yourself. Breathing belief into other people can, in turn, breathe more belief into yourself. Becoming an effective leader is about developing leaders.
    Evolution always unfolds the same way. It will go up, down, and plateau, but you have to let go of the outcome and focus on the journey instead. Inspire action in other people but be sure always to nurture your path first.
    How to develop your leadership style  
    Get uncomfortable, speak out, and share your story! Work with your team and relationships to develop a collective vision, so everyone is working towards the same goal. Set a goal just for yourself and stay in your lane to show others the power of belief in yourself.
    The fastest way to slow your growth is to compare yourself to others. Your path is unique, and the skills others have gained will never be the same as yours. Each person's journey is different, and success will vary, so be proud of what you've done and how far you've come.
    What are you struggling with right now? What are your most significant pain points, and what has benefited you along the way? People won't care how much you know until they know how much you care. A focus on servant leadership isn't something you do with any expectation of return; it's about doing things for others with no expectations. Focus on practicing gratitude for the little things while working towards the big.
    Connect with DelRae Messer Follow DelRae on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wellnesstentrepreneur/ Follow DelRae on Instagram: @DrDelRae  
    Connect with David T. S. Wood Follow David on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidtswood Follow David on

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    The Isagenix Difference With Dr. Messina

    The Isagenix Difference With Dr. Messina

    Why is making the right choices about food and eating a healthy diet so hard? Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Nick Messina is on the call to answer this question and many others. He walks through the history of the food industry, the birth of processed foods, and the creation of the “bliss point” — that addictive combination of salt, fat, and sugar that keeps consumers coming back time and time again. Dr. Messina shares his observations of the changes in how we eat, how this has impacted our health, and why Isagenix has been such a beneficial solution for so many.

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    Create the Ultimate Romantic Relationship with These Skills | Beth Hanishewski | David T.S. Wood

    Create the Ultimate Romantic Relationship with These Skills | Beth Hanishewski | David T.S. Wood

    Have you ever received relationship advice that is so simple and easy to implement that it seems too good to be true? Energy + Value + Currency = Happiness! In this episode, David T. S. Wood and his guest, relationship guru Beth Hanishewski, discuss this proven formula that can help you find happiness and hope in your relationships. If you want to learn more about this formula, this episode is a must-hear!
    You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...  
    A relationship formula that works Identifying your partner's energy Figuring out what they value most What your partner's love "currency" is Beneficial questions to ask your partner Relationship advice and homework to help you get started How to recognize your energy  
    Think of energy in 4 quadrants: feminine light, feminine dark, masculine light, and masculine dark. These names aren't speaking to gender classifications but rather the characteristics that accompany different types of energy.
    For example:
    Feminine light: emotional, spontaneous, inspired, collaborative, and nurturing Feminine dark: spiteful, whiny, manipulative, hysterical, and submissive Masculine light: logical, competitive, focused, loyal, and present Masculine dark: closed, grumpy, controlling, and violent  
    Now, think about how your energy changes when you're around this person. When you think about that person, do you feel yourself anticipating their energetic effects on you? What energy makes you feel your best? Try to pinpoint that feeling to focus on when you're around that person. When you change your energy, you may see a shift in theirs as well!
    The secret to nurturing their values  
    Have you taken the time to consider what your person values most in life? Their values are the unconscious, intangible things they hold highest in their life. If you aren't aware of their values, you could be unintentionally robbing them of the most crucial elements in their life.
    The feminine tends to value safety the most, which includes physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, sexual, and even financial matters. When you do or say something that makes them feel unsafe, you will be able to see their energy change. If you're not sure if you're affecting them, ask! Once you know, talk with them to see what you can do to help them feel safer.
    The masculine values freedom, including their time and energy. Do you ever tell your partner to do something with the expectation they do it right away? Consider giving them the time to decide when and how they'll do it instead.
    Identifying their "currency"  
    In the relationship formula, currency is how you show your person you care. Some examples of the different types of currency are:
    Feminine: safety, connection, and protection Masculine: freedom, appreciation, and trust  
    When both sides of the relationship are paying out the right type of currency, you will achieve that perfect connection. You can then work towards creating synergy to see who they truly are, instead of criticizing them for their flaws. Be sincere in how you work towards your happiness, and the results will speak for themselves!
    Relationship advice to help you move forward  
    When used correctly, the relationship formula results in happiness and hope for yourself and your relationship. But, if you take away any of the pieces, you could see the energy shift back into the dark/negative zone.
    If you aren't sure where to start, ask your partner these simple, but effective questions:
    "How can I love you better?" "What do I do that pushes you away?" "What do I do that pulls you closer?"  
    Take responsibility for your actions and forgive yourself and your person for not knowing better. When you're in your light, everything around you is affected. But, when you move into the dark, everything around you becomes INFECTED.

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    Small Steps You Can Take to Change Your Money Mindset, Panel Discussion | David T.S. Wood

    Small Steps You Can Take to Change Your Money Mindset, Panel Discussion | David T.S. Wood

    When it comes to your money mindset, what motivates you to save or spend? If you don't know the reasons behind your action, it can be hard to rewrite your story to achieve the life you want! Luckily, in this episode of My Extra Mile, David T. S. Wood discusses this topic with a panel of money experts as they share simple steps you can take today to change your money mindset.
    Changing from a spender to a saver starts with knowing where your money goes as you earn it and only spending on what you can afford as often as possible. If you want to find your money mindset, this episode is a must-hear!
    You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...  
    Paying yourself and learning how to save Setting aside money for your future Finding balance in your life Understanding where your money goes every month Planning and spending consciously Learning how to live within your means What "fear of missing out" is and how to avoid it Creating a realistic budget  
    How to change your money mindset  
    Do you pay yourself first? Each time you earn money in your job or side hustle, you need to start setting aside some money to pay yourself! An excellent place to start is 10% of each paycheck going into your pocket and 20% for your savings or retirement. By immediately taking these funds out, you will begin to build a future for yourself.
    You won't notice the savings right away, but as you consistently take an increment off your paycheck and pop it into your savings, or "set it and forget it" you will start to see a real change. It's essential to find a balance, though.
    Find ways to consciously spend on things that matter and save for your big goals. Read and study money masters to learn how to manage your money effectively. Learn what compound interest is, where to put your money so it works for you, and spending and saving with purpose.
    Saving, spending, and everything in between  
    Did you know that the average person in the US has less than $400 in savings? When you live outside of your means, you won't be able to navigate trying times by having money in savings to help you come out ahead. These are the cases when people in need stack on additional debt by borrowing, compounding, and exacerbating an already problematic financial situation.
    Additionally, before you purchase things with credit and build more debt, save instead so you can try to purchase it outright. Live within your means, and don't buy things emotionally. Don't buy a car you can't afford, don't buy a house and get wrapped up in a mortgage for more house than you need. Wait to buy until you can afford it or until you're ready to commit to the long-term purchase.
    What's the priority for what you're buying in your life? Are you buying it because you want it or because marketing tells you you need it to live a good life? Do you feel like you buy things based on a "fear of missing out" (also known as FOMO)? It's crucial to understand your payments and earnings and how they play together in your financial future.
    Building a budget that works  
    Do you know how to start a realistic budget that will bring results? You have to create a budget that works for everyone's financial goals in your household by taking everyone's expenses and goals into consideration. Find an amount that includes paying yourself first and paying into your savings and paying off any debts or investments. If you don't have any debt, consider saving ahead of time so you can pay it off more quickly, like your own line of credit.
    If you feel like you have too much month left at the end of your money, you need to change your money mindset. By rewriting your mindset, you can go from a full-time spender to an efficient saver. If you need more support, read books written by financial experts, find a money mentor, and learn how to be more comfortable talki

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    Effective Leadership Tips to Help You Grow Your Team | Cathy Savage | David T.S. Wood

    Effective Leadership Tips to Help You Grow Your Team | Cathy Savage | David T.S. Wood

    Effective Leadership Tips to Help You Grow Your Team | Cathy Savage | David T.S. Wood  
    Being an effective leader is essential to growing and developing your team. But do you know what it takes to be a leader? In this episode of My Extra Mile, David T. S. Wood interviews leadership expert, Cathy Savage, about leading with compassion and nurturing others to lead under your guidance. If you want to be a better leader, develop more rounded teams, and take your business to the next level, this episode is a must-hear!
    You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...  
    What leadership is truly about? Learning how to step in and lead with elegance The four attributes of an effective leader Traits that will hold you back from effectively leading The five steps of leadership How to grow as a leader and build your team  
    What is leadership?  
    What does leadership mean to you? Is it about assuming control of a team? Is it about stepping up to take responsibility when there isn’t any in place?
    Leadership, at its core, is about unifying people to work towards a common goal. But to be an effective leader, you have to first work on yourself. You have to take breaks, develop your skills, and learn to step up even when you’re afraid. You have to constantly embrace your strengths, grow your weaknesses, and enhance your team every step of the way.
    The four attributes of an effective leader are:
    Compassion Trust Hope Stability  
    But a leader should also be:
    Fair Friendly Firm A unifier  
    Traits that hold some leaders back  
    Gossip is one of the easiest ways to destroy reputations and erode teams. If someone is gossiping to you, they are more than likely gossiping ABOUT you, too.
    Another obstacle many leaders need to overcome is ego. If you’re wrapped up in what is best for YOU, you’re not being an effective leader. You have to control your ego for the benefit of others because it will detract from your ability to lead effectively.
    The four agreements to keep in mind are:
    Don’t take things personally Don’t make assumptions Do your best Be impeccable with your words  
    A leader unifies the team. When you know you can serve, heal, improve, and put others before yourself; you will be a successful leader. As long as you care, you can succeed! A good leader leads when no one is watching. If you’re going to say something, you have to live it and be true to yourself!
    The five levels effective leadership  
    The five levels of leadership that you will walk are:
    Position: people follow you because they have to Permission: people follow you because they want to Production: people follow you because of what you’ve done for the organization People Development: people follow you because of what you’ve done for them Pinnacle: people follow you because of who you are and what you represent  
    Leadership is about continually getting better. You’ve got to learn different languages to communicate with different types of people. Remember that every master was once a disaster, but when you learn to adapt your style to different kinds of people, you will succeed.
    There is a leader in everyone. You have to decide to move forward and grow every step of the way. Position yourself to make your presence known and step up and into the unknown.
    Connect with Cathy Savage Cathy Savage’s Website: Welcome to Cathy Savage Follow Cathy on Facebook: Cathy Savage Fitness Follow Cathy on Twitter: @CathySavage Cathy Savage on Instagram: @CathySavageOfficial  
    Connect with David T. S. Wood Follow David on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidtswood Follow David on Instagram: @DavidTSWood Follow David on Twitter: @DavidTSWood1  

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    Learn How You Can Silence Your Inner Critic | Kylie Donaldson & Emma Van Der Waal | David T.S. Wood

    Learn How You Can Silence Your Inner Critic | Kylie Donaldson & Emma Van Der Waal | David T.S. Wood

    Do you feel like your inner critic is constantly working to keep you from living your best life? Learning how to silence it can seem impossible, but with the right people in your life and the right mindset, you can rewrite your inner dialogue. In this episode of My Extra Mile, David T. S. Wood interviews best friends, Kylie Donaldson and Emma Van Der Waal, about their journey to silencing their inner critics so they could live their best lives. If you want to find your true potential and surround yourself with uplifting people, this episode is a must-hear!
    You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...  
    Identifying the three elements of success Pushing out of your comfort zone to grow Starting your journey towards developing a powerful mindset The power of positive affirmations Creating daily rituals for success Making your environment lead to positive results Building your mindset for success  
    Silencing your inner critic to find success  
    Controlling and rebuilding our minds is no simple feat. To create a strong mindset, you have to start by knowing your worth. Then you can begin to build your belief and identify your direction in life.
    The three elements of success are:
    The right mind is the key to unlocking your potential The right vehicle is how you’re able to build your success The right time is what makes your success work  
    You may need to rewire your brain to find success. Start by immersing yourself in the lifestyle you want and believing that you CAN do anything. You don’t need to know everything when you start, but when you push out of your comfort zone, you will grow and figure out how much you DO know!
    How to build a success mindset  
    To build a success mindset, you can start by taking small steps every day. Create a vision of where you want to go and how you’ll get there by focusing on your dream. One of the simplest things you can do is create an affirmation to keep you motivated. Focus on whatever you’re struggling with the most, and then review it as often as needed.
    Affirmation Examples:
    My fears are melting away My mind is open to the idea that my business is growing I forgive those who have harmed me  
    To take it a step further, create some daily rituals to help you gain the skills you need to succeed. Some examples to help you start are:
    Commit to making a daily change focused on your goal Implement rituals that will get you in the right mindset Identify what areas you need to build and focus on those things to rebuild yourself Find resources that are focused on your goal and study them every day Show up as who you are and invest energy in your goals  
    How your environment affects your inner dialogue  
    Is your environment positive with uplifting people? Or is it negative with people continually making you feel differently than you want to feel?
    To help you create a positive environment, consider the following:
    Surround yourself with the best types of people and remember that you’re the sum of the five people that you surround yourself with the most. Listen, read, and speak positivity to infuse it into every part of your life. Be self-aware, trust the process, and know that we’re all meant to change and grow over time. Remember that you have the power to take ownership of your life. Ask for help when needed! Don’t compare yourself to other people. You never know what is going on behind closed doors. Learn how to catch yourself when you’re headed for a negative cycle to pull yourself back together. Awareness is key! Fall in love with learning.  
    It’s important to remember to try not to focus on WHAT happens to you, but rather how you RESPOND to it. You can rebuild your mindset at any time!
    Your stories will keep you stuck, so choose the story that you want to live. Deal with the problem, learn from your mis

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