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A weekly television review show. Roseanne Smith and Rosemary Mac Cabe (cousins!) talk about the television they have been watching over the previous week in Ireland.

The Rosie Vie‪w‬ Roseanne Smith & Rosemary Mac Cabe

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A weekly television review show. Roseanne Smith and Rosemary Mac Cabe (cousins!) talk about the television they have been watching over the previous week in Ireland.

    Episode 23: Television in the three screen age & much else besides of course

    Episode 23: Television in the three screen age & much else besides of course

    This is the Rosie View after all and boy! can we girls waffle. However the highlight of this cast is my interview with Wilbour Craddock, Architect Evangelist at Microsoft. When I was editing this I couldn’t believe the interview took place after 9pm: he’s so passionate and enthusiastic about technology in the home and he was so willing to talk to me, some random bird with a mike. So thanks a mil to him! Well done also to his team, especially Enda Flynn, for organising such an interesting event.
    On with the podcast!

    01m59s I point out that we are back just in time for the brand new Social Media Awards but surprise, surprise there’s no podcast category…
    03m37s I mention a report from eMarketer about Social Media Users and television
    03m50s Rosemary tells us that Broadsheet.ie is her new favourite thing
    04m29s I tell Rosemary about our only unfan
    07m24s I share the fabulous news that soon we’ll be able to watch telly in bed even if you don’t have a tell in your room thanks to MagnetWebTV
    09m22s While I got a LOT of emails from Magnet about signing up for their broadband I don’t think I got one telling me about their new service for iOS devices
    09m49s I read about the new service on SiliconRepublic. Rosemary asks me do I ever do any work – the cheek!
    10m16s The MagnetWebTv site is not optimised for a mobile device so it’s a little awkward to use.
    10m22s At time of recording and editing they did not have an app11m02s Rosemary tells us that she’s never experienced cyberbullying – except from The Twicket
    11m20s What does iOs mean?
    11m32s I had a Rosie View field trip to a Microsoft event, Kinecting Technologies
    14m06s Interview with Wilbour Craddock, Architect Evangelist with Microsoft about using technology to consume television
    14m39s Wilbour tells us that the evening event is aimed at “techsumers”, home users and that it’s essentially modelled on the way in which he, his wife and their three kids use technology at home to watch movies, play games, surf the web etc.
    15m01s I ask him if he uses their technology to consume television type content15m31s Do they manage all this television content from their Sky Player through their home server?
    16m30s Is it difficult to set up a system like this? Do you need any technical know how?
    17m31s Does Microsoft see that soon people will be able to interact with “television” via the Kinect?
    18m52s There was a lot of talk in the media lately about TV licences – would Microsoft use its clout to try and push the legal issues around downloading television in Ireland?
    21m39s I as Wilbour what his favourite TV programme is. His reply: Law and Order
    22m09s I ask  Wilbour about it is about Law & Order that appeals to him. Among other factoids he tells me that some of the earlier series were shot in the actual courtrooms
    24m23s Even though SVU is the one most often shown on British and Irish screens Wilbour still thinks the original is the best. It starred Jerry Orbach who most people will remember as the da outta Dirty Dancing.
    25m58s There was also a “Surface”

    I comment that the Craddock clan are obviously a very Modern Family. Rosemary forgets she is on a podcast and looks at me askance about my clanger of a segue
    31m25s Basically we talk about how much we love it

    32m50s I’ve also been watching the BBC’s answer to Modern Family in a way. A show called Outnumbered which stars Hugh Dennis & Clare Skinner

    34m24s Rosemary has never seen The Big Bang Theory. I don’t do askance like her. 39m27s Rosemary wonders if Outnumbered maes me feel better about my chaotic life. The cheek!
    41m03s We discuss The Frontline which Rosemary was on (in the interactive audience) 41m22s I had actually  been watching Law & Order: SVU as Wilbour had mentioned so missed Rosemary but caught up on the RTÉ Player
    42m36s We go back to The Frontline
    44m00s ust in case you are won

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    Episode 22: Of Sociopaths and Socialites

    Episode 22: Of Sociopaths and Socialites

    00m17s We kick off the New Year with some general ignorance. No airs and graces here mate!
    01m19s With us on the podcast is Alan King who I have known since MY teens. I’m also afraid to say that Nipper 3.0 makes herself heard throughout so if you don’t like babies stop listening now. Sorry. Mix up with familial arrangements.
    01m36s We discuss the newslessness of our TV news (follow our facebook page for more up to date news). You see we’re nothing if not honest about ourselves.
    01m47s We discuss the Kenneth Tong, ex-Big Brother contestant, managed anorexia debacle
    02m25s Rosemary mentions a blog post by Alexis Petridis (link soon)
    04m14s It was a hoax and Tong had appearances lined up on various radio and television shows. Did they go ahead?
    04m24s However around the same time Tong had an interview with journalist  (LINK soon)
    06m40s I compare Kenneth Tong to Dexter which I have been watching lately
    06m58s We discuss the extremely controversial holiday storyline on Eastenders
    09m33s I say that I’m very glad I wasn’t watching Eastenders for all of this because I would have found it very distressing. I get very irate about tv’s representation of labour and birth anyway. I mention One Born Every Christmas
    11m05s Alan mishears me and thinks that we were Skyping Grace Jones on Christmas Day.
    12m45s Ofcom received more complaints about the Eastenders Cot Death Switch storyline than any other television before ever. Ever. I may be exaggerating.
    13m00s Rosemary comments that Eastenders is a quality programme with quality actors and I say including Jonathon Ross’ mum trivia fans
    14m58s Rosemary wonders when was the last new soap opera? Hollyoaks? Ros an Rún?
    15m27s Rosemary admits that she’s never seen an episode of Ros na Rún in her life
    15m39s Last bit of tv news is that Sky Atlantic HD will launch on February 1st 2011. Aimed at the more mature audience its flagship show will be the much talked about Boarwalk Empire.
    17m11s Prepare your ears folks! I get very excited about the fact that someone I kind of know is in Boardwalk Empire.
    17m27s Availability of Sky Atlantic
    17m48s Rosemary tells us that she watched some of Boardwalk Empire on the plane. She did of course see the “plane version”
    18m18s Rosemary tells us a little about Boardwalk Empire. She’s really liking it so far.
    20m16s Alan wanted to come on and defend Fade St. (Check out the critical response to Fade St. in that Wikipedia entry. Ha!) I talk about the damning representation of the employers on this show.
    22m30s We all agree that we rather like Vogue (who is actually called Vogue)
    23m46s We talk some more about the workplace drama in Fade Street
    24m10s Alan gives another example of how naff Fade St is by recounting how Dani had her 21st in the Wright Venue. No-one base on Fade St would go all the way out there for a party unless…
    25m16s Alan doesn’t even pretend to try and do a Wexford accent but I tell him it’s okay. Ten years of life with a man from Wexford and all I can say in a Wexford accent is “Where were you?”
    25m50s Alan reminds us that Fade St does in fact HAVE a story editor. Riiiiight.
    25m57s Rosemary tells us that Dublin Ink was in fact set up to emulate Miami Ink, a tattoo parlour in eh Miami that has its own show
    30m13s Rosemary reckons the reason that everything was wrapped up nicely before the Christmas interval was because there was no certainty that they would make more shows
    30m44s Alan thinks that the director really missed the moment of high drama when they found out who got the job
    31m59s Rosemary thinks that the only real problem with Fade Street is that no-one can act. Why did they not give them a bit of direction?
    35m58s I talk about my experience of visiting a friend in London who had a part in Eastenders and the manner in which people approached her.
    37m46s There’s a post on Culch.ie which is a catch up o

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    Episode 21: The XMas Boxset Special

    Episode 21: The XMas Boxset Special

    Our last show before Christmas! We really enjoyed recording this one. I hope you enjoy listening to this. Our guest this time is Darren Byrne who is also my colleague in the IIA. Enjoy!

    00m07s We have a guest on this show: Darren Byrne from Culch.ie (not The Culchie)
    00m49s Rosemary reminds us how busy and important she is
    01m03s Every Monday night the Culch.ie crew run a live blog about the Apprentice
    02m02s We briefly mention Following Fade Street which both Rosemary and I find highly amusing. You can get it on YouTube or on the Fade Street iPhone App
    02m56s Darren tells us some more about the Culch.ie Apprentice Live Blog & talks about this series of The Apprentice
    04m17s Darren tells us about what kind of tasks the Apprentices have been assigned in this series. If you’d like to see what real marketers think about the tasks check out this debate on the Dialogue newsletter
    04m30s We talk a little about product placement in The Apprentice and other shows as well.
    06m12s We talk about what being an Apprentice contestant is worth. I say I wouldn’t do it for love nor money.
    08m22s I use Bear Grylls, whose show I dislike, as an example of totally unbelievable “reality”.

    Look at all that crew!

    09m37s I mention another nature documentary series that the kids love: Deadly 60
    10m52s But back to the Apprentice and the upcoming interviews (except they’ve been and gone)
    12m39s We agree that The Apprentice Interviews are horrible but great tv
    12m52s I’ve been watching and thoroughly enjoying Misfits Series 2. I’m very surprised to discover that neither Rosemary nor Darren have been watching it
    18m07s I love Misfits and I really think Rosemary and Darren will too
    18m20s Rosemary is sick of watching 4OD because the shows don’t stream properly for her.
    18m 29s Darren bought a Western Digital TV Live Media Player from Gruupy.com
    20m37s Rosemary tells us about how she is planning to give Bailout Packages for Christmas
    21m48s We talk  about what boxsets we would like for Christmas or that we would recommend giving to people.
    23m04s I wonder why Big Love is not being shown on this side of the pond. Sky signed exclusive deal with HBO in July.
    Rosemary recommends or requests:
    Big Love
    The Sopranos
    Mad Men (Seasons 1 -3 on special in HMV!)
    The Inbetweeners
    24m34s If you have a complaint about TV you might call our number which is  +353 (0)1 4433416
    25m08s I’m always horrified by people watching television on Christmas day. I don’t have many rules in my life but no tv on Christmas is one of them
    26m27s My choice of boxsets for Xmas
    Roseanne recommends/ wants
    Modern Family
    Breaking Bad
    27m19s I apologise to The States for presuming that Modern Family could not have originated there because it is so good!
    28m29s Darren talks about Raising Hope
    28m50s I love Martha Plimpton in Raising Hope
    29m22s Rosemary talks about how she quite liked Christina Applegate until she saw her in some terrible film with not Selma Hayek but Selma Blair
    30m27s I like Raising Hope well enough but it’s quite light
    31m20s We have a discussion about clunge. I can’t actually write anymore than that. You’ll have to listen.
    36m58s Rosemary recommends this video from YouTube which is very cute for someone who purports not to like kids

    38m30s Darren recalls enoying Press Gang as a child. So do I Turns out Dexter Fletcher who was a big draw for me, plays Nathan’s father in Misfits.
    39m12s Darren says he would buy Raw from RTÉ. He’s lucky I don’t throw him out of the house!
    Darren recommends some perennials like The Father Ted Boxset
    Reeling in the Years 70s, 80s and 90s now available on boxset
    The Sopranos (too!)
    The West Wing
    Season 1 of Glee
    Others we discuss are The Wire and a friend of Rosemary’s swears by The Shield. Rosemary also mentions Dawson’s Creek for kitsch value; Darren reveals that he has all five se

    Episode 19: The Rosies meet not the crocodile, the other one.

    Episode 19: The Rosies meet not the crocodile, the other one.

    This time on The Rosie View we are joined by Marion Marzane. Marion is one half of Marzane Meets Crocodile.
    So big thanks to Marion for taking part in the show!
    Also appearing is the ubiquitous Nipper 3.0 who guzzles a bottle for the first part of the podcast and then precedes to join in the conversation.

    00m 20s First bit of news is that we didn’t win our web award. Congratulations to the football podcast that did.
    01m03s We have two guests this week: Nipper 3.0 and also Marion Marzane
    02m24s In other news we have our own Facebook page
    02m59s Also a recent development is that I am doing daily tips for telly using Audioboo
    03m44s In other Irish television news, Fade Street is just about ready to go live on our screens
    04m23s Here’s a photo of the photogenic young ladies

    04m 50s Rosemary is concerned about watching vacuous people from Ireland – it might just be all a bit too close to her reality!
    05m 04s I wonder if there might be opportunities to syndicate it the way the likes of the Hills and Home & Away do well here. Rosemary is unconvinced because it might not be Irish enough
    06m 27s You can find out more at http://facebook.com/FadeStreet
    06m 55s I have a flashback just like they do on the tellybox
    07m 26s I wonder will we ever have an Irish Next Top Model? Rosemary points out that we had the Model Agent last year (we talked about it) and the Model Scout is about to begin
    07m 54s Rosemary has been watching the new series of America’s Next Top Model
    11m 25s Marion has been watching Project Runway which I always thought was the same kind of thing as Next Top Model but it isn’t
    15m 18s Rosemary asks me if I have seen Take Me Out. Amazingly I momentarily forget that I have seen it
    15m 51s Rosemary met a waiter in a bar who revealed to her that he was due to go on Take Me Out
    19m 05s Rosemary would go on a dating show. (Take Me Out researchers: When you’re planning the Celebrity Take Me Out email us eh?)
    19m 48s Both of us agree that Take Me Out is awful and very entertaining in equal measure.
    23m48s One of our fans on Facebook suggested I watch The Million Pound Drop
    25m 14s One of the questions is about which company launched tummy tightening underpants for me. Surprise, surprise Rosemary knows the answer. It’s Spanx.

    26m 28s Maybe we should do a TV table quiz in aid of charity!
    27m 14s While I wasn’t blown away by the show what I really liked about it was the way you could play along online. Such a clever use of converging technology and the way many people use technology
    31m 29s I watched Child Genius: Five Years on. Not the most enthralling program despite belonging to a subgenre of documentary that I really like
    31m 57s I talk for example about the famous series Seven Up

    Episode 18: The Occasional Show

    Episode 18: The Occasional Show

    A jampacked show this time. It also includes an unexpected and very noisy guest so apologies to anyone who doesn’t love a screaming baby. And thus she loses her 20 listeners. Anyone heading to the Web Awards, Rosemary and I will see you there – since we recorded this we suceeded as finalists which is far more than us kitchen-casters could have hoped for. As I mention below and on the Over To You page, we are now accepting audio comments so get recording! We are only dying to hear ‘em! And sure you never know, if things go our way on Saturday we might even be able to spring for prizes… Aaaaand I’ve jinxed it. Bah!

    00m40s A warning that we are again working with both children and, as you will also hear, animals
    01m02s First bit of TV news, well, news, is that we are nominated for a web award. Did I already mention this? Hmmmm
    02m09s I am genuinely very excited about being shortlisted. Did I also mention this already?
    03m00s The Sun have launched a new Saturday TV Mag called The Buzz. We discuss how we won’t be reading it and their odd billboard campaign.
    04m10s Rosemary asks the listeners advice about cat owning. The way you do on a podcast about TELEVISION!
    04m48s In other news I was reading about Thursday night ratings on TVByTheNumbers.com and discovered something pure mental. (The clue’s in the sentence)
    06m01s Rosemary is keen to see Jersey Shore (warning the site linked here has content which cannot be viewed outside the states. Boo Hiss) which we have both heard a lot about. I am gratified to see that the scantily clad women in this show at least have brown hair. No stereotypes there then.
    07m17s So after that ridiculous whirlwind wander through reality shows about bored little rich kids & Irish TV personalities we return to my interesting news about TV ratings in the US
    08m32s Rosemary decides she is going to try and guess which show beat all others in the Thursday night ratings
    09m14s The Mentalist beat all others with 14.65m viewers
    09m34s We, yet again, display our TV ignorance by not remembering either Simon Baker’s name or his character’s name. We really take ourselves and listeners so seriously
    12m19s Last piece of news is that we are now accepting audio comments! Just skype us at “TheRosieView” or click this following button. We’ll try to include as many comments as possible in the next show! 

    Or you can email audio comments (2MB or less) to thetellybox at therosieview dot ie. We really look forward to hearing them.
    13m40s Rosemary has been watching the XFactor. I knew this because she was tweeting non-stop about it. We discuss the merits of Twitter as a TV event companion
    14m28s If you don’t tweet you can liveblog, for example, on sites like Culch.ie who host one for The (Irish) Apprentice
    14m59s Rosemary’s quote of the week comes from Louis Walsh on the XFactor
    15m51s I briefly mention the National (British) TV Awards who are seeking your votes. Rosemary recommends you read this
    16m26s We talk about how looks can work to contestants’ advantage in two ways
    18m29s We discuss Rosemary’s love for Simon Cowell. Again.
    19m04s Rosemary talks about the judges’ selections. She’s rather scathing. There’s a surprise.
    20m44s Slight break for an explanation as the baby joins us in the kitchen where we are recording
    22m18s So Rosemary tells us about her real brush with real TV in the preceding week. A celeb I tells ye!

    22m24s Rosemary was on The Daily Show. Not with Jon Stewart but with Dáithi Ó Sé and Claire Byrne
    27m10s We were watching Glee. I’ve decided that I’m too old for it. Rosemary rescues me from early onset senility by telling me it isn’t me it was a terrible episode of Glee.
    29m17s I watched what is probably now an ancient episode of My Family’s Crazy Gap Year. Rosemary is beyond unimpressed by the whole concept
    36m 38s Rosemary cont

    Episode 17: The Pope on the Rosie View

    Episode 17: The Pope on the Rosie View

    This week we are joined by Conor Pope, champion of the Irish Consumer and wannabe Sean Connery lookylikey.
    Many thanks to him for taking part!

    01m15s We try to kick off with News: Conor tells us that he was very happy to hear that the BBC have recommissioned Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Honestly.

    02m36s RTE have launched their daytime schedule with 4Live and the Daily Show
    03m28s We wonder why they have brought a male presenter into the mix. Listen up as both Conor and I have theories.
    04m29s Conor reveals the secret to the TV3 look.
    04m46s The last piece of news is the launch of the new Apple TV (the problem with doing a show with people who “work” in a “newspaper” is that they pooh-pooh what I consider news like the Stig being sacked as not news )
    09m15s We discuss whether you can record remotely on UPC. You can with Sky
    10m50s I do not like Mattie on RTE one bit.
    12m15s I object to the criminals being Dubs even though the show is set in Limerick
    12m59s Note to self – do not allow Rosemary to pour tea while we are recording
    13m09s Conor suggests that it might be like Val Falvey TD but I declare that Val Falvey was a damn site better
    14m35s Rosemary has been watching Life Unexpected a new American show which has recently started on E4, Sundays at 7pm. It stars Shiri Appleby who was also in Roswell.

    17m28s Rosemary could always watch The Consumer Show on a Sunday evening except that it is on a Monday evening at 8.30; Life Unexpected is on Sunday night at 9pm on e4.
    22m13s Some discussion about how The Consumer Show dealt with a feature on the sugar content of popular drinks. I think RTE are late to the game; Conor thinks that there is space for them but is worried that they won’t pick up steam in 6 episodes (read won’t take any pressure offa his inbox!)
    23m45s Conor shares his knowledge about the current debates in food labelling. I love the way this show isn’t always just about what’s on the telly!
    24m37s Conor thinks that this kind of show is still needed; I agree, I just wonder why it took RTE so long to develop it
    25m30s The other thing I really liked about The Consumer Show was the set
    25m58s We dispense some armchair advice to Eddie Hobbs and his director
    27m02s Rosemary wonders if the shakiness is from the Expose school of camerawork. I use school and work in their loosest senses here.
    27m32s Rosemary has been watching 90210 which leads us to a discussion about rape storylines on TV shows. Rosemary feels that the overly dramatic, highly violent rapes are not a true representation of what the real experience of rape tends to be, where a familiar male forces the woman to have sex against her will.
    29m37s Conor reminds us that Fair City on RTE ran a storyline that featured what might be called date rape which featured a doctor who gained the trust of his victim only to eventually rape her.
    30m02s I posit that maybe the soaps can do it better because they can develop it over a long time unlike series.
    30m15s Series 2 Mad Men and Sopranos spoiler alert
    31m03s Conor is shocked by the storylines that are featuring in 90210. Rosemary points out that even in Brenda and Brandon’s heyday (!!) there was a teen pregnancy.
    31m18s We discuss TV Signposts: hitchhiking equals trouble; drinking even a sip of vodka is the first step on the road to rehab; everyone drinks OJ at parties in Neighbours; the floors are always spotless for a bit of breakdancing and no-one ever says goodbye on the phone; why are the inside of their homes always painted grey or beige
    34m00s I always find that I question the motivation for including rape in film and television
    34m10s It seems that 90210 is just ticking the issues’ bingo.
    34m41s Conor has not only watched The Apprentice, which started into its new series last Monday, but he also appeared on The Apprentice You’re Fired on TV3. A real live TV sleb in our midst,

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