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Getting sales doesn't have to be hard. You can do it without being all salesy. This podcast can help you do it.

Landon Porter is the Sales Gorilla. If you're a business person or consultant looking to make more money and work only with the clients and customers who are perfect for you, this is the podcast to subscribe to

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Getting sales doesn't have to be hard. You can do it without being all salesy. This podcast can help you do it.

Landon Porter is the Sales Gorilla. If you're a business person or consultant looking to make more money and work only with the clients and customers who are perfect for you, this is the podcast to subscribe to

    What's More Important than Mindset?

    What's More Important than Mindset?

    These days, a lot of the gurus are starting to refocus on mindset. It makes sense.


    When things get hectic and clients go crazy, getting them back in a healthy state of mind is important. But is it the only thing that matters? And if there's something that matters more, what is it?


    We answer those questions in this week's podcast. We also explore:

    Why Nathan and Landon can no longer be friends
    The main reason some people end up becoming entrepreneurs
    What Landon see as the next step in self-development and sales and marketing
    The number one relationship you need to start focusing more of your energy on TODAY
    Why so many "gurus" will lead you down a path to nowhere
    The main reason sales and marketing don't work for most people
    Why "mindset" alone, won't save you
    How to know you're on the right path for you
    What you can learn about life from playing golf
    And a lot more
    Listen now.

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    Surviving the Social Media Madhouse

    Surviving the Social Media Madhouse

    Well, your social media feed might be a dumpster fire right now. But you still gotta check-in, connect with your leads, and wade through all the drama. So how do you keep your sanity in place while doing it?


    This week, Landon and Nathan spar on a couple of issues, shake hands, and stay friends. Wouldn't it be nice if all disagreements could end like that? Well, maybe they can.


    This week, we'll cover:

    The importance of picking your battles
    Landon's opinion of Walmart shoppers
    How to stay friends with people you don't agree with on everything
    Why social media has become so toxic lately
    When to post and when to keep your mouth shut on controversial issues when it comes to attracting clients
    Why some people saw a gold dress, and others saw a blue dress
    Proof that empathy can be your most valuable business skill
    Why relationships are so important in life and business, and what we can do to make them better
    And a lot more
    Oh, and some slightly shocking news at the end.


    Tune in to find out what it is.

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    Success, Happiness, and Other Lies Your Guru Told You

    Success, Happiness, and Other Lies Your Guru Told You

    Modern society has a lot of ass-backwardness to it.


    People's goals and values seem all out of whack. They chase and never find what they're looking for. It starts to feel like a giant hamster's wheel. Our priorities prevent us from getting what we're after. It can start to feel like on giant cluster-funk.


    Then, something like what we're going through now happens, and it feels like the whole society is off to the madhouse. So how can you keep yourself on track while the world is falling apart around you?


    We answer that, and explore:

    The biggest difference between persuasion and influence
    What people mean when they say "it's all mindset"
    The most important relationship in your life to invest in
    Why Landon never even wanted to start the Sales Gorilla, and what changed his mind
    The foundational steps most people skip over, and how it stops them from reaching their potential
    Skills we've lost that make it harder to connect with prospects
    Why convenience is making it harder to get quality clients
    What happens when people get what they want, and they still aren't happy
    Proof that most people are chasing things they don't actually want
    They only two things you have control over and why those are the only things you should be giving your energy to
    And a lot more
    All in this week's podcast.


    Listen now.

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    What To Do When You're Successful and Still Unhappy

    What To Do When You're Successful and Still Unhappy

    A lot of people climb to the top of their ladder, only to realize they set it up against the wrong wall.


    They get everything they thought they wanted, and they're still unhappy with it all. They're hard-working, successful, and not finding the fulfillment from it that they thought they would.


    What do you do when that happens to you? Finding the answer to that question is what this week's episode is all about.


    That, and:

    What to do after you've nailed the art of gettin' clients
    How to get more out of your business without doing more
    Why scaling your business doesn't have to mean growing the size of your business
    Why the Sales Gorilla might be going away (and what's next)
    How to get off of the client chasing roller coaster for good
    Proof that you can be rebellious and still be successful
    What you can learn about business from your favorite band
    Why there's no one-size-fits-all approach to success
    The biggest thing people get wrong about being a business owner and service provider
    Why success only equals happiness when you do this ONE thing
    And a lot more
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    Building a Cult-ure

    Building a Cult-ure

    The times, they are a-changin', and that means BIG changes for the Sales Gorilla podcast. And we need your help.


    One thing we've done in the Facebook group was building an amazing culture and community. Now that's starting to spill over into the podcast. We want to share where we see it going and get your feedback.


    If you've enjoyed the ride so far, and want to be part of deciding where we go from here, listen to this episode and give us your feedback.


    Topic's for this week include:

    Why community is important to any business venture
    What having a private language does for you community
    One big mistake we made when launching this podcast (and what we're doing to change it)
    What lights a fire Under Landon, when it comes to this podcast
    One of the only podcasts Nathan still listens to, and why
    Some things we might bring into the show in order to make it more community orientated
    And more
    Listen now

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    The Woo Behind Getting Clients

    The Woo Behind Getting Clients

    Getting clients is not about templates and scripts. It's not about secret posting strategies to attract the right people. It's not about joining the right Facebook group and presenting the most professional face possible.


    It's about something completely different. The foundation for making everything else work is something that most people never even consider. Is it something that you've overlooked as well?


    In this week's podcast, we reveal the one thing you really need to have in place before all of the other stuff will work for you. We also get into:

    What the biggest name in sales teach (that has nothing to do with sales)
    Why relationships with others never work until you have a good relationship with yourself (and what that means for getting more clients)
    How to overcome a bad first impression
    The biggest reason we hate and reject change
    The one thing that holds back even the most successful people out there
    How to get to the next level when you feel stuck in your entrepreneurial journey
    Why enrolling for another online course might actually make things WORSE
    Proof that even the most successful people might not have their sh!t together like we think they do
    The real reason we're here in the first place
    And a whole lot more
    Listen now.

    • 23 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
38 Ratings

38 Ratings

#GorillaTrina ,

On the mark

Landon’s advice makes sense. Even on episodes where I think this might not be for me, I learn something.

TranceGorilla ,

Very motivating!

When I am having a bad day or week or month, Landon helps pull me out of the funk and get me motivated again. :) Thanks Landon!

TheBlissfulOne ,

If you pay attention, you just might learn something ;-)

Around our house we like to say, "You learn something new every day...but only if you're paying attention." Every. Single. Moment. of this podcast is filled with something new -- and hugely valuable -- to learn. In Episode 1 alone, the mind-shift from desperation/scarcity to positive indifference/abundance will transform your approach to your business if you truly understand it. Off to binge-listen and catch up!

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