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We are four ordinary Americans who happen to be atheists. In this podcast we discuss topics that are relevant to non-believers.

the Profane Argument, atheist podcast Ray, Karen, Jared, and Ian

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We are four ordinary Americans who happen to be atheists. In this podcast we discuss topics that are relevant to non-believers.

    Ep#261: 9/11 and the National Divide

    Ep#261: 9/11 and the National Divide

    Topher Grace @1:06
    OH Judge reverses order @3:47

    McCarthy says Reps. won’t forget @5:31
    Pelosi vote on Roe @8:13
    GoDaddy kicks site prolifewhistleblower-dot-com from its servers @11:02
    Overturning Roe isn’t the final goal for Christian nationalists. @14:18
    TST @16:15

    Religious Nonsense:
    ReAwakening America tour @18:21
    National Faith Advisory Board @19:16
    Update on the new morph of Project Blitz @22:11
    TYT on the Family @23:20

    9/11 talk @30:44
    Effect of the divide @34:43
    Sep 18th 2nd Rally @39:10

    Autism pills @44:46
    Source of Medical Exemptions @46:53
    No longer accepted

    Help CFI fight the War against COVID @52:39
    NC School Board meeting
    Mu @53:59
    U.S. intelligence agencies report on SARS-CoV–2: not engineered as a bioweapon @55:23
    Gunshot victims wait on Ivermectin ODs Not true @55:44
    This week’s dead COVID denier @57:52
    Sorry Anti-Vaxxer @58:21
    Joe Rogan has COVID–19 @1:01:15
    Inmates given Ivermectin @1:02:04
    TX COVID @1:04:31
    Viper Venom news @1:09:43
    New treatment? @1:10:40
    A group of Orthodox rabbis made a video @1:14:15

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Ep##260: Pseudoscience and Grifters

    Ep##260: Pseudoscience and Grifters

    An abortion ruling that might hit tonight, and … it’s complicated @1:36

    Religious Nonsense:
    Laura Prepon out of Scientology @9:05
    Blossom @10:40
    Harvard Chaplain @16:58

    Homeopathic Vaccine Detox @18:50
    the Master’s program in astrology at Indira Gandhi National Open University @22:57

    Help CFI fight the War against COVID @24:39
    Judge blocks Gov. DeSantis’s ban on mask mandates for Florida schools @26:24
    A group of doctors at a Florida hospital were reported to have staged a walkout @28:46
    The WHO says global COVID–19 cases are plateauing after two months of increases. @30:36
    Mississippi Gov. says, “folks in Mississippi are less scared [of COVID–19] @31:42
    Georgia Gov. signs order allowing businesses to ignore rules about masks or vaccines. @32:07
    A judge in Ohio is forcing a hospital to treat a COVID–19 patient with ivermectin @34:28
    MS poison control @39:06
    Ron Johnson...again @41:02
    a woman revealed the CDC’s plot to use schools as concentration camps. @43:00
    Steve Lynch says if school board requires masks, “I’m going in with 20 strong men.” @44:27
    Jared’s story @46:25
    China’s efforts to blame the coronavirus on the American military @52:17
    Flu shot @56:15

    Final Stories:
    Jan 6 Lawyer @59:38
    Zing Zest @1:00:21

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    Ep#259: Republicans and other terrorists

    Ep#259: Republicans and other terrorists

    Is Facebook to blame for misinformation?    @4:00
    TX reaches quorum    @7:44
    Religious Nonsense:
    "I will be resurrected!"    @11:12
    Studies seem to confirm Zero Sum Beliefs    @16:21
    Corruption spotlight: Lauren Boebert    @26:03
    How Disantis’ changes hurt people    @29:43
    Nikki Haley’s opinion piece on why to not recognize the Taliban   @31:26
    Taliban looking for collaborators    @35:20
    Anti-Taliban stirrings    @40:42
    Taliban says it won’t assist Al-Qaeda    @41:34
    Bomb Threat     @41:45
    QAnon cause of deaths    @43:21
    Trump suggests getting vaccine, gets booed.    
    InfoWars host charged for actions on Jan 6th    @49:59
    CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center     
    FDA is keeping a running list of phoney COVID-19 products 
    Vaccine Guide   
    COVID numbers by county 
    Runner-up: Matthew Hardin now has regrets about listening to Alex Jones   @50:40
    This week’s Play stupid games, win stupid prizes: Phil Valentine     
    A ‘How to’ on avoiding mask/vaccine mandates    @53:46
    FDA approval    @56:03
    Q&A on boosters    @56:51
    Future of Coronavirus    @1:01:20
    Final Stories:
    Conspiracy: Afghanistan     @1:03:28

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    Ep#258: Taliban Takeover

    Ep#258: Taliban Takeover

    Recall, recall, recall @2:11
    Paul is still, and always, an a*****e @7:29
    Rep. Greene (R-QAnon) gets fourth “strike” from Twitter, resulting in a 7-day suspension. @9:17

    Senate passes 3.5T budget *and* 1.2T Infrastructure bill @15:21
    Manchin is Manchin @6:10
    Biden asks for more oil @17:03
    Jared’s story @19:31

    Siberia’s wildfires @23:13
    Tropical storm in Haiti @24:33
    Afghanistan @25:44
    What it’s like under Taliban rule @46:17

    CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center
    FDA is keeping a running list of phoney COVID-19 products
    Vaccine Guide
    COVID numbers by county
    Florida is the “epicenter” of COVID–19 transmission @49:26
    SCOTEX sides w/ Governor @50:41
    Boosters for immunocompromised @52:40
    Booster shot for all announcement
    COVID in children make up 15% of cases @53:34
    Long COVID after vaccination @54:01
    It’s getting harder to find horse dewormers at farm supply stores! @55:34

    Religious Nonsense:
    Cardinal Raymond Burke @56:41

    Final Stories:
    Karen’s quote quiz: Who said “The Taliban are the only people building back better” @57:30
    Powerful new deepfake tool @58:42

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    Ep#257: Hey Jared, That's B******t!

    Ep#257: Hey Jared, That's B******t!

    Hobby Lobby update @1:56
    Mubarak Bala has been charged with 10 counts of causing a “public disturbance” @3:17
    Chris Cuomo @4:52
    “a code red for humanity.” @14:18

    Jared’s quiz “Hey Jared, that’s B******t” @17:06

    No info on CA Gov. @27:06
    Another conspiracy, the $100k mcnugget @28:51

    Anne Applebaum endures a lengthy “conversation” with the MyPillow guy @32:11
    Arizona “election audit” is winding down, be ready for a “blizzard of disinformation.” @35:55
    the radicalization of a Parkland shooting survivor’s father @37:10

    Tom Emmer, GOP campaign chair @38:41
    DeJoy @40:29

    Boosters @43:08
    Stop using your religious beliefs as an excuse to not get vaccinated, says…wait…the Catholic Church! @44:27
    COVID Variant to Blame! No, not really. @45:16
    Axios poll: unvaccinated Americans place most blame for the rise in COVID cases on … @48:42
    I wonder how many voted for DeathSantis? @49:44
    Russian efforts to spread vaccine misinformation in the United States. @51:12
    Anti-vaxxer Dick Farrel, who called Dr. Fauci a “power tripping lying freak” and called face masks “face pantys,” has died of COVID–19. @52:15
    H Scott Apley @53:06
    Sturgis is back @54:00

    Final Stories:
    Apparently more people in Australia claim to be Jedis on the census than atheists @54:56

    • 59 min
    Ep#256: 'The Storm' may be upon us

    Ep#256: 'The Storm' may be upon us

    Rebekah Jones @1:39

    Religious Nonsense:
    Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has been charged @3:45
    Catholic Priest outed - carryover @5:37
    MA law repeal @8:14
    “Clergy on Patrol.” @11:09

    The Storm is not upon us @13:45
    The storm my be upon us @19:10
    Dr. Stella Immanuel sues CNN, Anderson Cooper for $100M @24:28
    Jack Hibbs says, forgive the antichrist world views @26:24
    Sarah Palin for Senate? @30:09
    Cuomo @34:00

    CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center
    FDA is keeping a running list of phoney COVID-19 products
    Vaccine Guide
    COVID numbers by county
    We have new guidelines @
    Misinformation quiz @40:50
    AP list of false claims
    FDA not revoking test
    WHO does not have release dates for variants
    Florida on Sunday broke a previous record for current hospitalizations
    At every stage of the pandemic DeSantis has effectively acted as an ally of the coronavirus.
    David Byrd, COVID-denier, changes tune after 55 days on a ventilator. @50:22
    Sen. Lindsey Graham, tested positive for COVID–19, said this: “I am very glad I was vaccinated because without vaccination I am certain I would not feel as well as I do now. My symptoms would be far worse.” @51:23
    Capitol Hill reinstitutes the mask mandate and Republicans refuse to comply. @52:27
    10 SCOTUS rulings...guess how they went @53:30
    Biden suggest money to get vaccinated @54:17

    Siberian permafrost loss worse than imagined @55:12

    Naturopathic infusion @1:02:14

    Final Stories:
    Gilgamesh tablet @1:07:51

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4.9 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

pMuffin3! ,

Detailed map of my rectangle

I love the multiple personalities without cackling laughter. Ian, you and I need to meet and have a beer or two. I live in the same country... I love the show and would like to meet but I don’t want to put my info here for all the trolls????

curtsnrt ,

A great show!

I really enjoy listening to the show. A mixture of humor and information that keeps me coming back. Thanks for the show!

Kurt620 ,

Great Show! I have recommended this to friends

Each week the hosts go through current events both locally and world wide that impact atheists. Their open and honest discussions are refreshing. I listen each week!

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