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Join Clare as she helps women, wives and mamas just like you release the pain of your past, rebuild your identity in Christ and renew your mind in truth!

The Reconstructed Woman with Clare Davy Clare Davy

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Join Clare as she helps women, wives and mamas just like you release the pain of your past, rebuild your identity in Christ and renew your mind in truth!

    Confidence in Christ's Call

    Confidence in Christ's Call

    I'm wrapping up the confidence in Christ series by talking about God's Call. Jesus wants you to know him as father first and he wants intimacy with you. He wants you to know who you are and what he has called you to do in Christ! 
    Bible Verses mentioned: 
    Romans 8:28
    Psalm 119:105
    James 1:2-5
    Romans 2:6-8
    Luke 11:28
    Malachi 3:3
    Proverbs 8:17
    Jeremiah 29:13

    • 27 min
    Confidence in Christ's Authority

    Confidence in Christ's Authority

    I'm so excited to talk to you guys today about having confidence in Christ's authority. I think it is so easy to look around our world and doubt and lack belief that God is the most high God and that he has all authority. And so I want to just encourage you guys today. 

    • 28 min
    Confidence in Christ Series

    Confidence in Christ Series

    Christ holds all the confidence you need! Don't let the wounds of your past hold you back from seeing God's protection. In this episode I'm reminding you of God's amazing promises of protection for those who follow him! 
    Psalm 23
    2 Samuel 22:3-4
    Proverbs 19:23
    Psalm 46:1
    Psalm 138:7
    Psalm 103
    Psalm 32:7
    1 John 5:18
    Isaiah 41:10
    Psalm 91:1-6
    2 Timothy 4:18
    2 Thessalonians 3:3

    • 28 min
    Confidence in Christ Series

    Confidence in Christ Series

    You are a daughter of the highest God. It’s imperative you start walking confident in Christ. In this series, I’m encouraging you from the truth of God’s word.
    I’m going to remind you how to be confident in Christ’s love, protection, authority, provision, peace, and plan. You were made on purpose for a purpose and it’s time to shine!
    Genesis 1:27 John 3:16 1John 3:1 Romans 5:8 1John 4 :9-12 Romans 5:5 Galatians 2:20 Colossians 3:12 1John 4:7 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Dear God, Please reveal your love to me. Heal the places of hurt in my heart that block me from receiving your love! Please show me the areas where I need to be filled with your love so I can extend that same love to others. Give me the confidence to love others in truth. I receive your love by faith in Jesus Name, Amen

    • 17 min
    All About Anxiety With Melissa Clark

    All About Anxiety With Melissa Clark

    In this episode Mental Health Counselor Melissa Clark joins me on a discussion about Anxiety. Melissa has a passion for helping women through Anxiety. She shares parts of her story and struggles with anxiety and why she is so passionate about helping walk others through the effects of it. She highlights some of the symptoms of anxiety and gives us some practical tips to overcome anxiety.

    • 33 min
    Growing Closer to God with Monika Kirkland

    Growing Closer to God with Monika Kirkland

    Today’s Guest Monika Kirkland is a wife, mother of four, author and blogger. She lives with her family in Southern California where her and her husband work in full time ministry at Mountain View Church. She is passionate about following Jesus and encouraging others to walk in the freedom and peace found in Christ! You can connect with her on instagram @monikakirkland and on her websitewww.monikakirkland.com!
    Today we are talking about connecting to the heart of God. Monika shares how encountering God changed her life. She shares how in surrendering her heart to God she was able to in return gain so much goodness. Peace isthe strongest fruit she gained after a gradual surrender of her heart. She shares how she was able to encounter God’s love and acceptance even after years of struggling with roots of rejection! We talk about the adventure of walking with God and how everything good and fruitful comes from him! We talk about practical steps you can take to grow closer to God! I know this episode will encourage you!

    • 33 min

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5.0 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

JodiHGrubbs ,

Renewing your mind & strengthening your marriage

Clare Day, host of The Reconstructed Woman Podcast is passionate about seeing women renew their minds in God’s truth.
I’m currently listening to several past episodes recorded with her husband Jamy Day where they are talking about important things in marriage like fighting fair, disagreements that can have resolutions and the big one - better communication. Take a listen!

they cant be taken ,

Small changes, make a great impact.

Clare gives you advice to make small changes, bringing you to a closer relationship with God. Today I listened to the gratitude podcast. How starting your day or bad thoughts, with a gratitude journal, changes your mindset and is pleasing to God. Her podcasts always include scripture too.

Melissa JOJO ,


This podcast has been amazing and really impacted my spiritual life. If you are looking for truth and raw honestly about how any of your life’s experiences can be used to bless others, then look no further.. If you are looking for help to be an OVERCOMER in CHRIST.. then look no further! I know this podcast WILL help you and give you HOPE that you need to fight the enemy, his attacks and his schemes.. So PLEASE do yourself a favor and just listen to this sister in CHRIST talk TRUTH and how through her struggles she WILL BLESS YOU!!! She will lead you to a better relationship with GOD and I PROMISE you won’t be sorry or disappointed at all!!! God Bless..

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