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The Plumbing Webmasters Discuss The Various Nuances of Plumbing SEO & Help Contractors Achieve Their Ideal Business Success. With a Wealth of Knowledge About SEO, Social Media, PPC, & Web Design Made Accessible To Plumbers Everywhere, This Podcast Has Limitless Value!

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The Plumbing Webmasters Discuss The Various Nuances of Plumbing SEO & Help Contractors Achieve Their Ideal Business Success. With a Wealth of Knowledge About SEO, Social Media, PPC, & Web Design Made Accessible To Plumbers Everywhere, This Podcast Has Limitless Value!

    True Client Stories: Trouble With Leads

    True Client Stories: Trouble With Leads

    Have you ever been on a kids roller coaster? As a child, the thrill of moving easily keeps us entertained. As an adult however, that thrill changes to irritation as we long to progress to loops, sudden drops, and rapid turns. A kids roller coaster simply goes nowhere, fast. 

    When it comes to plumbing companies, lead sellers are the new kids roller coaster. There’s a real thrill of feeling your business gradually move with each incoming lead. As your company brand matures however, it becomes clear that you’re paying a frustrating sum of money to essentially spin in circles. Very little brand growth occurs, and you’re left none the richer from your investment.

    Today, we’re going to talk about that frustrating ride. More importantly, we’re going to reveal how to get your business off the tracks and into some real long-term growth. Be sure to listen in as Jason and Nolen share real-life stories from plumbing companies.

    Key Lead Generation Lessons & Plumbing SEO

    * Continually paying for leads slows down your brand development and customer base growth.

    * Even when you pay a seller for a lead, you may still have to compete with other local businesses.

    * Paid leads are simply way more expensive, both in the short and long term.

    Buying Your Way Into Oblivion

    Another day, another frustrated caller talking about expensive lead sellers. But what is it about buying leads that plumbers find so frustrating? At the Webmasters, we’ve heard all kinds of stories about people’s experiences with these services. Most boil down into a handful of common complains…

    Top Problems With Buying Leads

    * They get really, really expensive!

    * When you pay for a lead, you still compete with other listed companies in your area.

    * Some “leads” are just people looking for quotes, not interested would-be clients.

    * It discourages SEO for plumbers, and other forms of lead generation.

    * Buying leads encourages return visits to your lead seller, not your company website.

    The Eye-Opening Secret of Lead Sellers

    Everyone wishes they could cut out the middleman and earn their leads at cost. After all, that would mean saving thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of dollars every year! It’s clearly possible; not everyone pays for lead sales. How do they do it? The real question you should be asking is: Where does your seller find their leads?

    95 times out of 100, lead selling companies source their leads directly from Google Search! Not only do lead sellers pay next to nothing for each lead (even when you factor in long-term marketing), they add a massive upcharge to leads you could have earned for free.

    How does that make you feel?

    In the picture above, you can see one of the frequently-used tools of lead sellers for acquiring new customers. National level brands like to use localized “top plumber” lists to try to capture consumers. However, they actually have to work very hard to secure these listings, because Google prefers to list local businesses over national organizations. That’s why an independent contractor can earn a second place organic (free) in the same results page as two huge lead generation companies! 

    Not only is it very possible compete with these household name lead sellers, Google will practically help you do it. If you’re tired of spending lots of money paying for leads, why not invest in making your own leads like this plumber?

    How to Generate Leads

    You’ll need two major tools to start generating your own leads: a Google My Business account and a company website. Some businesses try to get away with only one of the two; it just doesn’t work well. Now you might be thinking “Bah!

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    Brown Friday: Rockstar Plumber | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

    Brown Friday: Rockstar Plumber | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

    Family holidays are a fantastic time for residential plumbing professionals. With all the festive meals and grease goop going down the drown, it’s no wonder that homeowner calls shoot through the roof! In fact, it’s estimated that “Brown Friday” (the day after Thanksgiving), produces a 50 percent increase in plumbing leads for garbage disposals and sink clogs.

    Not every plumbing professional however, is in a place to take advantage of that surge in leads.

    If your website and GMB account haven’t been properly optimized, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in service calls throughout the holidays! Thankfully, that’s what we’ll be covering today in our latest podcast. Listen in as Jason and Nolen explain how to capture more leads through the season.

    Key Plumbing SEO Lessons

    * Make sure your GMB profile covers each of your major services.

    * Keyword-optimized services pages will almost always outperform simple service lists.

    * Talk with your marketing service company about optimizing for seasonal surges.

    * Make sure your PPC ads each link to a related service page.

    Seasonal SEO Opportunities

    As with many home service industries, plumbing experiences seasonal spikes in demand. That’s especially true during family holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Because this season represents such a considerable windfall for plumbers, it’s also a period of strong online competition. The winners earn premium placement in local map packs, plus the traffic that comes with it. 

    So how can your business work towards earning these exceptional local listings?

    It all starts with plumber SEO, your website, and your GMB account. We’ll dig into some of the most impactful tools to enhance your online marketing performance, both now and in the coming 2020. Ultimately, we’re looking to create a sustainable strategy that offers big dividends for years to come.

    The Tools You’ll Need

    A Strong Keyword List

    What’s the first task you think about when developing a high-performance page? A strong, diverse assortment of keywords not only makes it easier for Google to rank your content, it also creates a better user experience for your site visitors. Each service page should have a high volume primary keyword mixed in with a variety of similar phrases and synonyms.

    Where you can you find these premium keywords?

    * SEMrush

    * Answer the Public

    * Moz Keyword Explorer

    * Ubersuggest

    * People also ask (Google SERP feature)

    * Blue phrases at the bottom of search results

    A Completed & Verified GMB Listing

    Considering how crucial the listing is to your local search, it’s remarkably easy to claim, complete, and verify your Google My Business account! If you haven’t done so already, take an hour. Fill out everything and request your postcard verification. Upload those pics and videos. Neglecting your GMB account only hurts your business, so don’t put it off!

    Moving forward, make sure to check your GMB on a monthly basis for potential updates. The address you pick for your GMB should match the one you use for all your other citations, including abbreviations. Google continues to update the listing program with additional service categories, so be on the lookout for ones fitting your plumbing solutions.

    A Google Ads Account

    PPC advertising is a great channel for supplementing your organic leads. They also enable your business to quickly adapt your marketing tactics for seasonal opportunities. While Google Ads is the most recognized and comfortable advertising option for many plumbers,

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    Being Social On Google | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

    Being Social On Google | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

    Plumbing contractors often underestimate the value of personalized design. With all the trucks, fancy equipment, slogans, advertisements, and websites out there, it’s easy to forget that the most important brand asset for your company…is you. Your face (and your employees’ faces) play a huge role in website performance and local SEO!

    In this interconnected age, now’s not the time to be shy. Now’s the time for high quality photography with big smiling faces. You’ll be amazed just how big an impact the human touch will make for your business! In today’s podcast, Jason and Nolen share why personalization creates stronger connection with both your customers and Google!

    Key Lessons for Plumbing Professionals

    * Content goes beyond text. Even your page photos are considered content.

    * Personalized photos create a deeper reserve of trust in your brand.

    * Both Google and people can spot stock photos, and they don’t perform as well as custom.

    Original Website Images Matter!

    We all know how a well-timed shot can make us feel so strongly, but photography also serves as a more social medium. It brings us together and allows us to empathise. In business, the right image can make or break a sale, especially in a home-centered industry like plumbing. SEO for plumbers relies heavily on image optimization. This isn’t rocket science, or even highly technical SEO.

    Frankly, it’s easy to stand out from the crowd when so few companies take the time to produce original photos!

    Building Stronger Connections and Listings

    “But why bother?” you might ask. What does original imagery have to do with search engine optimization? After all, digital marketers aren’t in the business of enhancing your website simply so it looks really fresh (that’s a bonus). We have to drive measurable key performance indicators like page views and conversions. The answer is simple: high quality, optimized imagery can greatly increase your volume of search traffic and average time on page. They also increase the likelihood of someone calling your business. Does more business revenue sound worth it to you?

    Expect these sort of benefits when you add personalized photos to your plumbing website.

    * Immediately stronger connections with visitors

    * Longer time on pages (deeper engagement)

    * More page views per visit

    * Stronger plumbing keyword performance (more on this later)

    * Better conversion rates, meaning more calls

    Crafting the Perfect Images

    Obviously, performance-driving photography doesn’t just appear by itself! You can simply drop them into your pages either. There are two key parts to getting the most out of your website imagery.

    Tip #1: Take More Photos (With Employees in Them)

    Don’t get us wrong: we’re all about photos of pipes and busted sewer lines. However, we (and your clients) would rather see the smiling faces of your friendly employees. So the next time you stop to take a photo of a newly installed sink, get yourself in the photo and take a selfie! It’s worth it.

    So many businesses spend dozens of hours uploading their latest team photos to Instagram and Facebook and never put them on their website. Gather all your team together and empower them to take selfies after a job well-done. Better yet, hire a professional photographer to get pictures of your plumbers, office staff, your family, and even your trucks!

    Tip #2: Optimize Your Image Attributes

    Did you know that your images can be optimized for stronger keyword performance? At Plumbing Webmasters, we’ve found that three key elements provide great SEO power for your page. Obviously, captions work very well for communicating quick fac...

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    Plumber SEO Conference 2020

    Plumber SEO Conference 2020

    Plumbing SEO changes year after year. In fact, the industry shifts so much, we go to conferences to stay on top of all the latest news and practices! In this latest podcast, Jason and Nolen share some of the juicy tidbits they picked up from their latest SEO conference.

    Look for key changes GMB management, online brand development, on-page optimization, and more! If your website has struggled to break into premium rankings, be sure to listen in.

    Helpful Lessons for Plumbing Professionals

    * Keyword strategies must incorporate synonyme usage. Variety creates healthier optimization.

    * Remember the big four: Google, BBB, Facebook, & Yelp. You need reviews from all of them.

    * Continue to monitor your GMB account, including your Q&A section in the Knowledge Graph.

    * Keyword optimization and mobile friendly optimization are basic essentials.

    What’s Changing in Search Marketing?

    Let’s start by analyzing some of the key industry updates that your business will need to keep on top of. In 2020, your Google My Business account will become even more important to your success in local search. The search engine continues to add new functionalities to the listing service, including new ways for potential customers to interact with your company.

    Thanks to the Knowledge Graph, people can check reviews, operating hours, location, and contact information without ever interacting with your website.

    While that might seem like an intimidating prospect for some plumbing SEO professionals, these changes could mean great things for your business in 2020. For one, clients who direct search your name won’t need to dig through your site to find a phone number or determine if you provide emergency services. This increases the chance of people calling your business.

    Showing Up in Google Maps Listings

    In search marketing, visibility equals success. That’s especially true in the case of Google Maps listings, whose top ranks generate some of the most impressive traffic. Apart from the usually website optimization (more on that later), we’ve seen GMB play a larger role in these search listings. Since Google only awards this premium search real estate to dependable businesses (as best they can), it’s essential that your GMB data is continually checked and re-checked for accuracy.

    Reviews also serve as a make or break criterium for Google Maps listings. Lately, Google has emphasized diversity in review sources as a healthy indication of trustworthiness. In other words, don’t put all your rating eggs in one basket! While there are hundreds of rating websites to choose from, start with these four:

    * Google Reviews

    * Facebook

    * Better Business Bureau

    * and Yelp

    These four feedback sources are considered by many to be the most essential citations for plumbers. If you want even more plumbing SEO power from your client reviews, we’ve seen a rising trend in geotagging. That’s the tagging of reviews with GPS location data. It provides stronger evidence to Google’s search engine that you provide services in tagged locations, giving them more reason to rank your site over competitors.

    Breaking Digital Language Barriers

    With the release of Google’s BERT update still fresh in our minds, the search giant continues to advance towards a deeper algorithm understanding of human speech. With latent semantic indexing (LSI), keyword optimization has gone beyond the simple “3% focus keyword formula” – no more flooding pages with unnatural keyword volumes – to create a more human reading ex...

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    True Client Stories: A Brand New Client’s Worries

    True Client Stories: A Brand New Client’s Worries

    Do you ever feel frustrated buying leads from another company? Not only do thousands of plumbing businesses purchase their leads from online services, they’re forced to share them with local competitors. That’s a hard pill for any professional to swallow, especially when competition is so fierce! Yet many businesses feel trapped into perpetuating the lead-buying process.

    How can you break free of the cycle?

    Today, we’re going to explore the process of improving your local search performance and generating your own leads. While we talk with plumbers with all kinds of backgrounds and stories, this strategy can help practically any business develop more traffic and higher quality plumbing leads. Let’s get started!

    Interesting Tips for Plumbing Professionals

    * You need to be active in asking for reviews, especially if you average a 3.5 rating or lower.

    * Always test your website content with Copyscape to spot copied content.

    * Service pages tend to perform better than landing pages.

    * You need quality SEO to allow your PPC campaigns to convert.

    The Same Old Story

    Most of the plumbing professionals listed online experience some form of lead sales. Some buy leads through large household brands, while others purchase them via Google Ads. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with supplementing business with additional work from these sources. However, depending on these channels as your sole sources can severely limit the quality, scale, and effectiveness of your lead generation.

    This also limits your ability to grow the reputation of your brand.

    If you want to start growing your own sustainable, affordable leads, you’ll need to invest in the right channels. One of the easiest paths to lead growth is local SEO (search engine optimization), which focuses on making your business more visible to consumers in your service area. While it may require some continued effort on your company’s part, this channel offers a very dependable supply of customers and brand growth.

    Why Choose Local SEO Over PPC?

    First of all, SEO vs PPC is not an either/or choice. You can easily use both types of search campaigns to generate even stronger performance for your brand. However, SEO proves time and time again that it offers more dependable results than PPC. As a matter of fact, PPC campaigns have a very difficult time converting leads into customers without an organically optimized website to support them. If you click on an ad but the resulting website doesn’t make sense, will you buy from that site?

    A website optimized for search will also provide a more pleasant user experience. If you’ve felt the 5-star user experience on a site before, you’ve already felt the effects of local SEO. An optimized website also delivers fresh, insightful content that encourages more meaningful relationships with the associated brand.

    To put it simply: SEO is cheaper, more reliable, and contributes directly to your brand’s growth. That’s a winning combination that lead sales and PPC can’t provide. So why not invest in a channel that’s better for your company’s long-term success?

    Key Factors in Local SEO

    There are four crucial factors when it comes to local SEO:

    * Content

    * Web Design

    * Reviews / Recommendations

    * Citations

    Content and Web Design

    Like any other marketing activity, SEO requires a solid foundation. For most, that foundation is a well-crafted website design with structured service pages. While a PPC management company might try to bypass this requirement with short,

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    Naming Your Business for the Best SEO | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

    Naming Your Business for the Best SEO | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

    What’s more powerful than a name? Your plumbing company name not only establishes your identify to potential clients, it communicates who you are to search engines as well. That’s why originality, clarity, and conciseness are so crucial when it comes to choosing your brand name!

    In our latest discussion with Jason and Nolen, they’ll explore some simple guidelines on choosing a brand identify that’s optimized for search. Following these guidelines could be the difference between steady traffic and none at all! Be sure to listen in if you’re rebranding or kicking off a new plumbing business!

    Helpful Tips on Naming Your Business

    * Pick a name that’s very memorable!

    * Generic names do not rank well in local search.

    * Avoid using your city in the name.

    * If you have an interesting personal name, consider using it for your company.

    Purple Monkey Plumbing

    What do you say: is “Purple Monkey Plumbing” an effective company name? Believe it or not, your answer says a lot about how much you understand local search marketing! We’ll reveal this name’s effectiveness at the end of this short blog. Before we get there, let’s run over a few facts about your company name.

    The Purpose of Your Company Name

    No, it’s not just to sound cool! Your company name helps people identify your services and stand out from other businesses. Think of the dozens of contractors that operate in your city alone. In broader metropolitan areas, your business could be competing against hundreds of other trained professionals.

    When a local homeowner’s water heater breaks down and needs repairs, will they remember your brand name?

    Despite the size and prevalence of the search engine, even Google can have a challenging time telling businesses apart! Your company name allows the hardworking Google Search algorithm to separate your brand from other nearby players. Choose wrong however, and your website may never receive the traffic you need to earn leads.

    How to Pick a Company Name

    There are two key qualities your brand name needs to succeed in local search: distinctiveness and memorability. While there are a host of other traits that could aid your other marketing activities, these two qualities are non-negotiable. What do these two terms mean?

    First, a company name should stand out from the crowd. We hate to say it, but “5 Star Plumbing” isn’t going to be easy to remember (for consumers or Google). Steer clear of generic terminology that could get your brand confused with another professional’s! A memorable company name also increases the likelihood of past clients searching for your brand directly in search. Direct searches enjoy a higher chance of converting into actual sales.

    The Classic Naming Mistake

    Ten years ago, it was common practice to take a common search term, such as “Plumbing Company in Dallas, TX” and adopt it for your business name. This practice was enormously successful, so everyone and their grandmother started choosing generic names for their plumbing companies. Then Google stepped in with an algorithm update. Countless professionals started dropping off the map.

    Today, choosing an (Insert City) Plumber company name makes it almost impossible for people to find your business. Even if someone searched your name directly, Google would think the consumer was looking for a list of plumbers in your service area. Your business profile won’t even show up!

    Bottom line: stay away from generic brand names, even if they are optimized for your city.

    Other Important Steps for Your Business

    Once you’ve decided on a quality company name, there are still a few steps to take to start ranking in local search. First, you’ll need to register a domain that closely matches your new name.

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