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Celebrating the RV Lifestyle by Mike and Jennifer Wendland. Tips, travel ideas, RV news and great interviews about the RV Lifestyle.

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Celebrating the RV Lifestyle by Mike and Jennifer Wendland. Tips, travel ideas, RV news and great interviews about the RV Lifestyle.

    RV Podcast 305: What RV travel during COVID is REALLY like

    RV Podcast 305: What RV travel during COVID is REALLY like

    This week in the RV Podcast, we hear what RV travel during COVID is like.

    RVers from across North America candidly share their experiences, what was open, what was closed, how welcome they were, and what it’s like trying to do the RV Lifestyle in these challenging times. 

    This week in our interview of the week segment we turned to our RV Lifestyle social media followers for their insight into RV travel during COVID as they encountered restrictions and shutdowns in various locations.

    There is lots of RV-related news to report.


    Congress passes Great American Outdoor Act which is expected to send much-needed money for national park maintenance

    Congress passed the Great American Outdoor Act last week, sending it to President Donald Trump's desk where he is expected to sign it. The bill will provide $900 million a year to the Land and Water Conservation Fund. It will also provide up to $6.5 billion over five years to help pay for the many maintenance needs of the nation's national parks. Look for more details out this week, when it is expected to be signed into law. 

    Campfire-caused wildfires on the rise in several places throughout country

    In several parts of the country, officials are reporting more campfire-caused wildfires than normal. In Maine, there has been a 170 percent increase in campfire-related wildfires this year compared to 2019. A campfire is also suspected as the cause of a wildfire near Clayton Beach in Washington's Larrabee State Park last week. And some places, like the Tahoe National Forest, are seeing an increase in illegal campfires causing officials to say they are responding to the second highest number of campfire-caused fires ever recorded.

    Too many people risking injury by jumping into posted Yellowstone waters, officials warn

    Yellowstone National Park urged visitors last week to stay out of the water. Apparently more people than normal are ignoring posted signs at Yellowstone and swimming in water where swimming is clearly prohibited. Park officials are reminding visitors the signs are there for a reason. Some Yellowstone water is boiling - in 2016 a man is believed to have literally dissolved after trying to soak in a prohibited thermal area. And in other places the water is extremely frigid - a literal snow melt. Other times people are told not to go in because the water is infested with organisms that will make them sick. As always, if the sign says stay out - we advise you to stay out. 

    West Virginia police arrest two men connected to international RV theft ring

    West Virginia police arrested two men involved in an international RV theft ring last week. The men were arrested for stealing two stolen camping trailers. Police also found two other stolen camping trailers abandoned by their drivers. The thieves are part of an international crime ring that steals RVs and campers in southeastern states then ships them to Mexico and other foreign countries.

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    RV Podcast #304: Rising COVID fears and RV Travel

    RV Podcast #304: Rising COVID fears and RV Travel

    Rising COVID fears and RV Travel uncertainty are causing RVers to stay closer to home and be much more cautious in their plans for the rest of the summer and into fall.

    As the nation once again finds COVID rates dramatically rising, RVers are wondering what to do with summer travel plans. "Should we stay or should we go?"  is a question we've been asked a lot this past week.

    So in this 304th episode of the RV Podcast, we're going to talk about that. We’ll share our feelings and hear from a bunch of you who responded to our request to call and share your opinion.

    Plus, we have lots of RV questions this week, plenty of RV News, and a great off the beaten path RV report from the Burketts.


    Officials say no reported COVID-19 cases at Yosemite, but then they discover it in human sewage

    In this time of pandemic camping, there was an intriguing story this week out of California that caught our attention. Yosemite National Park is open to visitors, regular testing of employees and residents shows no one has tested positive for COVID-19, and no visitors have reported back as positive. Seems a safe place to go, right? Well, apparently a company that is checking human raw sewage for the virus found COVID-19 in the waste. The company estimated between June 30 and July 6, about 170 infected people were at the El Portal stop, while just a few were at Wawona. The science is still developing, and being outside and away from crowds is still considered a relatively safe activity, but this adds to our belief that using the facilities in your RV is still the safest thing to do.

    Black bear bites woman, child, in Yellowstone backcountry then eats their food

    A black bear bit a woman and a child at Yellowstone National Park last week after entering a campsite shared by five backpackers in search of food. The woman and child were outside their tents and the bear walked right up to them, bit them, then went to their food which was under a storage pole but not yet hung up. When rangers arrived, the bear was still eating the campers' food, so the bear was killed. The bear bit the woman in her arm and head and bit the child's hand. Both received bruises and minor cuts. Rangers, again, urged visitors to carry bear spray. Here is an article we did on how to camp safely in bear country - we've shared it before, but believe it is worth sharing again.

    Woman chased by a bison at Yellowstone trips, falls, plays dead and survives encounter without injury

    Speaking of Yellowstone, did you see the video of the woman who was being charged by a bison, tripped and fell, played dead, and survived the encounter without a scratch? Apparently, the woman and another person got too close to the wild creature so it charged. The woman tripped and fell when running and once down, she played dead. The charging bison came to an abrupt stop spent a few seconds sniffing the woman – who lay there motionless -  and then ambled away. The woman then got up, apparently unharmed. It was all caught on cellphone video and as is clear, too many people were too close to the bison.  Click here to a href="https://rvlifest...

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    RV Podcast 303: What RV travel looks like for the rest of the year

    RV Podcast 303: What RV travel looks like for the rest of the year

    With travel restrictions looming again, here's our best take on what RV travel looks like for the rest of the year.

    As COVID-19 raises its ugly head again with more infections and hospitalizations, things that once were opening are closing again. This week on the RV Podcast Episode 303, we offer straight talk about what the rest of the year may look like for RVers.

    Plus we have an interview about an interesting place where RVers can go to get their RVs renovated called RV Renovation Camp. We also have lots of RV News, tips, an off the beaten path report from the Burketts, and much more all coming up in Episode 303 of the RV Podcast.

    Show Notes for Episode #303 July 15, 2020 of The RV Podcast:


    We’re still in Michigan and will likely stay here through fall.

    And while we think there will be lots of opportunities for short trips in and around the Great Lakes Region, long-distance, cross-country travel for us has been put on hold as the nation tries to figure out what to do as COVID-19 infection rates have shot upwards again.  What had been an encouraging downwards trend in early summer, has now been reversed to where we are now seeing record infection rates in many places, more hospitalizations, and rising deaths.

    In other words, just when you thought it was okay to start traveling again, we’re seeing the virus rapidly spreading and many states contemplating shutdowns again.

    So let's talk about what RV travel looks like for the rest of the year:

    In our opinion, it’s not good. Just today, Elkhart Open House, the mega event put on every fall by the RV manufacturers to jumpstart business for dealers and suppliers, was canceled for this year. That event has probably become the most important venue for the RV industry and canceling it shows just how serious the industry sees the new spike in invections.

    We don’t have a crystal ball. We’re not privy to any inside information. But since the end of February, the newsman in me has kept careful track of what is happening with this horrible illness and I think there are several things happening that will adversely affect the RV Lifestyle.

    Hopefully, what’s unfolding and developing now will not result in total nationwide shutdowns like most of us experienced in March and April. But I don’t think there is any doubt that it's getting worse rather than better.

    Will you still be able to travel in your RV? Yes, I think so, certainly more than you were able to this past spring but, sadly, I fear, not as much as you perhaps would like to.

    Here are seven things that I think will  shape what RV travel looks like for the rest of the year

    * There will be more campgrounds, state parks, and national parks either closing to out of state campers, shutting down entirely, or limiting the number of visitors. We have some examples of that happening even now coming up in the News of the week segment but expect more quarantines and in some places, like California, parts of Texas and other states, to be more severely impacted by COVID and actively tell visitors that they are not welcome the rest of the summer and ell into the fall.

    * What campgrounds that remain open will be more crowded. That’s a given. With all the new RVers out there, camping space is already at a premium in many places. If campgrounds now open start closing again, those that are still open will be putting out the “no vacancy” signs a lot sooner than normal.

    * RV manufacturers will once again have to wrestle with the decision to shut down their assembly lines to stop the spread of the virus. Same with RV parts manufacturers. If shutdowns happen the ripple effect will immediately be felt through all segments of the industry. It may be booming now because so many people bought new RVs for much-needed vaca...

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    RV Podcast #302: A handy RV toll road pass

    RV Podcast #302: A handy RV toll road pass

    In this jampacked 302nd Episode of the RV Podcast:

    We’ll learn about a handy RV toll road pass. We’ll also share the most important questions you should ask when taking possession of a new RV and we’ll report the RV News of the week during these very challenging times.

    Here’s a player to the audio version of this RV Podcast episode. You can also listen to the RV Podcast on your favorite podcast app.  A full article with links, transcripts, photos, and other resources follows:

    Show Notes for Episode #302 July 8, 2020 of The RV Podcast



    Mike and Jennifer

    Hi Fellow Travelers and welcome to Episode 302 of the RV Podcast. And we have a lot of ground to cover this week.

    So I want to remind you that you can follow a text version of this podcast, with all the links and resources we share, on our shownotes page on our RV Lifestyle Travel Blog at rvlifestyle.com/302.. just go there.rvlifestyle.com/302 and you’ll find a full outline and transcript.

    First off, let me welcome back my lifelong traveling companion, the bride of my youth and my cohost.. .Jennifer.

    We share the latest…

    * Jen is on the mend, though still has to watch talking too much so she doesn’t cough

    * We were tested and we do not have COVID-19.

    * We learned that doctors are seeing a spike in blood pressure problems they blame on the COVID disruptions – the Three S’s of too much Salt, too much Stress and not enough Sleep.

    * We are taking time setting up the new RV

    * Travel plans are still up in the air as renewed shutdowns, cancellations and hints of travel restrictions are once again bringing disruption to everyone’s RV Lifestyle

    On a positive note, we are very excited to report that we finally have our RV Lifestyle OFFICIAL Pinterest account up and running! For those of you who LOVE Pinterest - please Follow us and Share our posts about the RV Lifestyle. You can find us at https://www.pinterest.com/rvlifestylemike/ AND we are starting to create Pinterest-ready images over on our blog so when you Pin from our site the images are BIG and beautiful. Thank you for supporting a fun way for people to find us and what we have to offer


    Woman gored by Yellowstone bison after getting too close for a picture

    A woman was gored by a bison at Yellowstone National Park last week after she got too close to the massive animal while taking its picture. The woman, from California, was tossed 10-15 feet in the air, and when she stood, was attacked again. She was taking the picture near her Bridge Bay Campground campsite, and ended up being flown to a hospital for treatment. The woman was reportedly within 10 feet of the animal, causing it to feel threatened. When a wild bison feels threatened it will snort, paw the ground, bob its head, lift its tail. Rangers recommend visitors stay at least 25 feet away.

    California RV Show the latest big show to cancel because of COVID-19

    The California RV Show is the latest casualty of COVID-19 cancelations, with organizers announcing several days ago that the show, which typically runs in early October, is off. The California RV Show is one of our favorites,

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    8 Super Easy Tips on How to Sell Your RV

    8 Super Easy Tips on How to Sell Your RV

    This week on the RV Podcast, we give you inside tips on how to sell your RV. Don't get low balled from a dealer that offers to buy it or take it in as a trade-in. Sell it yourself!

    We did and the process couldn't have gone more smoothly. And in the process, we learned a lot that literally saved us tens of thousands of dollars when it came time to sell our RV so we could buy a new one.

    This week in Episode 301 of the RV Podcast, we share our personal experience in selling our RV (we did so just last week), introduce you to the couple who bought it, hear from a dealer and learn from an expert at RV Trader how to sell your RV and get the most for your used RVs.

    Here's a player to the audio version of this RV Podcast episode on how to sell your RV. You can also listen to the RV Podcast on your favorite podcast app.  A full article with links, transcripts, photos, and other resources follows:


    First a couple of RV Podcast programming notes. I (MIKE) am doing this episode solo this week as Jennifer, my lifelong traveling and the bride of my youth, is feeling a bit under the weather this week and thus, won’t be able to handle her normal co-hosting duties. We’re hoping she’s back next week feeling much better.

    Secondly, from popular demand, we’re rearranging the order of the various segments of the RV Podcast. We’ll move our Interview of the Week segment up towards the top of each episode, to more quickly get to the key theme of each podcast. The other regular sections will follow the interview.


    And this week, that theme is how to sell your RV... yourself, instead if trading it in or selling it outright to an RV dealer.

    As regular listeners know, Jennifer and I bought a brand-new RV last week - a 2021 Wonder Rear Twin Model from Leisure Travel Vans. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be talking a lot about why we changed RVs, why we chose the Ford Transit vs the Mercedes Sprinter chassis and showing videos and photos and doing a full review and walkthrough on the RVLifestyle.com travel blog.

    We have so much content about that new Wonder to show you that it will take lots of articles and videos.

    But this week on the RV Podcast and in this article on the RVLifestyle.com travel blog, we talk about how to sell your RV yourself, which we just did with the 2019 Leisure Travel Vans Unity FXa that we have owned for the past year and a half.

    We change RVs a lot. I want to know as much as possible how the different models handle. Their strengths and weaknesses, so I can speak from experience in our videos and blog articles. There were lots of reasons why we chose the Wonder on the Ford Transit chassis and I have a whole article coming out on that in a could of days.

    Beware of being low-balled!

    But obviously, to buy a new one, we had to sell our old one.

    We thought of simply trading it in at a dealer or selling it to them outright. Many advertise that they are desperate for used RVs and are paying "premium rates" or "top dollar for your trade."

    When I checked with a couple of dealers who advertise that, it didn’t take long to realize that top dollar to a dealer was not reflective of what our  RV is really worth.

    The dealers quite simply low balled us. They offered wholesale prices. In our case, almost $30,000 LESS than what we actually sold it for ourselves. Dealers make big money on trade-ins. By low, sell high. You can’t blame them. 

    But you also can blame us in saying no way.

    Tip #1 on how to sell your RV - Do your research

    There is no Kelly Blue Book prices for RVs.

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    RV Podcast #300: Top 10 RV Rules for Couples who want to get along

    RV Podcast #300: Top 10 RV Rules for Couples who want to get along

    This week on the RV Podcast, we share our Top 10 RV Rules for Couples who want to get along in a motorhome!

    In honor of this being the 300th episode of the RV Podcast, we will share our Top 10 Rules for RV Couples who want to get along in the confined space of an RV. The advice is timeless, especially with so many newcomers coming to the RV world.

    We also have lots of important RV news this week, plus your RV questions, RV tips, and a fun off the beaten path report from the Burketts.

    Show Notes for Episode #300 June 24, 2020 of The RV Podcast:


    We are back in Michigan! We got back late Friday, just in time for Father’s Day weekend. After six months on the road, I confess it’s nice to be back in our official state of domicile for a few days!

    On Wednesday, we are scheduled to pick up our brand new RV - a 2021 Leisure Trave Vans Wonder. We'll be videoing and blogging about the big day and our first camping trips. No matter how many times we get a new RV, we can hardly sleep we get so excited.

    So say tuned. We can't wait to get the keys! 

    This part of the podcast is brought to you by RadPower Bikes, America's #1 e-bike brand, offering direct to consumer pricing on powerful premium electric bikes. Now with free shipping  


    Senate passes bill that will send billions to national parks for much-needed maintenance, improvements

    Last week the U.S. Senate passed the "Great American Outdoors Act," a bill described as the most far-reaching conservation law in 40 years, that is expected to send millions of dollars from offshore oil drilling to pay for campgrounds, city parks, trails and more in all 50 states. The bill would provide $9.5 billion over five years to repair roads, restrooms, trails and campgrounds at the national parks. And it would guarantee $900 million a year to the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The bill now heads to the House, where quick passage is expected, President Donald Trump has said he will sign it into law. We will be following this as it looks like great news for America's national parks.

    Borders between U.S., Canada and Mexico to remain closed for another month to nonessential travel - at least

    Campers hoping to head to Canada or Mexico anytime soon learned last week that they will have to wait another month after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security extended the border closure to July 21 because of COVID-19. Borders are closed to nonessential travel, which is what camping is considered, and have been so for months. The order was supposed to lift in June but was extended last week as each nation seeks to limit the spread of the virus. We wrote about how seriously Canadians are taking this last week (click here) and urge you to follow the law, knowing that one day borders will open again. Just yesterday Fellow Traveler Rick Eles sent us a link to a big story on the Canadian Television network explaining how angry Canadians, spotting license pastes from the US at Canadian national parks like Banff, were calling in the Mounties!  And they’ve been writing tickets – at least seven last week – that carry a $1,200 fine.

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