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Finding purpose, life, and resilience after experiencing tragedy and trauma

The Resilient Heart Podcast Beverly Shoemaker

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Finding purpose, life, and resilience after experiencing tragedy and trauma

    Jessica Hottle

    Jessica Hottle

    Jessica is a faith-based fitness coach, podcast host speaker, and author. She hates rules, restrictions, and religious duties and lives her life by putting God first. She loves to live authentically with integrity and freedom through Christ. 
    The cycle of becoming afraid of food.

    When you finally get to that place where you’re like, “I’m doing this because I feel better”.

    What brought you to the point where you realized that you were responding to your body?

    When you’re single, you don’t have to confront anything that you want to, but when you are with someone you have

    Pain is a place of visitation, not a habitation.

    What is your spiritual body coaching?

    What we speak over ourselves is what we end up with.

    When you criticize your body, you’re speaking life over yourself. When you criticize yourself, you are speaking the things of God.

    The importance of creating space between you and your reaction.
    Contact Jessica @ www.jessicahottle.com

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    Glen Lutjens of Focus on the Family

    Glen Lutjens of Focus on the Family

     Glen is a licensed family therapist who's been on the focus counseling team for 23 years. Prior to joining focus, he spent time in church counseling and pastoral ministry. He and his wife Elizabeth have three young children. Glenn loves Jesus has an affinity for lasagna, and cheers for the Las Vegas Raiders.
    What are core wounds in a person’s life?

    How do you deal with the layers of trauma when there is secondary trauma?

    Counselors are not exempt from pain, but they are in bondage.
    When you go through a trauma you’re forever changed and people get frustrated with you.

    What if I had noticed this going on in this person’s life?

    What can we as a society and culture do to help people who don’t know how to reach out?

    How to get in touch with support.

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    #64 Stephanie Rousselle

    #64 Stephanie Rousselle

    Stéphanie Rousselle is the founder of Gospel Spice Ministries. Her motto is, “God’s glory, our delight!” She thrives on Bible-centered inspirational writing and speaking, and dark chocolate. She knows herself too well to take herself seriously...
    Born and raised in France, she has lived over the last two decades on three continents, four countries, and five cities through six professional roles. She is a wife, mom, podcaster, public speaker, Bible teacher, former women’s ministry director, and strategy consultant. And she is 100%, French.
    Contact Stephanie @ www.gospelspice.com

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    #63 Dr Kathy Koch

    #63 Dr Kathy Koch

    As we dive into season #2, I have the pleasure of sharing an interview I recorded last year with a special friend of mine. 
    Dr. Kathy Koch earned a Ph.D. in reading in educational psychology from Purdue University. She was a tenured associate professor of education at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, a teacher of second graders, a middle school coach, and a school board member before becoming a full-time conference and keynote speaker in 1991. She has loved Jesus for years. And her faith and desire to serve and glorify God is the foundation of her ministry.  She is the founder and president of Celebrate Kids. She's influenced 1000s of parents, teachers, and children in 30. Countries through keynote messages, seminars, chapels, and other events. 

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    Heather Shore

    Heather Shore

    Heather Shore is the CEO and co-founder of Women of HERstory, and co-host of Women of HERstory: A
    Podcast. As a performing artist, when the COVID-19 pandemic swept through NYC, she knew she had to
    embark on a new adventure- entrepreneurial- as there was no guarantee of when live theatre would be
    making its’ way back to our stages. Heather has always had a passion for history, and the discrepancies
    in representation of women in the archives. Women of HERstory is dedicated to celebrating women who
    have made, or are making, their mark on society. The juxtaposition of women of the past with
    interviews with women of today helps us to realize how far we’ve come, how far we still have to go, and
    brings recognition to women who have otherwise been edited down to a sentence in a textbook
    chapter. She hopes to be able to expand the business and podcast to reach as many people as possible!
    Throughout her life, Heather has pursued the arts in all forms, with a primary focus on the performing
    arts. She has performed all over the world, including Kagoshima, Japan, and Florence, Italy. After
    completing ballet education at North Central School of Ballet under the direction of Les Jordan III in
    Keller, TX, Heather went to the University of North Texas to study dance. It was during this time that she
    fell in love with Musical Theatre and everything it has to offer. Heather sang throughout her life, and MT
    offered a combination of her two greatest loves, dancing and singing! That doesn’t mean she isn’t
    interested in everything under the sun, from baseball and knitting to cooking and a particular obsession
    with parkour, Heather strives to learn as much as she can about anything that comes across her path.
    After a dear friend’s life was tragically and suddenly cut short just before entry into University, Heather
    decided that life was too short to not take risks to make your dreams come true. After a few years at
    UNT, and scrimping as many pennies as possible, Heather packed up four suitcases and moved to New
    York City. She hit the ground running and booked numerous concerts, tours, and shows across the United States and the globe.

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    Pamela Christian|Faith To Live By

    Pamela Christian|Faith To Live By

    For over twenty-five years Pamela Christian has compassionately helped people discover and live in, life-giving truth. Teaching, keynote, radio/television talk-show, podcaster, multi-award-winning author and blogger, apologetics enthusiast (Biola University), and an ordained International Itinerant Minister, as a charismatic apologist Pamela uniquely helps people balance rational thought with spiritual realities.
    Her podcast can be heard on:
    and more can be learned at www.PamelaChristianMinistries.com
    Pamela believes now is the time to prepare for the harvest. She has written several books on how we as the body of Christ need to be more equipped and strengthen our faith to navigate the times we are in.
    Christians, people who have been mature Christians for quite a while if we focus on the wrong things, we can end up in fear and doubt, anxiety, and a number of other things that will actually impair our ability to experience Christ's victory.
    What has really deepened my relationship with God, is hardships, going through a number of very serious hardships after becoming a Christian and resolutely determining, to rely on God is who He says He is. And he will do what he says he will do, to pour over Scriptures to see the promises that he has provided us. I'm so grateful. God has provided us the Bible, His written Word, it gives us such a beautiful place of reference to make sure everything that we are standing on and believing in aligns with truth.
    The church has been relegated to the background and considered irrelevant.  The reputation of the church has been very poor.  
     These are the days we must be bold because if we don't share the truth, we will stand before God and he will ask us, what did we do with the Great Commission?
    To enter for a free book contact me at beverly@theresilientheartpodcast.com
    visit our website @ www.theresilientheartpodcast.com

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4.9 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

Cara Lionberger ,

This is amazing!

Beverly shoemaker is not only a phenomenal woman but she is creative, intentional and vulnerable. I love to listen to her voice, her interviews and the stories she brings to the world. It only takes a moment to give her a listen and then get totally sucked in! We all have a story to tell. So tell it! Tell your Truths! Thanks Beverly for being you and sharing your story and giving the world a platform to share on.

wont connect to card ,

Bringing HOPE

Beverly’s message speaks life and encouragement to the heart. I love her variety of guests who share their overcoming victory in many different ways. Listen and you will be BLESSED❤️



You guys are great!!! Keep up the “good” work. The world needs more people like you!

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