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Join host Kelly Brickel each week for an enlightening discussion on numerology, psychic mediumship, energy healing, and more!

The Psychic Hour WLTK-DB Paranormal Talk

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Join host Kelly Brickel each week for an enlightening discussion on numerology, psychic mediumship, energy healing, and more!

    Psychic-Medium & Channel Adam Bernstein

    Psychic-Medium & Channel Adam Bernstein

    Adam Bernstein is a Psychic Medium and Channel with an international following. He was included as one of the NY area’s top psychics in the books “Psychic New York” and “Esoteric Guide to New York” and has had numerous TV and radio appearances. Adam also teaches on a wide variety of spiritual topics and is an energy healer and Reiki attuned.


    • 1 hr 19 min
    Psychic-Medium & Angelic Channel Leanne Thomas!

    Psychic-Medium & Angelic Channel Leanne Thomas!

    Join us tomorrow 5/26 Friday on The Psychic Hour @ 1pm PST with Guest Psychic-Medium & Angelic Channel Leanne Thomas!

    Leanne Thomas, a Psychic-Medium and Channel for the Angelic Realm.

    She is founder of Angelic Hope and the creator of Angelic Hope: Archangel Oracle Cards.

    Leanne works full-time giving messages from Spirit, teaching spiritual development classes and working with the Angels. She has traveled throughout the USA teaching and doing audience demonstrations of mediumship.

    Having her Masters in English Language Arts and Educational Leadership, her background is in Education, with her being of service as a public school teacher for 20 years.

    When she isn’t busy with Spirit Communication and Group Readings you can find LeAnn spending time with her husband, working out, wine tasting, and having dinner with friends and family.

    • 1 hr 20 min
    Shelley Sanders - Psychic Medium & Business Intuitive

    Shelley Sanders - Psychic Medium & Business Intuitive

    Join us for Wednesday’s Interview Series of the Psychic Hour! This week, 5/17 @ 1pm PST we welcome back Shelley Sanders to the show!

    Shelley Sanders is a Psychic Medium, Mentor, Teacher and Business Intuitive. She could see, hear, and speak to spirit at a young age and is honored to serve Spirit today.

    Shelley is committed to helping women business owners align with their soul’s expression so they can live their purpose now. The need to serve spirit was strong and Shelley realized her connection was not to be ignored and now encourages others to walk their path.

    Shelley is a contributing writer with Brainz magazine, co-author of Intuitive Goddess, podcast show host, and a certified psychic medium through the Lisa Williams’ School of Spiritual Development and trained with Colby Rebel.

    Using her gift to deliver messages from the other side, she teaches in person, online classes and is an expert in spirit communication.

    This Episode of The Psychic Hour will be broadcasting this week Wednesday live @ 1:00pm PST on WLTK-DB’s Facebook page and YouTube Channel, come on by to say hi or share your questions with us! The show is podcasted for playback and download afterwards.🌻


    • 1 hr 19 min
    Live Numerology and Psychic Readings during the show!

    Live Numerology and Psychic Readings during the show!

    Psychic-Medium & Numerologist Kelly Brickel shares wisdom and takes questions about your spiritual journey. Live Numerology and Psychic Readings during the show!

    • 59 min
    Guest Medium & Spirit Portrait Artist Maureen Dana

    Guest Medium & Spirit Portrait Artist Maureen Dana

    Maureen Dana is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift. Based in New Jersey, Maureen is a Medium with a passion for helping people connect with their loved ones who have passed on. From a young age, Maureen had unexplainable experiences that connected her to the world beyond. Her father passed before she turned two, but she recalls experiencing his presence and talking to him throughout her life.

    Maureen has had the honor of working with thousands of individuals as a Medium and is now a Spirit Artist additionally.
    In 2020, Maureen’s spirit guides introduced her to the concept of Spirit portrait art. She continues to learn to draw and has been able to create visual representations of loved ones’ essence. Through readings and sharing personal experiences, Maureen has opened up opportunities for individuals of all ages to feel
    comfortable enough to share their experiences and to feel understood.

    Whether someone gives or receives a message from a loved one, it’s incredible to be a part of a journey that helps open people’s minds and hearts to the fact that life continues on.

    • 1 hr 34 min
    Author/Digital Creator/Station Owner Todd Bates

    Author/Digital Creator/Station Owner Todd Bates

    Todd Bates is the founder of WLTK-DB, Host of Haunted Voices and The Producers Show, Narrator of the Show Ghost Finders and Author of The Haunted Voice. He passionate about all things EVP & Paranormal with over 20 years in the field.

    Collecting specialized evidence of paranormal origin and sharing it with his amazing audiences is a life calling. After years of personally investigating the mysteries of EVP and studying under pioneering figures in the field, such as Sarah Estep, and Jason Snider he decided to share his passion.
    Now in its 18th year, Haunted Voices has quickly grown to be one of the oldest paranormal talk shows on the internet today.

    Todd now owns and operates WLTK-DB Talk Radio, a paranormal talk digital radio station and has recently wrote an autobiographical book about his life, The Haunted Voice with how is journey with the paranormal started, his battle with alcoholism, and more.


    • 1 hr 15 min

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