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Formerly called the Raise & Engage Podcast.

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Subscribe to The sgENGAGE Podcast to hear experts from across the social good community share best practices, tips and must-know trends that will help organizations increase their impact.

Formerly called the Raise & Engage Podcast.

    Episode 131: The Case for ESG in Nonprofits

    Episode 131: The Case for ESG in Nonprofits

    ESG (environment, social, and governance) is a hot topic amongst for-profit companies and investors, but is it important for nonprofits and other social good organizations too? Today's guest thinks so. Tim McClimon, principal consultant for The Celeste Group, which specializes in corporate social responsibility and nonprofit management strategies and programs, and former head of corporate social responsibility at American Express, joined Rachel Hutchisson to discuss why social good organizations should view ESG as an operating strategy and as a way of being more transparent and accountable to their employees, donors, beneficiaries, communities, and the planet. Rachel and Tim also talked about what nonprofits can learn from companies, including Blackbaud, and how companies can help increase the focus on ESG in the nonprofit sector.
    Topics discussed in this episode:
    What is ESG? Why ESG isn't just for companies Why nonprofits need to create strategies for climate and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) Why higher education institutions have been paying more attention to sustainability How funders can help nonprofits adopt ESG practices The importance of transparency in social good organizations Expectations for transparency and impact from the newest generation of employees

    • 28 min
    Episode 230: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Wellbeing for Grantmakers

    Episode 230: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Wellbeing for Grantmakers

    Join Meico Marquette Whitlock, founder and CEO of Mindful Techie, for an interactive training that will inspire you with mindful approaches for creating sustained balance in your life. Prepare to lower your stress level, focus on getting the important things done, and be more present for yourself, your team, and your family. Click here to listen to the full webinar from the Grantmaking Thought Leadership webinar series.
    Topics discussed in this episode:
    Wellness Survey report findings Impact of the pandemic on wellbeing How grantmakers will need to adapt Setting boundaries  
    Meico Marquette Whitlock
    Wellness Survey
    5 Ways Grantmakers Create Work- and Tech-Life Balance
    "When it comes to preemption, we want to be focused on creating a culture of care (...) that we are building in strong work/life boundaries and not depending on the individual to create those boundaries."
    "Addressing the organizational and institutional action of this is a longer term proposition."
    "Many of us are making assumptions of what is required of us, but something that is actually not being expected of us."

    • 15 min
    Episode 229: Fixing the S in ESG: CSR Book Club Review

    Episode 229: Fixing the S in ESG: CSR Book Club Review

    Rachel Hutchisson is joined by Chris Jarvis, executive director of Realized Worth, to kick off our CSR Book Club Series with an article from Stanford Social Innovation Review called “Fixing the S in ESG.” Listen to learn more about quantifying social impact and what the future of S looks like.
    Topics discussed in this episode: Adapting to changes in world beliefs What does S want to be? Redefining what S means to include room for interpretation Increased accountability puts words into actions How consumers change their behavior according to company values Resources: Chris Jarvis Rachel Hutchisson Article: “Fixing the S in ESG” Blackbaud Corporate Social Responsibility Greater Washington Urban League Equity in Black and White Summit Quotes: “I think S should call us to move past the signaling to meaningful change that leads the next generation better.” “You have to engage the people on the ground, the people in the community you’re trying to serve.” “Between E, S, and G, S is the way to involve employees at any level, anywhere, anytime.”

    • 33 min
    Episode 228: Technology’s Role in Advancing Philanthropy's Mission

    Episode 228: Technology’s Role in Advancing Philanthropy's Mission

    Chantal Forster, executive director of the Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG), discusses the top areas where grantmakers can make the most impact in 2022 and how technology can help them achieve that impact. 
    Topics discussed in this episode: Who are the members of TAG and how do they impact philanthropy? The rise in the voices of the people we serve post-pandemic TAG’s customer experience model Effectiveness and frequency of surveys Dependency of digital infrastructure Dashboard elements that drive success Resources: Chantal Forster
    Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG)
    Webinar: The Rising Role of Technology—and the People Behind It—in Advancing Philanthropy's Mission
    How to Fund Nonprofit Tech: A Guide for Funders and Nonprofits
    Grant Advisor
    Quotes: “Imagine if the private sector only surveyed its customers every three years.”
    “If philanthropy doesn’t invest in tech infrastructure, then you are enabling inequity.”

    • 23 min
    Episode 227: Kicking Off a Virtual Audit

    Episode 227: Kicking Off a Virtual Audit

    As we trend towards a sense of normalcy in 2022, the convenience and cost savings of remote audits are here to stay. Whether you began remote audits out of necessity during the pandemic or have been doing them for a while, join us and Paul Preziotti, CPA, nonprofit audit expert, and Partner with Johnson Lambert, for tips on preparing for and running a successful remote audit. You’ll leave knowing how to:  
    Topics Discussed in This Episode:
    -Is a remote audit what your organization needs?
    -Plan for what an auditor will need to see
    -Create a strong audit trail with documentation, naming conventions, and accessible details
    -Gather what you’ll need and provide secure access to your auditor
      Resources: Paul Preziotti, CPA
    Webinar: Be Audit You Can Be, Remotely: Preparing and Running a Successful Remote Audit
    Blog: The Final Step of the Nonprofit Audit: Presenting Financial Statements to your Board
    Quotes: "As the auditee, you have the ability to mold this relationship however you want it."
    "I think [hybrid audits] are terrific and I think that could be a good solution for a lot of you that want the best of both worlds."
    "If we have an audit that's beginning the first week of May, we want to be able to hit the ground running."

    • 19 min
    Episode 226: A Survey of Parent’s Expectations in the Digital Age

    Episode 226: A Survey of Parent’s Expectations in the Digital Age

    There are a lot of ways to think about how technology impacts things, as well as how different constituent types interact with it and the relationships that it helps them build. In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing recent research on how technology improves the relationship between schools and parents.
    Joining the podcast today is Chuck English, of English Marketing Works, and Linda Lawrence, of Ransom Everglades. Listen to the episode to hear what they have to say about the key findings of the recent Blackbaud study show, the expectations that people have about the technology they interact with, and how the technology profile at Linda’s school came about.
    Topics Discussed in This Episode
    Important and key findings of the study of how technology impacts the relationship between parents and schools Linda’s perspective of the daily experiences between parents and technology at schools Whether the current state of the world has made parents more willing to use this technology Chuck’s experience of people's expectations of the technology they use and whether that’s changing. How the technology portfolio at Linda’s school was developed The perspective that Linda is examining technology from The advice that Linda would give schools that have fewer technology resources, but are trying to move in that direction How Linda’s school leadership helped make needed technological changes during the pandemic A change that stands out in Linda’s mind that sticks out as something that’s here to stay Changes Chuck is seeing with the organizations he works with that are here to stay The extent to which parents drive technology offerings  
    Chuck English
    Linda Lawrence
    Using Technology to Bridge the Value Gap in Private Schools
    Moving Forward: Enriching the Parent Experience with a Focus on Technology
    Infographic: K–12 Independent Schools Parent Survey
    “Technology has a huge impact on their experience as parents.” – Chuck English
    “Parents have learned to become very nimble with what to expect, and we just find ways to ease into those situations at a moment’s notice.” –Linda Lawrence
    “I think you develop alliances; you identify those super-users that can provide assistance.” –Linda Lawrence

    • 26 min

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69 Ratings

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