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Antonio Centeno has been helping men dress better for years. Through Real Men Real Style, YouTube videos, blogs, and podcasts, he has been bringing his expertise to the world, and helping men understand the importance of style, and dressing well. On The Personal Image System Podcast, Antonio is digging into the very reason why dressing well is so important, as well practical tips on how to dress better, stand out from the crowd, and see more success in your life. Get ready to learn and improve your personal image with Antonio Centeno.

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Antonio Centeno has been helping men dress better for years. Through Real Men Real Style, YouTube videos, blogs, and podcasts, he has been bringing his expertise to the world, and helping men understand the importance of style, and dressing well. On The Personal Image System Podcast, Antonio is digging into the very reason why dressing well is so important, as well practical tips on how to dress better, stand out from the crowd, and see more success in your life. Get ready to learn and improve your personal image with Antonio Centeno.

    113: 20 Grooming Hacks

    113: 20 Grooming Hacks

    For notes, infographics, and other great information go to: https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/113

    For this episode, I’m going to be giving you some big help. Sometimes you need to save some extra time when grooming.

    One example is that you may not have the time to take a blazer to the dry cleaners - but you might find out that it smells. To help you get through your day you can spray some vodka on it and it will remove the smell.
    Some of the tips on this episode may seem a bit crazy, but honestly, I tested these and they work.
    20 Grooming Hacks:  
    Vodka get rids of body odor. Baking soda can be a great toothpaste. Cut your nails and file before a shower. Use scissors on your nails after a shower. Cool to cold showers are best for you. Wash your hair less. Shave after you shower. You can shave IN the shower as well. Brush your teeth in the shower. Shave your neck weekly. Use hair conditioner as a shaving cream. Use Lip Balm if you cut yourself shaving. If you have a beard, use conditioner. Hair gel can be used on your eyebrows or beard. Coffee filters can help get rid of an oily face. Olive oil is a good option for dry lips. Use nail clippers to cut stray hairs. Keep a bar of soap in your gym bag. Don’t use your fingers to pop a pimple. Use deodorant on hot spots on the back of your foot.

    If you have a jacket you don’t want to take to the dry cleaner, spray vodka on it. Test the fabric first. Make sure use clean the jacket at some point, as it’s a temporary fix. Baking soda is a safer way to get rid of smells. If you run out of toothpaste, use baking soda instead. Baking soda can also be used to kelp with “swamp crotch”. Make sure you buy a glass file. A hot shower will keep you in the water too long and you lose oils. Washing your hair too much can cause damage. You can shave in the shower as well. Higher end barbers will touch up for free. You can also use cooking oil to shave. Put holes in a deodorant soapbox and toss it in your gym bag. Use tissues when you pop a pimple to avoid infection. Mindset Takeaway:  
    There’s no excuse not to look your best, and these hacks will make sure of it.

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    Become a High Paid Expert 7 Steps

    Become a High Paid Expert 7 Steps

    How would you like to double your salary? Of course you would. The trick to making more money is to be an expert in your field.
    If you put your head down and just do your work, you’re going to be forgotten. No one will notice you - and that’s no job that actually has security. Companies go out of business all the time, but if you’re an expert with your own company you’ll never be in the unemployment line.
    One of the most important things is to continually learn. The world is changing every day. If you aren’t staying on top of trends and technology, you’ll be left behind.
    But this is just the start of what you need to do.
    On this episode of Real Men Real Style, I bring you 7 simple steps to increase your salary and be a high paid expert than people seek out to work with.
    Download this episode today and start climbing the social and financial ladder.
    7 Steps to Double Your Salary: Solve a burning problem Never stop learning Never stop practicing Choose the right niche Share your work and expertise Make Yourself Referrable You need to connect Highlights:
    Colleges only guarantee a student loan debt. The less generic your answer, the more valuable will seem. Make sure you surround yourself around books. Don’t be afraid to abandon a book. Some things you simply can’t learn from a book. Decide your overall goals to know what your focus should be. You can make money in any industry if you become the best. Don’t fear other people stealing your work. Focus in on what you know AND who you know. Nothing substitutes for live events. The best masterminds are the ones you put together. Take Massive action. Mindset Takeaway: If you put your head down and just get your work done, you won’t go anywhere.

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    Don't Get Caught with Bad Breath

    Don't Get Caught with Bad Breath

    One thing many of us take for granted is the smell of our breath. It’s right under your nose, so you can’t notice what’s going on. You’re too used to it.
    Even though you can’t smell it, everyone else can. It could be costing you in your personal and business life.
    Think about it, do you want to be in a close negotiation with someone who smells? Do you want to kiss someone who smells?

    It can make you worried that there’s something worse going on in there.
    Luckily, this is a pretty simple thing to fix.
    The first thing is, if you smoke - stop. Your breath is always going to smell horrible to anyone who isn’t a smoker themselves.
    Secondly, most of the bad smell in someone’s mouth comes from bacteria growing. This bacteria isn’t too difficult to get rid of, but you have to remain dedicated.

    I’m going to give you ten tricks on how to eliminate bad breath that won’t take more time in your day: and are super effective.
    Download this episode today to learn how you can stop being offensive with your breath and be someone people want to be close to.
    10 Tips to Eliminate Bad Breath: Drink water Chew gum Brush your teeth properly Use a tongue scraper Floss Mouthwash Timing Diet Keep your gums healthy Don’t smoke Highlights:
    Bacteria is what emits most odor Drinking water will help eliminate the bacteria. Start your day by drinking water. Saliva production slows when you are sleeping. A sugarless gum will help you produce more saliva. Chewing gum can also help when you don’t have time to brush your teeth. If you swallow gum, it’s fine. Your tongue has the most surface area. Flossing isn’t as important, but food stuck in your teeth can cause bad smells. Mouthwash may not prevent cavities, but it does kill bacteria and freshen your breath. Do your teeth maintenance after meals. Certain foods can cause a smell through your lungs. Cinnamon and crisp fruits/vegetables can help as well. Red wine can also cut back on bacteria in the mouth. Talk to your dentist about your gums. Gums can permanently recede. Tobacco guarantees bad breath - cut it out if you can. In none of this works, talk to you doctor in case there’s something worse. Mindset Takeaway: You don’t want people to avoid you because of your breathe.

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    10 Steps to an Amazing First Impression

    10 Steps to an Amazing First Impression

    Check out the full show notes at: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode110

    Have you ever met someone who rubbed you the wrong way when you met them? I know I have, and in one case that person ended up becoming one of my best friends.
    He made a bad first impression, and it was really hard to overcome. When we get an impression from someone, it can be hard to change - because no one wants to be wrong. It really gets to our ego.
    The best way to overcome this is to make a good first impression.
    Notice I said good, not okay.

    That’s because an okay first impression is forgettable. You won’t be remembered - especially if you’re at a networking event.
    On today’s episode of the Real Men Real Style podcast, I wanted to help you with this because a first impression can really make or break you.
    I’m going to give you ten tips to make sure you shine when someone meets you. Even if they don’t remember your name, they’ll remember enough about you to refer you to others.
    So download this episode now, and start making the right first impression every time.
    Check out the full show notes at: RealMenRealStyle.com/Episode11

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    10 Eye Contact Mistakes

    10 Eye Contact Mistakes

    View the full show notes and resources at RealMenRealStyle.com/109

    When is the last time you really thought about the eye contact that you’re giving to people?
    Chances are, you’re sending off signals you don’t want to.
    For example, if you don’t give people enough eye contact you can seem rude. You also make the person feel as if they are boring, and that you aren’t interested - even if that’s not the case.
    On the other hand, if you give them too much eye contact it can seem aggressive. They may become intimidated, and quite frankly, think you’re being an ass.
    So what is the right amount of eye contact?
    Well, it’s honestly a complicated answer. It can change with the culture you are in, as well as the situation.
    A good rule of thumb here in North America, though, is the 50/70 rule. When speaking, make eye contact 50% of the time. When listening, make eye contact 70% of the time.
    I really wanted to dive further into this topic and go over all the complexities of the discussion.
    I came up with guideline of 10 Eye Contact Mistakes I commonly see people making, and I’m going to share them all with you in detail on this episode.
    Download this episode of the Real Men Real Style Podcast known to learn how you can use your eyes to give off the right message.
    10 Eye Contact Mistakes: Not Enough Eye Contact Too Much Eye Contact Not Knowing Cultural Norms Maintaining Eye Contact Reading Too Much Into Other People’s Eye Contact Eye Contact in Authority Don’t Look Away Too Quickly Not Establishing Eye Contact at the Start Not Listening with Your Eyes MAKE EYE CONTACT Highlights:
    In North America there’s a 50/70 rule. When speaking, look at the person 50% of the time. When listening, look at the person 70% of the time. Eye contact rules are different all over the world. Sometimes eye contact is seen as aggressive. Learn the cultural rules of where you are visiting, and the people you deal with. Most guys think a girl who makes eye contact with them, want them. Not giving enough contact can make you seem weak. Don’t let your eyes dart away. To avoid nervous eye contact, count in your head. 3 to 5 seconds in the best amount of time to look at someone when you meet them. Don’t stare at people’s feet or looking away. Eye contact show that you are paying attention. If you’re not listening with your eyes, it can be disrespectful. Don’t get caught staring off. Pick one eye to look at. Try to discover what color their eyes really are. Do not stare at a woman’s breasts when you are speaking to her. You have to practice giving eye contact. Record yourself giving presentations or talking to people. Nothing feels natural at first. Mindset Takeaway: Your eye contact can make or break what people think of you.
    View the full show notes and resources at RealMenRealStyle.com/109

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    Brown or Black Shoes?

    Brown or Black Shoes?

    For the full show notes go to RealMenRealStyle.com/episode108
    There’s one thing that a lot of people I know have a hard time deciding. In fact, I’m sure you’ve encountered this problem before as well.
    What color of dress shoe should you buy? Black or Brown?
    Even though the question itself is simple, the answer can be very complicated. There are a lot of factors you should be considering before you buy a pair of dress shoes.
    For example, when you wear them how formal are the occasions you will be attending? If you go to a lot of black tie events, then there’s only one option for you: black.
    Brown shoes will never be as formal, and the lighter they are they less formal they will be.
    On the other hand, you will never be able to buy a pair of black dress shoes that look casual. Their strength can also be their weakness.
    There’s also so much more to consider, such as your existing wardrobe, how much the shoes will take to maintain, and even what style of shoe you prefer.
    Download this episode today to learn about everything you need to consider before choosing between brown or black dress shoes.

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64 Ratings

Kevin94 m ,

One the Best influencers in mens lifestyle

Been a subscriber for Antonios youtube channel Real Men Real Style since 2013. Glad to know he’a branched out into the the podcast scene. After meeting him at Menfluential 2018 I decided to check out his podcast. These go perfect as a add on to his youtube vids. He goes thru tips and knowledge on how to improve style and live life as a role model for men today. He stresses things to focus on in the big picture.

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New listener

Been watching and subscribed to RMRS on YouTube for a few years now. Just recently found out he has a podcast as well. Been using this gentleman’s advice for a while so I will be listening to his podcast while driving as well!

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A great podcast on Men's style

This is a great podcast regarding men's style and men's self improvement. The host Antonio Centeno goes into great detail in many men's self improvement topics. Episodoes aren't excessively long, just entertaining self improvement topics.