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Daily Reports, specials, and podcasts by The Real News Network

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4.6 out of 5
126 Ratings

126 Ratings

10MT40s ,


One of the few news outlets that I trust.

Sun_shine_alaska ,

The Real News

One of the best independent news shows that is very insightful & accurate into the heart of news that is not covered by MSM! Aaron Mate’ Is truly a young intellectual that knows his back and is not afraid to challenge his guests on their perspective and make them defend that perspective.

Paradigmshift2009 ,

Real Communism

Big government, detailed control over every aspect of your life, taxation up the wazzzoo, and heavy economic control. All this and more. It is a very professionally produced program that takes the above desires and in typical control freak fashion tries to convince you to willingly to bend over and take it up the rear for the supposed betterment of society. This show if listened to long enough will take you on a round trip of the 10 planks of the communist manifesto.

I listened to it for awhile so that I could understand the other side a little better. Please spend the 15 minutes it takes to read the 10 planks before listening. This way at least you’ll know what they are peddling. Otherwise they will manipulate your emotions into agreement.

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