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Salem's best source for late-night news, discussion, and information on all things magical, political, and supernatural.

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Salem's best source for late-night news, discussion, and information on all things magical, political, and supernatural.

    "The Shadow Dispatch is Back"

    "The Shadow Dispatch is Back"

    An episode of an obscure podcast called 'Rising Dawn Newsletter' that was just sent to us by an anonymous source. We couldn't actually find the appropriate content source for the show but we were assured that it was legally safe to post. Wherever it came from, this episode spotlights the return of your FAVORITE hub of supernatural, unnatural and extranatural news from this strange world: The Shadow Dispatch.


    Janet Hurley Kimlicko as Miranda Jones
    Tressa Brookes as Marcia Acana
    Shane Sczepankowski as Trevor Manny
    Jake Zydel as Scrimples the Brownie
    Jenna Wood as Winnie Deadwood
    Patrick Flood as Ewan Taylor
    Suzanna Bornn as Cheryl White
    Vince Marcellino as David Lewis

    Supporting Cast:
    Keiren Barnes
    Shawn Barnes
    Joel Congi
    Ben Dawson
    Shae Fitzgerald
    Meggy Hai Trang
    John Kimlicko
    Michael A. Lake
    Carley Lemire Lake
    Jay Leonard

    • 36 min
    Ep 6.5 - I A M H O S T

    Ep 6.5 - I A M H O S T

    The Shadow Dispatch has a special new host, starting April 1st! Get used to this, listeners. In this very special episode, you will learn everything you need to know about the new era we're entering into.

    • 10 min
    Ep 6 - The Players

    Ep 6 - The Players

    Ewan and David take the wheel this episode for a quick movie review and a deep-dive into Orpheus's latest scandal straight out of Australia. Also, Cheryl comes in with a startling update on the Cormac Case.

    • 26 min
    Ep 5.5 - The Visitor

    Ep 5.5 - The Visitor

    This week, a very special guest found their way into the studio. We don’t know where they came from or what they want, but they have some particularly great dance moves. Can we figure out to do with them in time to read our stories for the week?

    • 18 min
    Ep 5 - SAMCAST

    Ep 5 - SAMCAST

    Hҽყ ɠυყʂ, Sαɱ ԋҽɾҽ! Tԋιʂ ɱαყ ʂσυɳԃ ɯҽιɾԃ, Ⴆυƚ ιƚ'ʂ ιɱρσɾƚαɳƚ ƚԋαƚ αʂ ɱαɳყ ρҽσρʅҽ ʅιʂƚҽɳ ƚσ ƚԋιʂ ҽριʂσԃҽ αʂ ρσʂʂιႦʅҽ. Cσυʅԃɳ'ƚ ƚԋιɳƙ σϝ αɳყɯԋҽɾҽ Ⴆҽƚƚҽɾ ƚσ ρσʂƚ ƚԋιʂ ƚԋαɳ ԋҽɾҽ!

    Hαʋҽ α ʅσʋҽʅყ ԃαყ!

    • 20 min
    Ep 4.5 - Unveiling Week

    Ep 4.5 - Unveiling Week

    This week, Ewan welcomes Sarah McKnight back to the show to read off this year’s Unveiling Week Community Calendar. Unveiling Week, as we all know, is the time of year we celebrate the momentous battle which revealed magic to the world. To showcase this history, Ewan and Sarah read from an old Children’s book: Hamburg Lullaby by Elijah Koburn

    • 8 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

magennen ,

Absolutely love this show, wish there was more!

This show has great characters, wicked cool world building, and a great sense of humor. It became one of my all time favs in just 13 episodes! I just wish I knew if it will air again.

Finch:] ,


Although this podcast doesn’t have a lot of episodes, I love it! The concept is amazing and the storytelling is fantastic. This has become one of my favorite podcasts!

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