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The Queer Witch is a podcast that explores the intersection between queerness and witchcraft. Join host Anna Joy for solo episodes & interviews with queer witches.

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The Queer Witch is a podcast that explores the intersection between queerness and witchcraft. Join host Anna Joy for solo episodes & interviews with queer witches.

    2020 Reflections with Saltwater Stars

    2020 Reflections with Saltwater Stars

    Welcome to another episode of The Queer Witch Podcast. In this episode, Anna Joy sat down with Ari Felix of Saltwater Stars for another end of the year conversation and imagining.  
    Interview with Ari Felix: 17:55


    But first, upon reviewing their interview Anna Joy is reminded of an eerie foreshadowing of the attempted coup on the Senate, so they take some time at the beginning of the episode to respond to the event and contextualize it within the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius.  

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    Notes from the interview with Ari Felix: 


    We spoke 12/2019, Now it's year later 
    meta > mundanes day by day approach 

    Gen2 & millennials in 2020 
    living through 2020- 

    extended trauma,& temporality 

    Pressurizing & magnification  

    Natal Chart of Us= Pluto Return in Capricorn in 2020 


    Quotes from Ari: 
    “How do we shape & create time?” 
    “The medicine is in the challenge” 

    “when things feel overwhelming, it's time to scale back” 
    “You can't expand yourself as one person to hold the weight of a collective paradigm Shift . That’s arrogant and that’s unrealistic.” 

    Sphere of influence. lessons of humility 
    Not overextending to try to prove yourself 
    Top of mind for Ari: Maintain the practices that I've learned in 2020  


    2021 Astro: 

    Saturn square Uranus: unpredictability of change 
    Saturn in Aquarius: How are we living our theories? 
    What are the consequences? 


    Information & Knowledge on information power 
    truth as mutable, 
    truth as nonbinary 
    Grief Work is crucial 


    How to get in touch with Ari and work with them: 
    Instagram @saltwater.stars 

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    December 2020 Collective Reading

    December 2020 Collective Reading

    Watch the video version here: https://youtu.be/gnbgLL3m-JE

    Hello Queer Witches! Welcome to a collective reading for December 2020. In this reading, we look at the overall energy of the month, what to release and what to receive. We have the very exciting Grand Conjunction at 0 degrees of Aquarius at the end of December which is, according to Chani Nicolas, “one of the most important astrological signatures any of us will live through” 
    To mark this event, The Queer Witch is hosting our first EVER free Virtual Summit!  

    Built around the archetypes of the Chariot, Strength and the Grand Conjunction at 0° Aquarius, The Queer Witch Summit is here to help you move forward from 2020 sustainably and manifest a New Year full of justice, healing and pleasure. 
    The Summit will feature Queer Witch Community Leaders, including healers, tarot readers, astrologers, mediums and more, all from different lineages and healing modalities. At the Queer Witch Summit, you will learn about each presenter’s personal healing journey and most important ritual techniques for releasing the last year and building into the future. 
    Register for the Queer Witch Summit here: https://angel.ck.page/bfe1ac9fc7 
    The deck used for this reading is the Fifth Spirit Tarot by Charlie Claire Burgess @the.word.witch  
    General Energy of the month: Knight of Wands 

    Advice: 9 of Swords, 6 of Swords 

    What to release: 6 of Pentacles 

    What to receive: The Star 

    Overall Message from Spirit: Strength 
    Follow us on instagram @thequeerwitch or go to www.thequeerwitch.com 

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    Slowductivity with Dr. Kate Litterer

    Slowductivity with Dr. Kate Litterer

    Get access to the FREE self-assessment to determine if you're ready for mentorship. Anna Joy will be selecting a few of the very first folks who use this self-assessment and offer them a free 20-minute session! Get it while it’s hot.  
    Free self-assessment: http://annajoyhealing.com/assessment 


    Kate & Anna Joy discuss:  

    • Their background of professional mentorship 

    • Kate's phd in Rhetoric & composition focusing on Lisa Ben, author of the first 

    known lesbian magazine in the U. S. in the 1940's 

    • The importance of alternative media & publishing for Queer pathfinding & recognition 

    • Redistributing academic resources 

    • Mediumship & developing direct relationships to Queer Ancestors 

    • Slow productivity - the difference between traditional & slow productivity 

    • Accomplishing less in more time 

    Grind culture = white supremacy (credit for this concept to The Nap Ministry @thenapministry on instagram https://thenapministry.wordpress.com/ ) 

    • Adrienne Merrie Brown's podcast “How to Survive the end of the World” https://www.endoftheworldshow.org/ 


    Get in touch with Dr. Kate Litterer at www.thetendingyear.com or on instagram @thetendingyear 

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    November 2020 Collective Tarot Reading

    November 2020 Collective Tarot Reading

    Watch the video version here: https://youtu.be/MUjnVYkE_rU

    We are living through a groundbreaking time and I think we can all agree this moment is pretty dark. So many of us are coming to reckon with our true limitations, histories and the way that white supremacy has been living unchecked inside our homes, in our relationships and in our most personal moments. This is not comfortable, so I’ve come to offer messages of comfort and peace. 


    I felt extremely called on Friday morning to channel a message building off what was shared in my stories yesterday: Right now, we have the opportunity to trust and have faith that this is a Universe based in justice, healing and pleasure.  


    Some of the messages that came through: 
    -The invitation to confront our collective shame around optimism and hope 

    -Realizing that we are still living, that our souls live on, and that we have choices left to make on this planet. It’s not over. 

    -What happens when we make our decisions with an assumption that humans are lovable and that the Earth cannot be controlled? 

    -Healing from our 400 year period of injustice, forced control and codependency otherwise known as colonialism 


    I offer these messages as an antidote to the shame, polarized thought and bigotry we see so commonly on this and all social media platforms. These messages are intended to comfort, empower and clarify so that we can continue building something better in the place that the Empire fell.  


    Decks used:  

    Okana oracle from @akamaratarot  

    Hermetic Tarot 

    Threads of Fate Oracle: Shadow Edition 


    If you would like to book a 1:1 reading with me and receive support for your specific situation, that link is here: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=15122990 

    If you would like to energetically exchange for this free collective reading, venmo @annajoyhealing or paypal annajoy@annajoyhealing.com 


    My October & November 2020 Predictions Video (Referenced) https://youtu.be/zOt1Q_AeyHE 



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    Election Burnout - Messages of Support from Spirit

    Election Burnout - Messages of Support from Spirit

    Navigating the election is difficult. Thanks to extreme polarization and the proliferation of social and news media, it's hard to hold healthy boundaries with electoral content. 

    • 49 min
    Self-Care Pick-A-Card Reading

    Self-Care Pick-A-Card Reading

    Welcome to this Pick a Card collective tarot reading all about your Self-Care Journey. This reading delves into the energy of your self-care practice. What’s helping you to thrive? What suggestions does Spirit have for activities or intentions that will further align you with the energy of healing, peace, love and justice? Connect to your intuition by noticing any bodily sensations and taking a few deep breaths. Which pile do you get a vibe from? Teabag, nail clippers, pen? 1, 2, 3? You can choose one pile, two or all three. Trust in your intuition. You will find the timestamps below:
    Group 1 (Teabag) 9:13
    Group 2 (Nail Clippers)39:04
    Group 3 (Pen) 1:04:00

    Watch the YouTube video version of this reading:
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5.0 out of 5
72 Ratings

72 Ratings

AlyssaComet ,

Great free content

I am so grateful for the community that Anna Joy creates! The free resources are invaluable and I appreciate this podcast’s social justice framework.

Mrs.Puddin ,

Thank youuuuu 🌸🌸🌸

This Podcast is exactly what I needed thank you so much for putting so much love and wisdom into this show I have only listened to two episodes so far but I am already so grateful for how you put all these things I have been experiencing into words so eloquently! You are doing really important work!! ❤️❤️❤️

lolitsjesus ,

Essential, important resource for queer witches

This is the podcast I’ve been looking for - thank you so much for this resource. It took me 25 years to realize I’m a queer witch with psychic and empathic abilities that are strengths, not shortcomings to be suppressed in this dominant materialist culture. Every ep has its own unique and helpful insights and I’ve learned so much from Anna.

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