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A podcast for independent paper shredders and data destruction providers.

The Shred Coach Tom Adams

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A podcast for independent paper shredders and data destruction providers.

    Frontline Hiring Tactics with Fletcher Wimbush

    Frontline Hiring Tactics with Fletcher Wimbush

    In this timely episode of the Shred Coach podcast, I sit down with Fletcher Wimbush, an expert in talent acquisition and frontline hiring. Dive into the mind of a man who, from a young age, has dedicated his life to understanding and perfecting the art of bringing the right people together to form an unstoppable team. From being the captain of his football team at 16 to leading major organizations, Wimbush's journey is filled with insights on how to build greatness through strategic hiring.
    Fletcher underscores the significance of having the right individuals on board, emphasizing that the magic truly begins when the perfect synergy of talent aligns. His approach is holistic, considering both the technical skills and cultural fit when selecting candidates. Through the episode, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of talent acquisition, strategies for effective frontline hiring, and the subtle nuances that often make all the difference.
    Fletcher and I delve into some of the common pitfalls companies face in the hiring process and discuss transformative solutions to overcome them. We also touch upon the evolving landscape of talent acquisition in the digital age and how organizations can stay ahead of the curve with really practical advice. Don't miss the section on how to do effective and illuminating reference checks. That alone is worth the price of admission.
    Here are the exclusive giveaways Fletcher mentioned in the episode!
    Download Fletcher's e-book here, How to Find Out if Your Perfect Candidate Leaves the Toilet Seat UpTake the Hiring Effectiveness Audit Fletcher mentioned on the showLearn more about Fletcher’s company and his Discovered Performance Hiring Software.+++++++++Fletcher WimbushLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fletcher-wimbush/Twitter: https://twitter.com/WimbushFletcherWebsite: DiscoveredATS

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    Mastering Marketing, Events, and Delivering 'Wow' Moments with Gina Lentine

    Mastering Marketing, Events, and Delivering 'Wow' Moments with Gina Lentine

    On this episode of The Shred Coach podcast, we get to know Gina Lentine, who serves as the Director of Marketing and Events at Legal Shred and MedXwaste franchise,
    Gina's career is a tapestry of diverse experiences and challenges. We review Gina's early days in the hospitality sector, working with LXR Luxury Resorts in the Florida Keys. Gina recounts her time with a company offering concierge services tailored for the NASCAR community.
    A major highlight of the episode is Gina's recounting of her entrepreneurial journey with "Assure Shred," a shredding business she co-founded with her mother.  Gina touches upon the unique challenges they faced in the growth and development of the company. She also shares the importance of being involved in NAID and her leadership now in i-SIGMA as President-Elect.
    Throughout the discussion, Gina's passion for delivering top-notch customer service and her commitment to the shredding industry shine through.++++++++++++Gina LentineDirector of Strategic ProjectsLegal Shred & MedXwastePresident-Electi-SIGMALinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ginalentine/

    • 28 min
    Transportation Security Innovation with Greg Haber

    Transportation Security Innovation with Greg Haber

    Ever wondered how security intersects with every facet of modern transportation? I'm excited to introduce you to the mastermind steering the ship at Babaco Alarm Systems, Greg Haber.
    Babaco is an innovator in the realm of transportation security. Greg delves into the challenges faced across multiple industries, emphasizing the importance of driver-focused solutions and security trends. With Babaco's in-house designs and a notable patent portfolio, they're at the forefront of addressing these challenges head-on.
    The conversation steers towards the safeguarding of assets being transported by your business. With a wealth of knowledge at his disposal, Greg unveils the significance of process enablement and system security. He shares his wisdom on the role of a self-locking mechanism, the essentiality of conducting regular spot checks, and the steps to take when the field process deviates from the expected plan.
    Ever heard of GPS jammers or AI detecting potential threats on the road? Gear up as we navigate through these innovative topics, going into details about how these cutting-edge technologies are transforming vehicle security. Learn about the 'WAIRE Program" in Southern California and the revolutionary impact this carbon footprint recording initiative could have on the industry. As we wrap up, we discuss the importance of continually developing new strategies to stay at the forefront of this ever-evolving industry. Tune in for a knowledge-packed journey!+++++++++++Greg HaberPresidentBabaco Alarm Systems Inc BabacoFulfillment LinkedIn

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    From Record Center Temporary Hire to i-SIGMA VP with Jennie Gift

    From Record Center Temporary Hire to i-SIGMA VP with Jennie Gift

    Ever wondered what it takes to rise from a front desk role to becoming the VP of an industry-leading organization? Get ready to be inspired by the remarkable journey of Jennie Gift, the newly hired VP of Member Services at i-SIGMA.
    Jennie's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the magic that happens when you seize every opportunity that comes your way. Jennie shares her experiences from her humble beginnings of answering phones at a RIM service provider Paxton Records as a temp worker, learning the ropes including industry software, understanding certification to managing the entire division for Paxton.
    More recently she moved to the vendor side and worked with industry heavyweights, Shred Nations/Records Nations as well as CSR Privacy Solutions. She shares some of the insights she learned as she grew to work with many industry companies. Jennie also shares the lessons from both her role as the elected Corporate Partner representative on the new i-SIGMA Board of Directors to the wealth of experience from her involvement and local chapter leadership with ARMA.
    Jennie's commitment to fostering a positive culture, building meaningful relationships, and staying receptive to new possibilities is very inspiring. As she embarks on her new role and journey with i-SIGMA, she aims to make a significant contribution to the Association while helping members grow their businesses.
    We not only celebrate Jennie's accomplishments but cheer her on in her ambitions to help create a better future for the RIM industry through her new role in it.++++++++++Jennie GiftVice President of Member ServicesEmail: jgift@isigmaonline.orgI-SIGMA : https://isigmaonline.org/

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    Exploring Entry Level Labor Hiring Strategies with Tony Ommani

    Exploring Entry Level Labor Hiring Strategies with Tony Ommani

    The world of recruiting and hiring entry level labor staff in today's market is extraordinarily challenging for shredding and destruction operators. Tony Ommani, the recruiting manager for a large consortium of companies that hires a lot of entry level labor employees for the consortium companies joins us to share his perspectives and experience.
    Listen as Tony shares his wealth of knowledge on the unique dynamics of white-collar and entry-level labor, the impact of the gig economy, and the minimum wage becoming a thing of the past. In our conversation, Tony discusses the nuanced and competitive field of entry-level labor where value propositions have become as significant as paychecks.
    In the post-COVID era, retaining employee interest and balancing work-life dynamics have never been more crucial. Tony digs into the grit of these challenges, sharing successful strategies and enlightening us on the necessity of maintaining a continuous recruitment process. We also tackle the debate of traditional versus energized job ads and how to attract the right candidates by sustaining their attention with your mission statement.
    Lots of valuable insights from Tony Ommani on the episode today.+++++++++++Tony OmmaniHuman Resources Executive,Employment Services Inc. (ESI)
    Special thanks to Katie Macintosh from Ameri-Shred for the connection to Tony.

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    From Rickshaw to Recycling to Shredding Success with Kristjan Backman

    From Rickshaw to Recycling to Shredding Success with Kristjan Backman

    Get ready to explore the fascinating journey of Kristjan Backman, a recycling entrepreneur who started with a bicycle rickshaw business at 17 years old and went on to build Phoenix Recycling in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    In our conversation, we uncover the stages Kristjan took to create a incredibly successful, full-service recycling, shredding and records storage business. We'll discover how Christian differentiated his service with an additional layer of security, smaller particle size, and lower price point, and the impetus behind eventually selling the business.
    Kristjan reflects on the lessons learned from the startup phase to the sale of the business, touching on the importance of ignoring negative opinions, being aware of market volatility, and utilizing data to build relationships. We also explore the potential of purchasing and green-fielding a shredding business, the fluctuating multiples within the industry, and the advantages of the Entrepreneurs Organization.
    Join us to hear Kristjan's inspiring story and great insights.+++++++++++++Kristjan BackmanEntrepreneur

    • 43 min

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