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Thanks for listening to THE PHENOM INVESTOR BLUEPRINT where we are giving you the insight to unlock your real estate success at the highest level…get pumped up, get dialed in and lets dive in to real talk without at fluff or boring concepts join your host Matt Garabedian “The Phenom Investor” as he shares his “real” talk and real experience on the real estate investing business.

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Thanks for listening to THE PHENOM INVESTOR BLUEPRINT where we are giving you the insight to unlock your real estate success at the highest level…get pumped up, get dialed in and lets dive in to real talk without at fluff or boring concepts join your host Matt Garabedian “The Phenom Investor” as he shares his “real” talk and real experience on the real estate investing business.

    Buy Truth, Never Sell It, Ep #27

    Buy Truth, Never Sell It, Ep #27

    It may sound strange to you that you need to “buy truth” but the Bible says that’s exactly what we need to do. The idea is that the truth is so vital, so important to our existence and the way that we live, that if we were to find it for sale at the highest price imaginable, we should do everything we can to buy it, regardless of the price. That’s how important it is to live your life according to truth.
    This episode of the podcast is straight from Matt’s heart, thoughts he’s been having as the new year has begun. Take the time to listen, to learn what it means to know what you want, grow your identity, and follow the truth in the way you live.
    What do you want out of your life? It’s a common question in entrepreneurial circles: What do you want out of life? More times than not people talk about monetary or business goals, or maybe things like possessions or opportunities to travel. But those are not the kind of things we should be focused on when the question is asked. We should be looking deeper, to the things that make US who we are - or should we say, who we want to be?
    What do you want for yourself, your personality, your level of maturity? Who do you want to be in the world? God has put a calling in your heart and has equipped you with unique abilities and talents to make it happen. But you’ve got to get in touch with it and learn to follow that call. Listen to find out how Matt is doing so in his own life, and how you can do so in yours.
    Are your decisions getting you closer or farther away from what you want? Action is what demonstrates the course we’ve chosen. It’s that simple. So look at your actions and evaluate as you face the new year. Are your decisions and the actions that flow out of them getting you closer to the person you want to be or farther away? When you take the time to honestly answer that question you might discover you’re headed in the wrong direction. When you discover it, don’t shy away from it or let yourself give in to the feeling that you can’t admit it. You’ve got to face it if you’re going to become the person you want to be.
    Will you do the work to grow your identity? Your identity is you - the real you that fuels the way you live. Many of us live wrongly becusae we believe wrongly about ourselves. If you’re going to get in touch with you God has made you to be, you need to spend time with Him, reading His word, learning what He says about you.
    He will guide you into two important areas:
    Self-awareness - The ability to know your own thoughts and feelings and to recognize where they come from and where they are taking you. You can’t become all you’re meant to be if you don’t possess a high level of self-awareness.
    Closely related to self-awareness is emotional intelligence - The ability to understand how your internal motivations are driving you and how you are impacting others on an emotional level. 
    As God shows you the state of your own being in these important areas you’ll begin to discover areas where you need to grow and mature, and God will bring circumstances into your life that help you grow. It’s not always fun, but it is definitely challenging and you can only learn how to stand up to your fears and insecurities when you face difficult circumstances.
    Everything you need is on the other side of fear We are all afraid - of something. It may be rejection, failure, who we really are, other people’s opinions - you fill in the blank for yourself. The point is that fear is what stands in the way of faith. It’s the one thing that nags at us and keeps us from taking the actions that will change everything in our lives. 
    God’s truth is that everything you need is on the other side of your fear. Fear is like a big wall, separating you from many of the blessings God has for you. Listen to this episode to receive help in confronti

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    Real Estate Investing, Identity, and True Success with NFL Phenom, Prince Amukamara, Ep #27

    Real Estate Investing, Identity, and True Success with NFL Phenom, Prince Amukamara, Ep #27

    When you get the chance to speak with a world-class athlete like Prince Amukamara, you take it! What made the opportunity especially good for me is that Prince is not only an amazing football player (I’m quite a football fan myself), he’s also a fellow real estate investor and a brother in Christ. All of that, wrapped into one person makes for a fun conversation.
    You’ll hear Prince describe how he got into investing as he entered the NFL and how he knew absolutely nothing about it at first. He walks through his journey to bigger and bigger deals and the WHY behind his investments. He also tells us how his faith in Christ sustains and motivates him, why mindset is such a huge part of every success, and more. Don’t miss it.
    Outline of This Episode [0:37] Getting to know Prince Amukamara - NFL player and all around champion [2:24] Why Prince chose real estate investing out of all the options available [7:05] They typical investment path of the average NFL player [11:50] Prince’s real estate investment plans for the next 5 to 10 years [23:46] The primary motivations in Prince’s life day to day [32:03] What it takes to have the right kind of mindset to play in the NFL [38:55] Identity is the issue - no matter who you are NFL is jokingly said to mean “Not For Long” - but Prince has broken that rule of thumb Prince Amukamara is one of the rare individuals who has made it long-term in the NFL. He started out with the New York Giants, was traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and now plays for the Chicago Bears as a star Cornerback. He was an All-American coming out of college at Nebraska and has learned how to go the distance.
    He was drafted by the Giants in 2011. Do the math and you’ll see that 9 years later, he’s still seemingly at the top of his game. What makes it even more amazing is that Prince was an offensive player coming out of high school and his college coach switched him to defense, thinking he’d be able to use his talents there with greater effectiveness. That coach was right. If it wasn’t for that switch it could very well be that Prince wouldn’t still be in the NFL. Listen to hear Prince describe what it’s like to be a Rookie in the NFL, how he navigated the sudden riches and fame, and why he’s made it his ambition to invest wisely and work hard for as long as he can.
    Prince had thousands of investment options, so why Real Estate? I was very curious how and why Prince chose to get into real estate investing. His first contract with the Giants was for four years and worth $8.18 million. Many players in those shoes don’t invest at all, thinking they have all they will ever need - and others put their money into stocks and startup investing. Prince says that early on he did spend his time looking for the next big thing in the startup world, but a conversation with a close friend who was investing in real estate changed his direction. After one fix and flip that netted a good profit, Prince was hooked.
    Listen to hear Prince describe his REI philosophy at this point and why he’s committed to wisely growing his dollars. Our conversation on the subject transitions into how real estate investing got into his blood and why he sees it as a limitless field of opportunity for those who are willing to learn and work hard.
    Motivation in life isn’t a matter of what you feel, it’s a matter of what you believe Too many people sit around waiting for motivation to come to them. Life doesn’t happen that way. The best way to get motivated is to take action - that action creates results - those results create enthusiasm - and as a result you have no problem getting motivated. Prince says that his willingness to work hard comes from knowing that it’s the price he needs to pay if he’s going to attain his goals. That’s the case in real estate investing and in his home life. 
    During our con

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    My Wholesale Real Estate Journey, Shared On The Flip2Freedom Show with Sean Terry, Ep #26  

    My Wholesale Real Estate Journey, Shared On The Flip2Freedom Show with Sean Terry, Ep #26  

    This episode features a conversation I was invited to have with Sean Terry, host of the Flip2Freedom Podcast. He was curious to hear how I got started in real estate investing and was particularly interested in why I chose wholesaling. It’s all about finding a property that can work for a wholesale deal and then connecting with the right buyer - and it’s not as difficult as you might think.
    I invite you to listen. Sean and I talk about my first wholesale deal - which was a mind-blowing experience that demonstrated to me why wholesaling is one of the most lucrative and empowering opportunities that exist. We also talk about the need to invest in yourself, why you must let go of control and hire help, and more.
    Invest in yourself to scale your wholesale real estate business After I began doing my first wholesale deals I realized quickly that the business could only grow if I was growing personally. So I began investing in myself. I did it through reading, podcasts, coaching groups, masterminds, and more. It was important because I needed to grow my belief and grow my capacity for business and leadership. As those things grew I could begin leading a team of people to serve our greater purposes. You can and should do the same thing. If you’re not growing personally you can’t expect your business or your income to grow.
    Control freaks must learn how to train and delegate in spite of themselves Sean Terry and I both admitted that we sometimes feel like we’d rather do the work ourselves and know that it’s done right, than to take the time to train someone else to do it. That’s because we know what we’re doing and feel like things are going along OK. But you won’t be able to grow beyond your own capacity if you take that approach. You’ve got to learn to let go.
    When you put in the time to invest in your team by hiring and training people to do the things that have to be done but are not the best use of your time - you’ll discover that the overall capacity of the business will increase. That means more money is coming in to enable you to hire the team and expand what you’re doing.
    Your wholesale real estate business will create anxiety if you let it Once your wholesale business grows beyond a certain size the stress level you experience will grow up - if you let it. What I’ve found is that stress and anxiety only grow in the soil of control. When I believe that I’ve got to control everything, I’m going to stress about it. That’s where my faith in God has come into play so powerfully.
    I know that the course my business is following and the destiny that is ahead for me is not within my control. Those are things God has in store for me and I’m trusting Him to take me there. That means when the difficulties of business crop up I have to set my mind in the right place. I need to remind myself that God is in control, not me - and release the anxiety to Him.
    Building a buyer’s list is essential for an ongoing successful wholesale business You can find all the amazing properties in your area. You can run the numbers with excellence and know that you know that you know you’ve found a great deal. But no wholesale business can thrive if there are not buyers for the properties you find. I discovered early on that if I could strike up relationships with the real estate investors in my area who were always on the hunt for properties that fit their business model, I’d have no shortage of opportunities to sell the deals I find. That’s why I’ve worked my tail off to establish a legitimate buyer’s list. Now, when I find a property that is worthy of wholesaling, I just send it to my list and typically, I’ll have a buyer in short order. If you don’t have a buyer’s list you need to start building one now. Listen and hear some of the ways I went about it and get started today.
    Outline of This Epis

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    Personal Fulfillment Doesn’t Come From Success: Matt Shares On The Real Estate Disruptors Podcast, Ep #25  

    Personal Fulfillment Doesn’t Come From Success: Matt Shares On The Real Estate Disruptors Podcast, Ep #25  

    Every human being on the planet wants to feel personally fulfilled and it’s all too common for people to turn to their career or work to find it. But nobody finds fulfillment in temporary things. Matt was invited to be a guest on the Real Estate Disruptors podcast recently and shared how his journey has taught him that truth. Only when he found a relationship with God did he come to know the true source of personal fulfillment. Join Matt and podcast host Steve Trang for this great conversation.
    Starting a real estate investing career out of necessity Matt says that his start in real estate came out of necessity. He had to find a way to make ends meet and got into brokering and conventional real estate. But after presiding over a number of deals as an agent where investors were receiving big checks for the properties they were wholesaling, he knew he had to figure out how to get on that side of the table. But he didn’t have a family fortune or large sums of cash to get started, so what could he do? Listen to hear how Matt worked his way forward step at a time and how he overcame his hesitancy to get started in wholesaling, on this episode.
    Identity and significance don’t come from things How many investors do you know who talk about themselves AS investors - like it’s the core of their personal identity? It’s pretty common, but isn’t a reliable place to find your identity. That’s because if your performance as an investor falls off for some reason, your identity goes with it. On this episode, Matt speaks about the importance of building an eternal perspective, one that leans on the Lord as the one who provides strength and peace for living. When you source your identity from the One Who made you, you are able to live out of who you truly are.
    A sharp mind is the greatest tool you have Personal development is one of the non-negotiables for Matt and for anyone who works for him. He’s constantly reading books and passing them to his team members. He believes that developing a sharp mind has a ripple effect, enabling you to be sharp in your work and in the interactions you have with the people in your life. He always wants to be learning, growing, and becoming a better version of who God has made him to be.
    Work to keep your life in balance While a sharp mind is important, it’s also vital to not let other areas of life slip. Matt gives the example of how he was the heaviest he’s ever been just a few months before this recording. When he realized that he was working to keep his mind sharp but was letting his physical fitness go, he saw an inconsistency. What good is a sharp mind and thriving business if he doesn’t have his health? So he’s working to stay balanced, to ensure that all the areas of his life are moving forward together.
    Outline of This Episode [1:15] How Matt got into real estate investing - it was a necessity [7:30] Going back to what he felt safe doing (and avoiding wholesaling) [10:01] The first wholesale deal - and never looking back [12:15] Advice for those who get stuck analyzing and never take action [16:35] Overcoming failures one at a time [23:42] How Matt’s organization looks today [25:04] How Matt finds the people who work for him [27:44] Coming to a place of peace and joy instead of stress and driving toward success [34:15] The personal development track Matt encourages for his team [39:34] Marketing and overhead expenses each month [43:13] Daily habits and how they fuel work and success [46:01] How many deals a month before you should hire? Resources & People Mentioned Real Estate Disruptors Podcast Stunning Homes Realty Steve’s app - One Wholesale Episode with Don Costa Indeed The Arete Syndicate BOOK: The Greatest Salesman In The World Connect With Matt Matt@phenominvestor.com Facebook Instagram Subscribe to The Phenom Investor Blueprint

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    Build Your Vision with Intentionality, Ep #24

    Build Your Vision with Intentionality, Ep #24

    Mustering the will to build your vision can sometimes be difficult! Matt encourages you to take the time to dig deep and know who you are, where you’re going, and why. Intentionality in building your goals and business will provide you an invaluable return on investment. Listen to the entire episode for key points of wisdom from Matt’s mentors and for the inspiration to push forward - even when it’s rough. 
    Your vision needs to be big enough to scare you Matt is excited to announce a new development in his life! Challenged by his friends and mentors in his mastermind group, Matt is writing a book! It will be titled, “Buy the Truth and Never Sell It,” and will include Matt’s experiences in building his business and what he has learned from the good (and bad) days. Through this new endeavor, Matt is learning the importance of pushing oneself further than what is comfortable. Challenge yourself to pursue the seemingly impossible. 
    Matt shares his recent experience as an ARETE SYNDICATE mentee. Directed by Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett, the program challenges entrepreneurs to achieve their very best. Matt is excited to be mentored by some of the greatest minds out there and will be sharing his learning experiences through his YouTube channel. Be sure to check out the link at the bottom of the show notes to subscribe! Investing in these types of experiences helps you to expand your vision and dream with greater depth and width. Pushing yourself is the only way you will be able to impact not only hundreds but thousands of lives. 
    Intentionality makes for bigger impact  Clarity is vital for building your vision with intentionality. Sometimes, you may start a business because you need to meet a basic need - a paycheck, for instance. But you should be looking at ways to influence your network sphere and beyond. Living in the memory of the past can bog you down and block your way forward. Learn to be excited about the future by building big goals for yourself and your business. Stop waking up in reaction mode! Wake up on fire for what you love and dwell on the ways that you are progressing towards your goals. 
    Relying upon God for wisdom in your goal-making will enrich your life - both outwardly and inwardly. Matt encourages you to be silent and still before God and to make sure that He is the one guiding you in your intentional building of the future. Be honest, be humble, and dare to dream bigger. What seems impossible to you is in no way impossible for God. 
    Wisdom from ARETE SYNDICATE speakers  Matt shares some of the key points from the SYNDICATE conference: 
     Dr. Joe Dispenza explained the vital connection between the mind and body in his excellent book, Becoming Supernatural.  Rob Dyrdek drilled in the importance of being unique in your market and knowing the “why?” behind what you are preaching and selling.  Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank shared the importance of being able to articulate your opportunity to others in 90 seconds or less.  Learning to transfer positive energy - as well as information - when sharing your vision and mission will help you in your sales process, and knowing your business’s numbers will build your credibility and ability to articulate your opportunity. 
    Vulnerability propels you forward in your journey  Both Ed and Andy from the ARETE SYNDICATE were willing to share their most vulnerable moments with those around them. They realized that their failures and mistakes are learning points not only for themselves but for others as well! Matt explains that it is the power of vulnerability that draws people together and enables them to reach for bigger dreams in a real and practical way. Always build your vision with the end in mind. Dig deep for impactful outcomes! 
    Outline of This Episode [0:38] Matt is writing a book!  [3:46] Matt’s excitement at being accepte

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    Creating a Legacy as an Entrepreneur with Joe Evangelisti, Ep 23

    Creating a Legacy as an Entrepreneur with Joe Evangelisti, Ep 23

    Those who are creating a legacy for themselves, their families, and their businesses are those who believe they can succeed and view challenges in life as an opportunity for growth. Matt shares an interview he had with Joe Evangelisti, creator of The Legacy Blueprint podcast and founder of The Flip King educational series. Be sure to listen to this episode for the inspiration you need to jump into your business with the eagerness and strength to create a lasting legacy for you and your family. 
    Strengthen your resolve by investing in a mastermind group Being an entrepreneur in the real estate investing world can seem like a lonely and challenging road. Matt and Joe share their experiences of going from the “solo-preneur” mindset to joining a mastermind group of like-minded individuals who were able to sharpen their resolve to accomplish big and exciting things in their businesses. The support and encouragement that a mastermind group can give is invaluable. The key is making yourself walk in the door - ready to be vulnerable about where you are struggling and ready to share how you have overcome previous challenges in your career. 
    Matt expresses the importance of leaving your ego at the door. The power of a mastermind group comes from its members’ willingness to open up and share with one another how to best confront the challenges that inevitably confront them in the real estate world. Take the time to invest in yourself - and the future of your business - by taking the time to build relationships with others who are running the same race as you. The return on investment will be invaluable. 
    Matt’s story of endurance through adversity  Coming from a family that struggled financially his entire childhood, Matt shares that he struggled with having a materialistic view of life growing up. He knew that he wanted something better for himself when he became an adult. An avid athlete throughout his education, he quickly learned how to apply the skills he gained playing sports to the real estate world. Namely, to never give up. 
    During the recession of ‘08, Matt was about to get married and was facing a house foreclosure. Having been in a mortgage wholesaling business, he knew he wanted to pursue the opportunities he saw in real estate and founded a property management company. Unlike others he knew, Matt didn’t take the safe and secure route when faced with the financial crisis he found himself in. He went big. Pushing forward in the God-given spirit of perseverance, Matt chose to believe in himself and the future success he saw as possible. Knowing he had to make it work helped ensure that it did work. 
    After a couple of years working and grinding away at his new business, Matt discovered real estate wholesaling. Intrigued, Matt did his research and quickly realized that this was what he wanted to pursue and build his career out of. His perseverance led to him being able to purchase his family’s dream home and provide them with a comfortable income. Part of Matt’s legacy to his wife and children is the fortitude he had to trust in his dream and view challenges as opportunities to be embraced.
    Treat entrepreneurship as a contact sport Can each individual create his or her own luck? Matt’s answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Investing is like prospecting. Actions lead to greater opportunity for luck to appear. The more consistent you are with your actions, the greater chance there is for something to happen. Just like playing a sport, you have to buckle down, put the mouthpiece in, and be ready to force your way into the crowd and play with skill, strategy, and endurance. Know why you are doing what you are doing. Know what you’ve signed up to do - and then dive in. Activity creates action, which creates speed. You will be in the right place at the right time if you consistently take action towards ac

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