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Interviews with those leading the Electric Bike Revolution from dealers to customers. Sponsored by Pedego Electric Bikes.

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Interviews with those leading the Electric Bike Revolution from dealers to customers. Sponsored by Pedego Electric Bikes.

    How City Life and EBikes Reinvigorated This Couple’s Life

    How City Life and EBikes Reinvigorated This Couple’s Life

    To hear retirees Margaret and Kevin Shea tell the story, two things have totally transformed their lives: City Life and EBikes. 

    The first change happened when this former software engineer and his wife decided to follow their two adult sons into the actual City of Atlanta (from the suburbs where they'd spent 30 years of their lives).  Discovering an exciting new world of close knit neighborhoods and neighborhood shops (like the new Ebike store that opened just down the block).

    Determined to "try it all", they took one for a spin. And that's when things really took off.  "Fun was our only reason for buying one," admits Kevin, "but it soon turned out to be the best investment we ever made."  "It added some spice to our lives (and our 40 year marriage)," smiles Margaret. "Taking us places we never knew existed".

    Like the 22 mile Beltline around Atlanta which they discovered right at their doorstep. A multi-use trail on a former railway corridor which goes around the core of Atlanta, this Beltline project was designed to reconnect neighborhoods and communities with restaurants, coffee shops, and places of interest (like the nearby Atlanta Zoo and parks). All at a slower "people pace".

    A perfect pathway for their new eBikes that took them in so many new directions, connecting them with their community (and kids) more. And bringing them better health and sleep as well as they rode more frequently(and further) on their new electric bikes.

    Several recurring themes we hear often on this show.

    For as Margaret herself if prone to proclaim to anyone and everyone she meets, "to say that owning a Pedego is life changing is not an understatement. We lost weight, improved our sleep (and our marriage).  Made new friends and found a new direction in life.  Who would have thought that two simple electric bikes could add so much to our lives?"

    Margaret is a coach for Optavia and is happy to help anyone who is looking to begin their health journey. To learn more about Optavia, please contact Margaret at keshea@bellsouth.net or call her at 770-630-8435.

    Just two aging, ever evolving baby boomers, experiencing the ride of their life. On this week's Pedego Podcast.

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    PeddlingThru Paradise-Pedego Kailua

    PeddlingThru Paradise-Pedego Kailua

    Today we travel to the Big Island of Oahu in Hawaii to catch up with one of Pedego's earliest dealers, Pedego Kailua.  Charting their journey from early adopter thru the potholes in paradise caused by the Covid crisis (when Hawaii shut down and shut off all their tourism lifeblood).  And how this longtime dealer simply shifted gears from mainly renting his eBikes to mostly selling them to islanders suddenly working from home. 

    With some unexpected twists and turns along the way, on this week's PEDEGO PODCAST. Tracking the eBike Revolution and the entrepreneurs  (like Mark Librie and his store Manager Chandelle Garcia) driving it along.

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    Meet the Mayor Embracing EBikes: Pedego Santee

    Meet the Mayor Embracing EBikes: Pedego Santee

    John Minto, the mayor of Santee, California, joins us to talk about his own passion for eBikes (as he pedals his Pedego Electric Bike all over town for fun and better health).  And how it's actually helped him be a better mayor by getting out in the community more and meeting people at a more personal pace.  Explaining how cities (like his) are embracing and adapting to this new eBike Revolution with greater access, encouragement and safety training.  All on this week's PEDEGO PODCAST.

    With continuing tales of the entrepreneurs driving this movement. And the love stories of those just riding along. Powered by Pedego Electric Bikes.

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    Riding Along with Autism-Piedmont Pedego

    Riding Along with Autism-Piedmont Pedego

    Today is the special story of Ryan Gustman, a gifted young photographer who traded in his car and shifted to riding an eBike full time instead.. Not in spite of his autism but precisely because of it. Taking him off the road and into the forgotten backroads of his beloved Winston-Salem area of North Carolina. Where he makes a living photographing old, abandoned buildings caught in that "liminal", shifting space between what they once were and are quickly becoming. Once alive but now forgotten. With some being "born again into something new (like a revived retail or restaurant location). 

    It's all part of what he's capturing and exploring on his Pedego City Commuter. As he moves beyond the boundaries of his own autism to becoming part of an even bigger narrative. "My eBike has given me the freedom to explore," explains Ryan, "at a slower, more human pace my autistic brain can better absorb and handle".  Both calming him and energizing him at the same time. Allowing him to grow and change and explore the world all around him. "In ways I could never have imagined". smiles Ryan.

    An imaginative tale of calm and change in this week's PEDEGO PODCAST. As we continue to chronicle the eBike Revolution (and the love stories of those riding along).

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    Outward Bound-Riding the Trails with Pedego Greenville

    Outward Bound-Riding the Trails with Pedego Greenville

    Having worked for the famed outdoor adventure/personal development company OUTWARD BOUND for over a dozen years, Laurel Zimmerman had clearly adopted their whole credo "to stretch your comfort zone" and "accomplish things you never thought you could" thru challenging outdoor adventures. But she could never have imagined how far that approach would take her in life, growing from instructor to course director, to admissions, to finally managing the national admissions office for the entire country, based out of an office in Asheville, NC. Or that it would eventually entice her to leave the company she so loved to challenge herself even further by opening an electric bike store in her adopted home of Greenville, South Carolina.

    But that's exactly the leap she made in the middle of COVID, going from passionate ebiker to ebike entrepreneur.  Bringing her life partner, Ashby Knox along for the ride. "When I originally went to him with what seemed like a wild idea, I was really just looking for someone to bounce it off a bit" says Laurel. "But when I laid it all out to him, he jumped at the idea as well." 

    Having already changed his life and jumped from a career in construction to a polar opposite in nursing, Ashby was no stranger to change.  For him, it just seemed like another way to help people (without the burnout and stress he'd been experiencing in health care). So they found a place in an old cotton warehouse in the quaintest part of historic Greenville (right near the Rails to Trails Swamp Rabbit Trail) and set out blazing new trails for themselves and their customers.

    It's a romantic story about a couple of life partners who also work as real life partners in this real life adventure. Helping people achieve more than they can ever imagine. Right in the heart of Dixie. On this week's Pedego Podcast. Powered by Pedego Electric Bikes.

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    Riding Around The World - Richard Davis Returns

    Riding Around The World - Richard Davis Returns

    Hear the conclusion of Richard Davis' years long, 24,000 mile ride.  Which started when Richard realized he'd turned over the odometer on his 2018 Pedego Electric Bike for the second time.  Meaning he’d already ridden about 12,000 miles (or roughly half way around the world). 

    So being an engineer, he started tracking his mileage on a daily basis and turning that data into a spread sheet that plotted out exactly where he’d be if he really WERE riding all the way around the world.  Plotting his path "back home". Learning about the exotic points on the map  and places he crossed in his mind. And turning his daily exercise into an around the world adventure.  A “fantasy ride” across the planet. All from the comfort of his home in Panama City, Florida.

    Truly a flight of fancy. An armchair traveler's dream. And an amazing story filled with lots of imagination, drive and determination, on this week's PEDEGO PODCAST.

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8 Ratings

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