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The Profit Express tackles all topics from Sales and Marketing to Entrepreneurship and beyond! Each week he interviews some of businesses most exciting and successful authors, entrepreneurs, and celebrities.

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The Profit Express tackles all topics from Sales and Marketing to Entrepreneurship and beyond! Each week he interviews some of businesses most exciting and successful authors, entrepreneurs, and celebrities.

    Tim’s Top Sales Strategies & Tips

    Tim’s Top Sales Strategies & Tips

    You can’t find success in sales without the right plan in place. But how can you filter out weak leads and increase your numbers? Today I will be sharing with you some of my favorite Sales Strategies, Tips and Techniques – these are the same strategies that I use each and every day and that I share with my clients that are used in the field on a daily basis. 

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    This week’s episode of The Profit Express is brought to you by Corbett Public Relations, Promoting and Protecting Businesses and Brands for over 30 years.

    How big is your ASS?

    You should always be growing the size of your ASS.

    I don’t mean by sitting around on your couch – I mean your Average Size Sale. At :25, I discuss ways you can relate to your customers in order to increase the average order value that they place with you. Even a simple “I have a suggestion for you” can take you from being an order taker to an order maker with clients, increasing your profits by a large amount.

    Earning a Seat at Your Table

    You probably know by now that a pipeline is the most basic tool in sales and business to track your open opportunities, proposals, and quotes. At 6:40, I discuss why as a sales professional, you should limit your pipeline to those who have actually earned a seat at your table.

    While you may wonder why limiting your pipeline is a smart move, remember that in sales, time is money. As a business professional, you live or die by your pipeline. How qualified are your opportunities?

    Sales Lessons from George Foreman

    Throughout the years, The Profit Express has brought you hundreds of stories of sales legends across nearly every industry. One of our most popular shows featured sales strategies and lessons from legendary boxer George Foreman.

    Listen at 15:05 as I recap one of George’s most important lessons: always be ready to sell.


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    How do you manage risk in business and in life?

    How do you manage risk in business and in life?

    Risk is just another part of life. Each of us encounters risk of all sizes every day, whether in business or in our personal lives. But how can we manage risk and fear with opportunity? My guest today is no stranger to taking chances. In fact, she’s achieved success based on a special game of risk.

    My guest today on The Profit Express is Molly Bloom, entrepreneur, speaker, and author of the 2014 memoir – which later became a Hollywood hit – Molly’s Game. After entering the world of underground poker at the age of 23, she owned and operated her own private games, attracting the likes of elites like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, and Alex Rodriguez. Download this week’s episode to hear Molly’s story of how she processes risk and doesn’t let fear hold her back.

    This week’s episode of The Profit Express is brought to you by Corbett Public Relations, Promoting and Protecting Businesses and Brands for over 30 years.

    Walk Towards Risk and Fear

    If Molly’s story sounds too risky for you to imagine, know that her dad set her up for success. At 8:58, Molly speaks about how her father taught her to be counterphobic. Fear and discomfort are natural emotions, but they should never be a reason to not do something. The next time a situation looks hard or scary, take a step towards it.

    Be Fearless and Creative

    We’ve all heard how important it is to network in business. To Molly, networking is not as important as creating something worth bragging about. Listen in at 17:20 to find out how once she had a stellar product in place, it became easy to be fearless and creative in how she reached out to potential players.

    Don’t Sacrifice Your Dignity

    Throughout her years in the poker world, Molly has had to take many risks. At 24:20, she tells the story of standing her ground against a popular Spiderman actor. What she lost in tip money, she made up for in keeping her dignity. The lesson here? Even if you lose things in life, you’ll still make it out okay in the end.

    “Act Differently than You Feel”

    Molly’s story is a unique one, partly because she is a woman succeeding in a world dominated by men. Listen at 29:20 as she imparts some valuable advice for anyone lacking confidence in their industry. For Molly, a lifetime of not letting fear hold her back from making choices has made it a little easier to take chances.


    Download this week’s episode of The Profit Express to hear more about Molly’s run in with the mafia and why, despite her accomplishments, she is still running headfirst into risk and fear.

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    Dr. Kerry Fierstein on Changes in the Healthcare Industry

    Dr. Kerry Fierstein on Changes in the Healthcare Industry

    When was the last time you visited your doctor’s office? Have you noticed a change in service over the last 5-10 years? Even you don’t think things have changed, there are few industries that have seen as many changes as the healthcare industry. My guest today has seen these changes in practice, and she has seen how they impact patients and physicians alike.

    My guest today is Dr. Kerry Fierstein, CEO of Allied Physicians Group and Adjuvant.Health. She has been a practicing pediatrician for more than 30 years, and today also works to advocate for physician-owned pediatric practices. She is here to talk about some of the challenges and changes facing the healthcare industry.

    Starting Allied Physicians

    Dr. Kerry Fierstein has been a practicing pediatrician for more than 30 years. Listen at 5:04 as she discusses the start of Allied Physicians Group. Around 10 years ago, she and her partners in private practice realized that they needed to align themselves with a larger group. However, as she explains, partnering with a hospital or other multi-specialty group can lead to pediatricians losing their voice.

    Allied Physicians Group is unique in that it is a physician-owned organization. Their executives can negotiate with insurance collectively, making it easier for physicians to focus on treating patients.

    Changing Times in Medicine

    Starting at 8:55, Dr. Fierstein speaks about how changes in the medical industry have led to physicians needing to take more of a business mindset. She explains how in the three decades she has been a practicing physician, the biggest change she has seen is how insurance companies do business. Gone are the days where patients dealt directly with the companies. Now, the healthcare office is the collections agency, requiring practice owners to consider more than just how they care for patients.

    Making Decisions as a Physician

    For most of us, going to the doctor has always been the same. At 20:45, Dr. Fierstein talks about how the changes that have taken place in the industry have impacted how physicians treat patients. A benefit of Allied Physicians Group is that doctors are not being dictated to in regards to where they can send patients to. Healthcare professionals do not feel pressure to refer their patients within the organization. They do not have to wait for the state or insurance companies to set mandates – physicians are free to choose what makes sense for their patients.

    CEO during the Unknown

    While it seemed like life changed overnight for all of us in March of 2020, for the medical industry, the threat had been looming. Listen at 35:00 as Dr. Fierstein discusses the first steps she took. Like other healthcare workers, pediatricians were trying to prepare for an influx of patients. Instead, patients stopped coming in. Board advisors were meeting each day to look at data to give partners ways to hit their target while still keeping patients safe.

    Leading through COVID-19

    However, no industry has been as hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as the healthcare industry has. At 43:25, Dr. Fierstein speaks about how she as a leader was able to help her staff through some of the most challenging moments of the pandemic. Allied Physicians Group has a culture program and coaches in place. EAP is available for physicians. A weekly meditation meeting was held. By providing support, clear communication, and staying calm, Dr. Fierstein was able to lead her staff forward.

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    Amanda Brinkman: Champion for Small Business Owners

    Amanda Brinkman: Champion for Small Business Owners

    Small businesses are as American as apple pie. When the pandemic began in 2020, Main Streets in towns and cities everywhere began to experience challenges like never before. My guest today has seen firsthand the effects of COVID-19 on small business owners.

    My guest today is Amanda Brinkman, the Chief Brand and Communications Officer behind Deluxe Corporation. She is also a creator, producer, and host of Small Business Revolution, a popular series on Hulu and Amazon Prime, now entering its 6th season. Amanda is here to discuss the impact of the pandemic on small businesses, and how small business owners can set themselves up for success in the future.

    This week’s episode of The Profit Express is brought to you by Corbett Public Relations, Promoting and Protecting Businesses and Brands for over 30 years.

    Contributing to the World

    Gone are the days when all you needed was a great product or service to succeed. Today, consumers demand that you practice what you preach. At 3:47, Amanda discusses how the pandemic and other events of 2020 helped show just how drastic the division of wealth is in the United States. Does your brand purpose match the actions you take? If not, what steps can you take to start doing good and contributing to the world?

    A Focus on Authenticity

    How did Small Business Revolution come about? Listen at 8:05 as Amanda speaks about how a special anniversary led to the start of this journey around the country. Deluxe Corporation was celebrating its 100th anniversary and grappling with the problem of having less than 1% brand awareness with small business owners. To kill two birds with one stone, they went around the country to tell the story of 100 small businesses, dubbing them Small Business Champions.

    The result? By focusing on authenticity and a true love for small businesses, Deluxe had 1,000 news stories written about their campaign, giving both the companies and Deluxe itself more attention than they ever could have dreamed.

    Thinking in a Business Sense

    You likely started your business because you had a passion for flowers, accounting, or whatever service your company falls under. You likely did not start your business because you wanted to build a website or spend time learning marketing.

    Listen at 18:05 as Amanda speaks about how gets business owners to think about the actual business needs they have. The internet is a great equalizer and has leveled the playing field when it comes to marketing. However, it is now expected that businesses have a digital footprint. Amanda offers some advice: even a small investment in graphics and fonts for your website can have a major impact on your branding.

    Stop Wearing Every Hat

    As a small business owner, your time is always in demand. As Amanda discusses at 21:00, it is vital that you be honest with yourself about where your time is best spent. You simply cannot take on every role, and you should not be afraid to hire someone to help you with the hard parts of your job.

    The 2020 Effect

    It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on us all. But for small business owners everywhere, the results of the pandemic and related lockdowns have been devastating.

    Listen at 34:50 as Amanda speaks about what she saw while filming Season 6 of Small Business Revolution. Many business owners have begun to see the importance of basic marketing ideas. It is now more important than ever before to have a website and a strong online presence. Make it as easy as possible for customers to find you and know what policies you are enforcing.

    Your Story is Powerful

    Behind every business is an owner. And behind every owner is the reason why he or she began a company. At 40:00, Amanda discusses just how important it is to put your story out there, even if you don’t think anyone will care. Now more than ever,

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    Hilary Topper: Creating Your Social Media Strategy

    Hilary Topper: Creating Your Social Media Strategy

    Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. TikTok. Today, it seems like there’s an endless number of social media to join. We follow friends, entertainers, and companies, trying to make our pages stand out from the rest. But how do you set yourself apart from competing businesses? My guest today knows how important it is to have the right social media strategy in place.

    My guest today is Hilary Topper. She is a blogger, writer, podcaster, and triathlete. She is also a marketing maven who is here to help all of us build a social media strategy for our brands.

    This week’s episode of The Profit Express is brought to you by Corbett Public Relations, Promoting and Protecting Businesses and Brands for over 30 years.

    The HJMT Brand

    Hilary is a blogger, podcaster, writer, triathlete, traveler, and a music lover. As she explains at 5:40, it is important that her brand represent all of these facets of her personality. Many business owners choose to let their PR person be the one to face the world, but it is impossible for customers to get a sense of who you are that way. There is an old adage that rings true: “We do business with people we know, like, and trust.”

    Setting Yourself Apart

    There’s millions of people on social media, and standing out amongst a crowd can be a daunting task. At 8:50, Hilary offers some advice to people who think their chosen industry is too “boring” to appeal to a wide audience. She uses the example of a client who put a unique spin on her legal business. Think about what you love and are passionate about and turn it into your own brand.

    Content, Content, Content

    Since 2010 when she launched the Triathlete’s Diary blog, Hilary has created unique content – a lot of it. Listen at 14:40 as Hilary speaks about the importance of following a content schedule. She recommends blogging at least one a week to make it obvious to your readers that you are serious. It all comes down to figuring out why you are doing this, and what you hope to get out of it.

    Creating Your Strategy

    The Profit Express is now on Instagram! This was the first time Tim was on the social network, and like many, he found himself overwhelmed by all of the content. He watches what Hilary does, and is in awe over how she is able to put herself out there.

    At 21:25, Hilary talks about some ways for brands to start branching out on social media for the first time. She believes you must be transparent and try to connect with people. Try promoting different products or services. Run a giveaway. Research hashtags and comment on other posts that use them. Even if you hire a professional to manage your social media strategy, you still have to be involved. It takes time and a lot of work to grow a following.

    Best Brand Examples

    Chances are, you follow several brands online, all with their own social media strategy. But who is doing it the best? Listen at 36:03 as Hilary discusses some of her favorite brands on social media. What sets these brands apart? They work hard to get an emotion out of their followers – even laughing or crying will result in interaction and engagement.


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    Building an Online Community: Alyssa Guidice of Dine-LI

    Building an Online Community: Alyssa Guidice of Dine-LI

    Whether you use a laptop, cellphone, or tablet, you always connect with others online. While social media continues to grow, many people have begun to search for more of a community than they can find on their feeds.

    My guest today knows a lot about building an online community – her Facebook group, Dine-LI, has nearly 27,000 members. She is Alyssa Guidice, and she is here to talk about how she has achieved these numbers, all with $0 for a marketing budget.

    This week’s episode of The Profit Express is brought to you by Corbett Public Relations, Promoting and Protecting Businesses and Brands for over 30 years.

    A Background in Food

    Dine-LI was started to connect food and beverage businesses with consumers under one platform. Alyssa knows a thing or two about the food industry, having worked in it for more than 10 years.

    At 4:55, Alyssa discusses her background. While in college to become a history teacher and working as a cashier at an Italian supermarket, she knew food would always be there. She switched to a culinary program, and eventually worked her way into a position in the wine industry…which she hated.

    Creating Dine-LI

    The food industry is an increasingly popular source of employment. However, as Alyssa explains at 8:50, it is often overlooked. Workers don’t have a normal schedule, the holidays are crazy, and it is very easy for one person’s bad day to lead to an unhappy guest. In starting DINE LI with her mom and some close friends, Alyssa is building an online community that connects restaurants and bars with their customers.

    Growing Over Time

    For nearly two years, Dine-LI has grown. Listen at 24:10 as Alyssa discusses how they have been able to sustain the community. One unexpected source of growth? The pandemic. Alyssa has spent countless hours creating a resource to find everything from restaurants offering takeout to places with heaters in their outdoor eating setups. Several times per week, the group hosts a giveaway from local restaurants. All of these steps have made a difference in the Long Island food and beverage industry – and helped grow Dine-LI.

    Making a Difference

    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the restaurant industry. At 32:18, Alyssa speaks about how Dine-LI has made a difference for restaurants and healthcare workers alike. One of the unexpected positive impact that building this online community has had is through the Dine-LI Gives Back program. Group members donated more than $14,000, which Alyssa paid to local restaurants to supply food for frontline workers.

    Keeping the Vibe Alive

    With so many group members and so much activity, it’s a no-brainer that Alyssa is making some serious money, right? Not so fast. Listen at 45:30 where she discusses her decision to not monetize Dine-LI. Alyssa has seen how monetizing Facebook groups has changed the vibe of the group, and in building an online community, she is only willing to change things around for something right.


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5.0 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Anthony D. - Jersey City, NJ ,

Great Podcast & Business Coach

I’ve been a client of Tim Healy for the past 14 months. I hired him as a business coach for my wealth management practice. It’s been a great investment and the results have exceeded my expectations. This podcast is a reflection of the great work Tim does. He asks the right questions, listens, and provides valuable insight. The guests he’s interviewed on this podcast are incredibly successful. I’ve listened to his podcast with George Foreman three times! Thank you Tim for the quality work you put in on this podcast and also your coaching program! I’d highly recommend this podcast and Healy Success Solutions.

ntee123 ,

This is why I do podcasts!

Tim brought the conversation to a place that was extremely authentic and raw. I’ve been excited to share what came up during our conversation with my team and the people that matter in my life. I hope listeners found the conversation as useful and thought provoking.

magdalenaDC ,

Best Podcast Ever!

Time Healy is the best podcast I’ve ever been in. I loved his questions, but most importantly, I love what he is doing to inspire the world!

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