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Welcome to the Shameless Life Podcast where we master the art of being shameless. I’m your host Breanna Aponte. Self-made entrepreneur, brand expert, and online coach helping everyday women create and live a life they love. If you’re ready to Abandon fear, become your best self and turn your dreams into reality, you’re in the right place!

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Welcome to the Shameless Life Podcast where we master the art of being shameless. I’m your host Breanna Aponte. Self-made entrepreneur, brand expert, and online coach helping everyday women create and live a life they love. If you’re ready to Abandon fear, become your best self and turn your dreams into reality, you’re in the right place!

    Marriage, Motherhood & Entrepreneurship w/ Carmen Renee

    Marriage, Motherhood & Entrepreneurship w/ Carmen Renee

    Today's guest has such a beautiful love story and she's here to share the deets! She is a momma, wife, and entrepreneur who is on a similar mission as me to help women feel confident, beautiful, and stunning in the skin they are in! She is the blogger behind Carmen Renee Blog and host of a new blog called Go! Girl! Grow! Today she is here to share her journey and talk about finding balance (if there's such a thing) to motherhood, marriage, and entrepreneurship.

    Here's what we cover: 
    Who is Carmen Renee in a nutshell?What's your love story? Tell us the journey of how you and your husband met to now.What's something you can share about blogging that most people don't know about?Were your pregnancies planned or unexpected? Can you talk about if you had a timeline for your life and the thought behind marriage and motherhood?After becoming a mommy, did blogging get harder?When you became a mom, what was the biggest surprise for you? Maybe something that you weren't expecting that no one told you about?Do you believe in having balance? And if so, what does that look like for a full-time mom, wife, and entrepreneur?It's important to have support from your partner when you have children and you're doing your own thing, how does your husband support you and your business?Let's talk about the growth of your blog. Blogs aren't immediately profitable or easy to monetize, how long was your blog a passion project before it turned profitable?What advice do you have for the moms who are listening who want to start a blog or passion project? How can they quickly grow and monetize or prepare themselves to be consistent even when no money is flowing in?What's next for Carmen?
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    What You Want vs NEED In A Man w/ Cece Liles

    What You Want vs NEED In A Man w/ Cece Liles

    Today’s guest is a good friend of mine whose love story and personal growth I got to personally witness. When we first met, she was single and mingling and sometimes looking for the wrong things, in the right places (we’ve all been there)! She has spent time doing personal development which led her to finding her person and now starting a family. Today she is here to talk about What You Want vs NEED In A Man. Let’s welcome Cece Liles 

    What we cover: 
    Who is Cece in a nutshell?What was Cece like when she was single?What things did you WANT in a guy that you realized you actually didn't need?When did you realize that you were dating the wrong types of guys or looking for all the wrong things?What advice would you give to the ladies listening who want to make sure that they are looking for the RIGHT things in a guy?What things did you have to work on in order to be your best for your relationship?What are your thoughts on counseling? Do you recommend it to single women and couples?Tramas & Daddy IssuesWhat are some helpful resources outside of counseling to help women in their journey of becoming their best?How do you know when you find the right person?
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    Sex, Cheating & Toxic Relationships w/ Cheyenne

    Sex, Cheating & Toxic Relationships w/ Cheyenne

    I hope you ladies are ready for this gem-dropping beauty who uses full transparency about her past experiences to encourage others to take control of their lives and relationships. Today’s guest is known for her openness and honesty about her life and the choices she has made. Her popular blog hits on her brutally honest and transparent stories exploiting her own experiences and personal life, talking about controversial subjects like dating as well as fitness and fashion. Let’s welcome, Chey Starr. 

    What we cover:

    1. Who is Chey Starr in a nutshell?

    2. When & why did you decide to be so transparent with your brand?

    3. Let's talk sex...as you know, Dre & Bre are waiting for marriage. What are your thoughts on this?

    4. How do you think sex affects a relationship?

    5. Have you ever been cheated on? If so, how has that affected you?

    6. What advice do you have for the women who have been cheated on and now have trust issues because of it?

    7. How do you know when you are in a toxic relationship and what is your advice for someone who knows they need to leave but doesn't know how?

    8. How has your upbringing shaped the way you think of men and relationships?

    9. What should women do in order to heal from their past and find a healthy relationship?

    10. Do you have any helpful resources you recommend (podcasts, books, people on social media?)

    11. How can our listeners stay connected with you and your brand?

    The YouTube Doctor

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    Breaking Barriers w/ Hope Wiseman

    Breaking Barriers w/ Hope Wiseman

    Today's guest is a pro at breaking barriers. As the youngest black woman dispensary owner, this serial entrepreneur has been breaking barriers her entire life. After graduating from Spelman College, she danced professionally for the NFL, excelled in investment banking, featured on a TV Reality Show, and launched a series of businesses, and now is a well-known speaker and entrepreneur. Today, she's here to share her story and give tips and tools for breaking barriers in your everyday life and business! Let's welcome Hope Wiseman.

    Here's what we cover:

    Who is Hope in a nutshell?Breaking Barriers takes balls, have you always been confident in yourself and your ability to go after what you wanted or is it something you had to learn and practice?What advice do you have for women who want to build their confidence to believe they can do whatever they want to do?How do you think your upbringing contributes to your success in business?Did you always think you would be a business owner or did you stumble into it?Being as successful as you are, how did it affect your dating life?You are juggling so many different projects, how do you stay organized and on top of it all?You have a physical store in Maryland with employees and hire teams of people to work on your projects, what advice do you have for someone listening who is ready to hire for help?What are 3 resources you can share with our listeners to help them build their confidence or business?What are 3 things you wish you knew then that you know now?What can we expect next from Hope?How can our listeners connect and stay in touch with Hope?Resources:
    Never split the difference book
    EOS book
    Traction book

    Connect w/ Hope:

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    Body Positivity w/ Jenzi Russel

    Body Positivity w/ Jenzi Russel

    When I first started this podcast I did an episode titled “Body Confidence” (episode number 22 if you want to take a listen. Since then, I have personally struggled with wanting to be perfect by my wedding day, putting unrealistic expectations on myself and have been working a lot to free myself of that mindset and just choose to love myself and focus on more than what I see in the mirror. I know that as women, we all have this struggle. No matter our age, race, shape or size, we all have flaws and inner insecurities because of them. Today’s guest is the definition of confidence. From shaking off gender norms to being a plus size dancer in Los Angeles, Jenzi Russel has built a brand around simply being confident. Today we are going to talk about Body Positivity! Today's guest is the one and only Jenzi Russel!

    Here's What We Cover:

    1. Who is Jenzi in a nutshell?
    2. How did you first get into dancing?
    3. Being plus-size in the dance industry, what have been your biggest struggles?
    4. Have you always been comfortable in your skin or have you ever struggled with confidence? Give us details
    5. What advice would you give to the women who are listening who struggle with loving the skin they're in?
    6. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get into the dance industry?

    Follow Jenzi

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    Mind & Body Transformation w/ Gina Amin

    Mind & Body Transformation w/ Gina Amin

    I am a huge fan of today’s guests! She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Weight-loss and Nutrition coach who helps women create a sustainable solution for long-lasting health, happiness, and confidence! She uses her social media platform to motivate and inspire women to be confident in their fitness journeys by posting super helpful videos and tips and pointing out the myths and lies about weight loss and fitness. Today she is here to help us transform our minds and bodies. Let's welcome, Gina Amin!

    Beginners Guide to Fitness. This guide is for women who are not sure how to start their fitness journey. There will be videos, a workout plan, recipes, tips on sleep, mindset, and a lot more. It is the ultimate beginner's fitness guide that is not only going to be your standard workout plan. Get it now at www.workout-with-gina.com
    Here's what we cover:
    Who is Gina Amin in a nutshell?Tell us about your own personal transformation and how it has encouraged or inspired you to be the coach that you are today.In order to have a mind and body transformation, the mindset comes first. Walk us through your process for helping women achieve the right mindset in order to successfully transform their mind and bodies.Nutrition is a huge part of a successful transformation, how can the women listening make sure they are putting the right things in their body?You mentioned in a recent post that in order to get abs, it’s not about the number of crunches but instead, being in a deficit. Can you explain this method to our audience?Once we have the mindset and the nutrition, it’s time to focus on our physical bodies. What advice do you have for women just starting out or women who work out regularly but have plateaued?There are a lot of myths about weight loss, can you shed light on the real? As women, how much of our confidence do you think is affected by the way that we look? As a personal trainer, what is the number one thing your clients struggle with and how do you help them overcome it?How can women who have busy schedules commit to a healthier lifestyle?What tips do you have for someone who has a plan but is struggling to commit to it?
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5.0 out of 5
102 Ratings

102 Ratings

Tareena Drane ,

Love this podcast!

Hi Bre!

You have seriously helped me so much just listening to your podcasts, and following you on social sites in such a little time. You are the definition of "I don't look like what I've been through". One day I hope to work with you as I know you could feed me so much knowledge and greatness.

Chantell Genee ,

Podcast Episode 40

I have been thinking about making a podcast and this is truly very helpful! Thank you!

Killer731 ,

Delightful, Concise & Helpful

Just searching for something new to listen to this evening and I stumbled on this little gem. As a female entrepreneur I found lots of things I quickly identified with and felt like I wanted to get to know Bri better. Excited to listen to more episodes on my commute!

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