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Optimize your business operations. Tune in to hear how we help founders & business owners build simple, streamlined systems & digital experience operations that scale.

The Queen of Automation Meghan Donnelly

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Optimize your business operations. Tune in to hear how we help founders & business owners build simple, streamlined systems & digital experience operations that scale.

    Episode #10 Building a Self-Sustaining Business, The Right Way. Secrets From a Multi-Million Dollar Founder Ivan Polic

    Episode #10 Building a Self-Sustaining Business, The Right Way. Secrets From a Multi-Million Dollar Founder Ivan Polic

    Unlock the secrets to creating a self-sustaining business with Ivan Polic, founder of Jumpstart Your Exit. 
    Discover how strong teams and robust systems are the backbone of successfully exiting a venture. Ivan shares his wealth of experience in helping six and seven-figure business owners reduce dependency on themselves, prevent burnout, and implement sustainable practices. 
    Learn how automation and strategic planning can amplify your business's value and enhance your personal well-being, whether you're aiming to step back from daily operations or planning for a full exit. 
    Transition from founder to CEO with ease as Ivan discusses the critical shifts needed to optimize your business for growth or sale.
    Rethink your identity, create standardized operating procedures, and cultivate strategic business partnerships for sustained success. By focusing on long-term relationships over cold outreach, you can build a supportive network that fosters growth and prevents loneliness. 
    Tune in for actionable insights and strategies to evolve your business beyond the $5 million mark and enjoy a thriving, scalable enterprise.
    (01:10 - 02:30) Entrepreneurship and Work-Life Integration (80 Seconds)
    (16:23 - 17:48) Transitioning From Founder to Team Leader (85 Seconds)
    (26:13 - 27:12) Building Strong Supportive Teams (59 Seconds)
    (00:00) - Building Systems for Business Success
    Ivan Polic shares strategies for successful business exits, emphasizing team building, burnout prevention, and automation.
    (09:06) - Transitioning From Founder to CEO
    Founder's shifts: inner world, operating system, and marketplace, necessary for business growth beyond $5 million.
    (22:57) - Creating Strategic Business Partnerships
    Building partnerships, having a supportive team, and strategic hiring are crucial for sustained business success.

    Connect with Ivan on LinkedIn and JumpStart Your Exit for valuable insights and strategies. His expertise can help you achieve a successful and profitable exit strategy adapted to your goals.

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    Episode #9 How I turned my chaotic scatterbrain into a better user experience

    Episode #9 How I turned my chaotic scatterbrain into a better user experience

    Growing up with severe ADHD, high school was a nightmare for me.
    I couldn’t sit through a class without feeling like my mind was running a marathon.
    Fast forward to 19, I was a single mom juggling three jobs and feeling completely out of control. But guess what? I discovered the magical world of automation and digital technology, and it changed my life.
    In this episode, I’m opening up about my chaotic journey and how I turned my hyperactivity into a superpower that helped me triple the growth of an e-com startup and build a multi-million dollar lead funnel for a billion-dollar company.
    For all the entrepreneurs out there who struggle with focus, this one's for you. I’ll share the nitty-gritty of how I taught myself HTML and CSS, conquered the challenges of being a single mom, and eventually became known as the Queen of Automation.
    If ADHD is your constant companion and you feel like it’s holding you back, tune in and let’s turn that hyperactivity into a secret weapon.
    Remember, technology is only good when it works—so let's make it work for you!

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    Episode #8 The Future of Data and Authentic Success with Clint Taylor

    Episode #8 The Future of Data and Authentic Success with Clint Taylor

    Join me as I sit down with Clint Taylor, founder of Datality, for a fascinating conversation on blending work and life, especially for entrepreneurs. We challenge the conventional notion of work-life balance, advocating for a holistic approach where work seamlessly integrates into our lives and personalities. Clint shares a personal story about his dedication to his business, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and following one's unique path instead of conforming to societal expectations.
    Explore the flexibility and freedom that entrepreneurship offers compared to traditional corporate roles. I share my experiences of creating efficient systems for clients in two-week sprints, which allows for substantial downtime and a flexible lifestyle. We discuss the importance of finding a work style that suits individual preferences, highlighting that there's no one-size-fits-all solution. The discussion then shifts to the innovative Datality product, where we delve into its operations, platforms, and customer acquisition strategies.
    Discover the intricacies of market research and data monetization as Clint and I discuss how Datality's blockchain-based marketplace is transforming the industry. We explain how this technology automates the monetization of research data, making it accessible and cost-effective for both sellers and buyers. Additionally, we touch on the role of AI in simplifying data comprehension and its potential to revolutionize how businesses utilize market research data. Don't miss our final thoughts on the importance of effective LinkedIn networking and technology's role in enhancing business success. Tune in next week for more insightful discussions!
    Highlight Timestamps
    (00:50 - 01:37) Shared Love for Data and Technology (47 Seconds)
    (03:14 - 04:25) Defining Work-Life Balance for Yourself (71 Seconds)
    (09:53 - 11:25) Work-Life Balance and Individual Preferences (91 Seconds)
    (16:51 - 18:20) Unlocking Value in Latent Asset Data (89 Seconds)
    (20:03 - 20:47) Monetization Strategy for Unused Data (44 Seconds)
    (24:58 - 26:02) Exciting Journey to Datality (63 Seconds)
    (00:00) Entrepreneurial Mindset and Work-Life Balance
    Entrepreneurs Megan Donnelly and Clint Taylor reject work-life balance, advocating for authenticity and following one's own path.
    (08:44) Flexible Work-Life Balance and Entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneurial life offers freedom and flexibility, with diverse work styles and a discussion on Datality's operations and customer acquisition.
    (12:16) Data Marketplace Automation and Monetization
    Blockchain-based marketplace automates monetization of expertly collected data, reducing costs and barriers for sellers and buyers.
    (17:32) Market Research Data Monetization Strategy
    Market research and data monetization using real-time data, historical trends, and AI for efficient transactions and insights.
    (28:07) LinkedIn Networking Success

    Connect with Clint on LinkedIn and Datality for valuable insights, discussing effective technology use, and overcoming scheduling challenges.

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    Episode #7 Life Beyond the Hustle: Josh McLean's Finance and Personal Story

    Episode #7 Life Beyond the Hustle: Josh McLean's Finance and Personal Story

    In this episode, Josh McLean shares his transformative journey from a troubled childhood to a successful career in finance and the pivotal moments that shaped his personal and professional life. He delves into the intricacies of digital transformation in the finance sector, the importance of compliance and security, and the impact of setting personal boundaries for a balanced life.
    Key Topics:
    1. Josh McLean’s Background
    - Josh's troubled childhood and pathways into finance.
    - The life-changing car accident in 2012 that led to reevaluating his life goals.
    2. Finance Digital Transformation
    - Josh’s experience in digital transformation projects across healthcare, education, and Nike.
    - Focus on Azure methodology, agile software development, and simplifying infrastructure for consumer interaction.
    - Significance of investment in digital transformation for companies.

    3. Compliance and Security
    - Importance of multi-layered authentication and compliance processes, especially for platforms like Stripe.
    - Essential nature of security measures for protecting data and money.
    - Discussion on authentication fatigue, particularly affecting older individuals.

    5. Personal Transformation and Work-Life Balance
    - Josh’s reflections on his personal journey and breakthrough from the rigid finance world.
    - Setting clear boundaries for a healthy work-life balance.
    - Understanding the importance of core values and bringing one's authentic self to work.
    - Meghan and Josh discuss the dangers of the hustle culture and the necessity of personal fulfillment.

    4. Corporate Experience and Personal Growth
    - Corporate experiences offering valuable learning opportunities.
    - The balance between corporate success and personal well-being.
    - Influences from "The Five Regrets of the Dying" on Josh’s perspective.
    - How some companies support personal growth, employee engagement, and culture.

    5. Nike’s Digital Transformation
    - Josh’s role in supporting Nike’s digital space and e-commerce advancements.
    - The family perks influencing Josh's decision to stay with the company.

    6. Closing Remarks
    - Josh mentions his book "Catalyst" as a gift for his children.
    - Listeners are directed to Josh's website (catalystignite.com) and his LinkedIn profile.
    - Final thoughts on technology's role and a reminder that it’s only good when it works.
    - Josh expresses his gratitude and signs off.


    Resources Mentioned:
    - Book: "Catalyst" by Josh McLean
    - Website: [catalystignite.com](http://catalystignite.com)
    - LinkedIn [Josh McLean on LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com)

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    Episode #6 | From Telecom to Tech Triumph: Darren Mass on Business Operations and Automation

    Episode #6 | From Telecom to Tech Triumph: Darren Mass on Business Operations and Automation

    In this episode, Meghan explores the multifaceted world of automation and operations in big business with Darren Mass.
    Key Take Aways:
    1. Darren's Journey:
    - Started in telecommunications.
    - Founded Mass Communications and sold it to Windstream Enterprises.
    - Shared insights on business strategy and the importance of exit strategies.
    2. Meghan's Journey:
    - Diagnosed with ADHD at a young age.
    - Did not graduate high school. Got her GED
    - Achieved success in technology and business fields.

    3. CRM and Data Management:
    - Discussed Salesforce CRM and its complexities.
    - Meghan recommended Go High Level CRM for SMBs.
    - Highlighted the crucial role of clean data in business success.
    - Emphasized the consequences of dirty data on client relationships and employee performance.

    4. Work-Life Balance and Technology:
    - Darren emphasized systems and time blocking.
    - Meghan highlighted the role of automation in regaining personal time.
    - Darren shared personal challenges post-acquisition and finding life-work balance.

    5. Networking and Community:
    - Meghan and Darren praised their peer-to-peer coaching community, Brand Built.
    - Stressed the importance of networking through LinkedIn.
    - Discussed transitioning from one-on-one to group coaching.
    - Shared the value of storytelling, building trust, and service-oriented selling on LinkedIn.

    6. LinkedIn’s Role in Business Growth:
    - Darren and Meghan discussed using LinkedIn for B2B and local business growth.
    - Meghan shared success stories, including a CEO’s successful client targeting strategy.
    - Emphasized personal branding and its importance for company representation.

    7. Entrepreneurship vs. Corporate Life:
    - Meghan and Darren discussed the flexibility and challenges of entrepreneurship.
    - Shared personal experiences of balancing work demands and personal life.

    8. Effective CRM Strategies for Startups:
    - Recommended starting with affordable CRMs like Airtable.
    - Discussed the future need for more robust systems as businesses grow.
    - Stressed the importance of planning for future growth and potential exit strategies.

    9. Final Metaphor and Advice:
    - Darren concluded with a metaphor about knowing one's business direction and goals akin to preparing for a race, whether a sprint or a marathon.
    - Highlighted the power of great content and effective LinkedIn engagement strategies over traditional email marketing.

    Community Mention:
    Brand Built: A peer-to-peer coaching community for thriving in business and personal life, focusing on LinkedIn's growth potential.

    Connect With Us:
    - For more information or to continue the conversation, contact Darren on LinkedIn.

    Tune in to this insightful episode to learn from Darren and Meghan’s experiences and gain valuable tips on managing business operations, leveraging technology for balance, and maximizing the potential of LinkedIn for growth and networking.

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    Episode #5 Inside the Toke Agency: Strategies, Systems, and Success in Cannabis Marketing

    Episode #5 Inside the Toke Agency: Strategies, Systems, and Success in Cannabis Marketing

    In this episode, Lisa and Meghan delve into the innovative systems and processes they use to drive marketing and branding for their businesses. They offer insights into tools, workflow strategies, and the balance between automation and personalization. Lisa also shares her journey in the cannabis industry through her company, the Toke Agency.
    Key Highlights:
    1. Marketing Strategies & Systems:
    - Lisa's company implements marketing strategies for clients, utilizing Engage Bay for marketing automation.
    - WordPress for the website and Engage Bay for scheduling calls and newsletters.
    - Monday.com is crucial for internal processes and Client Relationship Management (CRM), perfect for their boutique team.

    2. Workflow and Automation:
    - Detailed workflow from initial conversation, pitch deck creation, client review, to follow-up calls.
    - Automated newsletter creation and scheduling through Engage Bay, sent twice a week.

    3. Balancing Beliefs & Business:
    - Importance of respecting individual beliefs without the need for arguments.
    - Emphasis on each business's uniqueness and finding personalized growth strategies.

    4. Entrepreneurial Flexibility:
    - Meghan discusses her unconventional work schedule and the flexibility it brings.

    5. Technology & Automation:
    - Use of technology and automation to handle operations efficiently, freeing up more time for crucial tasks.
    - Monday.com for internal communication and transparency.
    - Slack and Airtable for project management.
    - Loom and Loom AI for documenting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

    6. The Toke Agency’s Evolution:
    - Transition from general marketing to specializing in cannabis marketing.
    - Growth and passion for the cannabis industry.

    7. Balancing Work & Life:
    - Discussion on work-life balance as entrepreneurs, highlighting the blend of life and work.
    - Personal beliefs and experiences shaping individual business practices.

    8. Personalized Engagement:
    - Lisa's approach to managing client engagement personally, to maintain a personalized touch.

    9. LinkedIn Presence & Branding:
    - Lisa's active presence on LinkedIn and her fun, light branding for the Toke Agency.
    - The Toke Agency as a model for working with other brands, emphasizing the importance of self-demo.

    Contact Lisa:
    - Toke Agency
    - Lisa’s LinkedIn

    Links & Resources:
    - Engage Bay:
    - WordPress:
    - Monday.com:
    - Slack
    - Airtable
    - Loom

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