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We are four ordinary Americans who happen to be atheists. In this podcast we discuss topics that are relevant to non-believers.

the Profane Argument, atheist podcast Ray, Karen, Jared, and Ian

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We are four ordinary Americans who happen to be atheists. In this podcast we discuss topics that are relevant to non-believers.

    Promo from E200: Ian hears about the Trump Rally

    Promo from E200: Ian hears about the Trump Rally

    Trump: a whiny little bitch

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    Ep#201: Orangutans and chimpanzees don’t … uh … bang.

    Ep#201: Orangutans and chimpanzees don’t … uh … bang.

    National News:
    Roberts helped strike down a restrictive Louisiana abortion law @3:58
    Gave Trump more authority to neutralize the CFPB @5:48
    One reason incomes for the affluent have risen so much faster @6:42
    School choice @7:17

    Surviving Trump’s first term @11:52

    Face masks do not keep you from getting oxygen @15:02
    The coronavirus is mutating @17:40
    Anthony Fauci says we’re probably not going to achieve herd immunity in the U.S. even if we get a vaccine because too many people will refuse to take it
    According to a study of misinformation about the virus, Sean Hannity has a lot of blood on his hands @23:42
    US buys up stock of COVID-19 drug @31:34
    Remdesivir priced at $3100+ https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/06/29/884648842/remdesivir-priced-at-more-than-3-100-for-a-course-of-treatment

    U.S. officials briefed President Trump in February about Russia’s payment of bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan @37:03
    Then-national security adviser John Bolton also told colleagues he briefed Trump on the intelligence assessment in March 2019. [AP]
    Trump’s response to the protests that is really hurting his numbers @44:10
    Paula White says she’s told Donald Trump not to talk about his faith in public so he doesn’t get “trapped” by mean journalists’ questions @45:44
    Jared’s rumor that Trump might drop out?? @48:48

    State News:
    The Mississippi legislature voted to remove the Confederate symbol from its state flag (cool!) and replace it with “In God We Trust.” @52:36

    World News:
    China’s parliament passed national security legislation for Hong Kong [Reuters] @54:54
    In 2019, There were more humanist weddings in Scotland than Christian weddings @56:15

    Final stories:
    Scientists are growing little brain organoids (“mini-brains”) with human cells that have Neanderthal DNA @56:59

    Next time your toilet clogs up, try commanding it to unclog in Jesus’ name. Worked for this guy @1:01:19

    Sacha Baron Cohen @1:03:38

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Ep#200: Big Cock Energy

    Ep#200: Big Cock Energy

    CFI lawsuit against Walmart  dismissed   @2:46
    Announcement from the FDA about…injectable homeopathy!   @4:23
    Franklin Graham is the real victim here   @5:33
    Danny Masterson    @13:31

    National News: 
    Replacing “white privilege” with “white blessing,” because whites “miss the blessing of slavery.”    @16:23
    House candidate and QAnon devotee Marjorie Taylor Greene    @22:48

    A church that defied restrictions is now epicenter of fresh outbreak   @26:17
    Can your blood type predict your coronavirus risk?    @29:24
    A key point about why you wouldn’t want this “boost”    @32:15

    Rally -
    Trump says, “slow the testing down”     @35:13
    Empty seats     
    “the ramp and the water.”    @44:41
    8 staffers test positive    @50:15
    Trump encouraged President Xi to keep building concentration camps    @53:07

    Other National News: 
    UN Human Rights Council has found a new country of concern to monitor     @58:00

    Biden VP choices     @58:54

    Final  story:
    Holy Fight Ministries claims constitutional right to hold cockfights    @1:03:29

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    Ep#199: Jesus Christ on a cracker

    Ep#199: Jesus Christ on a cracker

    Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman, the guy whose first run for Congress introduced us to the term “Bigfoot erotica,” might be defeated in his primary @2:45

    National News:
    Racist Magic cards @8:10
    Ohio senator fired from emergency room job @18:29
    SCOTUS: Neil Gorsuch, you magnificent bastard
    Rules LGBTQ rights protected @21:28
    Gorsuch sent a clear signal that he will look favorably on employers who want to fire gay and transgender employees for religious reasons
    Not to take cases on 2nd amendment @26:37
    Will not consider limiting civil lawsuit immunity for cops @27:22

    CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center
    FDA is keeping a running list of phoney COVID-19 products
    You know, if we stop testing we’ll have very few cases, if any @27:57
    Remember how we were worried that the president was convincing people to use bleach to fight COVID-19? Well, turns out we had VERY GOOD REASON TO BE @39:05

    A “godman” in India claimed he could cure people of COVID-19 by kissing their hands. Instead, he infected 19 people, infected himself, and died of the disease. @40:52

    Tulsa Op-Ed says “Trump rally not welcome here” @43:48
    “No” to Tulsa on Juneteenth? How about Jacksonville FL on Ax Handle Saturday?

    Trump’s own Stasi Justice Department hasn’t even found a single case of Antifa mischief @49:26

    One America News Network (OAN) employs a literal Russian propagandist @55:27

    World News:
    Catholic church in Poland says it has Jesus Christ’s actual DNA @1:00:02

    Final story:
    A new video game coming soon, The Pope: Power & Sin. @1:02:53

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    Ep#198: Slipping grasp of reality

    Ep#198: Slipping grasp of reality

    Mubarak Bala, the humanist activist detained by Nigerian authorities, is still in custody because of the pandemic @1:37
    WH wants you to believe that “antifa” is leaving piles of bricks at protest sites in order to encourage violence Business Insider reports @2:32

    National News:
    Minneapolis to dismantle police @5:10
    Police acting like police @12:53
    “Soros Riot Dance Squad.” @27:08
    NYT and Tom Cotton’s Op-Ed The Washington Post reports @32:02
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is blowing this moment in some monumental ways, as it has reportedly sidelined its black reporters from covering the protests @33:41
    Falwell’s tweet & backlash @35:26

    Trump’s ridiculous Bible-waving: @38:10
    The White House demanded retractions from media outlets reporting that protesters outside the building were tear-gassed for the president’s photo-op on Monday. Faith leaders who were there call out the lie @42:00
    the Bible that Trump waved around last week was sort of the wrong one @42:57
    The ACLU and Black Lives Matter are suing Trump for the attack on protesters
    Trump is Christian nationalist’s guy @51:18
    Christian nationalism welcomes authoritarianism @52:09
    22.2 percent of Americans believe that a Democratic president would ban the Bible @53:13
    Even Pat Freaking Robertson thinks this “isn’t cool.” @57:53
    Who’s not voting for him?
    Trump is gutting more environmental regulations

    The pandemic is getting worse @1:05:16
    Sadly, we have lost Seal. I mean, he’s not dead, he’s fine, just a dum-dum @1:06:23

    State News:
    Tennessee’s House is going to pass a bill forcing schools to let kids out of class for an hour each day so they can go get religious instruction @1:08:17

    Final story:
    How about this church? @1:09:15

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    Ep#197: Tanks in the streets

    Ep#197: Tanks in the streets

    “Weekend Gardener” survey on his site @2:29

    National News:
    Quote from CFI @3:49

    Tanks in the streets question and answer (Answer came after we recorded)
    PotUS had peaceful protesters shot with tear gas and flash grenades
    Trump’s photo-op defense force also kicked priests and volunteers out of the church @14:52
    Twitter appends a very gentle warning message @16:25
    Mark Zuckerberg appears on the channel to wag his finger at Twitter and promise that Facebook would never, ever do such a thing
    Facebook is where anti-vaxxers and COVID-19 conspiracy theorists go

    Trump talks to Putin

    He also wants a ban on flag-burning. @21:47
    Trump invites Putin to G8 @26:29

    ‘Sorry, no mask allowed’ @28:05

    State News:
    Jillian Russell of Ohio shot her, um, friend, Marcus Turnage, after he revealed he was an atheist @45:06

    Other National News:
    Justice Department is dropping investigations into three senators @47:24

    Americans still broadly trust scientists @1:03:08

    Final story:
    SpaceX rocket brings two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. @1:04:16

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4.9 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

curtsnrt ,

A great show!

I really enjoy listening to the show. A mixture of humor and information that keeps me coming back. Thanks for the show!

Kurt620 ,

Great Show! I have recommended this to friends

Each week the hosts go through current events both locally and world wide that impact atheists. Their open and honest discussions are refreshing. I listen each week!

Zed-Ram ,

Awesome Show

Found out about this show from Leonard and Todd of Longbox Heroes After Dark.

My expectations were low but I was pleasantly surprised.

The show was awesome. As an atheist/secular humanist and current political junkie I found this show informative and fun.

Looking forward to future episodes. keep up the good work!

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