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We are four ordinary Americans who happen to be atheists. In this podcast we discuss topics that are relevant to non-believers.

the Profane Argument, atheist podcas‪t‬ Ray, Karen, Jared, and Ian

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We are four ordinary Americans who happen to be atheists. In this podcast we discuss topics that are relevant to non-believers.

    Ep#235: Former President back in the news

    Ep#235: Former President back in the news

    What a Rush @2:13
    Texas @7:44
    Russia @18:44
    Qatar example @20:25
    Taxes on the unemployed @22:38
    AZ voting changes @23:28

    Trump casino implosion @25:41
    TN update: The legislation to allow a man who allegedly impregnated a woman to petition to prevent her from ending her pregnancy. @27:11
    South Carolina’s “fetal heartbeat” law, was blocked by a federal judge. @27:59
    Abortion bills exceed 200

    SCOTUS @29:00
    President not paying me? That’s ok, I‘ll steal coasters @31:39
    Biden/Saudi @34:38
    Cuomo Talk @37:50
    GA Republicans try to change law to protect Trump @43:19
    Trump to speak at CPAC @44:36
    CPAC Cancel culture

    Profiles in Sedition: Bracket: https://brackethq.com/b/jujl/ @46:54
    This seems unwise: US Marshals talking about March 4th inauguration.
    Hawley story @51:05

    Nature looks at how folks are responding to the COVID–19 vaccines @58:07
    The FDA says you can feel safe about ordering takeout. @59:442

    Religious Nonsense:
    Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski of the metal band Behemoth is convicted of “offending religious feelings” @1:00:41

    Final stories:
    Mars @1:01:32
    Happy 20th birthday to ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US. @1:02:37
    Tiger Woods @1:10:42

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    Ep#234: Eye level with so many balls

    Ep#234: Eye level with so many balls

    In the madness of social media: conflicts, hostility, and conspiracy theories: NextDoor @2:12

    Mavericks stop playing Anthem @5:32
    Carano @7:29

    Profiles in Sedition: Bracket: https://brackethq.com/b/jujl/ @19:44
    Josh Hawley v Mike Lindell
    Greene v Powell
    Rudy Giuliani v Lin Wood

    Boebert lying on reimbursement @29:22
    GOP attacking anyone who turns @31:28
    Trump statement on McConnell @32:11
    New GOP party - not Trump @36:19
    Openly atheist PA State Rep. Brian Sims is running for Lieutenant Governor. @41:25

    CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center
    FDA is keeping a running list of phoney COVID-19 products
    Trump’s COVID, not surprising @43:17
    “Highly unlikely” it came from a lab @43:55
    The U.S. could have avoided about 40 percent of the COVID deaths @45:56
    Misinformation: @46:30
    Buying COVID vaccines from modernatax? Stop! It’s a scam.
    Here’s more on vaccine scams from Recode, which also notes that folks are selling phony “vaccine cards” so people can cosplay as immune.
    The feds are investigating a “massive counterfeit N95 mask operation”.
    Conspiracy theories are becoming a serious problem in some Hispanic communities
    Evangelical Christian missionaries telling Brazil’s indigenous villages not to get the COVID vaccine

    Religious Nonsense:
    TN - Abortion veto @49:29
    Creepy republicans want to have physicians evaluate young girls hoo-has @51:38
    Locker room talk @54:32
    Raif Badawi has been approved for Canadian citizenship @57:57
    Sri Lankan writer Shakthika Sathkumara is now free as his case is dismissed. @59:03
    Yesterday, eight attackers were sentenced to death for Dipon’s murder. @59:32

    Final stories:
    It’s a week til Ash Wednesday. Uh , how are they gonna do that without all the touching? @1:01:09
    Jared’s hot take @1:02:29
    “Reports of UFOs over Utah are from Elon Musk’s latest project.” @1:04:29

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    Ep#233: Superspreader Sunday review

    Ep#233: Superspreader Sunday review

    Rittenhouse violates bond @1:07

    Superspreader Sunday! @4:46
    Supreme Court ruled that California can’t restrict indoor church services @10:53
    Tyler Broker points out the silly comparisons
    Catholic Church in U.S. was sitting on more than $10B when it got a another $1.5B from the PPP @12:44
    Stimulus details @14:12
    Anchor on Newsmax walks off @15:19
    Morgan Wallen @22:26
    Canada declares Proud Boys are terrorists @24:57

    Profiles in Sedition:
    Ted Cruz v Trump children @26:09
    Matt Gaetz v Steven Sund @37:22

    Video link from the impeachment @42:54
    Trump won’t testify under oath @45:14
    Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill)
    Cheney v Greene @48:50
    Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-QAnon) is not an outlier in the GOP
    McCarthy encouraged Cheney to apologize
    WY censured Cheney
    Pentagon Chief outs Trumpers @59:25
    DOJ Clearing house as well
    Maher: The Capitol insurrection was “a faith-based initiative.” And, “Magical religious thinking is a virus and QAnon is just its current mutation.” @1:00:34

    Ron Wright @1:02:12

    Final stories:
    Crazy Cat Lady @1:03:48

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    Ep#232: For entertainment purposes only

    Ep#232: For entertainment purposes only

    WI Pharmacist update @1:26
    Filibuster info @3:05

    Reddit v Stock Market @7:41

    Profiles in Sedition:
    Lauren Boebert v Zip tie guy @19:48
    NRA also to blame @33:43
    Christopher Miller, Defense Sec v Donald Trump @
    Another Trump crazy @40:37
    “The Capitol insurrection was as Christian nationalist as it gets.” @42:08
    Didja hear? Biden reduced the age of consent to 8. @43:46
    What else could we do?? @46:54

    Trump loses legal team @53:44
    Trump’s new lawyers
    Judges stepping down @1:06:56
    Russian revolt against Putin @1:07:53
    Myanmar coup @1:09:50
    Poland’s near-total abortion ban has gone into effect @1:11:37

    Bad news: Amazonian variant @1:12:36
    Maher Scientists @1:14:15
    Google has removed 500,000 COVID misinformation videos from YouTube @1:18:22

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    Ep#231: Profiles in Sedition I

    Ep#231: Profiles in Sedition I

    Rebekah Jones turned herself over to police on Saturday @2:31
    Profiles in Sedition Bracket @7:00

    Biden’s MASSIVE amount of god-talk @8:27

    Profiles in Sedition: @29:34
    “we were actually affecting the quantum realm”
    There was a lot of anger
    How big was the coup attempt? @40:57
    QAnon cultists are reeling @41:46
    Trump coming back Mar 4
    Franklin Graham says no Christians actually went inside
    the Capitol insurrection as the creation myth of a new “religion,” a new “Lost Cause” @46:28
    A new subreddit for the times @48:38
    Franklin Graham says no Christians actually went inside @54:58

    Trump’s future finances @55:34
    Parting clemency @57:46
    Trump tried to oust acting AG @1:00:04
    Mike Lindell seeks Trump endorsement for MN @1:01:29
    Sanders running in AR
    Marjorie Taylor Greene and resurfaced assertions that the Parkland school massacre was fake @1:02:48

    Stop, enemy, for the Heart of Jesus is with me @1:07:26
    Ian’s COVID story @1:08:16
    You will not test positive for COVID-19 because you got the vaccine. Also, vaccine production was never halted because of vaccine-related deaths. 1:11:23
    Vaccine makes you gay! @1:12:27

    Religious Nonsense:
    Catholic bishops in the U.S. signs on to a statement condemning the bullying of LGBTQ young people @1:13:08

    Final stories:
    Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Humphrey has introduced a bill to establish a season for hunting Bigfoot. @1:14:02

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    Ep#230: Buh Bye Donnie Little-Hands

    Ep#230: Buh Bye Donnie Little-Hands

    Huffington Shit-Post @3:27

    Still no Superman @5:36

    Mystery unsolved @9:01
    Jack Jenkins on the role of Christianity @13:01
    Trump is God’s chosen candidate
    “QAnon … is just the Satanic Panic all over again…”
    How to live among those who see life as a cosmic war
    Republican senator Ben Sasse in The Atlantic, “QAnon Is Destroying the GOP From Within.” @22:55
    MyPillow.com accepts “QANON” as a promo code. @26:43
    Dems move to reprimand Reps @29:02
    Christian nationalist legislative initiative Project Blitz @33:23
    SCOTUS rule on abortion pill @35:25
    Federal Executions end woman’s life, the first in 70 years. @36:44

    CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center
    FDA is keeping a running list of phoney COVID-19 products
    New record: 4400 @39:46
    The B117 variant of the coronavirus prompts us to stop going to the grocery store. @40:10

    Religious Nonsense:
    George W. Bush spiritual adviser Kirbyjon Caldwell was convicted of fraud @44:06
    Catholic dioceses in upstate New York where they discussed trying to quash the extension of the Child Victims Act @48:36
    a bill in North Dakota that would remove clergy from the list of those who don’t have to report child abuse @50:51

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4.9 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

curtsnrt ,

A great show!

I really enjoy listening to the show. A mixture of humor and information that keeps me coming back. Thanks for the show!

Kurt620 ,

Great Show! I have recommended this to friends

Each week the hosts go through current events both locally and world wide that impact atheists. Their open and honest discussions are refreshing. I listen each week!

Zed-Ram ,

Awesome Show

Found out about this show from Leonard and Todd of Longbox Heroes After Dark.

My expectations were low but I was pleasantly surprised.

The show was awesome. As an atheist/secular humanist and current political junkie I found this show informative and fun.

Looking forward to future episodes. keep up the good work!

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