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Powerful information-packed show by journalist Alex Newman bringing you the latest and most important news behind the news, as well as leading guests and opinion molders from across the country and around the world.

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Powerful information-packed show by journalist Alex Newman bringing you the latest and most important news behind the news, as well as leading guests and opinion molders from across the country and around the world.

    Rep. Ron Paul Optimistic as Americans Wake Up, Reject Tyranny

    Rep. Ron Paul Optimistic as Americans Wake Up, Reject Tyranny

    Despite the inflation and escalating wars and growing tyranny, longtime Congressman and Liberty Movement Patriarch Ron Paul tells Alex Newman that he remains optimistic in this episode of The Sentinel Report. The two also discuss homeschooling, Ukraine war, inflation, the Constitution, and much more.

    • 32 min
    Fighting Global Tyranny At The Local Level

    Fighting Global Tyranny At The Local Level

    How to fight tyranny at the local level, explained by Tom DeWeese of Catching Fire News.

    • 11 min
    "Make Pennsylvania Florida" Says Gubernatorial Candidate, Sen. Doug Mastriano

    "Make Pennsylvania Florida" Says Gubernatorial Candidate, Sen. Doug Mastriano

    Governors must “stand in the gap for freedom” even if it means taking on powerful interests or the Biden administration, said Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Senator Doug Mastriano in an interview with Alex Newman on The Sentinel Report.

    And he’s been putting his legislation where his mouth is, too. As a state senator, Mastriano has a bill in the legislature right now that would prevent state police and law-enforcement officials from enforcing attacks on the right to keep and bear arms.

    “There’s a lot we can do as governors in that capacity,” said Mastriano.

    He also blasted the Democrats and their fake media allies for trying to paint him as “extreme” or even “dangerous”–especially after he spent 30 years as an officer in the U.S. military with top-secret security clearance.

    Responding to Gov. Newsom’s use of Jesus’ words to promote abortion, Senator Mastriano noted that Jesus actually loved children. He also noted that a pro-life rally in Pennsylvania was packed, while a Planned Parenthood rally with national speakers drew less than 70 attendees.

    Under Democrat Gov. Wolf, Pennsylvania adopted draconian controls that even brought construction to a halt in the state–everywhere except at Wolf Industries, his family’s company. It was one of the most extreme lockdowns in the nation.

    Governors have a key role to play in rejecting that sort of government overreach, he said, calling Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “the gold standard” and an “example of what a governor should be” when it came to protecting freedom from attack.

    “My goal is to make Pennsylvania the Florida of the North by protecting peoples’ freedoms and liberties from unconstitutional overreach and edicts,” he added.

    Energy is a major piece of Mastriano’s platform, saying God has blessed his state with lots of energy. Another policy will be to open up state lands for energy exploration in a clean way, as well as getting out of a regional cap-and-trade scheme.

    In 2018, Boston was importing energy from Putin’s Russia. Under Governor Mastriano, they will be able to buy energy from nearby Pennsylvania.

    Separately, the “experimenting” on children with “gender” treatments, hormones and surgeries will end on day one of his administration, he said. “Pronoun games, CRT, teaching kids to hate their own country–all of that ends on day one,” he said, calling boys in girls’ restrooms a “safety” issue.

    While he is concerned about voter-integrity issues, he believes the 2022 election will be better than the 2020 one. But unfortunately, a lot of work remains to be done for reforming the system, as Gov. Wolf has vetoed all major reforms.

    The plan to win will be for conservatives to turn out in massive numbers, as they have been doing nationwide. Also, he asked for support from across the nation, as this race has important national implications.

    “Go to Doug4Gov.com–and we will win,” he concluded.

    • 29 min
    Peter Navarro on Deep State Snakes Around Trump, & How He Will Win Again

    Peter Navarro on Deep State Snakes Around Trump, & How He Will Win Again

    Donald Trump faced a “pre-emptive coup” from Deep State globalists and RINO neocons designed to stop him, and the ongoing arrests and targeting of his key allies are a continuation of that, warned former White House director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro in this explosive interview with Alex Newman on The Sentinel Report.

    The FBI working with social media outlets to censor the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” story as “Russian disinformation” also represents an “actual coup” by the agency, continued Navarro. If not for that, and snakes within the campaign, the 2020 election would not have been close enough for Biden to steal, said Navarro, one of only three senior White House officials who remained with President Trump from the 2016 campaign to the end of his first term in office.

    Now, these same forces are working on another coup involving the January 6 Committee in Congress, the politicized FBI, the National Archives, and the Biden White House. “The whole purpose of that J6 Committee was to build a criminal case against Donald Trump to stop him from being president again in 2025,” said Navarro, noting that this was unconstitutional.

    Much of the inside story is detailed in Navarro’s new book, Taking Back Trump’s America: Why We Lost the White House and How We’ll Win It Back. In it, he defines “MAGA” as drastically different from the progressive globalist neoconservatism prevalent among RINOs, and offers a blueprint for re-capturing America from those seeking to fundamentally transform it or even bring it down.

    Taking back America is essential as Democrats work to kill America’s economy, destroy the legitimacy of the justice system, and even expose the United States to foreign threats including Russia and China, said Navarro. Communist China today is the biggest geopolitical threat to America, he added, saying it was worse than Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan in terms of the threat it poses to America.

    Navarro, the architect of Trump’s tough-on-China policies, said the crisis in Ukraine and Communist China’s growing aggression would not be happening if Trump had remained in the White House. In fact, Navarro described U.S. policies toward China under both Republican and Democrat administrations as “unilateral surrender.” Trump tried to turn that around.

    U.S. policy has been absurd. Navarro, a leading expert on Communist China and U.S. policy toward China, warned that for decades, the U.S. government has been selling Americans out. One of the key reasons is the love of money and the opportunity to get rich by helping Beijing, Navarro explained, pointing to Goldman Sachs and Big Tech as key drivers.

    One of the biggest issues in the Trump administration was the presence of Deep State globalists, neoconservatives, and RINOs in the White House. Blasting the “Bush, Cheney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell wing” of the Republican Party, Navarro said the “November 9ers” never should have been allowed in.

    “As Reagan said, personnel is policy,” said Navarro, noting that at the start there were multiple people in the administration who did not share Trump’s vision. Trump thought he could bring these people in and they would help in and bring experience, but that was an “error,” said Navarro.

    Key officials who resisted Trump’s agenda on Communist China, trade, and other policy areas included Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son in law, is slammed in Navarro’s new book.

    There were three military officers who Trump trusted who were especially problematic: H.R. McMaster the “pure globalist,” Mattis who was “a Democrat for all practical purposes,” and chief of staff John Kelly. “Trump would give them orders, and they would repeatedly disobey those orders,” said Navarro, noting that they could have been court martialed if it had been a

    • 30 min
    Mike Lindell Drops Vote Fraud BOMBSHELL on Sentinel Report

    Mike Lindell Drops Vote Fraud BOMBSHELL on Sentinel Report

    My Pillow CEO and election-integrity advocate Mike Lindell dropped a bombshell on The Sentinel Report with Alex Newman in his ongoing quest to expose 2020’s massive election fraud.

    In brief, he has purchased secret technology used by the government that has the proof of the fraud.

    Because it has been hidden from the public due to court order and national security, Lindell is just waiting for a court to give him permission to share it with the world.

    During this 30-minute interview, Lindell also shares a bit of his testimony on drug addiction and his efforts to help others dealing with it–and how he wants them to get to know Jesus Christ!

    • 30 min
    AMAZING Teen Conservative Leaders Offer Hope for America

    AMAZING Teen Conservative Leaders Offer Hope for America

    Two amazing teenage leaders, former Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans Chair Iago Barbosa and current chair Megan Wallington, explain how young conservatives can restore America.

    Speaking on The Sentinel Report with journalist Alex Newman, these two top leaders among young Florida Republicans explain their views on the establishment, the Constitution, America’s heritage, and much more.

    Before bringing on the two teen GOP leaders, Alex does his usual brief news segment.

    Listen to and share with those who have young people in their lives!

    • 30 min

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