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The Savvy Session podcast is about Business, Life & Fun. A place for us to share our stories and connect with other women & entrepreneurs as we learn & grow as Savvy Business Professionals.

The Savvy Session Paula Kircher & Kirsten Ramos

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The Savvy Session podcast is about Business, Life & Fun. A place for us to share our stories and connect with other women & entrepreneurs as we learn & grow as Savvy Business Professionals.

    S3 Episode 7 - How Self-Compassion Can Be Your Superpower with Jess Feldt

    S3 Episode 7 - How Self-Compassion Can Be Your Superpower with Jess Feldt

    We are here to spill the tea on one of our stellar keynote speakers for the upcoming The Savvy Summit on May 23rd in Chicago.  Jess Feldt, is a certified women's leadership coach who's all about self-compassion as a superpower!

    Did you know that self-compassion can unlock doors you never knew existed?  Jess has dedicated her coaching to empower women in mastering this art.  As women, we juggle roles that span galaxies - and Jess gets that.  Can't wait to dive into her insights at The Savvy Summit!

    Jess emphasizes that self-compassion isn't about taking it easy; it's about giving yourself permission to succeed, to fail, and to thrive regardless.  At The Savvy Summit, expect to explore strategies to turn that inner critique into your loudest cheerleader.

    Many women feel pressure to perfectly balance caring for family while also leaning into ambitious careers.  The notion that we can seamlessly "do it all" leaves many of us overwhelmed.  Jess coined a motto that resonates - "screw the shoulds".  We all sometimes make choices because we feel we "should," not because we actually want to.  Giving ourselves permission to let go of societal expectations creates space to get clear on what WE really want.

    Here are some key highlights from our conversation:
    Break free from societal expectations and 'shoulds' to pursue true happiness and fulfillment.Embrace work-life integration and empower yourself through intentional decision-making.Prioritize self-compassion to shape a positive mindset and sustainable self-care routine.Define meaningful relationships and grow both personally and professionally.Early bird alert!  If you're as excited as we are about learning & networking at The Savvy Summit, grab your tickets before April 22nd to snag that early bird special.  It's not just about savings; it's about securing your space for growth among remarkable leaders.

    Get your tickets here: https://www.thesavvysession.com/thesavvysummit

    Jess Feldt is a Certified Life and Leadership Coach who helps career-focused working parents create their own versions of success. Her clients are C-suite executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to nurture both their careers and families without the guilt.
    Jess believes in the freedom to live life on your own terms and empowers each of her clients to figure out what this looks like for them.
    She draws on her training and experience in organizational psychology, change management, and leadership development. Jess Feldt Coaching offers one-on-one coaching, group programs, and organizational workshops, and is the co-host of The Tightrope: Balancing Career, Motherhood, and Everything In Between podcast.

    Learn more about Jess' Mastermind Group Program: https://www.jessfeldtcoaching.com/mastermind

    You can connect with Jess here:
    Website: https://www.jessfeldtcoaching.com/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicajaefeldt/

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    S3 Episode 6 - Unlocking Your Leadership Potential: Pivoting from Products to People with Divya Ramachandran

    S3 Episode 6 - Unlocking Your Leadership Potential: Pivoting from Products to People with Divya Ramachandran

    What if fully realizing your leadership abilities is less about developing new skills and more about discovering who you truly are? 

    Join us for an insightful conversation with Divya Ramachandran, an executive leadership coach, who shares her story of making a career pivot from technology to pursue her passion for people development.  Now as a specialist in coaching tech founders, executives and managers, she helps talented leaders unlock their greatest creativity, resilience and impact.

    By starting from a place of self-awareness, you’re able to build trust, foster curiosity and approach challenges with courage—ultimately transforming how you lead during good times and bad.

    Divya helps executives navigate the challenges of growth by focusing on emotional intelligence and people development.  By addressing the need for difficult conversations and actions in leadership, she supports clients in managing stress and burnout.

    Here are some key highlights from our conversation:
    Importance of Emotional Intelligence: Learn how managing emotions can enhance your interactions, decision-making, and overall business strategy.Overcoming Challenges: Discover how to navigate difficult conversations, tackle complex problems, and build trust in the workplace.Embrace Change for Growth: Shift your perspective from obstacles to opportunities, unlocking your true leadership potential and fostering a culture of innovation.You can find the 'How To Do Hard Things Guide' here:
    Divya Ramachandran is an executive leadership coach with a unique career trajectory from building tech products to empowering people. Raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, by hardworking South Asian immigrant parents, Divya excelled academically while cultivating a deep connection to her cultural roots through music. She began her academic career in computer engineering, but it was at the University of California, Berkeley, while pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science, that she found her passion: using technology to meet essential human needs in health and education. This revelation propelled her through a successful decade in Silicon Valley's tech startup scene, focusing on user experience and product design.
    A transformative experience with an executive coach prompted Divya's pivotal shift to leadership coaching. Realizing her calling on the first day of coach training, she has since dedicated herself to guiding tech startup leaders. Divya believes in fostering trust and connection, offering her expertise as a coach, facilitator, and speaker to a broad spectrum of leaders across various departments. Her approach integrates energy awareness, cognitive behavioral coaching, and emotional intelligence, enabling leaders and teams to overcome challenges such as clear communication, conflict resolution, productivity, and team empowerment for better product outcomes.”

    You can connect with Divya here:
    Website: https://www.divyalalitha.com/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/diramachandran/

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    S3 Episode 5 - Elevate Your Presentation Skills: The Art of Storytelling with Marianna Swallow

    S3 Episode 5 - Elevate Your Presentation Skills: The Art of Storytelling with Marianna Swallow

    Are you ready to take your presentation skills to the next level and captivate your audience like never before?

    As a presenter, speaker, or facilitator, nailing the opening of your presentation is crucial.  A standard "Hi, my name is..." might be safe, but it's often forgettable. Your introduction sets the stage – make it count!

    Join us for an insightful conversation with Marianna Swallow, a renowned presentation skills expert and coach, dedicated to transforming individuals into confident leaders on stage, at conferences, and in meetings.

    Here are some key highlights from our conversation:
    Embrace nervousness as a sign of caring and improve your public speaking with proven mental tricks and body-based relaxation techniques.Learn the art of crafting a strong opening that hooks your audience using videos, stories, interactivity, and startling statistics.Discover how to adapt your public speaking skills to virtual platforms by focusing on preparation, interactivity, and engaging your audience effectively.Uncover the secrets for creating impactful speeches with Mariana's top 3 speech cheat sheet for last-minute speeches.Whether you're just starting or are a seasoned pro, infusing the magic of a good story can set you apart.  It's about connecting, inspiring, and leading with authenticity.  So if you're crafting your next presentation or speech, remember, your story has power.

    Marianna Swallow is The Speak Easy Coach. Her mission is to make presentations easy and enjoyable for everyone – one speech at a time. Her expertise lies in helping clients share their story in a way that creates audience connection. She works with individuals, executives, and teams to help them develop and deliver clear and confident presentations, all while making the process fun. 
     A lifelong performer, she’s a graduate of the Second City Conservatory. She currently performs stand-up and storytelling in Chicago. She holds a BA from Northern Illinois University, and an MFA from Goucher College.

    You can connect with Marianna here:
    Website: https://www.mariannaswallow.com/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariannas/

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    S3 Episode 4 - Navigating Successful Business Pivots: Knowing Your Why with Kerstin Martin

    S3 Episode 4 - Navigating Successful Business Pivots: Knowing Your Why with Kerstin Martin

    Have you ever thought about making a pivot in your business?

    Running a business as a solopreneur comes with many rewards - the ability to be your own boss, work on projects you feel passionate about, and set your own schedule. 

    However, it also comes with challenges.  As the sole person steering the ship, pivoting your business can feel risky and stressful.
    Join us for an insightful conversation with Kerstin Martin, an expert solopreneur herself, as she discusses her lessons learned from her 3 successful business pivots made over her entrepreneurship journey.

    Here are some key highlights from our conversation for anyone considering a business transition:

    1.  Trust Your Intuition

    When facing big changes, self-doubt and fear creep in.  However, beneath those surface emotions, your intuition knows the right path.  Kerstin advises tuning into that inner wisdom during pivots, rather than ignoring it.

    2.  Create a Financial Safety Net

    One strategy that enabled Kerstin to pivot with more peace of mind was building a safety net - both financial and emotional.  Before transitioning her business, she made sure she had at least 6 months of living expenses saved up.  Knowing the basics are covered allows you to focus fully on your new endeavor, versus worrying about paying the bills at the same time.

    3.  Connect to Your 'Why'

    When things feel challenging, it's easy to lose sight of why you started down this path.  Kerstin recommends journaling or writing a short mission statement to crystallize your motivations and vision.  Revisiting this reminds you what called you to this work, and what awaits on the other side of the discomfort that naturally arises during change.  It reconnects you to the joy and purpose that initially launched your solopreneur journey.

    Navigating business pivots poses unique challenges for solopreneurs.  However, by tapping into personal strengths like intuition, patience, and clarity of purpose, you can shepherd your company through seasons of change.  What matters most is learning, listening, and taking the next right step from a place of courage and care - for both your business and yourself.

    Kerstin Martin is an experienced Calm Business educator and late-bloomer solopreneur who built a successful internet business with only a small audience and no ads.  As a neurodivergent HSP, she is passionate about teaching overwhelmed solopreneurs how to build, grow, and scale calm and profitable businesses without the hustle.

    Her online courses and educational products focus on leveraging simplified systems, gentle marketing, and organic growth.  Kerstin believes in acting from a place of integrity and kindness to build a business that fuels a joyful, rich, and grounded life.

    You can connect with Kerstin here:
    Website: https://mycalmbusiness.com/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kerstinmartin/

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    S3 Episode 3 - Exploring the Patterns that Shape Us: Therapeutic Exploration with Starla Sholl

    S3 Episode 3 - Exploring the Patterns that Shape Us: Therapeutic Exploration with Starla Sholl

    Have you ever noticed yourself falling into the same patterns of thinking or behavior and felt frustrated that you keep repeating those cycles?  Or perhaps you have certain emotional reactions or triggers that seem disproportionate to the situation at hand?

    Join us for an insightful conversation with Starla Sholl, a renowned clinical social worker, as we talk about how our unconscious core beliefs—often originating in childhood—can unintentionally direct our choices and relationships in adulthood.  Starla explains why insight into these patterns is the first step toward rewriting old narratives that may be holding us back.

    Join us as we explore: what key experiences may have laid the foundations for the stories we subconsciously tell ourselves, how to identify repetitive thought loops before they spiral, and tools to shift engrained neural pathways with compassion and consciousness.

    Here are the key takeaways from our conversation:
    Gain clarity on unconscious beliefs and patterns that limit youRelease stuck emotions and trauma to clear inner blocksDevelop self-compassion and dissolve feelings of shameDiscover your authentic self and reclaim personal powerCreate meaning and purpose aligned with your soulStarla meets you where you're at with no judgment, only compassion.  Her devotion is to help you remember the wholeness already inside you.  Past clients often return to her years later for that unique caring presence as they navigate new chapters of life.

    Starla Sholl, LCSW is a clinical social worker in private practice.  Her approach integrates a foundation of psychodynamic psychotherapy with alternative and experiential healing modalities, including Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, somatic work, subtle energy work, and breathwork.   Her style of therapy also is influenced by her study of indigenous and shamanic healing.
    Her 35+ years of experience, plus her training and experience with alternative healing methods, give her clients the opportunity to experience growth and healing in a very different way than with other therapists.

    You can connect with Starla here:
    Website: https://www.yourwellnessoptions.com/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/starlasholl/

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    S3 Episode 2 - Unlocking the Power of Negotiation with Alice Shikina

    S3 Episode 2 - Unlocking the Power of Negotiation with Alice Shikina

    Let's talk about a superpower we often overlook: Negotiation.  Yes, it's not just for the office & boardrooms.  Effective negotiation skills are essential in EVERY aspect of life – from parenting to boardroom dealings.  Every day presents opportunities for us to practice and hone this skill.  Negotiation is an art, and each of us has a unique voice to create win-win situations.

    Join us for an inspiring conversation with Alice Shikina, an expert mediator and negotiation coach, who is the founder of Shikina Mediation and Arbitration.  Alice shares key strategies for effective negotiation in various settings - from negotiating salaries and work projects to everyday interactions.  Listeners  will learn the art of effective negotiation that will boost your confidence & unleash your negotiation potential.

    Here are the key takeaways from our conversation:
    Always Ask - You miss 100% of the opportunities you don't take. Don't negotiate against yourself before you even start the conversation. Boldly pursue what you want.Everything Is Negotiable - From APR rates on your credit card to your company's software acquisitions - it's all up for discussion. Embrace this mindset and watch opportunities unfold.Know Their Goals - When negotiating internally, like pitching new projects or seeking approvals, align your proposal with your company's objectives. Show how your request can boost revenues or cut costs, and you're more likely to succeed.Make Offers, Not Just Asks - Pair your requests with valuable offers. Demonstrate what you can contribute in return for what you're asking. It's a give-and-take that often yields positive results.Alice Shikina is a mediator and negotiation coach.  She mediates workplace conflicts, divorces and family conflicts.  Alice has a theatre background and she uses those skills to navigate interpersonal conflicts between parties.  She also offers online negotiation and communication courses for entrepreneurs wanting to cultivate stronger skills to negotiate deals.  Alice is in Oakland, CA and lives with her two teenage boys.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, movies and spending time with her kids. 
    You can connect with Alice here:
    Website: https://shikinanegotiationacademy.com/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aliceshikina/

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10 Ratings

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