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The Roots of Leadership podcast is designed to motivate and empower listeners to increase their performance. Host Anthony C. Gruppo; author, executive coach, and CEO, connects with innovators from various disciplines and gains first-hand experience on what drives innovation and how we can continue evolving both personally and professionally. Listen in and join the conversation.

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The Roots of Leadership podcast is designed to motivate and empower listeners to increase their performance. Host Anthony C. Gruppo; author, executive coach, and CEO, connects with innovators from various disciplines and gains first-hand experience on what drives innovation and how we can continue evolving both personally and professionally. Listen in and join the conversation.

    Leigh Ashton – If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying!

    Leigh Ashton – If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying!

    Today we’re joined by Leigh Ashton, CEO and founder of The Sales Consultancy, a business focussed on shifting the way people think and giving them a Sales Growth Mindset.

    Casting her mind back to 1985, Leigh explains that as she stepped into a sales role, she felt like she was living a dream come true. The one to one conversations, people she got to meet and businesses she engaged with made her feel as though she was getting ‘paid to chat’ and her passion for sales only grew from here. But so did the frustration with the inconsistent performance of her sales team. Driven to find out what was causing and contributing to these inconsistencies in her team, she became motivated and inspired to find solutions to fix these, and in 1995, The Sales Consultancy was born.

    Specialising in mindset, Leigh now shares her expertise and experience with others. She explains that as times have changed, and technology has become such a core part of our lives, that people’s fear often takes over. Back in 1985, people could only compare themselves with their immediate peers, and now we’re able to compare to anyone, anywhere – all via our phones or computers.

    Leigh believes her experience of feeling like a failure at times, and learning from the ‘gurus’ around her has allowed her to share her wisdom and learnings with others, to enable them to be better. She tells us that ‘frustration is what happens just before growth’, and that if we don’t let that frustration pull us down, we will benefit from the opportunity to learn something that takes us to the next level.

    This episode is powerful beyond measure. Leigh’s passion for helping others, dispelling the myths of ‘sales people’, and sharing her experience has allowed her to create a culture where people ‘have a go’. With a refreshing view on how people should be lead, and a focus on helping people grow, Leigh is a pleasure to listen to.

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    Jennifer Walsh – The Real Health is Outside

    Jennifer Walsh – The Real Health is Outside

    Today, the fantastic Jennifer Walsh (photographed above with Becki Lammond, podcast producer), innovative thinker, world wanderer and leader in life, joins us for her second time on the show.

    Since her last appearance on the show back in 2018, Jennifer has been as busy as ever, and a pandemic wasn’t going to get in her way. Talking about her current projects, including consulting for beauty brands, writing, and appearing on various TV segments, Jennifer speaks about her passion for nature, and how this has translated across into her business.

    ‘Walk with Walsh’ is an initiative started by Jennifer to get people out and about. The video series features Jennifer and different guests, from CEOs to philanthropists, as they discuss how they’re using nature in all that they do, while also making an effort to protect it. The ‘why’, is Jennifer’s belief that “healthy, positive leadership with an awareness of the importance of nature not only builds healthy teams, but also a strong bottom line, and a healthy thriving community.”

    This episode puts a refreshingly positive spin on what’s been a tough time for everyone. Time with, and awareness of nature is something that Jennifer believes is needed now, more than ever. Giving us the opportunity to learn about our surroundings, and exploring our own backyards, is something that has enabled us to learn about and appreciate the eco-systems that surround us.

    Listening to Jennifer will leave you feeling motivated to get outside, breathe in fresh air and learn about the nature surrounding us. Her infectious passion, experiences, and portfolio of exciting projects, come together, which makes listening to Jennifer a true joy.

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    Jemma McCarthy – Kindness is Key

    Jemma McCarthy – Kindness is Key

    Today, business leader and courageous thinker, Jemma McCarthy joins the show as she tells us about some of the incredible things she has achieved in her lifetime.

    As a gifted athlete, professional photographer and community worker (alongside her full time job), it’s a wonder that Jemma finds the time to juggle all that she does. However, as her story unfolds, it’s clear that Jemma believes you have to grab what life has to offer with both hands as she talks about her experiences and how she came to that conclusion.

    Following a car accident in 2018, Jemma was recovering at home from a carotid artery dissection, which caused some loss of vision. Not wanting to give up her beloved exercise, her main goal was to get back on her bike. She persevered and when out on her first outside cycle, she was involved in an accident with a van. Some may wonder how Jemma overcame such scary experiences in such a short space of time, but when listening to her talk, it’s clear. Her mindset and self-belief is the key.

    When explaining why she’s so positive, Jemma talks about wanting to be a person that helps to make others’ days brighter. She’s a firm believer of being kind, and never forgetting when others have been kind to you. Jemma’s experiences have helped her gain a positive and strong mindset that she shares and passes onto others, to lift them up.

    This episode will have you hooked from the offset, and refresh your outlook on life. Get ready for your ‘can-do’ attitude to have a complete overhaul!

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    Dave Adams – Against All Odds

    Dave Adams – Against All Odds

    Today you’ll hear from Dave Adams, business leader, military veteran, and an individual who made an inspiring comeback when the odds were against him.

    Speaking about his time in the military, Dave explains the various forms of leadership he was exposed to during his time in position, and on the battlefield. Understanding, adaptation and overcoming challenges, are all things Dave has harnessed, enabling him to become a successful leader in all areas of his life.

    Dave’s experience in the military wasn’t without its challenges, perhaps provoking one of the hardest things for him to confront – his mental health. Speaking candidly with Anthony, Dave takes us through an experience in 2014, when he tragically lost an aircraft and five people, along with it. The emotion surrounding this experience is palpable, and Dave’s honesty around his battles with mental health illness following this incident, even after returning home, is testament to how far he’s come.

    The journey on a new career path has been Dave’s opportunity to use the experiences gained from his hardships, to lead and help others. Aged just 16 when he joined the military, a new career may have seemed impossible for some, but in true Dave fashion, he’s made a home for himself in the world of insurance. Alongside this, he was the driving force behind a military resource group within Marsh, a space for people to learn from, and support each other.

    This episode is emotional, thought provoking and above all, inspiring. Dave’s strength and resilience in the face of adversity serves as a reminder of the power within all of us.

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    Ellie Harrison – Finding Opportunities

    Ellie Harrison – Finding Opportunities

    On this episode, developing leader, Ellie Harrison joins us for an honest discussion around leadership, learning, and the challenges young professionals will face as they climb the career ladder.

    Growing up with three brothers, Ellie experienced leadership from a young age. Whether it was fighting for the rights to the TV, or practising sharp negotiation skills, she had the fundamentals of a successful leader engrained, from the get go.

    Starting her career as a graduate, Ellie explains the fascination she felt around leadership. That fascination quickly turned to passion for guiding others, being on the front foot, and developing her ideas. During the episode, Ellie discusses various experiences and lessons learned outside of the comfort zone, something she knows well and promotes.

    When the organisation Ellie worked within joined the Marsh family, she was told to look at this as a ‘village of opportunity’, and that she did. Describing the ‘Colleague Resource Groups’ available to her as a ‘map’ of the business, Ellie was keen to get involved in these to grow her network and help others.

    This episode is a hub of advice and inspiration for people of all ages. Whether you’re a young professional getting started in your career, or you’re established within your sector, Ellie gives a refreshing and important view on growth and leadership. You’ll also hear an optimistic spin on the current situation the world faces, and the ways we can use it to our advantage.

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    Beth A. Miller – Don’t Treat Employees Like Mushrooms

    Beth A. Miller – Don’t Treat Employees Like Mushrooms

    Speaking from the USA, Beth A. Miller joins us on The Roots of Leadership. Founder and CEO of Executive Velocity, an accomplished author and speaker, Beth’s business acumen is one to be admired.

    Beginning her career in financial management, Beth founded Executive Velocity in 2006. It has proven a fantastic outlet for her enthusiasm and energy as she assists clients in helping their people thrive. Speaking about her time in executive coaching, Beth tells us about her overall coaching process while explaining the importance of never letting ego get in the way, and always remaining humble throughout life’s journey.

    Perhaps one of the most notable points from this interview is Beth’s principle of being a ‘lifetime learner’. Despite her extensive experience and knowledge, she is always on a journey of learning. It’s clear to see how this belief has enabled her to go from strength to strength, helping countless clients, and building a fantastic career along the way.

    Beth’s passion for leadership development and succession planning is evident throughout this episode, as she highlights the importance of communication as the ‘cornerstone of leadership’ and the many techniques she uses when coaching clients. She explains that leaders who leave a legacy are those that leave other leaders, creating a culture that develops the people around them.

    This episode will leave you motivated, self-aware and ready to learn – don’t miss it.

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4.9 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

Will.debarros ,

One of my go to PODCASTS

Really thought provoking podcast that helps you understand what drives the leaders of today and tomorrow. This has become one of my weekly podcast visits and I would highly recommend a listen as it has provided me with newfound perspectives.

BrendaleeH ,

Motivational speaker for anyone looking for professional growth!

Anthony C. Gruppo speaks to you in a personal way which inspires you to make changes in your own life to achieve personal and professional goals. Thank you Anthony for providing me with a new way of thinking! Love your podcast!

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