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The Savvy Scribe, a podcast for high performing health writers and creatives who want to grow a profitable business. Podcast episodes feature interviews, inspiration & laughter! Your Host, Janine Kelbach, RN know that you want to master your craft AND do more good while making money. That’s a vision I am behind 100% and want to help you create.

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The Savvy Scribe, a podcast for high performing health writers and creatives who want to grow a profitable business. Podcast episodes feature interviews, inspiration & laughter! Your Host, Janine Kelbach, RN know that you want to master your craft AND do more good while making money. That’s a vision I am behind 100% and want to help you create.

    Episode 139: Remote Nursing Jobs for Writers With Sadie Glisson​

    Episode 139: Remote Nursing Jobs for Writers With Sadie Glisson​

    In today’s episode, we have my friend Sadie Glisson, one of my favorite guests on the show.
    She is the founder of the Remote Nurse, an online community and job board designed to connect nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to remote telehealth jobs. Sadie has been working from home as an RN for several years and now uses her expertise who help others break into the field of Telehealth to create more sustainable careers while advancing the next generation of healthcare.
    We’re here today to talk about remote nursing jobs for writers.
    She’s a registered nurse. She was a care coordinator and then got into clinical research and then some data abstraction. She had some weird roles and that’s kind of what led her into remote jobs because a couple of those roles were available remotely. Her husband was in the military at the time so they were moving all the time and so she started doing remote jobs. Now she helps nurses connect with this type of job because most nurses don’t know that you can work from home.
    Career Path For Nurses Looking For Remote Nursing Jobs
    What’s the difference between working for yourself and still working for a company?
    Being an employee, you have to abide by the company’s time schedule. As for remote writing, it’s not as time-sensitive as patients being on the phone and needing to work during business hours.
    Restriction of your employer
    You have to do what works for them and the business, whereas, working for yourself you can kind of choose, what your best schedule is, and then pick and choose work.
    The downside with working from yourself sometimes is that there’s not the stability that you get from an employment job. You are responsible for making sure you have money to bring home.
    Skills you need to be able to work from home as a nurse
    You have to be independent. Working from home is more of an independent role. You got to be able to like research pretty well on your own.

    Time Management
    Time management is a learned skill. I wouldn’t say somebody must be proficient at it to do it but you definitely need to know that you’re going to learn it.
    It’s important to be tech-savvy in today’s modern world. It’s all online now. You need to be able to kind of click-through fast and hold your thoughts as you’re moving through all these different programs. It increases your productivity and efficiency because you will be able to achieve more in less time.
    A really fancy spreadsheet and that helps me stay on track for lists, and then housing information that I have. It can connect to different spreadsheets.
    Sadie’s membership is for nurses NPS and PAs who are looking for remote jobs. She has a huge network of companies. She finds these jobs all over the place, all over the internet, everywhere. She collects them all in her database with all kinds of searchable tags for your license, your State’s, your Specialties, different types of work schedules and etc. That way it’s easy to find. She also has a remote company database, in which she collects information on the companies that she’s sharing jobs for so that nurses coming behind can come in and search in a similar way for companies.
    Connect with her:
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    Episode 138: Launching and Growing A Successful Freelance Writing Business With Rachel Mazza

    Episode 138: Launching and Growing A Successful Freelance Writing Business With Rachel Mazza

    Let’s welcome Rachel Mazza to this new episode of The Savvy Scribe Podcast. She is a direct response copywriter that specializes in advertorial pages that are great for tracking cold traffic. She is also helping visionaries and business owners bring their ideas to life. In partnership with Kevin Rogers of Copy Chief, they offer one-on-one and group coaching to freelancers who want to grow a successful writing business.
    One of the favorite things that Rachel loves in her business and the skills that they are developing is that you can do it everywhere and anywhere. She’s been traveling around the States for 6 years now, which shows the flexibility that freelancing brings for anyone who is involved in it.
    How To Launch A Successful Freelance Writing Business
    Here are two pointers that freelancers must take note of before launching a freelance writing business:
    Know where you’re atWhat to do nextThey developed a timeline called the Freelancer’s Journey. It’s a seven-step roadmap that tells you how to build a freelance writing business from scratch. It introduces the seven phases of freelancing that most freelancers go through in their careers – all the way from discovering their craft to building a legacy business that may last for generations or can sustain them until their retirement.
    This tool also allows you to focus on the ‘right now’ problems that you’re in. Rachel sees common mistakes that most freelancers do is focusing on future problems that get them distracted, taking their time, energy, and resources instead of focusing on what they need right now.

    More Tips in Growing a Freelance Writing Business
    Get the basics. There is a lot of free information out there: they can be your peer, a coach, a blog that talks about all things that you want to learn about. So find someone who is done with what you want to do, ask them questions if how they did it, know the things that you can learn from them, and find a community.
    Don’t be afraid to ask. You don’t have to know everything; it’s okay to learn as you go.
    Get to know Rachel! Visit her little home on the internet: rachelmazza.com where you’ll also find her own The Business of Writing Podcast. Don’t forget to check her out as well on Instagram: @racheljoymazza.
    Also, visit coaching.copychief.com/phases to get the free Freelancer’s Journey timeline. It includes free training that will walk you through and help you identify which phase you’re in.
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    Episode 137: 5 Essential Content Writing Skills for Business Owners

    Episode 137: 5 Essential Content Writing Skills for Business Owners

    In this podcast episode, we’re going to discover some essential content writing skills that will help you, not only grow your business but learn how to write catchy headlines and captivating intros.
    Content writing skills enable you to create clear, consistent, and relevant content that provides an engaging experience for your company’s target audience.
    Content Writing Skills Every Business Owner Needs To Learn
    Client’s Voice
    Understanding your client’s voice can be tricky. You have to do some background research about your client before you can go and write a content piece for them. You should also have your own unique voice. Your unique voice is what makes your piece different from anyone else’s. You have to make sure that your client wants you to speak not only in their voice but with a touch of your voice.
    SEO is search engine optimization. It’s a unique service people offer that helps content websites rank higher in search engine results. You have to know just a little bit, even if it’s not a specialized service to create great content for your clients. 
    Add a keyword list for a client. If you don’t know how to do keyword research, ask the client for this because this is an essential service that they would want from you, and you can figure this out.
    Ask for a keyword list and include that keyword in your first 100 words of the content. You should also include it if it’s appropriate. 
    In your subheading, you should never do keyword stuffing or stuff keywords to try to make your peace rank higher on Google. It just won’t work. Google is smarter than you think it knows when you’re trying to stuff keywords. It knows when it’s a robotic type of piece. We need to give our personal touch to our clients’ work.
    Content writers must be able to stay current with trends and modify approaches as needed to guarantee that their articles rank well in search engines.

    Know how to research. Find some reputable resources like government, institutional, or news outlets to provide relevant and truthful content to maintain your credibility as a writer.
    If you don’t know how to do evidence-based research, you need to go back before you ever write anything for a client and learn how to do great research and then make sure that you’re not stealing research from your clients’ competitors.
    Your first goal is to have them read the headline and get them hooked into reading the whole piece. Even if you catch them with your headline, make sure your subheadings are also catchy so that they can keep reading and digest the information.
    The headline should be like an overall picture of what you wrote underneath the headline.
    I’m saying that I believe that great writers are because of great editors. If you don’t have an editor, it’s time to get one. You might have been told that you’re a great writer but you also need an editor.
    There’s nothing wrong with sending it into an editor and getting a few red lines to make your peace even better for your client. Your client deserves it. They hired you and they are paying for great content.
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    Episode 136: Creating Leads in Your Business as a Freelancer With Craig Cannings

    Episode 136: Creating Leads in Your Business as a Freelancer With Craig Cannings

    Today’s guest is Craig Cannings. He is the co-founder of Freelance University with his wife, Kelly. Craig has had the privilege of helping over 20,000 students in 75 countries realize their dream of launching a portable, freelance business, and lifestyle. He has enjoyed the great freedom of working from home and traveling abroad while raising five wonderful daughters.
    We’re going to be talking about creating leads in your businesses as Freelancers. Don’t miss out!
    Career Path
    Craig Cannings was a professional counselor for about seven years before his brother-in-law decided to start an online business. He was dealing with a lot of people that were dealing with big challenges.
    His brother-in-law invited him to work for his educational software company and taught him about online marketing and the likes. His wife also worked with her brother and the company went through fast growth. One of his roles was to train new Freelancers and Virtual Assistants that were joining their team. From there, he realized that he had a bit of a knack for teaching, and that kind of led to the idea of what it would be like to not only train people in their company but create a university that would train Freelancers and Virtual Assistants how to start businesses and that’s what they ended up launching.

    Expert Tips In Creating Leads
    Personal Network
    Your personal network is your personal circle. It could be your family, siblings, friends, friends of friends, and even within your family circle, you may have what is called connectors. If you’ve read the book from Malcolm Gladwell – Tipping Point. He talks about connectors being those people that just seem to have an ever-expanding social network and they just know people. When you connect with a connector, good things start to happen.
    Professional Circle
    It could be past colleagues, past employers. It could be even other Freelancers that you can do cross-referrals. Say, you’ve got the freelance graphic designer and you’ve got the freelance writer, they may work with a client that needs both services. They create this cool little referral network.
    Your clients are your best referral Network as well. Because they know your work, they could speak to your quality and give an example.
    Guest Blogging Or Guest Writing
    Guest blogging or guest writing is a great way to get yourself out there that will help in creating leads, resulting in more opportunities. People are always looking for great writers that can offer valuable content to their audience.
    List Building
    Are you building an email list? The number one marketing channel is our email list. Free content in exchange for an email address could be the context of some sort of lead magnet, whether it’s a guide, a report, an e-book, a video series, or a little course. This is golden for writers because this is a great way to demonstrate their writing abilities.
    Remember, they’re giving you their email address is like getting their phone number. Make sure you’re giving them something very valuable and that you’re not constantly emailing them. You don’t want to do that either.
    Advice To Business Owner
    Think about progress over perfection. It takes away the stress of having to try to get everything right all the time. There’s something that you do every day that moves you even a small step toward reaching the goals in your business.
    You have to keep learning. Lifelong learning will help you adapt to unexpected changes. If we stop learning new tools, if we stop learning new tactics, then we will be using old-school tactics in a set of digitally enhanced worlds and you’ll never thrive with it.
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    Episode 135: How Social Media Automation Works

    Episode 135: How Social Media Automation Works

    The purpose of today’s podcast episode is about how social media automation works, the benefits of using social media tools and the type of tools to use when you automate.

    Social media is really a necessity in today’s world and most people are spending a lot of time on it. There are many different ways we can use social media – to promote our businesses, get news updates, really digest any content and of course, connect with our family and friends, but if you are tired of spending hours every day on this platform whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, you don’t want to lose out on benefits that I’m going to guide you today on creating your content and getting it out there in a purposeful time-saving matter.
    Social Media Automation
    Social media automation is when you go in and schedule a post onto a platform of your choice through an application. When you schedule posts, it gives the app a chance to schedule just like you were there in real-time.
    For example, I have a weekly post on self-care that I want to share with my audience. I can batch that as a business owner and schedule them ahead of time. I can include graphics, hashtags, and captions to go along with every single post.


    It’s going to help you in a lot of ways. It’s helped open up time for me to engage and implement other areas in the Facebook group and over on my website. It lowers my stress level to maintain that consistency. It definitely improves engagement over time because people are going to know they can count on you to post regularly and it definitely keeps me organized in a way.
    A lot of times when you start to schedule your posts, you’ll notice that you’re getting more engagement on them. Depending on when you post, don’t always assume when your audience is actually online. It’s usually not the case.
    Start with the algorithm’s medic recommendation. If you’re using a buffer and they’re saying the best time to post is 6:12 a.m then do it. The key here is your data after a month or so. Check in to see what posted well, and see which one’s got some notice or some engagement, likes, comments, and shares. This will help you track over time what’s going well and what is not.
    It is not a set-and-forget-it kind of deal. Look back, track the data and really figure it out. See what’s working.
    Take some time today, look at where you should automate some of your posts. Remember to know where your client hangs out, and to focus on one platform at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

    Social Media Automation Tools

    The technique of employing automating tools to boost your social media presence through content curation and scheduling social media postings in advance is known as social media automation. Automation tools can help you save time gathering articles at the last minute, allowing you to spend more time expanding your account by connecting with your following.

    For Instagram


    For Facebook

    Facebook built-in Scheduler

    For LinkedIn

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    Episode 134: Expert Tips in Scaling A Business

    Episode 134: Expert Tips in Scaling A Business

    Today we have Desi Bolin. She is the founder and CEO of Virtually Sourced Solutions, LLC an international SVA consulting firm. She stands on the pillars of integrity, quality service, collaboration, and innovation. As a published author, course creator, and certification founder she truly puts over 65 specialties to highly efficient and highly effective use with two young kids at home ages, six, and three, the ability to multitask to get things done is touted. We focus on relationship-based based selling, networking, and collaborations, operating solely on word of mouth and referral. She lives to help others succeed through proven repeatability, scale, and growth. She’s the world’s first and foremost strategic virtual assistant. She takes being a virtual assistant to the next level.
    In this episode, we will be talking about scaling a business. Every company sets out with the goal of expanding. The goal is to reach breakeven, where your expenses are covered and you can start making a profit. This, however, requires meticulous planning. You’re effectively taking a scattergun approach to your business plan if you don’t consider scalability. It may succeed, but it also has the potential to fail miserably.
    The ability to adjust scale or size is referred to as scalability. Rather than concentrating on the ‘transformation’ aspect, it is necessary to concentrate on the ‘capacity’ aspect. Take a look at the essential components that drive capacity.
    Setting the groundwork to enable and support your company’s growth is what scaling a business entails. It entails being able to develop without being stifled. It needs planning, some financing, and the appropriate systems, personnel, procedures, technology, and partners.

    Tips In Scaling A Business

    You need to know your customers. That is the first step to continuing to scale and grow a business. You need to talk to them, get their voice. Score surveys are not recommended to kind of figure out where the company falls with its competitors and what the customers are thinking of them and where they can improve, it’s knowing your customers.
    Getting to know them and knowing that building that relationship and making it something special is the first step to scaling and growing a sustainable business. Sustainability is the name of the game right now. Communication is key.
    Talk to your clients every day. Not all of them every day but you just have to make yourself a hundred percent accessible. Desi prides herself on the fact of being accessible and being approachable. She says that you should not seem high and mighty because the customer is really what’s going to make or break a business.
    You just have to be flexible but it’s also fine to set some boundaries. When you take on a client you have to let them know about your working hours. If you go over the agreed number of hours, tell them how much you are going to charge them and make sure that is clear before you begin a relationship.
    Find her on:
    Her website: Virtually Sourced Solutions

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4.9 out of 5
49 Ratings

49 Ratings

Okie Medical ,

Love this podcast!!

I have listened to this podcast for about 2 years and it just keeps getting better. She always has the best tips and tricks as well as solid guidance to assist nurses who want to become writers! If you like her podcast you will LOVE her trainings and courses on her website! She is personable yet super professional!

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Brand new listener. From the little I've listened to so far, I can't wait to dive in and absorb all of this great information.

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Janine hosts a variety of guests that help me to move forward with a nursing career that fits my lifestyle. I recommend this podcast for all of my nurse friends.

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