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A podcast exploring art, adventure and enterprise. This was formerly the Love Affair Travel Podcast.

Art, Adventure and Enterprise Ian Robinson

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A podcast exploring art, adventure and enterprise. This was formerly the Love Affair Travel Podcast.

    How to Become a Sea Plane Pilot with Fred Welsh

    How to Become a Sea Plane Pilot with Fred Welsh

    In this podcast Fred describes how he became a sea plane pilot. As the host, I know almost nothing about the subject. Therefore, we approach the subject from the perspective of a novice. I hope you find this useful if you’re seeking to become a recreational pilot. Enjoy!

    Fred Welsh is a friend I met in 2010 when I first visited Australia. On that trip he taught me to surf and showed me a great time in Yamba, Australia. He is awesome.


    How to Become a Sea Plane Pilot Time Stamps

    * 6:50 – History & Categorization of Recreational Pilots Licensing

    * 8:30 – Understanding the Cost and Process of a Recreational Pilots License

    * 15:10 – On the Economics of Purchasing an Airplane

    * 17:00 – The Benefits of a Sea Plane

    * 24:30 – Thoughts on Securing, Parking and Operating a Sea Plane

    * 28:30 – Sea Plane Endurance

    * 31:12 – Radio Communication Endorsement

    * 33:20 – Why Fly?

    * 40:00 – On Sea Plane Speed

    * 40:30 – Why a Sea Plane is Better than a Trailer/RV

    * 42:20 – Mapping out Sea Plane Adventures

    * 48:17 – Can You Do Work on Your Own Plane? – Maintaining a Sea Plane

    * 54:07 – Can Australia Sea Plane Pilots Fly Internationally?

    * 1:06:04 – Where You Inspired by Jimmy Buffett?

    * 1:16:40 – Lifestyle Questions – Weddings in Australia

    *  1:17:15 – The First Step to Becoming a Pilot

    We call that tiger county. It’s when there isn’t anything down there to land on and you just hope nothing goes wrong

    It is a life or death situation. If you run into a huge storm, it can put you down hard. If in doubt, you stay home.

    The pay-off for me is… I’ll say to my wife, “I think the whales are breaching today, let’s fly out and have a look.” You see sharks and dolphins… the rewards outweighs the costs of getting a license and a plane.

    When you’re flying long distances, you want to make sure you have plenty of room where you don’t have to get back for something.

    Out of all of Australia, there are only 100 sea plane pilots. Of that, only 70 are operational. It’s a very, very small fraternity of pilots.

    The beauty of my category is that they have made the books more easy to understand for laymen. I found it enjoyable and not overly difficult. I found the process of learning to be exhilarating.

    Related Links

    * Petrel – Check out the Company that Built Fred’s Sea Plane

    * Jimmy Buffett – No Plane on Sunday | A Pirate Looks at 40

    * Riverside Ranch Website

    * Riverside Ranch Instagram

    * Learn more about Sea Planes

    * Want to Contact Fred? Email him at FCWelsh@bigpond.com

    A Note on the Sound Quality Of This Podcast

    I apologize for the poor sound quality on this one. Fred and I spoke while he was in Australia and I was in the United States. We suffered during the conversation because there was a second delay from us speaking to when the other woul...

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    Episode One of the Question Mark Podcast

    Episode One of the Question Mark Podcast

    Welcome to ? a podcast about art, adventure, enterprise and more.

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    This first episode is me my attempt at a unique podcast. Currently, I have three formats in mind:

    1. Traditional Interviews

    Traditional interviews will be around an hour where we learn about interesting people who have interesting behaviors. These interviews will focus on the subjects of art, adventure and enterprise.

    2. The Linked Series

    The idea for the linked story started on the Nomad Cruise while I was talking with my friend Becky. We parted ways in Dubai and she took one of my microphones. We did a podcast while she was in Chiang Mai and I was in Bangkok. Now that our conversation is complete, Becky will pass the microphone onto someone who she finds interesting.

    The great thing about this is that the guest selection will be entirely up to Becky. Once Becky hands the microphone to someone else, that person will be the next person to be in charge of guest selection.

    I hope they pick interesting guests.

    3. ? Riffs

    Question mark riffs are segments where I splice together a collection of interesting audio based on a theme. I’ll attempt to provide some context and commentary to link them together.

    For instance, I hope to do one on investing in which I can pull audio from people like Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban. Other topics could include:

    * Surfing

    * International relations

    * Mountain climbing

    * Style

    * War

    * Country Reports

    …or whatever else I become inspired by.

    The following podcast is a rough example of how a ? riff would sound like:

    Join the Conversation

    I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to click the image below and you’ll be able to record a voice message link for the show. I’d be honored to hear from you.

    In my last podcast (the Love Affair Travel Podcast), I never heard back from the audience. That was a huge problem. My statistics were telling me that around 1,500 people were listening to each podcast episode, but I never heard from anyone. I think that is largely responsible for why I stopped creating them.

    If you’d like to be part of the solution, please let me know who you are and where you are listening to the show. You can either email me an .mp3 file (ian@ianrobinson.net) or you can click the image below:

    Episode Credits

    * Val Kilmer Played Doc Holiday in Tombstone

    * Muhammed Ali Speech

    * Bruce Lee Lost Interview

    * Nelson Mandela Last Speech at South African Parliament

    * Love and Light – SoundCloud | Website

    * Ben Chaplan – YouTube | Website | Twitter | Instagram

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    Brent Rose: Inside the Life of a Location Independent Tech Journalist

    Brent Rose: Inside the Life of a Location Independent Tech Journalist

    Wish your road trips never ended? For Brent Rose, they don’t.

    Brent Rose is a freelance technology journalist who has spent the last 17 months living out of a van and road tripping around the United States. For Brent, what started as a year-long road trip has turned into an open-ended lifestyle.

    Brent tells us about how he decided to start his van life, how he equipped his van to be able to work from anywhere, and what his nomadic life is like. He also gives us some pointers and great stories and information about his career as a tech journalist.

    “I’ve been on the road for the last 17 months now. I’ve put about 35,000 miles on the thing. It was originally going to be about a year-long thing, and now I don’t know how or where to stop. I don’t know if I want to stop – so the adventure continues.” – Brent Rose

    Travel Topics:

    * Why Brent decided to convert to van life [5:27]

    * What to look for in a vehicle for long term travel [8:19]

    * How to convert a van to fit your lifestyle [8:47]

    * How to get into tech journalism [10:18]

    * What is Gizmodo? [11:43]

    * What it means to be a good writer [13:39]

    * The transition from office life to van life [24:43]

    * How Brent’s location independence influences his professional output [27:03]

    * Kayaking from Cuba to Florida [28:47]

    * Benefits of a press trip [37:29]

    * Making that important decision… what do you write about?! [38:45]

    * Most memorable moments on the road [43:13]

    * How a pearl in an oyster can lead to a great pick-up line [45:35]

    Brent Rose Talking Points:

    * Watch Brent’s Wired Teched-Out Van video

    * Read Brent’s van life article for Gizmodo

    * Learn more about #vanlife on instagram

    * Check out Connected States Project

    * Subscribe to Brent’s YouTube channel

    Connect with Brent Rose:

    Website | Instagram |  Facebook | Twitter

    “I love the freedom it affords me.” – Brent Rose

    Music Credit:

    * Float by Giiana

    Take Action:

    Brent drives his van on a constant road trip to balance work with adventure. What can you do to bring more adventure into your everyday life?

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    Jake Heilbrunn: Off The Beaten Trail

    Jake Heilbrunn: Off The Beaten Trail

    Have you struggled with making your dreams a reality? Do you feel stressed out trying to find a compromise?

    When Jake Heilbrunn realized his passions and his life were not aligned, he left for Central America to help find fulfillment and discover his purpose. What he found was an incredible community of people, a beautiful expansive world, and the determination to bring his visions to life.

    Today we’ll be talking about traveling in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, writing his book Off The Beaten Trail, holistic healing, and the many amazing people he encountered on his journey.

    “I was living a disconnect. What I really wanted to be doing, traveling and experiencing other ways of life and volunteering, was not what I was doing.” – Jake Heilbrunn

    Travel Topics:

    * How Jake went to Guatemala to teach English and soccer [4:30]

    * Need to make friends and don’t know the local language? Carry a soccer ball [6:38]

    * When he was attacked by ‘dinosaurs in Jurassic Park’ [12:19]

    * How a child left for dead became an incredible local saint [15:23]

    * Why ditching your travel plan can have amazing results [19:50]

    * How Jake’s vision of writing his book happened with a shaman [21:43]

    * Does Baskin-Robbins get their flavors from cacao plants? [24:52]

    * You tend to meet and attract certain people when you travel alone [29:08]

    * What a spiritual community did for Jake’s mind and body [33:25]

    * How one town’s diet of fruit and vegetables helped Jake’s skin problems [37:36]

    * What Jake loved most about the places he stayed and people he met [40:16]

    * How writing a book is “like starting a business” [41:53]

    * Jake’s daily writing routine, and how he made his book stand out [43:03]

    * Writing a book? Allow yourself twice to three times as much time to do it [45:53]

    Jake Heilbrunn Talking Points:

    * Buy Jake’s book Off The Beaten Trail

    * Jake’s successful Kickstarter

    * Read the article featuring Jake in Psychology Today

    * Find out more about Work Away, the site that really helped Jake find places to go and things to do

    * Learn more about the farm Jake stayed at on OmeTepe

    * Learn more about Zopilote where I stayed on OmeTepe Island

    * The Highest Bungee Jump in Central America

    Read the book The Light of the Soul by Arnulfo G. Oxlaj

    Learn more about the places Jake visited:

    * San Andrés Sajcabajá

    * El Mirador

    * TikalPark

    * a href="https://en.wikipedia.

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    Karsten Aichholz: Gaming Entrepreneur and Creator of Thailand Starter Kit!

    Karsten Aichholz: Gaming Entrepreneur and Creator of Thailand Starter Kit!

    Karsten Aichholz is the perfect person to author the Thailand Starter Kit!, a website full of advice for ex-pats moving to Thailand. After nearly a decade of living in Bangkok, Karsten offers advice on everything from housing to fitness to grocery delivery in the Land of Smiles.

    In our entertaining and fascinating discussion, Karsten explains how he went from corporate climber in Germany to one of the first nomadic entrepreneurs in Thailand’s video game sector.

    Along with Thailand Starter Kit!, we also talk about Karsten’s Brewed in Bangkok podcast, an excellent dive into the hidden world of the most extraordinary people you meet in Bangkok.

    “I took out a quarter of the money we had… It was a leap of faith, but I thought we got to do something.” – Karsten Aichholz

    Travel Topics:

    * Moving to Bangkok 10 years ago before ‘it was a thing’ [2:20]

    * How to create a business from near scratch in Thailand [9:45]

    * How 3,700 hours of EverQuest in high school paid off [11:02]

    * Advice for freelancers: Creating a start-up? Find a platform to do your marketing [16:05]

    * Another tip: A platform bans your product? Make a new platform! [16:30]

    * Why Karsten actually loved working for a corporation [20:15]

    * What can happen in German bureaucratic unemployment offices [26:40]

    * When you almost run out of cash, you become less risk-adverse [35:20]

    * How Karsten’s partner left the gaming world because he was ready for more intellectual pursuits [43:40]

    * New dreams: Turning altruistic hobbies into a business [47:20]

    * Wild stories accrued while living in Bangkok for a decade [52:07]

    Karsten Aichholz’ Talking Points:

    * Get a copy of:

    * The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

    * So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport

    * Highly recommended by Karsten, my Udemy Podcast Production Online Course

    Connect with Karsten:

    Website  |  Twitter  | Facebook

    Connect with Thailand Starter Kit:

    Website  |  Twitter  | Facebook

    Music Credit:

    * Marsbeing – Hour PM by Chill

    Take Action:

    When Karsten and his business partner almost ran out of money, he decided to take a risk that changed the fate of his company. SO go ahead and take a risk!

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    Dylan Basile: Tree Tribe Plants 40,000 Trees while Co-Founder Survives Dengue Fever

    Dylan Basile: Tree Tribe Plants 40,000 Trees while Co-Founder Survives Dengue Fever

    Marketing nomad Dylan Basile of Tree Tribe got my attention at the 2016 Nomad Summit when he presented on his eco-fashion company with a passion for sustainability. Since our meeting, Dylan has had a challenging year. At the time of this interview, he’s coming off a 6-month battle with dengue fever, which is a debilitating mosquito-borne disease he contracted in Thailand.

    In this episode, we talk about the transition to a nomadic work life, leaving Vancouver’s rainy season, the ins-and-outs of social media strategy at Tree Tribe, as well as the most difficult psychological and physical trial of Dylan’s life—dengue.

    I was so inspired by Dylan’s passion for the good work at Tree Tribe, and his resilience through the last half year. I hope you think so too!

    “I think it was the shock of being told I couldn’t go back to Chiang Mai and the whole digital nomad community, but I’m getting better and excited to go travel again.” – Dylan Basile

    Travel Topics:

    * The Nomad Summit 2016 experience in Chiang Mai [1:15]

    * A successful experiment in becoming location-independent [3:10]

    * How Dylan unfortunately became the dengue expert [10:52]

    * A second bout of dengue nearly cost Dylan his nomadic lifestyle [19:52]

    * The mission behind Tree Tribe’s eco-fashion brand [25:40]

    * An amazing goal to achieve… Planting 40,000 trees!! [29:39]

    * Tree Tribe’s 4 core values: Nature, Adventure, Travel, and Community [30:30]

    * How Tree Tribe customers and fans show their love of the product through social media [33:04]

    * Why Tree Tribe agrees that giving back is worth a cut into the bottom-line [44:05]

    Dylan Basile’s Talking Points:

    * Find out more about The Nomad Summit 2016 in Chiang Mai

    * Get a copy of the 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

    * Dylan’s favorite café Warung Ocha in Badung, Bali

    * Check out Buffer, a social media planning site with all locale-independent employees

    * Listen to Fabian Dittrich’s experience with malaria on the LAT podcast

    * Tree Tribe’s planting partners: Trees for the Future and Eden Projects

    * The 2015 Impact Report from Trees for the Future

    * Patagonia and 1,200 other member businesses donate 1% of their annual sales to sustainability initiatives as an earth tax to 1% For the Planet

    * Read Let my People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia

    * Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows: A web series that defines newly invented words for strangely powerful emotions

    * Connect with Dylan Basile:

    a href="http://www.

    • 50 min

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