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Politics minus bile plus jokes. Comedian and avowed independent Andrew Heaton interviews authors and thought leaders about policy and big thinky stuff.

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Politics minus bile plus jokes. Comedian and avowed independent Andrew Heaton interviews authors and thought leaders about policy and big thinky stuff.

    John Stossel Gives Me Journalism Advice

    John Stossel Gives Me Journalism Advice

    Emmy-award winning journalist John Stossel joins the Political Orphanage to talk about journalism and politics. Stossel’s career spans work on ABC News, Fox Business, and Reason TV. He's the winner of five national press award and 19 Emmies. His YouTube show, Stossel TV, appears every Tuesday.
    Buck Shwartzmore for 7th Floor Fire Marshall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdcRCj9QBtg&t=1s

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    The Plunder of the Commons

    The Plunder of the Commons

    Guy Standing stipulates that we should not think of property as either being private or state controlled, but ought to think of a third category: the commons. The commons is something wholly distinctive from either, and ought to be preserved. He joins to discuss this concept, outlined in his book, “Plunder of the Commons: A Manifesto For Sharing Public Weath.”
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    Book at: www.mightyheaton.com/featured

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    When Your Home Town Gets Invaded

    When Your Home Town Gets Invaded

    What’s life like for a high schooler who’s home town gets invaded by a foreign army? Ali Ali was living in historic Babylon, in Iraq, during the War on Terror. He joins to discuss what an invasion is like, what life is like in a lawless state, and his interpretations of the United States as an immigrant to it. 

    • 1 hr 54 min
    Clean Energy and Yucky Energy: Michael Webber

    Clean Energy and Yucky Energy: Michael Webber

    How do energy experts approach energy? Are there good sources and bad sources? What should we try to abolish and what should we lob subsidies at?  
    Dr. Michael Webber is a professor of Energy Resources and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of more than 500 scientific articles, columns, and books, including op-eds for the New York Times and Scientific American.  

    • 41 min
    UFO Whistleblowers and Congress

    UFO Whistleblowers and Congress

    Recently former intelligence officer David Grusch appeared before Congress, and made the bold claims that the U.S. government owns multiple recovered extraterrestrial vehicles, as well as "biotics"--which is to say, alien bodies. How credible are these assertions, and how should the government respond to UFO's in general?
    Brian Dunning is the host of The Skeptoid podcast, and host of the new film "The UFO Movie THEY Don't Want You To See."
    Brian Dunning’s “The UFO Movie THEY Don’t Want You To See” https://www.briandunning.com/ufo/
    TPO: Why UFOs are in the News  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/why-ufos-are-in-the-news/id1439837349?i=1000489860085
    Heaton’s novel, Frank Got Abducted https://www.amazon.com/Frank-Got-Abducted-Andrew-Heaton-ebook/dp/B00HSE9OZI/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=qNkeY&content-id=amzn1.sym.ed85217c-14c9-4aa0-b248-e47393e2ce12&pf_rd_p=ed85217c-14c9-4aa0-b248-e47393e2ce12&pf_rd_r=136-0886507-5175312&pd_rd_wg=1QCog&pd_rd_r=70c12931-a2c0-4e79-b4a1-130dac827ad2&ref_=aufs_ap_sc_dsk
    Orphan Meetup - Wings Edinburgh on Old Fishmarket Close in Edinburgh, Scotland at 7:00 PM, Wednesday Sept 6th.

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    Nuclear Renaissance of Tomorrow

    Nuclear Renaissance of Tomorrow

    Is nuclear power cheap and safe, or dangerous and expensive? Dr. Robert Zubrin is the author of “The Case for Nukes: How We Can Beat Global Warming and Create a Free, Open, and Magnificent Future.” 
    Zubrin holds Master of Science degrees in Nuclear Engineering and Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a doctorate in Nuclear Engineering, from the University of Washington. Prior to his work in aerospace, Dr. Zubrin worked in areas of radiation protection, nuclear power plant safety, thermonuclear fusion research, and as a secondary school science and math teacher. 
    Find his book at: mightyheaton.com/featured
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    Zubrin on TPO: “I Want to Build a Moon Base” https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-98-i-want-to-build-a-moon-base-guest-robert-zubrin/id1439837349?i=1000434628317
    Zubrin on ATA: “Turns Out, We’re All Probably Martians” https://podcasts.apple.com/dk/podcast/turns-out-were-all-probably-martians/id1488171922?i=1000474556038&l=da

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
868 Ratings

868 Ratings

gameninja2589 ,

Interesting topics, thoughtful discussion, funny

Nice variety of topics with well reasoned and logical discussion of different viewpoints. Long format allows for nuanced and differing perspectives. Love the light, comedic style as well.

Todd Liles ,

Funny, Educational, and Irreverent

This is fun worth having.

Kyle S Ree ,

Love-Hate relationship

Love the podcast overall when it’s got a good topic. My only issue is Andrew has a little to much faith in capitalism, he seems to discount that the game is rigged from the start. Other than that funny well informed, interesting guests and books often.

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