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Tune in weekly and hear Trent Dyrsmid interview today's leading digital marketing professionals to uncover the strategies, systems, and processes they are using to scale their businesses to seven figures and beyond.

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Tune in weekly and hear Trent Dyrsmid interview today's leading digital marketing professionals to uncover the strategies, systems, and processes they are using to scale their businesses to seven figures and beyond.

    BI 388: Bright Ideas Farewell

    BI 388: Bright Ideas Farewell

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    Episode Highlights
    [0:53] — Trent breaks the news  Hosting the Bright Ideas Podcast for 12 years has been phenomenal for Trent.

    Through the podcast, he learned a lot, met many interesting people, and hopefully made a positive impact on his audience.

    For now, and most likely forever, the show is officially coming to an end.

    [01:31] — Why is Bright Ideas ending?  After recording so many podcast episodes, he doesn’t enjoy it anymore.

    It's also been increasingly difficult to make time to do an activity that he no longer enjoys due to other demands on his time.

    He enjoys talking to people but realized that there are other ways he could spend his time.

    The ROI on the podcast also steadily decreased since there’s an abundance of shows.

    [02:36] — Should you publish a podcast?  Podcasts are not a great way to build your audience because they’re not searchable.

    On the other hand, YouTube is a great search engine.

    While you can publish podcasts on YouTube, a long-form podcast on that platform won’t do much for growing your audience.

    Due to platforms like Instagram and TikTok, people’s attention spans have shortened.

    However, you can also chop up your podcast into smaller segments.

    [03:49] — Advice for YouTube podcasts  You can chop up your podcast into smaller segments.

    Trent believes that if you’re using video content for your top-of-funnel awareness content, you must keep it short — ideally 10 minutes or less.

    Make use of YouTube shorts. Seek advice from someone with millions of followers on their channel.

    [04:45] — What will happen to the website?  The Bright Ideas website won’t be taken down, but it will be static.

    Due to the demands of his time running Flowster, Trent no longer has the bandwidth to add content to the site.

    It might still change in the future, and he’ll surely let everyone know if it does.

    [05:45] — What about email subscriptions?  For email subscriptions, all current active Bright Ideas subscribers will have their records moved over into the Flowster email database.

    They will double-check in case some subscribers are already in the Flowster database.

    Still, all future emails will come from Trent and Bright Ideas.

    They simply do not want to pay for two databases for email marketing.

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    BI 387: How to Leverage Webinars to Quickly Ramp Up to 7 Figures (Ft Yuri Elkaim)

    BI 387: How to Leverage Webinars to Quickly Ramp Up to 7 Figures (Ft Yuri Elkaim)

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    Episode Highlights
    [3:15] — Yuri introduces himself and Healthpreneur  Yuri is the founder and CEO of Healthpreneur.  Healthpreneur helps health professionals and coaches gain clients and scale their virtual practices or businesses online. They help clients make more impact, reach more people, and enjoy a better quality of life. [4:22] — Webinars as powerful tools  Content marketing plays a significant part for most businesses. Regardless of industry, it doesn’t matter what you do if no one knows about you — and that’s why webinars can become an asset to your business. Creating webinars is a more efficient and effective method of educating and persuading people to consume your brand. Every business should have a webinar that allows them to create leverage. Listen to the full episode to hear about how Yuri used a webinar to educate people and earn money — all while being on a plane to Hawaii! [10:56] — Figure out your big idea  Answer the questions, "What is this?", "What is it all about?", and "How is this different than what I've tried before?" Build your webinar around the pain points of your target market.   The big idea is an articulation of what you believe. The goal of the big idea isn't to be empirically true; — it's to share your truth and persuade people to change their perspective. To create a big idea, you must understand your target audience and the marketplace. [17:10] — Identify your perfect client The key to great marketing is marketing to one person, not everyone. Find out the frustrations, fears, wants, and desires of your perfect client. When people feel that they’re understood, that’s when they start paying attention. [21:16] — Knowing what you’re talking about Show them you know what you're talking about while holding on to the granular details of the actual process. To justify the unique qualities of your methods, you need to establish the results of what you do. Mapping the details out doesn't equate to success; the devil's in the details. The audience should feel that the webinar resonated with them and made sense. A good webinar primes your clients and shortens the selling cycle. [25:36] — Finding an audience Every entrepreneur should master paid traffic.  In creating ads, consider the questions: “What’s the messaging going to look like?", "Who’s the audience?”. The ad should lead people to the webinar, where they will be a call to action. Regularly assess what you’re willing to spend for a client. [31:12] — Determine how much you’re willing to lose Invest in your business. Ask yourself, “How much are you willing to lose?”  Practice realistic budgeting. [33:12] — Live webinar vs. evergreen webinar Doing a live webinar and subsequently putting up the recording as "evergreen" doesn't work very well. Think about what gets people excited enough to show up, such as doing a preamble and offering worksheets. Start promoting your webinar four to five days before the webinar. With evergreen webinars, you could re-record or tweak certain parts to make them more solid and concise.

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    BI 386: How to Systematize Referral Generation in B2B (Ft Dan Englander)

    BI 386: How to Systematize Referral Generation in B2B (Ft Dan Englander)

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    Episode Highlights
    [2:53] — A brief background on Dan and Sales Schema Dan is the CEO and founder of Sales Schema.

    Sales Schema is a fractional new business team for agencies, marketing services companies, as well as other B2B service companies for lead generation.

    Their company has a forthcoming data product.

    The biggest challenge their sales team encounters is gaining the trust of their clients for referral marketing.

    Daniel's strategic approach to referral marketing starts with an account-based foundation, listing quality leads for a specific campaign.

    [6:04] — How does Dan create an account-based list? Lead generation involves a back-and-forth communication process with clients.

    They source data from different channels.

    After compiling a list of companies, it will require the approval of their clients.

    Their clients may either opt to work with brands that are industry-specific or be open to collaborating with any consumer brand.

    The list is mainly effective for most mid to large companies.

    [8:07] — Leveraging your network to connect with the accounts in your list Come up with a list of accounts related to the market you want to enter.

    Assess your current network/contacts in the industry you are pursuing. Export a list of these LinkedIn (or other sources available) contacts.

    Refine the list by finding connections between your contacts and the accounts you’ve approved.

    Connect with your contacts, offer value from your end, and request for an introduction to the accounts.

    [12:11] — The key points of lead generation Lead generation requires work and communication with your potential network.

    Obtaining an introduction from your network grants you a more assessed and focused list of valuable connections.

    The connections might drive you to other unexplored opportunities.

    The biggest challenge is building that trust factor.

    [15:00] — Tips to get referrals for the DIYs Start with Flowster and consider the fine line between personalization and scale in referral marketing.

    For large companies, you can try the carpet bombing tactic for lead generation.

    If your clients are similar to Daniel’s, starting with an account-based list is ideal.

    Sales Navigator helps to find clients that are industry-specific.

    [17:28] — What are the biggest mistakes people make in their referral marketing program? Backloading the work

    Spamming your campaign instead of promoting valuable content for people

    To obtain connections effectively, you need to understand the fine line between personalization and scale.

    Budgeting the right amount of time and optimizing the sales process are other essential elements in achieving a ranked outreach.

    [19:25] — Helpful tools to systemize referrals For DIYs, using Sales Navigator is a good start.

    The other tools that he finds effective for sales reps are Reply.io, Streak, and GMass. Different people have their own preferences when it comes to customer relationship management tools and their efficacy.

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    BI 385: 5 Steps to Easily Double Your Profits on Amazon (Ft Norm Farrar)

    BI 385: 5 Steps to Easily Double Your Profits on Amazon (Ft Norm Farrar)

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    Episode Highlights
    [2:24] — Norm introduces himself  Also known as "the Beard Guy," Norm started in 2013 and went to an Amazon Amazing Selling Machine conference.

    Those who got into Amazon got money easily using simple steps.

    If he didn’t have resilience, he never would’ve made it.

    Amazon has changed greatly over the years, so he expanded on what he learned into other markets.

    Currently, Norm is not just a seller but also a brand owner, business owner, and podcaster.

    [5:57] — Processes and delegation  Attending Michael Gerber’s EMyth Academy, he’s taught to be automated and scalable.

    If it's repeatable, there’s a process.

    Going through a problematic process caused negativity in the office. However, their 5-page policy streamlined everything.

    Norm delegates everything so he can grow other businesses.

    [10:11] — Creating your brand You can use Amazon Posts, Live, and Brand Story to create a customer experience and build a brand community.

    In choosing a brand name, you could send out names and descriptions to companies (e.g. PickFu). Doing this gives you access to an inexpensive focus group to assess them.

    Get a graphic artist that understands corporate identity to create a good logo.

    Check if your domain name is available on social media.

    [14:49] — The power of packaging  Increase the perceived value of your product by spending a little more on the packaging.

    Good packaging can hook customers and drive them over for warranty registration or subscription, leading to more traffic for your brand.

    Consider outer packaging by unveiling the product, including a welcome message, etc.

    Be distinctive in your packaging if you can.

    Buy your own products to maintain quality assurance.

    [22:56] — Product innovation Do a proper competitive analysis for your products.

    By checking product reviews, you can determine what people like and dislike about a product and improve upon them by changing the materials, color, etc.

    Get ideas for product innovation on artsy websites.

    Search the keyword, find out what the average product looks like, and be different.

    Innovation can be expensive.

    [32:03] — Getting a graphic of your product Spend the proper amount on your product.

    It's okay to experiment and fail in the first product, then put in the time and money into your second product. Use what you learned from the first try.

    A graphic artist and a photographer can work together to bring out the best in a picture and increase your product’s perceived value.

    Standard packaging has legal requirements, but you don't need to use the same label for your product shot; you need to represent your product effectively.

    Tune in to the full episode to find out the people you need to hire and their usual rates!

    [39:16] — Growing your perception Hire a product photographer that does 3D rendering and a graphic artist.

    The usual rates for product photographers are $500 to $1,250 as you'll need both an infographic and a product image.

    Find nano-influencers to promote your product, grow your perception, and help increase your perceived value.

    Consistency and authority are necessary to earn trust and make sales.

    Expand your network and form partnerships.

    [49:22] — Doing the little things  Small things, like writing a letter or using a different imprint, increase the perceived value of your product.

    Take a look at your competitors and make those little changes.


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    BI 384: How to Make a Million Dollars with Podcasting

    BI 384: How to Make a Million Dollars with Podcasting

    Flowster Live Demo


    Episode Highlights
    [0:36] — Creating a Podcast Part of the challenges in podcasting is having insufficient downloads, leads, and social engagement.

    Podcasters sometimes have difficulty in publishing content consistently.

    However, you will be perceived as an authoritative figure within your niche when you overcome these challenges.

    Creating valuable relationships could open up more lucrative opportunities.

    [1:19] — Podcast Mistake #1: Disregarding Editorial Calendar It's ideal to plan your content in advance. 

    You'd always want to ensure that the episodes support your monetization initiatives for premium content. 

    [2:06] — Podcast Mistake #2: Inconsistent Publishing of Content Your audience will start tuning out if you don’t publish content regularly.

    Scheduling your pre-production process ensures that your content is regularly produced.

    [2:56] — Podcast Mistake #3: Not Niche Specific We have a habit of wanting to include and appeal to everyone; this makes us a generalist.

    Being a generalist is equivalent to failing to be of interest to anyone.

    It is critical that your content targets a specific demographic.

    Appealing to a target audience encourages podcast monetization and podcast sponsorship.

    [4:52] — Podcast Mistake #4: Doing Audio-only Podcasts We should leverage YouTube because it can offer a large source of traffic for your podcasts.

    Trent entrusts his editor to format his podcast that caters to different social media platforms, including YouTube. 

    [5:32] — Podcast Mistake #5: Relying on Social Media Promotion Depending solely on social media will only give you exposure to existing followers.

    Guesting in other podcast channels could expand your audience size.

    Social media ads aren't the most effective method for growing your show.

    YouTube is a beneficial tool for you to increase the reach of your videos.

    [5:32] — Podcast Mistake #6: Not Repurposing Content Learn how to increase your social engagement with Social Media Video Content Engine

    You can retrieve multiple social media posts from one single episode.

    [8:59] — Trent’s Biggest Secret For him, podcasting is the best networking tool on planet Earth.

    To collaborate with desired guests, the line, “I would love to have you on my show” is exemplary compared to, “Can I have an hour of free advice?”


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    BI 383: How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

    BI 383: How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

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    Episode Highlights
    [1:07] — The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant VAs are the single greatest addition to Trent's business arsenal.

    Significantly increases productivity at an affordable cost.

    [1:32] — Costs of Hiring a Virtual Assistant Trent typically hires most virtual assistants from the Philippines, while his personal assistant is from Mexico.

    You can hire a Filipino virtual assistant for around $4 an hour. Trent’s executive assistant in Mexico gets paid about $6 an hour.

    Aside from being less expensive, it also saves costs from providing healthcare benefits.

    An hour-to-hour basis allows you to terminate them without hassle when they don't perform.

    [2:22] — The Role of a Virtual Assistant Allows you to focus on more critical tasks instead of $10 an hour jobs.

    You can hire a general VA for all the tasks you don't want to do. Hiring a specialized VA can help you with specific tasks like project management and content creation.

    Accomplish a collection of tasks that do not require experience. Some examples of these tasks are:

    Making phone calls and contacting venture partners and clients.

    Doing first-level research tasks and project management.

    Order management.

    Create content, graphic design, digital marketing, social media management, and email management.

    [5:22] — Where and How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Trent typically hires from the Philippines and Mexico. He hires VAs from Mexico to be in the same timezone as them.

    The best places to find virtual assistants are Upwork and OnlineJobs.ph.

    Make sure to put a unique code in the job description that you want applicants to put in their application. It will allow you to filter out qualified candidates more quickly.

    [8:23] — The Applicant Screening Process Trent's wife handles the hiring process of all their VAs.

    They have them complete a test task to filter out applicants who will do a good job.

    Test tasks are usually one to two-hour jobs. But instead, they tell them it could take up to eight hours and that they will get paid by the rate.

    The test task works as a trial run to find out who among the candidates does the job most efficiently.

    [9:49] — Common Mistakes When Hiring a Virtual Assistant They don't put a code word in their job posting.

    They do traditional interviews instead of straightforward project-based interviews.

    There's no clearly-defined process and instruction documentation in place for the virtual assistant to follow.

    They set unrealistic expectations far from what they have to offer.

    Tune in to the full episode to learn more about why people struggle when hiring VAs! Make sure to get your SOP template from Flowster SOP Template Marketplace.


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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
126 Ratings

126 Ratings

Jehudemus ,

Top shelf!

Thank you Trent for being the kind of lighthouse entrepreneurs need, keep up the great work!

mikebegg ,

Trent is a great host!

The Bridght Ideas podcast is really well run, and Trent does a great job managing the show. The questions he asks are insightful and help get the best answers out of the guest. Highly recommend giving it a listen!

PJR84310 ,

Trent always brings the heat

One of the most informative ecom and marketing shows around. Keep it up Trent.

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