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Welcome to The Prior Transformation, where I ramble for a few minutes about technology or business. Sometimes I also interview smart people.

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Welcome to The Prior Transformation, where I ramble for a few minutes about technology or business. Sometimes I also interview smart people.

    24: House Hacking In Truckee

    24: House Hacking In Truckee

    A few months ago I came up with an idea that derailed me and my family's life. Let me tell you a bit about it in this short episode.
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    23: Marcus Weller: Can The World Truly Be Decentralized

    23: Marcus Weller: Can The World Truly Be Decentralized

    This episode is a continuation of my Blockchain series where I sit down with people working in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space to try to find out how the blockchain will impact the world.
    In this episode, I sit down with Dr Marcus Weller.
    Marcus has been a Founder, CEO, and Advisor to companies spanning consumer electronics, blockchain, and biotechnology since 2012. Starting in 2009, Dr. Weller served as 1 of 10 Americans selected by the Humboldt Foundation to develop scientific ties in the field of Psychology between Germany and the United States.
    While in Germany, Dr. Weller also studied Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Munich. After graduating from Wayne State University with a PhD in Industrial Psychology with a subfocus in Data Science, Dr. Weller joined Maxim Semiconductor in Silicon Valley before founding one of the first consumer Augmented Reality technology companies in 2012. Dr. Weller is an inventor on over 20 patent applications spanning areas including biotechnology, consumer electronics, and pharmacodynamics, and has been fortunate enough to learn alongside some of the best innovators in the world.
    Marcus is currently CMO at iTrust Capital and Head of Science at Halcyon Biotechnologies Inc.

    We talk about what consolidation may look like in crypto, tribalism in the space, and we ask one big question: Can the world truly be decentralized?

    - Checkout Halcyon Biotechnologies
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    22: Nathan Mintz: The Future Of Defense

    22: Nathan Mintz: The Future Of Defense

    Today I sit down with Nathan Mintz who is the CoFounder/CEO of Epirus Systems. Epirus is a venture-backed startup specializing in agile development of advanced defense systems. The team combines decades of aerospace & defense experience with Silicon Valley innovation in order to address 21st century threats, such as drones and other asymmetric technologies.

    Nathan is a super sharp Stanford graduate with 15 years of experience in the defense industry. We talk a bit about history, technology, and the future of the battlefield.

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    21: Fred Krueger: Stabilizing Crypto's Value

    21: Fred Krueger: Stabilizing Crypto's Value

    As a continuation of my blockchain series, on this episode I sit down to chat with Fred Krueger.
    Fred is a Stanford PhD and serial entrepreneur with 9 significant exits. He is focused on making consumer blockchain and high volume daaps a reality. EOS Lynx is the fastest growing wallet on the EOS Blockchain, and Workcoin is a gig marketplace on EOS that will launch in October.
    We talk broadly about Blockchain usability but the highlight of the conversation is Fred's thoughts about the roll that stablecoins will play in the future of crypto.
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    20: Taylor Monahan: Making The Blockchain Useable

    20: Taylor Monahan: Making The Blockchain Useable

    Taylor is the founder & CEO of MyCrypto, one of the leading blockchain interfaces. Previously, she founded MyEtherWallet. She loves the fast-moving, iterative adventure that encompasses the blockchain space & looks forward to ushering in the decentralized future with easy-to-use products. Since starting as a simple paper-wallet generator, Taylor has expanded the reach and feature-set of MyCrypto, built a team of talented & empathetic people, and welcomes new challenges each day.
    During this conversation we talk a bit about the past/present/future of crypto as well as decision making under uncertainty and what its like to run a company on the front lines of a tech revolution.
    Follow Taylor on Twitter: @tayvano_
    Checkout MyCrypro
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    19: Kaj Larsen: Leading Teams

    19: Kaj Larsen: Leading Teams

    Today I sit down with Kaj Larsen. To say that Kaj is a former US Navy SEAL is just the tip of the iceberg. He is also a journalist who's work you've probably seen on VICE and CNN. He went to Harvard. He worked with Sorkin on "Newsroom" --one of my favorite shows. The depth of his experience is significant —just take a look at his bio below.

    In this episode, however, we talk about his SEAL days. I've been fascinated with SEAL training for years so this conversation was an absolute blast. Among many other things, we talk about leading men in combat, building team cohesion, and how some of the ideas from SEAL training can be applied to people in leadership positions outside of the military.

    ### Kaj's bio:

    Kaj Larsen was born in Santa Cruz, California, and graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a degree in Political Science. At Harvard University he received his Masters degree in Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government. At Harvard, Kaj was awarded a fellowship from the Shorenstein Center for Press, Politics, and Public Policy. He was also a joint fellow at Tufts Jebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism studies. His focus includes international security policy, media politics, and political affairs.

    Kaj is an award winning filmmaker and correspondent. He was recently the Senior Correspondent and Producer for Now This News. He previously hosted the Emmy award winning series VICE on HBO. At VICE Kaj has produced documentaries on conflict and national security issues. He is the only journalist to be embedded in the Nigerian fight against Boko Haram, and conducted the first exclusive interview with the architect of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program. Prior to Now This and Vice Kaj was a correspondent at CNN as a member of CNN’s Special Investigations and Documentary unit. His on-camera career began in 2005 when he covered the war in Afghanistan for Current TV. At Current TV Kaj helped develop the Emmy Award winning Vanguard Journalism series. He was the first journalist to bring the issue of waterboarding to the public by having himself waterboarded on TV. He broke the media silence on Somalia by being the first western TV journalist in Mogadishu in over a decade. He has since gone on to report from war zones and conflict spots around the world, in places such as Pakistan, Yemen, Cambodia, Colombia, West Africa, and Latin America. His feature documentaries have covered topics ranging from the drug war in Mexico to the devastating floods in Pakistan to Wikileaks. His reporting is distinguished by his in-field and in-depth examination of difficult and dangerous topics around conflict zones, national security, and criminal justice.

    Kaj’s intrepid reporting and powerful filmmaking has put him at the vanguard of a new broadcast journalism. He frequently appears on other media outlets such as ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and the Huffington Post. He was the senior correspondent and host of The Current Election, a daily show about politics and public policy. As a producer Kaj has created hit television series such as US Navy Pirate Hunters, a one-hour special for Spike TV, and LOCKUP the highly rated show about life in American prison for air on MSNBC. He was Aaron Sorkin’s private consultant on the hit HBO series Newsroom. His work has earned him critical acclaim including an Emmy nomination, a Peabody nomination, two Telly awards, and several Golden Cine awards.

    Prior to his work in television, Kaj spent five years on active duty serving as a US Navy SEAL. As a Lieutenant he led a team of special warfare personnel in covert operations overseas deploying as a detachment Commander in support of the Global War on Terrorism. He continues his service as a SEAL reserve officer assigned to US Special Operations Command.

    Kaj is a two time national champion open-water swimmer, and placed third in the Escape from Alcatraz duathalon. Kaj has lived extensively overseas, including Thaila

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5.0 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

georgio181 ,

Great guests, great content

I found this podcast on twitter and can’t say enough good things about it! Jimi gets interesting guests and breaks down tech and business like no one else. Highly recommended.

coolcatmm ,

Great quick tidbits of wisdom and insight

Love the short, digestible chunks of knowledge. Always makes me think harder about certain issues and brings up new ways of looking at the world.

recently123 ,

Learning by osmosis

Underneath Jimi’s laid back style is a cerebral powerhouse that unearth’s entrepreneurial insights. It’s learning by osmosis.

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