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Be a phenomenal force in your life with entrepreneur, coach, and author, Joshua Harrell. #phenomenalforce

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Be a phenomenal force in your life with entrepreneur, coach, and author, Joshua Harrell. #phenomenalforce

    Develop New, Empowering Habits

    Develop New, Empowering Habits

    Swapping a negative habit for a positive habit is a powerful success skill. However, there are times when installing a new habit is necessary, even if there isn’t a negative habit to replace. You’ll have a better understanding of how to create new habits by the end of this episode.
    Here are the affirmation and journal prompts for this episode:
    Each day is a new opportunity to practice good habits. I am excited by each day. Whatever I did yesterday is gone and no longer has any hold on me. Who knows what might happen tomorrow! Therefore, all I have is the present and I plan to make the most of it.
    Part of making the best out of today is taking every opportunity to create habits that I want to have in my life. And habits do take practice to form. With each behavior I reinforce repeatedly, I start or continue a pattern. I want to only engage in actions that serve me, so I stay conscious about each thing I do.
    With each intentional act I make, I gain confidence in my ability to effect positive change in my life. No matter what, I know that I can learn to make the best decisions possible, regardless of my circumstances.
    If I find myself engaged in behaviors that are less than supportive of my highest vision of myself, I choose to take different actions next time. And as long as I am alive, there is always a “next time.”
    Today, I am thankful for my good habits. I joyously put myself into every chance I get to make new ones. This is a daily practice for me since each day is a new opportunity for me to practice good habits.
    Journal Prompts/Things to Contemplate: What are some good habits I already engage in daily? What is one thing I would like to change in my life that I can take action on today? How do my good habits support my sense of self? Don't forget to let me know how you're getting on with your journey. Use the hashtag #phenomenalforce whenever you feel it unleashed.

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    Substitute Positive Habits For Your Negative Habits

    Substitute Positive Habits For Your Negative Habits

    Imagine being able to replace negative habits with new, empowering habits. In this episode, we’ll find out how to accomplish that. You take the express lane to success when you can simultaneously eliminate poor habits and build effective habits.
    Here are the affirmation and journal prompts from this show:
    I replace my old habits with new, empowering habits. My life is created by my habits. The better my habits, the better my life becomes. I choose to replace my old habits with new, empowering activities.
    I realize that my habits are important to my quality of life. Each day, I strive to replace old habits that are unsupportive of my goals. I am developing new habits, so I can take my life to a higher level.
    Habits can be difficult to change, so it is important to be patient. I remain upbeat, positive, and confident, even during times of great challenge. I am able to relax and develop positive habits that move my life forward.
    I know which habits to develop. I know what I need in my life to feel happy and fulfilled. I am taking positive steps toward implementing new habits and reaching my goals. I like to review my progress on a regular basis. It encourages me to continue on my journey of self-enhancement.
    I embrace change and the challenge that often accompanies it. I get excited, almost giddy, when I think about all the great things I can accomplish once my new habits are in place. I am unstoppable.
    Today, I let go of my old habits. I release myself from their grasp. I am trading in my old habits for better ones that support my dreams and future. I replace my old habits with new, empowering habits.
    Journal Prompts/Things to Contemplate: What habits are creating challenges in my life What new habits would I like to adopt? How would my life change if I dropped these negative habits and replaced them with positive habits? Let me know how you're getting on with your journey. Use the hashtag #phenomenalforce whenever you feel it unleashed.

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    Negative Habits And Their Devastating Effects

    Negative Habits And Their Devastating Effects

    Negative habits can be devastating to your overall quality of life and your success. It’s important to understand how negative habits can create serious challenges.
    Consider now all the habitual behaviors you exhibit that eventually lead to unwanted, negative situations in your life. Negative habits can produce results that are completely contrary to what you desire.
    You wouldn’t consciously choose to keep yourself from what you truly want. But you keep repeating those habits anyway just because they are what they are: habits.
    From the episode:
    Success-Hindering Habits to Kick Out of Your Life Does it seem like success is eluding you? Success is only as close as you allow it to be. Surprisingly, it’s something that you have complete control over and can easily will into your life. If it’s so easy, you might wonder, then why don’t you have more of it? Have you stopped to think about why that is?
    Start your analysis by looking within. Reflect honestly on your life—your behaviors, habits, and attitudes—to determine if there might be some things you may be able to do differently to achieve different results. There's a strong likelihood that there's some tweaking you can do in your quest to achieve success.
    Your tweaking might include banishing the following success-hindering habits that are surprisingly common, yet insanely integral, in preventing you from being successful.
    Success-Hindering Habits You Ought To Let Go Assess yourself. Give some thought to whether you're guilty of any of the following habits, and you'll likely be very surprised to realize that you are!
    Self-doubt. By far, lacking self-confidence is the most damaging habit when it comes to your bid for success. The worst thing you can do is doubt your worthiness for a successful outcome. That particular mindset makes achieving anything very challenging. So instead of doubting yourself, affirm that you can do it:

    Believe that you're capable of doing anything you set your mind to doing. Know that you’re worth every ounce of a positive outcome. Avoid closing the door on an opportunity because you don’t feel you'll do well at it.

    Putting off getting tasks done will likely result in a less than favorable result. When opportunity knocks, answer the door! Instead of waiting until later, try the following tips:

    Prioritize your tasks. Aim to complete tasks within the time you've allotted for them. Jump at every opportunity you get to complete a task.

    Setting daily goals for yourself is probably something you already do, but you're likely wondering why it is you haven’t been able to meet those goals. A big hindrance is disorganization. Sometimes goals seem so attainable, but because there's no real plan in place to attain them, you end up missing out.

    Lost focus. Losing focus of what you really want to achieve is a sure way to end up under-accomplished. Success doesn’t come just because you want it. Your mission should be to maintain focus on your goals so they don’t slip away unnoticed. Take an action each day, even if it’s small, to move you forward to your goal.

    Be serious about the success you want to achieve. Make it one of your priorities. The commitment you have to building successful relationships is the same commitment you should have to achieving goals. So now that you have a look at what could possibly be hindering your ability to succeed, it's time to make some very real changes in your life and how you approach your targets.
    There's nothing that can get in the way of you being a success story! All you need to do is adopt an attitude for success. Start with throwing away any negative habits that hinder your journey to success.

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    Form Empowering Habits To Create The Life You Desire

    Form Empowering Habits To Create The Life You Desire

    When you intend to do something, the likelihood of getting it done goes up dramatically. Knowing your intentions is key. Forming habits to encourage those intentions only makes sense. Your life becomes what you consistently do. This episode focuses on habits.

    • 19 min
    Discover Your Power By Knowing Your Intentions

    Discover Your Power By Knowing Your Intentions

    There are multiple skills needed to channel the phenomenal force inside us all. The previous episodes were primarily focused on dealing with limiting beliefs. Once you have gained the ability to move beyond your limiting beliefs, it’s important to know what you’re moving toward.
    This episode will provide the information you need to find and declare your intentions. This is the next step in moving rapidly toward success.

    • 12 min
    Break Away from Self-Limiting Thought Patterns

    Break Away from Self-Limiting Thought Patterns

    Hopefully, your limiting beliefs are becoming a thing of the past. The 7-step process in the previous episode is effective if applied consistently. Old beliefs can be stubborn, so decide to be even more stubborn!
    In this episode, we continue our rebellion against limiting beliefs by examining how self-limiting thought patterns impede success.

    • 15 min

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