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Pro Organizer Studio is a business and design resource for professional organizers. We are here to help you launch & grow the professional organizing business of your dreams! Founder Jen Obermeier has been coaching, supporting & inspiring savvy businesswomen in the home organizing industry since 2016. Melissa Klug, founder of home organization business Home By Eleven joined Pro Organizer Studio in 2020 to help even more women grow in the industry.

The Pro Organizer Studio Podcast Jen Obermeier + Melissa Klug

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Pro Organizer Studio is a business and design resource for professional organizers. We are here to help you launch & grow the professional organizing business of your dreams! Founder Jen Obermeier has been coaching, supporting & inspiring savvy businesswomen in the home organizing industry since 2016. Melissa Klug, founder of home organization business Home By Eleven joined Pro Organizer Studio in 2020 to help even more women grow in the industry.

    I Am On A Work Vacation (it might not be what it sounds like!) MINISODE

    I Am On A Work Vacation (it might not be what it sounds like!) MINISODE

    Melissa is recording this episode from an AirBNB--because she's on a work vacation. This is different than being ON vacation FROM work, and she'll explain it all in this Friday minisode for our awesome organizers. 

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    1 Year in Business: Being Intentional + What She Learned with Kim Snodgrass (Part 2)

    1 Year in Business: Being Intentional + What She Learned with Kim Snodgrass (Part 2)

    This is the second part of my conversation with Kim Snodgrass of Rustic Home Organizing in Oregon. We interviewed her on the podcast last year when she was brand new--and we wanted to check in with her on what she learned in her first year of organizing. 

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    Melissa Klug: What have you taken from that kind of learning to help you moving forward as you start into your second year and hopefully third and fifth and 10th year
    Kim Snodgrass: Oh, I'll be there. For me, so my new word, I would like to share my new word. 
    Melissa Klug: I'm excited. Drum roll. 
    Kim Snodgrass: Are you ready? My new word is intentional. I love that. This year is all about being intentional in my actions. , I will be thoughtful in what I'm doing. I'm giving myself time to process. I'm not making quick decisions.
     I'm gonna allow myself to think for myself until I feel like I need to bring in another opinion which will bring me to another subject of other organizers around the country. But I'm gonna be intentional about my time. I'm gonna be intentional about my shopping when I do it.
    This last year was really difficult for me to go shopping for like, two projects at a time. Okay. But this year I, I've figured out a process about how am I gonna shop for two projects at a time when I'm at the store or at, I'm online. So just being very intentional about my actions.
    And that goes for anything that I'm gonna put my money or my time or my brain into as far as apps, programs, whatever it might be. Any sort of groups. Anything that I'm going to give my time to. Why am I doing it and what am I hoping to get out of it? And that I think is very important for anybody looking into resources within the business to figure out why am I doing it and what am I hoping to get from it?
    And, and knowing that you've gotta, they need, you need to put the energy and the time into it. Things aren't gonna be done for you. It's very 
    Melissa Klug: important. . And that's an important thing because I found myself last night scrolling, for whatever reason, I don't know if it's the end of the year and everybody's selling a billion things.
    I was scrolling through Instagram and I kept getting fed all these ads about courses and, and education and do this, you know, try this funnel and that, I mean, things that are more relevant to my work at Pro Organizer Studio. And I found myself feeling a little bit of fomo, like, oh, maybe that's magic.
    Oh maybe that's magic . And then I'm like, no, no, no, no, no, no. I need to step back. And I love what you said about, how would I use this? When would I use it? Am I going to use it? Cuz there are a million things out there and, you can buy, you can buy a thousand things. But if you're gonna spend that money, then how are you going to use that thing?
     How are you going to implement it in your business? What are you gonna learn from it? And then what gaps does it fill in your knowledge and your education, whatever that looks like for you. , 
    Kim Snodgrass: you know that. I'm so glad you brought that up. I was thinking about that. I almost wanna say social media newsletters, whatever emails you might be signed up for is like a feeding ground.
    And you have to be careful. You have to be really careful on what you decide is gonna be your magic potion to get your business, because the energy that you're putting into all of the things could be put into a YouTube seo tutorial that you could just zip over to your website and make it sound so simple.
    I wouldn't even know how to do that right now, . But you could be putting your time and energy into learning the seo. To get your website more exposure. And I was told at the beginning how important that was and who told 
    Melissa Klug: you that? Just asking 
    Kim Snodgrass: this lady, this one lady, this one lady that wears red glasses.
    I think it's so easy to get sucked

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    137 | One Year Later: Lessons Learned After A Year In Business with Kim Snodgrass of Rustic Home Organizing

    137 | One Year Later: Lessons Learned After A Year In Business with Kim Snodgrass of Rustic Home Organizing

    One year ago, we introduced you to brand new business owner Kim, who had just opened Rustic Home Organizing in Portland, Oregon. Melissa caught up with her almost exactly one year later to hear about what she learned (the good and the bad!) about starting an organizing business.
    Kim is an open book about what she thought she knew, and what she realized she didn't know at all...and everything in between. 
    If you want to catch up and remember what she said last year--hit up episode 97 of the podcast, "Taking A Leap: Lessons from a Business Launch."
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    Melissa Klug: It was one year ago, almost exactly a year ago that we had you on the podcast, and you were at that time a baby organizer. You had just started your business and the other day I was like, oh, I know, because I talked to you a lot how far you have come in that year. But I want everybody to hear how far you have come in this year, and I want you to talk about all the things you've learned. And so I'm just, I'm thrilled that you agreed to be here with us today and do your year wrap up. 
    Kim Snodgrass: Absolutely. I'm excited to, this is very cool to be able to share everything that has gone on in the last year. Yeah. 
    Melissa Klug: All right, let's just start out, let's give everyone a recap. When did you start your business? Where are you all that good stuff? 
    Kim Snodgrass: Technically started in November of 21 but I launched in January of 22. So my business is technically established in 22. I went full board, jumped with both feet in and just started plugging away, listening to lots of podcasts coaching doing all the things to get myself a foundation to be able to start my very own organizing business. Been organizing, obviously my entire life as most organizers have, with the exception of you. . That's right.  I started late. You started a little late, but so it just became more of my journey to becoming a business owner. Not as much the organizing piece of it. 
    Melissa Klug: So what would you give yourself on a scale of one to 10 when you first started out? So a year ago at this time what would you rate yourself in terms of like, confidence, business, knowledge, all of that kind of stuff? 
    Kim Snodgrass: Oh boy. Confidence. I would say on a scale of one to 10, my confidence was about a two. Okay. On a good day, . And then I think today I'm, I'm, I'm on the upper end and depending on how much sleep I get the night before, I'm anywhere between an eight and a 10. Okay. by the way. Sleep is very important. But what people don't understand is unfortunately projects live in your brain, in your sleep, and so the Tetris game goes on while you're sleeping and that can sometimes interfere with the REM sleep. It does. But definitely confidence has played a huge part in my success. 
    Melissa Klug: So let's last year, let's talk about that because yes, you and I have been working together for a while. Yeah. And it was it at the beginning because we all, by the way, this is not just you, it's all of us. All of us struggle with confidence on sometimes a daily basis, , sometimes an hourly basis, if I'm being honest. Like what were some of the things that got you from a two to an eight slash 10? 
    Kim Snodgrass: I started to write down some notes today about things that would be important for me to share. And the very first thing I wrote down was being okay with mistakes. Yeah. And those mistakes can range from the back end of your business to being in the home and realizing when you left, oh, that was a really bad idea of what I just implemented.
    I really need to fix that. But being okay with those mistakes so you don't beat yourself up over it. And the biggest thing you tak

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    Permission to Delete!

    Permission to Delete!

    My lightbulb moment during a crack of dawn workout is now available in your ears! I'm giving you permission to do something that you might have been thinking about, but hesitating to do. I'm here to tell you to DO ITTTT! This is just a minisode brought to you by my brain...I hope you enjoy. 
    We'd love to have you in our community! Information on Inspired Organizer is here. 
    Hey, pro organizers. It's Melissa, and I'm coming to you today with a little mini podcast. This is just kind of like Melissa's musings or we can come up with a cooler name for it. But I was thinking about something this morning and then I'm like, you know what?  I'm gonna go talk to all my podcast besties about it.
    Um, just. A really quick side note that maybe no one listening really cares about, about my personal life, but, uh, or how this happens,  do you think I'm in like a podcast studio right now or like I'm in a really fancy No, I'm just at my desk in my house. My husband works at home and currently he is very loud on the phone.
    We have discovered since the pandemic started, since he started working at home. He's a very loud. So I started trying to record this and he's like on the phone being super loud. Even though it's downstairs, I can still hear it, and one of my neighbors is putting siding on their house. So there's all this like construction noise.
    So  I hope that I'm just coming to you in your ears and it sounds melodious and, uh, and good. But anyway, I'm just kind of laughing because this is real life, right? Like we are entrepreneurs, we run our businesses, real life happens. It's not pretty and it's not, you know, like calm and, sometimes things are a little crazy.
    But anyway, that's just a little bit of, of the behind the scenes. But that's what happens when I'm gonna come to you with these random things off the top of my head, it's gonna be a little bit more casual than maybe what you're used to. But  okay. Onto my, uh, is it a rant? I don't know if it's a rant.
    It's just, it's a commentary. It's something that I've learned this year that I think might be helpful to you guys, and it's this.  I've been doing this thing, it is not a year's resolution, it's just trying to create some new habits and I have been trying to wake up early in the morning and I mean like really early in the morning and get my workout in downstairs in my house before the day starts. 
     I have been doing a pretty serious digital detox. I took so many apps off my phone. I have taken all of my entertainment apps off my phone.  I chose to keep audiobooks and podcasts, but what this means is when I'm doing something like working out, for instance, I don't watch TV on my phone like I used to.
    So this morning  I'm on the Peloton and I was in a work mood. You know? Do you, do you guys do this too? Maybe I, maybe it's just me, but sometimes I'll be in work mode where I'm like, oh yeah, 
    I would love to listen to a work related podcast. Then there are other times when I'm like, Nope, I really, I can't switch my brain to work right now.  I just need something entertainment value. So,  I'll listen to  a fiction, audiobook, whatever. 
    So let me back up and say for my digital detox, one of the things that I decided to do  was I needed to give myself permission to let things go if they aren't working for me in terms of my digital life.  For instance, I have a bunch of podcasts that have built up on my phone of things that I think I'm supposed to be listening to or.  Business books that I think I'm supposed to be reading because it's really, really important for me to read them, and I'm starting to do a better job in this particular digital detox of saying, does this thing serve me anymore?
     I have been trying  to be really, really honest with myself about am I keeping things on my phone or am I saying I need to listen to this? And it's sort of like, Schoolwork, right? Like, my kids are required to learn algebra,

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    What's Your Word?

    What's Your Word?

    Instead of New Year's Resolutions (which statistically fail at a shockingly high rate), Melissa is implementing an idea in her own business to guide her work this year and she's sharing it with us! Come join us as we pick a word of the year to help with your strategy for your professional organizing business--AND your life! 
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    You are listening to the Pro Organizer Studio podcast with Melissa Klug and Jen Obermeier. Thank you so much for joining in. Our mission is to broaden the horizons of savvy business women in the organizing industry. By instilling confidence and inspiring authenticity, you'll gain new insight into strategies designed specifically for professional organizers.
    So now let's get started.
    [00:00:32] Melissa Klug: Hey, pro organizers. It's Melissa. It's 2023, and I hope that you had an absolutely amazing holiday season. I know I did, and I definitely got some rest and relaxation. I hope that was the same for you and your family, but now we are back into it.

    It is a brand new year. I am excited, energized, all sorts of words, and this is kind of a companion episode to the last podcast, which was me saying, Hey, thanks 2022 for all your lessons. And I did a lot of thinking over the holidays and I just wanted to bring you some of my thoughts as we start 2023 as a collective organizing industry as the calendar has turned. 
    I personally love New Year's Day and the few days afterward. I live in Minnesota as most of you know, so before January descends into like gray coldness without the happiness of holiday lights to make it a little bit better.
    I definitely feel really, really energized when it's the first week of a new year and I just feel like it’s a promise and excitement and just great things in the air, even if that air is freezing cold as it is at my house. 
    But I want to be clear, I do not want you to worry about this podcast because there are a couple of phrases specifically that you are not going to hear from me today. And the first one is New Year's Resolution. And the second one, which I'm going to admit bothers me infinitely more is “New Year, New You.” So I do not want tooffend anyone because I have seen the phrase New Year, new you all over social media in the last few days. Tons of people are using it, but the reason that I personally don't like it, and you're not going to hear from me about it anymore, is because I feel like it implies that there's something terribly wrong with you and you must fix it, and you must become an entirely new person. Because a calendar has changed over.
    I just want to say the current person you are is great, and I would rather look at it that instead of New Year's changes or resolutions, I would rather you look at things and take stock and say, “Hey, there are some things I would like to do differently and what is the path that I can take to get there?” But that specific phrasing of New Year, new you has always really bugged me. And so I promise I'm done. Even saying the phrase, I think the current you is delightful. I really do. And I want to find ways to make you even more delightful than you already are.

    The second phrase, new Year's resolution. Everybody knows there are a billion think pieces and articles about it every single year, but New Year's resolutions are widely proven not to be very effective.
    What I would prefer to look at is a more holistic approach to trying to develop new habits if the turn of the calendar is a good time for you t

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    Thanks for the lessons, 2022!

    Thanks for the lessons, 2022!

    It's the end of year episode of The Pro Organizer Studio Podcast. Melissa has been doing some deep thinking over the holiday break....and is ready to share! 

    • 20 min

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4.9 out of 5
92 Ratings

92 Ratings

CPugay ,

It Inspired Me to start my own business

I love this podcast! I started listening to it about a year ago and it truly inspired me to start my own professional organizing business. It helped me understand some of the challenges and the wins. There were interviews of people I could relate to. Enjoy it and be inspired.

maddisonspikes1 ,

Love the Action Steps!

I just listened to the April 3rd episode on Netflix + Organization and I absolutely loved the action items listed to take advantage of the heightened interest in getting organized. I will definitely be implementing them. Great work on the podcast!

jessthemess0202 ,

Worth your time!

Thanks so much for your practical, impactful advice! I’ve learned a lot and have actionable items that are helping my business.

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