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The BEST fan podcast for the ABC series Once Upon A Time

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The BEST fan podcast for the ABC series Once Upon A Time

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4.0 out of 5
84 Ratings

84 Ratings

Kellifersue ,

Lots of fun after the show!

I love the additional insights this podcast brings to the show! Lisa's "feminine perspective" always brings good research and connections to other stories. Recommended.

JustMickey ,

Was disappointed about the anti-LGBT sentiments in most recent episode

I've been listening to this podcast every week since the beginning of Season 4. It's usually pretty enjoyable; not as long as some of the other podcasts out there, so it's one I can listen to on my way to work. This week, I was completely caught off guard by some comments made on the podcast, and I don't think I'll be back.

Two of the hosts (I believe their names are Lisa and Megan) made some hateful comments about an LGBT character from the season 5 episode "The Bear King". These are all quotes from the podcast episode:

"When they initially brought [the LGBT storyline] up, I was almost ready to quit watching if it had gone any further than they did." "If they never, EVER mention this infatuation she had with Aurora again, I would be perfectly fine with it. I'm so over it." "If I never see [Mulan] again I'll be happy." "I'm afraid she might fall for Red a little bit, which would be frustrating. I just kind of hope they just don't show us them anymore."

So the only LGBT character/relationship that OUAT has ever even come close to showing makes you so upset that you don't ever want it mentioned or referenced again? Does the fact that LGBT people exist bother you so much that you would honestly stop watching a television show over it? And you would be frustrated if an LGBT character has the audacity to show interest in another same-sex character? (Also, there's nothing in show canon that says either Aurora or Ruby are not also queer.)

Just a note, I do take some issue with the way Mulan's character was written in this episode. But the comments by these ladies went far beyond that. These two hosts are basically calling for the erasure of any sign of LGBT inclusion on the show.

TL;DR: This podcast is not LGBT-friendly and I would like others to know that before you decide whether or not to listen.

Marzipan jello ,

5th attempt

5th try- no analysis anymore hosts just agree with each other. Not interesting.

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