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Join us as we share conversation that opens your heart to the love, clarity, and purpose residing within! We are all called as Light to the darkness and that light comes from within. Won't you join us as we inspire one another to 'ignite the sparkle within'?

The Sacred Sparkle Sho‪w‬ Ashley Washington

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Join us as we share conversation that opens your heart to the love, clarity, and purpose residing within! We are all called as Light to the darkness and that light comes from within. Won't you join us as we inspire one another to 'ignite the sparkle within'?

    The Missing Link to a Healthier YOU in 2021 w/ Coach Rina

    The Missing Link to a Healthier YOU in 2021 w/ Coach Rina

    If you could use a boost for your health goals, you will love this podcast with Coach Rina of https://sharinamcmahon.com
    Sharina brings her expertise as a Integrative Health Coach to help guide and support you explore small shifts in lifestyle and gain health-promoting competence to produce real and lasting results, improve energy, balance, health and happiness.
    As she discusses, her Gratitude journal is available HERE: https://sharinamcmahon.com/gratitude
    Find Sharina on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/healthcoachrina
    I LOVE that her journal is multi-faceted!!! It will serve as your guide to perceive the world in new and exciting ways through daily gratitude prompts and Bible verses + weekly reflections specific to 6 areas of health!!
    You can find Ashley on these Socials:
    Instagram: the_sacred_sparkle
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesparklemama
    Web: http://thesacredsparkle.com

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    Arising from Hidden Betrayal: Two Sisters' Story of Hope and Joy

    Arising from Hidden Betrayal: Two Sisters' Story of Hope and Joy

    Not only did these two amazing sisters, Melanie and Emily, endure the loss of their beloved mother to pancreatic cancer but what they found out after their mother's death was more than they could have expected or ever guessed they would endure.
    Their childhood was nothing less than idyllic yet ONE PERSON knew the truth of what their mother had endured- abused and betrayed by their father, a ministry leader and former pastor who used his positions to betray and abuse their mother (and other victims) in many ways.
    Today, they have risen from the ashes to do exactly what their mother modeled....to take their pain and challenges and use it to empower and become a resource for other women.
    Through her selfless sacrifice, their mother, Nancy Kirk Reed, was able to break the cycle of trauma and violence that, like so many women, plagued her family for generations. Nancy’s love and devotion to her daughters, Melanie Hope and Emily Joy, is an example to us all and the foundation of our charity’s values of self-sacrifice for others, humility, encouraging the self-worth of every individual, unconditional love, and peace through a quiet inner strength.
    Nancy’s Hope and Joy’s mission is to fund mental health counseling or services for women who have experienced trauma and/or abuse, and are unable to afford help or need to receive treatment without leaving a financial trail. To this end our board members and executives identify and vet therapists and counselors who adhere to our mission, values, and high ethical standards. To support this powerful charitable organization, visit www.nancyshopeandjoy.org or click here https://www.nancyshopeandjoy.org/donate

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    Why Isn't My Prayer Being Answered?" w/ Certified Heart Physics Coach Christy Mitropoulus

    Why Isn't My Prayer Being Answered?" w/ Certified Heart Physics Coach Christy Mitropoulus

    Have you ever felt so disappointed, sad, or even angry because you've asked God for help and yet the situation you are in doesn't change or maybe even gets worse?
    It can leave us wondering "wow, where is God when I need Him most?" In this episode, Heart Physics Coach and Bible Study leader, Christy Mitropoulus (https://christymitropoulos.com)  shares her candid and transparent story about the desperation she felt in the loss of her husband and the subsequent years as a widow.
    She learned the keys to seeing her prayers answered through the darkest times and shares with us the principles of just how to see your prayers answered in even more abundance than you can imagine!
    Join us as she illuminates powerful tools and truths to transform your life!
    You can find Christy online at www.christymitropoulus.com and specifically her online book study that is changing so many lives!! http://christymitropoulos.com/moving-your-invisible-boundaries-book-study/
    And, finally, if you'd like the insider tips, tricks, and topics that I don't always share on social media, you can receive my favorite recommends in your email inbox by going to bit.ly/doseofsparkle Now, go and #liveyoursparkle!

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    Uncovering and Healing from the Wounds of Racism- A Testimony of Victory

    Uncovering and Healing from the Wounds of Racism- A Testimony of Victory

    Find the blogpost and YouTube video of this podcast here: http://thesacredsparkle.com/uncovering-and-healing-from-the-wounds-of-racism-a-testimony-of-victory/
    As my dear friend, Dr. Rachel, shares, she was able to walk a journey out of the deep and debilitating ruts of racism. It was (and as Dr. Rachel shares– still is!) a real thing and you’ll find her testimony deeply insightful and impacting. Her story of healing and rebuilding her own heart and belief systems will give you courage and hope for a brighter future!
    “Consider the amazing human heart, the organ that pumps life-giving oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood throughout our bodies on a precise schedule. Now researchers are learning that this marvelous machine, the size of a fist and weighing on average less than 10 ounces, also possess a level of intelligence they are only beginning to understand. Evidence shows the heart also plays a greater role in our mental, emotional and physical processes than previously thought. The heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field, McCraty explains in The Energetic Heart. “The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).” -excerpt from the article The Energetic Heart Is Unfolding
    Looking at where we are in this day and time, how would it change our world to understand how the ‘micro’ affects the ‘macro’?
    How does healing and understanding on an individual level affect our existence in a world that is ‘eagerly awaiting the revelation of the sons of God’ (Romans 8:19)
    We are most definitely doing ourselves a huge favor to investigate deeper understandings of the current events in light of the personal stories and one another's journeys!
    To get my free pdf for Online/Network Marketers, Creatives, Ministry leaders who want to turn your passion into your platform....here are the 5 Tips for Online Marketers https://bit.ly/5musthavetips
    And if you're in need of FREEDOM from anxiety, fear, and roadblocks keeping you from your dreams, apply for a complimentary, 1:1 Freedom Strategy Call with me at http://bit.ly/freedom-strategy

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    Client Testimony- Christie Bilbrey

    Client Testimony- Christie Bilbrey

    What in the WORLD Do I Do in My Life???
    SO, I haven’t shared a lot of what I do in 1:1 Coaching because truly I just have so much going on in my head and as an Enneagram 9, we usually dismiss our skills and talents as total non-existent until our 3 shows up and expects us to ‘TELL THE WORLD!” because “THE WORLD IS YOUR STAGE!” It brings some confusion to the situation, for sure.
    SO… I thought that the best way to share what I do is by interviewing one of my AMAZING clients! Who doesn’t love a good testimony??????
    When I was truly in the depths of despair, God had already provided an answer. An answer that was my own life line flotation device while I was drowning in a pool of sadness, confusion, and lack of purpose. I was in real estate at the time (and I NEVER hesitate to share that my office and co-workers were THE BEST ON PLANET EARTH FOR LIKE EVER (shout out, ERA Courtyard Amarillo!!! You my people!) but the industry truly wasn’t for me in the state of emotional distress that I found myself in re-entering the workforce with lots of personal growth needs! lol)
    By happenstance, I found AFT while I was perusing YouTube.  
    I watched a live AFT Session, and then since I have eleventy thousand essential oils, I decided to follow along with my own session and BOOM.
    I LITERALLY had an emotional healing and break through like I was SO looking for….and it was SO FAST. Then I proceeded to do the process on my hubby and 3 sons. They were less than excited but afterwards, their lids were blown. They confirmed everything I had experienced the day before and made me certain that it wasn’t all in my dramatic mind! LOL
    And since there was a certification class launching in less than a month, I signed up, started the process a few weeks later and I’d say that rest is history. I’ve been facilitating women’s breakthroughs and a-ha moments ever since!!!!! SO, enjoy this testimony of my amazing client, friend, and colleague….Christie Bilbrey…..
    You can find me at www.thesacredsparkle.com 
    the_sacred_sparkle on IG
    Sacred Sparkle on FB and YT
    Apply for a 1:1 Complimentary, 30 minute Freedom Strategy Call at http://www.bit.ly/freedom-strategy

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    Beginner's Guide to Managing Your Money Better

    Beginner's Guide to Managing Your Money Better

    ‘I need more money!”
    ‘I feel stuck because I don’t have the resources I need to pursue my dreams.'
    ‘I want to bless others but I can barely pay our bills.'
    If you have ever thought or felt any of these things, you will not want to miss today’s podcast episode!
    Today, Kim Smith, Financial Coach, Business Owner, and WISE woman of faith, has some GREAT tips and insider help that will bring so much clarity and freedom. She has lived debt-free TWICE (you'll want to hear this story!) and she shares her wisdom all the while making the conversations not only safe and comfortable but, dare I say, ENJOYABLE?
    You can find Kim @
    And if you need a breakthrough or you are struggling with a roadblock in your marriage, business, or spiritual journey, I am here to help! You can apply for a complimentary, 1:1 Strategy Session with me at

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

ASFInc ,

Kickin Fear in the teeth!

Thanks for the inspiration Ashley! Love how real and authentic you are in delivering your message and strategies! Can’t wait for next podcast!

nurogal ,


Ashley has great teaching points and explains it well. Enjoy the stories and examples she presents to help us get the point and be able to apply them to our lives and rearrange, rewrite our mindsets to help us move into the greatness of who we are called to be.

PolishingMyLife ,

Southern Sparkle!

I could listen to Ashley all day long! Hearing her sweet, Southern drawl and her unique way of drawing me into the lens that Jesus sees me through is one of the most uplifting parts of my day. Thank you, Ashley, for being a breath of fresh air for women everywhere!

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