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Mike Brown & Jared Patterson take EMS related questions from you and answer them in a rapid fire fashion.

The RSI Podcast Mike Brown & Jared Patterson

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Mike Brown & Jared Patterson take EMS related questions from you and answer them in a rapid fire fashion.

    Episode 10 - Honoring Women's History Month

    Episode 10 - Honoring Women's History Month

    We hope that you enjoy this episode.  We took three of your questions submitted and had our panel of women answer them.  The questions listed below will be answered and the first person to respond is indicated next to the question in the event you don't recognize the voices!
    Please feel free to submit any follow-up questions you might have on this or any subject to RSIPodcast@FOAMFrat.com
    How do you feel women have made a positive impact and contribution to healthcare and EMS as a career?     Cynthia Griffin What advice do you have for women in EMS that want to pursue being educators?  Ginger Locke Unfortunately numerous women have been victims of harassment. How has this effected you and what response do you credit for your success in managing it?  Natalie Zink X Teams
    The Second Sex

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    Episode 9 - Just Us

    Episode 9 - Just Us

    Your questions answered today:
    I would love to hear you guys kick around utilization of HEMS, more specific over utilization. Potential areas including requests from ground EMS and inter facility alike. Some areas of frequent discussion include occasions of overflying capable facilities to honor the request of a sending hospital.  I’m a paramedic student 6 months away from graduating and taking my NREMT. I have a passion for learning but also teaching and helping other students. In our systems we do a full semester of preceptorship rides for 275 hours. My question for you all is: How long if any time should someone need to be a paramedic in the field before taking in a student for preceptorship for 275 hours?
    What non medical podcasts or books even do you guys tune in to or read? 
    The Joe Rogan Experience
    Cleared Hot Podcast
    The Art of Impossible
    The Masterclass
    We will have a webpage launching soon.  Look for an announcement on our special episode to come next.  Finally into double digits!  Will be celebrating with some great guests!
    You can reach us at RSIPodcast@FOAMFrat.com

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    Episode 8 with Dr. Jim DuCanto

    Episode 8 with Dr. Jim DuCanto

    Mike and Jared sit down with Dr. Jim DuCanto to answer your questions.  Get questions or requests for future guests in now!  
    1) How did rapid sequence induction start?
    2) What would you do if you weren't in medicine?
    3) What is the difference between the Hi-D and DuCanto suction catheters?
    4) What do you think EMS will look like in 3 years?
    Link to paper Dr. DuCanto referenced in Question 1 - Great Read

    • 29 min
    Episode 7 with Jace Mullen

    Episode 7 with Jace Mullen

    Join Mike as we get to know Jace Mullen, another FOAMfrat educator.  As always we answer some questions from listeners.
    What are your opinions on single vs dual paramedic deployment models? How does skill dilution weigh in? How about hospital vs private? What do you do to relax during off time? What do you think of the recent incident in DC? Get your questions in now for the next podcast RSIPodcast@foamfrat.com  Our next guest will be Dr. Jim DuCanto.  He’s excited to answer your questions.

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    Episode 6 with Tom Latosek

    Episode 6 with Tom Latosek

    Mike and Tom answer listener questions on vaccines.  Includes an invite for free attendance at an upcoming FOAMfrat live class.  Act now!
    Did you guys get the vaccine?  Why or why not?
    How do genetic vaccines work?
    How long before we are back to normal?
    Will be recording another episode soon with another member of the FOAMfrat team.  Get your questions in now!

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    Episode 5

    Episode 5

    Episode 6 recording next week!  Email us at RSIPodcast@foamfrat.com now to get your questions in.
    Contents of this podcast include:
    Should CCT services be required to have medical direction from both emergency medicine and critical care? How do we know we are keeping with the times? What advice do you have for new critical care providers? Would increasing prevalence of IFR programs help change the HAA accident rate?  (If you don't know what these terms mean, we explain them!) Be sure to tune in until the end, we included some outtakes for your entertainment.  More of those will come with every episode.  Stay safe and Happy Holidays!
    Jared & Mike

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5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

jakelongsnake ,

The podcast that I’ve been missing.

So refreshing to find a podcast that states facts, is quick to the punch, and comes from credible healthcare professionals.

Billdemtp ,


Loved it. Quick. To the point. Not a lot of fluff. Great work.

Amberly0502 ,

A new one to listen to

I really enjoyed this first episode. I enjoyed the format keeping it short sweet but with enough detail. I think the host have great interaction with each other and I hope to listen to a lot more.

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