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A podcast about career in coding where I (Aderson Oliveira) interview coders, programmers, developers about where they are in their careers and how they got there. If you are a coder and want to start, change or boost your career, this is the place you will learn from other fellow coders.

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A podcast about career in coding where I (Aderson Oliveira) interview coders, programmers, developers about where they are in their careers and how they got there. If you are a coder and want to start, change or boost your career, this is the place you will learn from other fellow coders.

    Christos Matskas - Teaching Git on TikTok

    Christos Matskas - Teaching Git on TikTok

    I spoke with Christos Matskas. Christos is a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft working with the Identity Platform. 
    After 2015, Christos started to do a lot of community speaking, conferences, user groups, blogging, open source contributions which all lead him to become a Microsoft MVP (most valuable professional). In turn, all of that activity culminated on him being invited to work at Microsoft in the UK.
    During our conversation we spoke about community building and how challenging it is to do it right. We discussed the importance of being willing to speak as a developer and what that can do for ones career.
    We also talked about his recent experimenting with TikTok, teaching people how to use Git via quick videos. I had a look and he is good! You can get the link in the show notes to check it out. You will learn quite a few things about Git from Christos videos.
    Oh, did I mention that he wants to be Microsoft's CEO? Watch out Satya!
    Enjoy the chat!
    Full show notes and links: https://SoloCoder.com/100

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    John Calderaio - Painful Development

    John Calderaio - Painful Development

    I spoke with John Calderaio. John is as a technical writer currently working with Mosh Hamedani from Programming with Mosh.
    If you haven't heard about Mosh, he is a great content and course creator. John writes for Mosh's website.
    But John's story goes way beyond coding. As we discussed about his career, he revealed his troubled time from 12 to 20 years old when he dealt with drugs and alcohol, which lead to a car accident that got him in jail for 1 year. According to him, this was the worst time of his life.
    Thankfully he got himself clean and he shared with me that after jail, he went back to University, got his bad grades removed and finished with a 3.9 GPA in Computer Science Engineering.
    Unfortunately as a result of the car accident, he started suffering severe backpain which is still a constant in his life 24/7. Just to give you an idea of how bad the pain is, he was talking to me from his bed during the chat.
    Nowadays, John is looking forward to a surgery that should fix the problems on his back. If all goes well, has plans to go to med school and combine technology with medicine.
    I will leave you with the positive John Calderaio - technical writer and developer.
    Enjoy the chat!
    Full show notes and links: https://SoloCoder.com/99

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    Rob Richardson - The Client/Server Cycles

    Rob Richardson - The Client/Server Cycles

    I spoke with Rob Richardson. Rob is a veteran developer with over 18 years of experience in the field. Currently he works as a Developer Advocate for Cyral.
    Originally coming from an Industrial Design graduation, he quickly moved on to a Masters in Computer Information Systems. Rob has worked with many technologies and has seen many patterns and cycles. For instance, he shared that one of the biggest adjustments within his career was to see and adapt to the client and server cycles. His fresh perspective on this topic was very insightful and easy to understand.
    Rob shared with me that he always tries to bring the user's perspective to the center of the conversation. This is not very simple to do and most developers end up ignoring it and focusing way more in the technical details than what they should. To be a successful tech consultant, one must develop their empathy skills, otherwise they will not go too far.
    As Rob said, it is not uncommon for people to believe they are the center of the universe and forget about other people's perspectives.
    I will leave you with the eloquent Rob Rich, developer advocate, speaker and much more.
    Enjoy the chat!
    Full show notes and links: https://SoloCoder.com/98

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    Garrick Crouch - From Addiction to Coding

    Garrick Crouch - From Addiction to Coding

    I spoke with Garrick Crouch. Garrick is a Software Engineer working for Deka Solutions. Technology wise, his focus is React in the frontend and Laravel in the backend, which is a combination that he has been working with for a few years now.
    But coding was not always on his radar. In his early career he was an electrician. He almost got a degree, but in his final semester he dropped out as a result of his substance abuse.
    We have explored how he was able to move on with his life after 12 years of drug addiction.
    During the time he was in recovery, he came in touch with web development and it was the starting point of a complete turn around in his life. Garrick attended a coding bootcamp and got himself in College studying for a Computer Programming degree.
    So many lessons learned from Garrick's experiences. It shows that no matter what kinds of struggle we are going through, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as long as you are willing to move forward.
    I will leave you with the inspiring story of recovery and persistency from Garrick Crouch, Software Engineer.
    Full show notes and links: https://SoloCoder.com/97

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    Jan - Shopify and Freelancing

    Jan - Shopify and Freelancing

    I spoke with Jan. Jan is a Shopify ecommerce specialist based in Germany.
    Originally graduated as a mechanical engineer, he started his career with robotics, developing automation robots for product manufacturing assembly lines.
    However, after just a few month in the job, he quickly realized that this was not what he wanted. He wanted to code but not robots. That lead him to web development. He started then a freelancing career initially using WordPress, but moved on to Shopify as he was interested in helping clients with their ecommerce needs and in his opinion, Shopify is a better solution.
    Now he is on a journey to help other developers and aspiring developers to start their freelancing careers focused on assisting clients with Shopify needs. Him and his partner launched a site called Freemote where you can learn how to build your freelancing business from the ground up. They have training content including videos and worksheets as well as a community to help each other.
    For this episode I brought Ken Fowler. Ken is an ex student of mine and he was the one who recommended me to talk to Jan. So the other person asking questions is Ken.
    I will leave you with Jan, Shopify and freelancing expert.
    Full show notes and links: https://SoloCoder.com/96

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    Ihab El-Waly - Coding and Digital Marketing

    Ihab El-Waly - Coding and Digital Marketing

    I spoke with Ottawa based Ihab El-Waly. Ihab has a Computer Science background, but nowadays he works mostly with Digital Marketing.
    Ihab caught my attention as he was the one who reached out to me to be part of the podcast. Usually I'm the one inviting guests and the proactive approach that Ihab took was an interesting surprise which made me want to talk to him even more.
    I spoke with Ihab about his time as a Computer Science student and how he transitioned from University to becoming a freelancer website developer to then moving to digital marketing.
    I have worked with many digital marketers in the past as my clients, but never had the opportunity to talk to one for the podcast and this looked like a good chance.
    Ihab said that he was not cut out to be a super tech developer because of his business interests. He sees himself more as a middleman between technology and business. I think many of you listing to this might be in the same boat.
    We also talked about the fact that Ihab's family and friends didn't support him much initially but now, after positive results, they are more convinced that this was a good career choice for him.
    I will leave you with the soft-spoken digital marketer Ihab El-Waly.
    Enjoy the chat!
    Full show notes and links: https://SoloCoder.com/94

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