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Our self-awareness journey through our son Theo's Autism and PANDAS diagnoses. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/purelivingfamily/support

The Pure Living Family Podcast Shawn Blymiller

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Our self-awareness journey through our son Theo's Autism and PANDAS diagnoses. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/purelivingfamily/support

    Happy Camper's Gluten Free Bread

    Happy Camper's Gluten Free Bread

    In this episode Angela sits down with Lacy and Jan from Happy Campers bakery. If you haven’t tried their bread, you’re missing out!  Listen to this episode to learn about why the ingredients in your bread are so important to your overall health.  Happy Campers truly cares about the health of their customers and we just love their mission.

    Happy Campers website: https://happycampersgf.com

    Use discount code “THEOBOY” for 10% off your purchase.  This is not just for first time orders!!! The code that keeps on giving.

    Follow them on instagram here:https://instagram.com/happycampersgf?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

    “Hello, Lacy and Jan here! We embarked on a mission to bake great gluten free bread and started Happy Campers bakery back in 2010, before gluten free was cool. The mission has always been to make an everyday staple that is BOTH super delicious and super healthful. Everything we make is a product of our personal need for safe gluten free food and our passion for organic, healthy, whole and nourishing foods. We’re so excited our paths have crossed and we can’t wait for the opportunity to bake for you!”


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    Savor by Suzie

    Savor by Suzie

    Join us for an amazing conversation with Suzie from Savor by Suzie. The company has created gluten free, grain free, allergy free pretzels that are seriously some of the most tasty pretzels we've ever had. They are Theo approved and even Eva loves them too!

    The most amazing part about Savor by Suzie is their mission to employ neurodiverse adults and help them tap into their potential. Suzie says, "they are here to teach us more than we are here to teach them." 


    Excerpt from their website:

    Calling All Autistic Entrepreneurs, Dreamers and Creatives! Autism Awareness Grant Contest.

    How would you like the chance to win money so you can finally realize your dreams for your company, idea or passion?

    If you answered YES, then you’re in the right place…..

    click below:


    Use code THEOBOY for 20% off your order


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    Today's the big day

    Today's the big day

    When Eva was 4 year's old Angela started teaching Eva affirmations to say out loud every morning. This has become a favorite for us and for our friends on Instagram. This is our story of why we started the affirmations and how we came to decide to create affirmation shirts. Eva tells everyone how she gained the confidence to learn her back handspring and her back tuck, as well as how she gives herself confidence for tests in school. 

    We're so excited to finally launch Eva's affirmation shirts. Take a listen to to this video SHE made. You'll die, she's just the sweetest! We hope her affirmations will inspire you just like they've inspires us. You can go to the link in my bio to preorder. 

    We are offering a discount code to anyone that shares her reel. Just tag @angelablymiller on Instagram and we will send you the code. ( If your account is private direct message us a screen shot because your tag won't come through)

    ***** we sized up one size for each of us for a more loose fit***** The shirts are super soft & comfy (infant & toddler shirts are not available quite yet). The shirts are made to order and will be shipped out biweekly. Small new business here, thank you for the support.

    #affirmations #dailyaffirmations #specialneedsfamily #manifestyourdreams #positivevibes #sharepositivity #childrenaffirmations #specialneedslife #specialneedsister #kindnessmatters #pandasawareness #autoimmuneencephalitis #childentrepreneur #dancingdiva #evathediva #thepurelvingfamily


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    The story behind “I Want to Tell You” book series

    The story behind “I Want to Tell You” book series

    Today we interview Natashia, the creator of “I Want to Tell You” books.

    -The I Want to Tell You book series is composed of seven titles, each with a topic to help your child connect to his or her world, and to you! Communication is essential to life, and as caregivers, we must support our children and give them a tool to make those vital connections. The soundboard books offer multiple communication approaches, between the photographs, the soundboard audio, and the sign language.

    Website:  https://iwanttotellyoubooks.com

    Instagram: https://instagram.com/iwanttotellyoubooks?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

    Unique discount code offered to our listeners: THEOBOY for 15% off


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    Movement is Medicine- Finding Mental Health and Clarity with Movement with Austin Rawlings

    Movement is Medicine- Finding Mental Health and Clarity with Movement with Austin Rawlings

    Movement is Medicine. @austinrawlings talks about how he used #75hard to help improve his mental health and clarity. Taking care of yourself can be challenging and exhausting, especially when you are worried about taking care of everyone else. I have learned that when we take better care of ourselves we have more energy and more clarity to offer to others. #mindfulness #stressawarenessmonth #movementismedicine 

    You can find Austin's piano service at : https://www.utahpianotuners.com/

    You can follow him on Instagram at: @austinrawlings 

    Don't forget to check out www.purelivingfamily.com. This Christmas we would like to donate money to families that are wanting to work with Functional Medicine doctors or to do stem cells and are unable to pay for it. These services are all cash based and are expensive. Do you want to help us gift a family something special this year? You can donate on our website.


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    Men Have Feelings? What?!? with Taylor Cooper

    Men Have Feelings? What?!? with Taylor Cooper

    I met Taylor Cooper at a men's group about 18 months ago. This men's group practiced meditation and created a space for men to express themselves. Taylor stood out in the group so I followed him on Instagram. He soon later posted a picture of him crying on Insta. That picture really bothered me for a while. Why would a man put a picture up on social media of him crying? Over time I have really grown to appreciate and respect the work that Taylor is doing. Taylor helps people to find their own healing. In this podcast Taylor talks about what he does and what his Conquer You Experience offers. He leads drum circles, yoga, helps people build sweat lodges, and so much more. Check out the podcast to hear about his work.

    Taylor helps run a mens group now called Utah Men's Circle. They meet 1-2 times a month. Check out the link below:


    Taylor's Instagram:


    The Conquer You Experience:


    CYE - Medicine Wheel Drummers - Facebook link


    Utah Men's Circle (formally CYE - Men's Brotherhood Tribe)- Facebook link


    The Drum Circle in Salt Lake County is held here:


    This company runs men's retreats all over the country:


    Remember, we give you permission to take better care of yourself so you can take better care of those who you care for. (Dad's need to care for themselves too)

    - www.purelivingfamily.com


    Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/purelivingfamily/support

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

Erin1429 ,

Authentic and real

Have truly enjoyed following this family on multiple platforms. Mainly for the realness and the way they continually advocate and share they’re journey as a neurodiverse family.

Alvarez1433 ,

We don’t feel alone

Through the journey with my son of being diagnosed with autism I honestly felt lonely with no hope I cried and cried but finding Angela through Instagram and seeing her share what other moms may be going through was a huge help and the research she has done is so helpful. Thank you Angela and your family looking forward for more too hear from you guys ❤️

Kittykat345678899 ,

The best

Such an amazing family. Angela single handed has helped so many families. She’s the reason I was able to get through the difficult days after my son was diagnosed.

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