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A podcast about government action and individual liberty. Hosted by Tess Terrible, Landry Ayres, and Natalie Dowzicky.

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A podcast about government action and individual liberty. Hosted by Tess Terrible, Landry Ayres, and Natalie Dowzicky.

    Holodomor: The Forgotten Ukrainian Genocide

    Holodomor: The Forgotten Ukrainian Genocide

    In 1932, the Ukraine was a thriving farming nation. At the time, Joseph Stalin was trying to take back control. He was attempting to collectivize all farms, bringing all agriculture under state control. This led to a man-made mass starvation in a nation where 85% of the population was farmers.
    Why are a majority of people unaware of the 1932 Ukrainian famine, the Holomodor?

    • 26 min
    All War is Darkness

    All War is Darkness

    President after president, and now even a slew of presidential candidates, promise to end endless wars, yet our troops remain engaged in hotbeds like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. What will it take for the United States to finally bring our troops home?

    • 19 min
    Re-Release: It Hits Home

    Re-Release: It Hits Home

    This episode is a re-release of Episode 3 from Season One of the Pursuit.
    Government, big or small, really does impact people’s lives. And more than that, it sets the tone about what people believe they can do about their own lives. And when government makes people feel as though it’s untrustworthy or the individual is unempowered, in democracy, that’s bad. In our system, it really needs to be a system of laws and not just of people exerting power.
    Image Credit: Institute for Justice

    • 24 min
    The Patient's Right

    The Patient's Right

    Shownotes:Over the course of the early 20th century, a series of amendments and court cases slowly expanded the FDA’s purview. But advocates of the “Right to Try” are motivating the FDA to act more efficiently and compassionately.
    Mentions:Landry Ayres spoke with Laura McLinn, Jessica Flanigan, and Christina Sandefur.
    Special thanks to Tom Oszman from TCMediaNow for providing us with video footage from October 1988’s Seize Control of the FDA protest.
    Image Credit: ABC News, President Trump signing “Right to Try” legislation. 

    • 32 min
    Mental Illness Behind Bars

    Mental Illness Behind Bars

    Shownotes:When left untreated, individuals with severe mental illness can occasionally end up in jail for minor charges. The system is cyclical, recidivism rates are high, and law enforcement acts not only as judge and jury, but also as caretaker. The mental health crisis in this country is severe, and government only exacerbates the problem.
    Mentions:Throughout this episode Tess Terrible talked with; Alisa Roth, Justin Volpe, Judge Leifman, Walter Thompson, Leah Reed, and Ayesha Delany-Brumsey.
    Music by Cellophane Sam

    • 25 min
    Pressured to Plead Guilty

    Pressured to Plead Guilty

    In 2018, just under 3% of all federal sentences were the outcome of a jury trial. An overwhelming amount were the consequence of plea deal. Does the current system of deals and agreements make us safer?
    Mentions:Throughout this episode Landry Ayres talked with; Clark Neily, Kevin Ring, Molly Gill, and Lucian Dervan
    Music by Cellophane Sam
    Image Credit: https://fordlawokc.com/plea-bargains-explained/

    • 31 min

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Rplmd ,

Essential for understanding the current state of Liberty

Gets better every episode. Shareable stuff

Penguin234567 ,

New season is great!

The new season is so engaging. I love the new style. Looking forward to more and more episodes.

Bathe great ,


Awesome show can’t wait for next season. Also can’t believe how we the people have to work hard for are property and they can just take it or seize it. Because the government or authority’s think they need you property or they think you have stolen property. Crazy absolutely crazy.

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